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27 November 2009

how not to become

the backStreetGluttons !

nasi ayam ( dengan satu tomato ) dari RM3 at the backlane near the taxi stand

what mein you want also got from RM2.40 near the community hall at the back near the big school

Semua roti ada from RM0.50 with apa macam kari pun ada near the backstreet in front of the side turn

imitation Japanese steamboat buffet from RM9.80 eat all you can-onot , near the bush 300m from the main road ( quite near Petronas petrol station along the Main Road)

Welcome to 1Malaysia ...
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23 November 2009

gluttons tell no lies

I have never seen nor tried her, honest ... /sweat
Don't believe me ah ? Then watch my impeccable Queen's English  ...=))

all 4 1Malaysia

the most famous dish in Malaysia
the Bombshell 3 everybody's talking about

Go find it here here
or  HERE us

Valid November * December 2009 only
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21 November 2009

whites in hot soup

We first thought of the premium pan mee ( flat noodles / flat cake / bee hoon kuih ) in corner lot Mayang Mas / Aman Suria.  O no , not there please ... she pleaded ! (dunno why )

And so ... from this love-hate mess we made a 3/4 U turn

... then half-past 6  Ww turns later we were opposite jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya , not knowing what to expect from this hazy twilight zone .

Stepping into the lonely coffee shop around 2.30pm , the first lady told us Yes ! still got ... if the dark specky man can see or not ? sitting there says so ...

Typical Chinaman corner with the Indon / Burmese helpers

We were relieved the lovely star item (above) was still on !

with the slippery whites firm yet tender,
crispy burnt anchovies, green vegetables & mushroom bits as good as can be
all in clear tasty hot soup !

unexpectedly one fine bsg eXxperience !

With that satisfied look, bsg pink promised the grand pasty Mamasan she'll be back ,
with more new customers and maybe
a new age Franchising Plan.

Yay , why not ?

a bsg "must try" 
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18 November 2009

from the real fuzhou, with love

One of us was so struck by the shattering red of high that he made an exclusive journey 3188.88 km across the South China Sea hoping to uncover its exquisite charms and secrets.

Fuzhou , capital of Fujien Province , China.  Alluring temples with the curved roofs. He claimed to have also met the jumping wall Buddha but that was not his purpose. 

Along the way he encountered a smattering of squeezed delights which would have fallen a lesser being to eternity. But not him , he not only gobbled and persevered against unnatural calamities & what not temptressations but hung on like a real man should to reach the end of the checkered line.

for instance which mere mortal wouldn't have fallen head over heels over this teaser of a convoluted gripping white bread sensuously entrapping exotik pinky meat
begging for eatisfaction or reigned into pussy submission by this pampered & torn fried dough... blistering raw aroma dripping wild ?
& amongst white loose balls of more pungent meats ?& to finally meet his match

Learn the ancient secrets of the real Fuzhou , uncovered by our  gound-breaking and color busting Hero HERE  =D> bravo !

The right pic shows the Kuala Lumpur outdated fishy imitation in Jalan Gajah , Pudu ,  Kuala Lumpur ( the red color is about right but did ya notice the missing curved bamboo roof ? :))
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17 November 2009

malay girl in da chinese village

Its nice to know she's always there ...waiting for you

simple and green

beautiful , natural & pure

tasty at RM2
诱惑 !
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16 November 2009

ugly & beautiful

People wish , dream & if can ...wanna feel & touch, taste & enjoy that desirable body. Aahh ! the forbidden satisfaction of the under-wraps senses !

Especially the looking good ones, and so modern F&B outlets strive for that elusive style and ambience in their pursuit of the visually perfect decor and food presentation de la ultimate.

Sure , diners are bowled over ( distracted ) by outstanding first impression eye-candies, apart from the
delights ( or not ) of the main 2-die-4 dishes coupled with pampered service el D excellente

nobody wants to be put off by mediocre, dull & worse ...
the dirty look

 like this tattooed stem

or this awfully decorated one

but by de grace of da holy greens !
just 1 min take off the damn cover & wow !
its so different inside...
so fresh , so pure

so desirable & so beautiful , so perfect
the Malaysian homegrown guava

A guava fruit is usually 4 to 12 cm long, is round or oval depending on the species. The outer skin may be rough, often with a bitter taste, or soft and sweet. Varying between species, the skin can be any thickness, is usually green before maturity, but becomes yellow, maroon, or green when ripe.
Guava fruits generally have a pronounced and typical fragrance, similar to lemon rind but less sharp. Guava pulp may be sweet or sour, off-white ("white" guavas) to deep pink ("red" guavas), with the seeds in the central pulp of variable number and hardness, again depending on species.

is sold as cutted skinless slices in many roadside fruit stalls in Malaysia ( from RM1 )
and claimed to have vitamins A to Y

do tell us if you are not convinced !  or check here
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14 November 2009

steroids at both ends

When you are in a strange land after a very long drive
 low on libido and need instant vroOo0mm
where do you go ?
what do you do ?
right or left ?

dingy, wicked ...  quite like Klang.
G & J dark

moderate ... unclouded ( JB-ish )
Chai Chin light

final verdict : its a draw !
from RM6.50 a person 

Bak Kut Teh - best of  ))
corner lots , both ends
Jln Kg Sitiawan ( 0.5 km from KFC ),
Sitiawan, Perak
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12 November 2009

not bluffing 1

One of us is involved in a project nearby and sometimes 4 of us will gather here for lunch.  ^$Fniamaff!)ccb#* !
... the over-crowded , haphazard mad stupid parking ! We have struggled & cursed here several times, all with different "aiya , U know onot this 1 ?" Power GluttOns.

One proudly claims to have brought exclusive wild boars here for his immaculate fix of personalised custom-made claypot BKT.

Another swears he met the finest drunk chickens in the universe right here.

 Whatever , here , the mysterious shrouded head is famous too

the cheap but not bad thing , all covered with lumps of stinging ginger
it is confirmed - the cheapest 1/2 fishhead steamed in da Klang Valley !

the fair Chinese teo-chew diet BKT
( light but super strong herbal potion cum tonic cum elixir cum aphrodisiac )

black ... lean ...  mean & fatty pork in white claypot - a still cannot be imitated
no matter how hard you try Chinese gastronomic soya sauced specialty

 the yin of the yang matter to complete the short & hot noon culinary homage

all 4 RM60 something for 4
rated 3.79 of 5.00 ( today )

Soon Fatt Ba Kut Teh
Mayang Mas ( off Taman Mayang )
Petaling Jaya

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11 November 2009

dinner 4 2 at happy jungle

You hungry onot , want to eat now ah ? sommore got 1 hour more to go you know.  ...the bright corner shop there got many cars one ? Can see onot ?
Surely got seafood one maybe cheap & good sommore so near the sea . Sure babe , why not ?

The classic Chinese small town fluorescent overlit restaurant with the feel good ambience greets you !

You can order say , big long mantis
prawns ( from down the beach nearby) spicy , tomyam stingray ( he say come from near Sg Besar one )  in assam sauce , choice potato leaves ( from jungle ) stir fried then want mee or rice ? rice lah ok. Drinks ? Got tiger ( you mean jungle one ah ?) also. No lah the bir , dun be funny ok. No, just give Chinese tea.

and so the happy dinner went like that. Quite ok not so expensive RM20 something only, quite fresh and taste also ok. Next time we must come back to order the scary lobster and the fat crabs like the next table got order one. Dun forgit ah . :)

Restoran Happiness
Hutan Melintang
(approaching Teluk Intan from Sabak Bernam )
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10 November 2009

highway stars(lets)

Frequent afficionados of the backlane highways will be familiar with these hanging loose bunches from a shack.
Its good to stop and check them out sometimes.

If not just to confirm that obnoxious aroma really came from here.

You will be handsomely rewarded we are sure .

Then be treated to colors as sharp as the jungles behind .

Like us ... all da time :))

the palatial gastronomic quickie in-post

the king being slit
sometimes it isn't easy
we know but its worth it
only RM2 wat

these gorgeous princesses are all game to be spread open to reveal da most
succulent white slippery shining skins of tender loving flesh
RM6 for 3 bunches

the cure-all health Queen as she looks, so full of vitality , no ?
oozing good to perfection ?

the yellowwy popping-up temptress with the irresistible smell
would you not fall on your knees , again ... to lick ;) her once more ?

Gua Tempurung - Ipoh Federal trunk road
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09 November 2009

looks are deceiving

Mediocre dirty magenta scars on the outside with ugly errr , dangerous
scary black  h o l e ?

but ... inside ...what the H !
its so shiny , dripping with jaw-dropping teasing pinky purple juice all over
Like jewels on the run
Should put them between your palms ...
yeah -what fun

Sweet Spanish pomegranates ( from the backstreets outside Madrid - dulce y sabroso )
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07 November 2009

moon kite of the east

Kelantan in the east coast has some fabulous dishes and a few memorable icons , other than its standout delectable fair ladies and the usually troublesome November/December floods. Of course there is also the quaint symbol of flight & freedom called wau bulan (crescent moon-kite) which in full flight on a string is quite beautiful , flying high in the skillful hands of the right Master. Have you been there done that , yet ?

No problem , nearer the west you can have an imitation. The sort that says we are real you know.

right , the nasi dagang. a little sweet firm brownish white oily rice with curry tuna fish.

inside , the gallery of the kites on the wall. they are not flying , of course

then the blue looking rice (nasi kerabu) with raw fresh herbs , a salted 1/2 egg plus some.

O ... our new found eating buddy . Say Hi cutie !

the east is everywhere , but we think they are much better where they came from , the east coast.

restoran wau bulan
(behind Billion Supermarket)
seri manjung
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05 November 2009

fair skin white meat

Wow !  ... pure delight. Which brought down an entire State (of Perak). He ate it in Penang , & was trapped on video. The lusty power of white. With skin dripping juice. You have been warned.
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02 November 2009

roti canai capati kari

They can come hard , tender , brittle , charred or fair

wide & spacious incorrigible mamak corners
with wifi & pink serviettes (thank god !)

famous oily roti canai ( cutted )

capati ( cloth-like undulating soft bread with charred spots )
best with sardines

the smelly tough mutton becomes aromatic tender
orange slurping goodness gracious

find them anywhere in the world
ask for "kambing"
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