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04 February 2010

exotic Chinese in da village

Once while meeting up with 2 foreign guests on holiday, our local Host & restaurant owner invited us to dinner at the place's newest air cond Chinese restaurant. Located serenely backstreets just off the main road , it was perfect for a quiet dinner to relax, chat & plan for tomorrow's hectic sea & hills' schedule.

The menu boasts of a good range of old style Chinese dishes on hand with local Fuzhou (traditional Chinese) selections as the main attractions.

Ayer Tawar is just next door to Sitiawan and though less well known is not short of its own local delights, including the famous squadron of lor mee & red wine chicken ( noodles ) , fish slices and pork ribs , tofu, fish balls & sour fish head soups and the premium sweet-sour fish maw de excellente. Fresh seafood ( crabs & prawns ) is also readily available and we were told super-exotikas like the enchanting
Photobucket Buddha Jumps Over the Wall can also be arranged ! :)

our first dish for the evening
imported cod fish, steamed ( 2P *****, with Chinese sauce ) 

the night's other tasty selections

prices are well below that in Big Cities so yes,
please go right ahead ... & enjoy !

PhotobucketOur gracious Host explained that Traditional Chinese food is normally prepared in bite-sized pieces, ready for direct picking up and eating and since ancient times been based on the philosophy of opposites, whereby hot balances cold, pickled balances fresh and spicy balances mild ! If you like he will be happy to tell you the origins of Fuzhou cuisine and , more :D

For details about the restaurant & their unique Fuzhou specialties 
visit their website HERE

Do not forget to check with the restaurant's very own
exotic Manageress :D 
for her unforgettable recommendations 

You will be pleasantly surprised (if not smitten), for sure
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26 January 2010

Can you really bit that ?

We can't , its too spicy , absolutely ludicrous & insane :(

the Malaysian Menu
appetizer : Swearing in da Mosque
                      Main Course
~: Dubai shopping , meat bone tea , disappearing RMAF jets ,
planned suicide and unplanned murder
illiterate high court judges, semuanya ok home minister
I have no time (dun bluf ) IGP, violent candlelight vigils :D
sodomy is my hobby
my bahasa is badder than your english
nasi lemak/bkt  spats with da Lion City
church front door is broken & prayer hall raging bush fires
another police report and much more Royal Commissions : ~
desserts : sexy female Thai autopsylogist (body cutter)
missing ? Bala ( but actually found alive, thank god )

with ah lok white coffee , sham teh tarik or ali milo O

beer can  Photobucket  lah , but eat ? hellNo !

Do you wanna stay or do you wanna go ?
... Maybe we should all just wait till  Photobucket la ok :) ?

Horrifying *Malaysian Politics

*also known as the great royal malaysian circus
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25 January 2010

milk & curry

Its not often we drink fresh cow's milk on the roadside, served in a glass without sugar, nor errr ... milk.

With curry kambing & spotted cappatti. Doesn't matter if we need that awesome lamb power at night or not ... who knows ?

The burnt flat round bread was solid but soft and the hot milk , simply cool

We love them ( right , & below ) ! :D

left ( original pixs-Samsung i8910 )
 right ( with light )

all 4 RM9 4 2
cheap or not ? :)

only in de kampungs
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22 January 2010

make your cheap dinner look expensive

& delicious yet nutritious ...

Never mind if its just with a
under RM600 point & shoot
5 mp camera your dad gave you
on your last birthday.

And you had them shot inside the dim restaurant while everybody was eating.

You have set your camera to auto mode and made sure your hands were rock steady.

Then when you got back and saw the pics in your PC, you wished you had that Big DSLR like that Discovery cameraman and that famous Penang Blogger.

hey, fret not !

kangkong garlic RM4

see, the (same) right pic was enhanced vibrant
to give more vitamins

tofu with minced meats/dried prawns RM4

just became tastier (left)

then you can add white spring chickens to the brown eggs RM1.60
for more protein

and make those prawns RM10  even more stunning

you can go here to see how its done, FOC

but make sure you buy us a drink when you have saved yourself
thousands of ringgit by not buying your dream DSLR, for now... :D

nb : all pics above were taken with a camera phone
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21 January 2010

claypot snake curry

Once, 6 of us went for a tropical dinner in a small town cafe.

We din expect anything special or swaying hula hips like those happy shows.

Tho the dim menu din list any unmentionables, once prodded she said all also got ... from her farm in nearby Kg Jering ( goodness ! )

To play safe 5 ordered the safety first danger last stuff , exactly like the boring ones you see below.

We call these popular junk food

aaahh  ! the 1st of yours truly's 2 real makan choices (above & below )

1. the awesome jawwy one in peppermint sauce, gingers and onions
err...crocodile meat stir fried

and the creeping slithing mother of all earthern claypot brews
2. python meat curry

Not bad , not bad at all
join us next time ok , if you dare ...

Xqsitely RM100 only

Taman Sentosa
Ayer Tawar
Ayer Tawar-Sitiawan Road
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20 January 2010

dedicated to the one we will love

Every once a while, something gently grazes and the feel lingers on ... the 6th sense.

We purposely tried one at 8am to get ourselves primed & ready for the chosen one. Then towards the elusive dream down da road at 10am. You can't be sure of these kind of things , sometimes its like the mystic twilight you gotta catch now or its gone forever.

Let he the local one just do it. How many also never mind, as long as it is not unrolled

plse click pic to see whats he talking

see ! he knows what he wants !
dun open please ...

the coming back party was as simple as that
a few apologetic words , and the wait

We had it cornered , all RM1.70 of da white thing plugged.
What a lovely salty smell !

Surely the next mid-week eXstacy shall now be fulfilled.

This post is specially dedicated to her undying love

Seow Fong Lye
Chee Cheong Fun Stall
Macalister Lane
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19 January 2010

heartly a problem

Recently while visiting at the controversial IJN ( Institut Jantung Negara ), Jalan Tun Razak , Kuala Lumpur we felt like our very own strained 24 jam pumping hearts needed a break and off we went for a snack at the resident Kafetaria (canteen), near the multi-storey Car Park.

How nice, there were familiar food filled to the brim, exactly like in the brochures our
Tourism Ministry cries Malaysian Food to the outside world.

True to form, the notorious gastronomic arch villains were perched right in front

nasi lemak kukus &/or bungkus, nasi campur &/or kosong,  bihun sup &/or goreng,  lemak curries meat / ikan / veges, roti canai &/or besar kechil,  daging rendang &/or karma, ayam sambal ... ayam merah , atau kuih muih , horlicks c & b , iced kosong dan lain lain !
... tapi minus meat bone tea & char kuey teow

Very pleasantly... we reunited with our long lost nasi ulam RM3
and again come with eatMate of da year laksa Melayu RM2.80

its true ! there really is unlimited food in da Heartland !

The next time you find yourself here in this place of the hati patah ...
despair not
~eat & be happy~

enjoy !
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when 4 Gluttons meet, Penang

We drank ate shared laughed and promised to meet again soon :)

One bsg's first taste of refreshing chilled nutmeg juice, a cross between lychee and limau ice
with something new-4-us in Penang beef kuey teow and the famed crispy oyster eggs

Thanks cklam , till we meet again :D
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18 January 2010

best value pub / karaoke in Penang !

We love it when the place is super friendly and the genuine beers gorgeously cheap. And pretty

 For that we voted her de Best ...

Truly unforgettable

stunning price, indeed

D'aver Cafe
247G, Jln Sultan Azlan Shah,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
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Chinese Curry fish head ( Style Indian ) in Malay Street , Penang

This inconspicuous Chinaman shoplot is oddly
situated in little known Malay Street

Step inside and you will be charmed by the
extra long layout & clean set-up ...

... open air , with many fans and air-cond &

so fresh , so casual ...yet so private

The namesake Xplosive head arrived as a lustrous solid more than a kg ( with some brain )
claypot dressed in fragrant mint leaves, ladies fingers etc and
 that Chinese Penanginised Indian curry

You can add 10 big sea prawns ( Teluk Kumbar eh tua haire  ) ) to make the Brew more potent ,
or have a side order of flavored fried (Hadyai) chicken ( kaybak) pieces for even more force
then tone down with white (Ipoh) bean sprouts (taugay),
just like the 5 of us

verdict : fresh & flavorful ( a tinge of minty-sour ) with a fine balance of spiciness
bright happy colors and heading high with the best of de best Indian versions
Price: RM115 
Chee Wah Curry Fish Head
68 Malay Street 10100 Penang
012-560 7042
11am-3pm daily
 a bsg must try1
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17 January 2010

the backStreetGluttons at rest

serene Fishing Village & Seafood Hideaway
Teluk Kumbar, Penang

relax & recuperate
before the next assault at 1.30pm
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the Real Penang

We wanted to know whether the new Pakatan led Government in Penang has made a difference. More specifically, if the exquisite fighting fit Aunties & hunky goggled men are still woking their noisy stuff.

Or have they ( horror of horrors ! ) been outchopped,sliced,boiled & out-fried by those swift alien beings flanking in all directions.

This time, armed with cutting-lips intelligence from street-smart local guides we landed onto uncharted waters.

We miss our earlier CKT experience at the New Lane ( left pix, off Jln Macalister ) as a satisfaction B+ , and expected more this time.

Without taking unnecessary risks, we were led into Lorong Selamat ( safe lane , above) where it has been said the best of everything is ( or was ) waiting. From brown eggs to bloody curry mee , dark laksa and light beers. While good & filled with bean sprouts and those prawns and the splitting CKT aroma , the touristy hyped Char Kuey Teow failed to meet our high expectations :(

Suddenly it struck us that our initial encounter with The Slow Sisters CKT some years ago ( Macalister Road, above ) wasn't so bad after all & we could still vividly recall :) that d Ladies Xtra-L o n g  Symphony was  more exciting than the over-Safe Lane snorkeling team.

and finally we dipped into Jalan Dato Keramat to meet Ah Leng ( above )
( many thanks to an early morning tip from our friendly Penang fellow Gluttons cklam & Partner)
who some people say fries the best CKT in da world

probably ...( who knows )
as the 1 mantis prawn flavored CKT RM9
with the ( 2-die-4 ) bouncing 5 prawns topping
was a Winner inside out.:D

famous Ah Leng CKT
junction of Jalan Dunlop -Jalan Dato Keramat
Authentic PenaNg
unmatched & smelling strong
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16 January 2010

enter the East

This popular place in Seri Manjung  (previously Fullpann Steak House) , was one of a few here which offered Western Cuisine, complete with a separate bar and wine section.

Japanese favorites like sashimi, sushi and bento sets , are now available too, making it the first Gourmet Japanese eatery in Sitiawan !

There is also a ready range of German / imported beers and popular wines for the afficinados
(such as team bsg :D haha )

colorful Japanese dishes, a first for small town Sitiawan
including killer lobsters and fresh oysters

We drop by sometimes to get a taste of Royalty & serenity
& 2 share jokes with the Chef
... over Deutsch bier & soon 

Foos Steak House
Seri Manjung

visit website for details
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15 January 2010

young, fresh

The beginning of the year is always exciting & fresh , where people make resolutions they can't keep and we try new things once a lifetime (sort of ). We took a special trip just to come here one evening from afar for its fame is well known. The name says it all as we approach the square stately building , as tho approaching an airport terminal.

The clean place was a welcomed change and the cool air comforting. The place was near empty...maybe we were early or was it the intimidating exterior and that yellowish  royal name.

First she recommended the Chinese New Year is Coming to Town theme appetizer,
of the misplaced raw salmon fish delicacy with strips of this and that plus sugar & oil
where you are supposed to use your black chopsticks to grip and stir / turn as inside a white wok

then the why we are here babe burnt to pErfectionate baby dish, with some tiny white bread
that immortal cutie stripped off its burnt skin
laid flat crispy crunchy but very fatty nevertheless
was it good ? was it wo :D rth it ?

well, its worth it if this is your first time
and your wallet is full

Royal China Restaurant (Ipoh) 
No.8, Ground Floor, Coliseum Square,
Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah,
30250 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan

+605-241 3088

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12 January 2010

head hunting, again

Do you, like many food connoisseurs in Sitiawan ( Perak, Malaysia ) lust fish heads, with the big round glassy eyes ? ... the ones sold in Bak Kut Teh ( wtf meat bone tea :) ) shops ?

Then hunt your way Down ( or Up ) , left or right along Jalan Kg Sitiawan, within 1 km from the Sitiawan-KFC junction. Here amazingly along the main road there are BKTs and there are fish heads. Some very Big like 2 kg a semi head garoupa &/or some other un-identifieds.

they are not cheap with prices ranging from RM30 upwards to hundreds for a half-head of bone & slimy skin.

then of course Chinese secret-sauced steamed ( or boiled ) to divine feastfection :D with a staggering dozen or so green limes and a truckload of sliced raw onions per plate.

People come in Protons ( behind ) & Hiluxs + Civics ( sideways ) & BMws ( usually in-front )

Whats da secret ? is it the incredible white omega-E meat ...da bones or the color of the skins ? or issit da brown sauce ?

why pay so much ? for so little ?

Find out and let us know soon , if you are lucky enough to be here !
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