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21 February 2015

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Russian gost standards english

When you are looking for Russian petroleum (oil and gas, refinery)
standards for your project in Russia, that requires to study Russian laws,
codes, norms or standards, for technical, industrial, construction,
commercial or judicial application, the most complete and reliable
Russian regulatory resource is RUSSIANGOST.COM.

Over 250,000 regulations, laws, technical norms and codes.

Any major industry: oil and gas, mining construction, engineering,
transportation, customs/import and many more. Easy search by name
or keyword. Fast and reliable order processing.

Please feel free to visit our website at RUSSIANGOST.COM.
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03 February 2015

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Dear Friend

Dear Friend.

Permit me to share with you, my desire to go into partnership with you.searching for a reliable and trustworthy person to assist me in this venture.

Anthony Elias
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Dear Sir,
Firstly,before I proceed,I must first apologize for this unsolicited letter to you.I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of approach to establish a relationship of trust, but you will realize the need for my action.I got your contact information from public records while searching for a last name similar to my late client.
Let me start by first introducing myself properly to you.It may surprise you receiving this letter from me, since there was no previous correspondence between us.My names are Barr.Patrick Kelk. From Akachukwu Associate.I am the personal Attorney to Late Mr. Morgan,who lived in Acra Ghana before he died along with his family in an accident, which occurred on 27 December 2010 in Nigeria.My deceased client is a citizen of your country and he was into Gold/Diamond in Ghana and also an oil merchandise in Nigeria National Oil Company.I have been his attorney for many decades before his death.  
Before the incident;he had a balance deposit of $15,700,000.00 (Fifteen Million, seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollar Only) with a Safe bank here in Acra Ghana.As the attorney to my late client,the bank has mandated me to present a member of his family heir/inheritor) to make Claims or the deposited fund will be confiscated and taken to the Bureau of bank Security as unclaimed.After preliminary efforts of search for a direct family member which came to no avail,I was given an ultimatum to look for his relative to come for the claim or have the fund liquidated and made unserviceable in accordance with existing laws.
In accordance with the law of inheritance here,it is clearly stated that whereas the deceased died without living behind an offspring or the immediate biological family are no longer alive,such as in this situation,any of the deceased extended relative stands to inherit whatever property or money left by the deceased. It is on the basis of this section of the law that I want to present you to the bank since the deceased has no relations left to inherit this fund.I know you may not be anyway related to my late client but having a common surname with him,gives us the chance and privilege to forward the claim.
The modality I have in place,guarantees that if you follow my instructions (The rule of laws) the money will be released to us.The success of this transaction is entirely based on your cooperation,mutual trust and sense of confidentiality.I have worked out all modalities to complete the operation effectively.Once the deposited fund is released to your name, the fund will be shared in the ratio of 35% for you, 65% for me as our benefit.The intended transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect us from any breach of the law.
However,if this business proposal offends your moral ethics, do accept my sincere apology. If on the contrary you wish to achieve this goal with me,kindly get back to me with your interest for further explanations and directive.
Yours Sincerely
Barr.Patrick Kelk.
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