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31 October 2009

pasar malam close-ups

More test street food pics from Samsung i8910HD ( camera phone )
as set to auto focus , close-up mode (daylight in shade )

uploaded to blogger with Opera Browser 10.01(turbo)

backstreets fried rice noodles (RM1.50)
tambah chili

rojak RM2.00
without sauce ( not yet lah )

apam , 3 for RM1 
superthin crispy waffle , dry type

banchangkueh RM1.50
wet pancake with sweetened corns + broken nuts

buah cempedak goreng RM1 for 4
fried with embedded seed
a bsg top choice

nasi lemak bungkus


verdict(s) :
i8910 8mp passed with flying colors
Opera 10.01 despite turbo assisted not much faster than Firefox 3.6
most of these selected items may not be available in wannabe city cafes

note : updated 1Nov2009

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28 October 2009

foodpics with your phone

One of the interesting things about blogging what you eat is seeing the results of your hard camera work on the tiny screen , gravies , grease ... admiring glances and all that.

Especially if you have a state of the art Nikon D something or , in this case the stunning i8910 HD from the impossible Korean powerhouse called Samsung.

Superb quality from its 8mp lens and ...omg that style !

the crispy fried Chinese fritters as they look , from here

why , the brown meats come out fresh and neat , too ...
in da saltish but delicious controversial medicinal brew

We were here , one Sunday morning, in popular SS14 Subang Jaya , Selangor
trying out the 3.7 inches amoled monster.

The results ( pics above )  , for a camera phone ...
...are pretty impressive if we can say so ourselves

and the dish ( we mean da food la )  ? only so so
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27 October 2009

麵 條 商 店 le magasin de nouille

我們仍然有傳統麵條商店在小镇。 好吃& 低廉在您的錢包! Il est bon si vous avez des amis dans de petites villes pour vous recommander quelques magasins agréables de nouille pour essayer !

令人滿意麵條的一碗可能持續您全天 ! ces nouilles sèches en sauce noire sont délicieuses, remplissant et peu coûteux à RM2.20 seulement !

在湯的這些平的肉餃子也是非常普遍的在僅RM2.00每碗。 增加少許中國醋,並且口味变得神和甚而為皇帝適合 ! Le Chinois aime le potage chaud avec leurs nouilles sèches. Vous pouvez ajouter un peu de vinaigre chinois au potage pour augmenter le goût global pour un repas satisfying

ching chin koi
ayer tawar
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the cow shed

It has been around for ages, this place in seedy Tengkat Tong Shin , Kuala Lumpur beside the Corona Inn Hotel. A gourmet backstreet of sorts, it sits amongst some meaty luminaries like the Meng Kee bbq pork shot , Adik Beradik Chua's fish/meat balls and a sprinkling of puzzling half past 6 eateries. Nevertheless it is a part of old messy KL with many backpacking haunts and should not be missed , for the bona fide budget traveller & self confessed exotic connoisseur of da living or dead.

right below the big cow logo is this plasticky rickety hidden back alley ,
now probably entering its post bicentennial last hurrah

all for this meagre strands + 2 small balls ?
RM5.50 with miniscule old body parts in lame soup
most afternoons to way past midnight
till the cowgirls go home

why not , it was the numero uno beef noodles then ...those days
aahh ... distant unforgettable memories ...

ngau kee beef noodles
tengkat tong shin
near Jln Alor / Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
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25 October 2009

International smell good rice

True to its name , after 35 years, it is finally moving out of da kampung.
( Presently there are 3 inside KL Malls)

A pity tho the ancient rustic ambience had to stay put. Still, at RM3.95 a std plate & 1 teh tarik , its priced superbly, considering that the cool fresh air cond & Bangsar inspired designer Chinas are worth something !

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
Bangsar Telawi
Kuala Lumpur

originally posted via cameraphone 25Oct 09
updated 26 Oct 09
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20 October 2009

warung tepi jalan , dibawah bukit dekat laut

Makanan asli orang kampung dengan harga yang sungguh berpatutan
Tidak susah payah bawa wang yang banyak banyak. Semua di jemput.

nasi lemak packet dengan 1 ekor ikan biasa masukki satu ekor ikan masin , satu ringgit
roti canai kosong biasa 70 sen , roti canai telur satu ringgit dua aja
laksa terbanyak sedap lagi terasli hanya seringgit 50 sen.

jumpa lagi !

Warung sukaramai orang tiada nama
di tepi jalan besar masukki TLDM
Lumut/Teluk Batik/TLDM
a Malaysian (bsg) classic
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a cut of sour

The yellowish juice extracted from your fingering of the green slice provides a subtle counterbalance to the usually over greased unevenly fried noodles.
Its also used to great effect in many popular noodle dishes such as mee java, assam laksa & curry mee.
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13 October 2009

well cook gourmet

Its good to know that we still have gourmets who well , cook ...

Even in these times of the runaway overdressed Asian Cafes in every corner ! who really cannot

For many years now , Malaysian food has remained at a standstill. Maybe that's what we mean by being original and authentic , timeless dishes which our great loyal grandmamas made for the greater wandering grandpapas

... for who would dare to make da lips breaking smelly slippery noodle dish with the signature sexy pungent fishy soup into one without ( omg ! ) , & fried ?   looking a little lost among the likes of the nonchalant char kuey teow ? well ... he did .  with a team of red fast Indon sweeties .

the airy place with the front and back openings for the fast getaways , just in case .

These slim ladies are good looking , quick and efficient , a little like those famed Indomies at the backstreets, beside the corner lanes in town.
the curry mee in claypot is good

prima donna the fried laksa , in all its distorted dehydrated charred glory

we are not complaining tho ,  for at a speedy RM5.50... its refreshing ...even tho its not real

Jalan SS 14
Subang Jaya
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09 October 2009

boil and grill yourself

This is a unique steaming fire / burning hot exercise where you cook your own fresh selections taken from a 60-item buffet spread , over a hot pot and black metal grill ( pic ) ... and is a kind of sit-in Chinese family meal, from the likes of the wintery Korean Grill & Japanese Syabu Syabu .
In certain parts of KL / PJ this together we steam dinners ( as in Sunway Mentari ) have become popular and is now spreading outwards to the kampungs , err like wild fire .

In this case here in this new shop in Sitiawan , your careful selection from the tiny trays of vegetables , meats & fishes plus some other popular items such as fresh prawns, crabs, fish balls , sausages , etc etc can be dipped into 3 choices of either herbal, clear or tomyam soups while the solid meat & fish slices with sausages may be grilled over the black hexagonal designer hot plate at the bottom with scoops of margarine / butter . With your family lah or gf/bf. You know , sharing ...

Sounds good ?

you bet !  for RM19.90 a head

Maybe that's why the place in this small frugal town was so eerily quiet this time tho the food
was generally fresh & ex-cellent.

BBQ Steamboat
( near Econsave )
103,104 Jalan Lumut
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08 October 2009

Hairy Red Irresistible

the rambutans. Firm yet tender. Hard but soft. Sweet & so pure. Our type 4ever
We lust them by the hundreds !
An unmatched tropical treasure par excellence
Sent from my Nokia phone
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07 October 2009

Best smelly mango

Rare fruit from big mango tree . One of the best tropical mangos found in the Malaysian kampungs - the "quinine".

When ripe, the fragrance is over powering ... to a distance of > than 50 m ! Juicy & can be fibrous

Look for it ( or smell it ) next time you are outside the City !

Sent from my Nokia n85 5mp phone - another mobile blogging test

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05 October 2009

its me again !

Is it true that by making the dough into
long thin strands they can then be used in all sorts of dishes-dry,wet,sauced, and so on and so that you can give your chopsticks a good roll over ?

Well, thats me I guess

All 1 ton of it .
(from nokia n85, blogger mobile
digi gprs)

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02 October 2009

actually , no issues here

enjoy ! =D>

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its all about me

I was born many years ago in a remote part of China.

maybe that's why I am yellow :D

many say I am a bit too long n some say special

quite a few infact think I twist & turn all the time

together we make a formidable team and much wanted everywhere

the Italians like to call us names , such as this and that spaghetti pastarina strippili

in Japan & Korea they call us ramen or mein and all kinds of funny things  , still we dun mind.

Here in Malaysia its just mee. No problem semua nya ok ...even tho we boil  /sweat easily

we are everywhere , from RM3 /wahaha
..din ya know ... its da

mee rebus istimewa (special boiled noodles) Era
Seri Manjung ( Sitiawan )
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