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04 February 2010

exotic Chinese in da village

Once while meeting up with 2 foreign guests on holiday, our local Host & restaurant owner invited us to dinner at the place's newest air cond Chinese restaurant. Located serenely backstreets just off the main road , it was perfect for a quiet dinner to relax, chat & plan for tomorrow's hectic sea & hills' schedule.

The menu boasts of a good range of old style Chinese dishes on hand with local Fuzhou (traditional Chinese) selections as the main attractions.

Ayer Tawar is just next door to Sitiawan and though less well known is not short of its own local delights, including the famous squadron of lor mee & red wine chicken ( noodles ) , fish slices and pork ribs , tofu, fish balls & sour fish head soups and the premium sweet-sour fish maw de excellente. Fresh seafood ( crabs & prawns ) is also readily available and we were told super-exotikas like the enchanting
Photobucket Buddha Jumps Over the Wall can also be arranged ! :)

our first dish for the evening
imported cod fish, steamed ( 2P *****, with Chinese sauce ) 

the night's other tasty selections

prices are well below that in Big Cities so yes,
please go right ahead ... & enjoy !

PhotobucketOur gracious Host explained that Traditional Chinese food is normally prepared in bite-sized pieces, ready for direct picking up and eating and since ancient times been based on the philosophy of opposites, whereby hot balances cold, pickled balances fresh and spicy balances mild ! If you like he will be happy to tell you the origins of Fuzhou cuisine and , more :D

For details about the restaurant & their unique Fuzhou specialties 
visit their website HERE

Do not forget to check with the restaurant's very own
exotic Manageress :D 
for her unforgettable recommendations 

You will be pleasantly surprised (if not smitten), for sure
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