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30 September 2009

ramli mee rebus ( south east asian cuisine )

We wanted to go to busy Restoran Wah Pan ( Jalan Leong Sin Nam ) across the road but it was perpetually packed with no seats available so we roamed to the other side , where the corner end lot appeared slowmoving and calm, with only some tables occupied.

It looked a little like a mamak kind of place but the name says otherwise. It felt so pleasantly presentable with uniformed waiters and the cashier / drink counter deep at the back, giving the place such a spacious look . wtH ! there was even a gleaming aluminium Western Corner ( chop chop ) near the edge towards the side lane !

The unobtrusive menu board showed a range of Malaysian favourites , including nasi ayam and nasi lemak   ...with the famous boiled Malay ( or issit Singaporean / Indonesian or issit Indian ? ) noodles as the anchor tenant !

at RM3.50 an octagonal petite white / bluish bowl , the bouncy noodles with super duper fresh greens + tofu/potato cuts & fiery red toppings including 2 mini sour limes in orangish sweet spicy gravy was excellent value for money , and tasted incredibly like a good Penang prawn mee, dengan satu telor rebus lagi

At last ... a place where the usually bsg rated mediocre noodles became exemplary and is highly recommended for ultra-light eaters ( like team bsg ).

Mee Rebus Ramli ( 2 more branches in Ipoh)
Off  Love Signature ( Jubilli Park ?)
Jalan Yang Kalsom
tel 05-2437203
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23 September 2009

lok loking in ttdi plaza

After a smashing tale of the smellies , the salties and the sweeties and a reunion of a long lost perfume , we were ready for the mother of all raw meats and veges.

... right outside in da backlanes near da backStreets. where the vans are ... & by golly there were many of them !

smelly salty sweet senoritas

raw n poked (to perfection)

of course it was a night to remember
there were just so many divine triple S

tao "filipina" modesto
perfume "china" 3
steaming hot lok lok ( smelly ... salty ... sweet )
ttdi Plaza , taman tun Kuala Lumpur
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21 September 2009

so near yet so far

Not from India , neither China nor Siam.

wt-heck ! its just behind Sarawak but not quite !

... he speaking Engrand 1

and dared to be different

so positive with thumbs up 2

and so we succumbed to his bullish charms

this is the famous shop in Lucky Gardens Bangsar , Kuala Lumpur
many bloggers have raved lyrical about her prawn bursting noodles

his on the left , she on the right

the difference is staggering !

Myanmar Laksa RM4.50

1 of 5

Kedai Makanan Nam Chun
Lorong Ara Kiri 2
Lucky Gardens , Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur
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20 September 2009

showcase d Xtraordinaire of street cuisine

In the holy month of Ramadan , Muslims are prohibited from eating & drinking during the day.

Many Muslim restaurants are closed during this time , or have their opening hours delayed to the evenings.

Amazingly too , during this period , every afternoon starting at around 3pm until 7pm ... stalls with tonnes of colorful food plus heavy smoke suddenly appear in designated sidelanes / backyards set up for this gastronomic carnival el d Xtravaganza ... complete with strange delicacies that you thoz never existed.

The enigma between none in da day and too much in da night lip smacking gastronomic creativity is the 17th Wonder of the modern Culinary World.

Infact many of the best of spectacular Malay Cuisine will be on display ...
some from established restaurants just down the road ...
( & you thoz they are closed ...haha )

the high end flavorful nasi briyani is always crowded with hungry customers
and believe it or not ... food connoisseurs ( aka food bloggers )!

Many Blogs will be praising the delights of this holy month vis a vis last year
complete with groundbreaking glistening salivating food pixs !

many people shake their heads in disbelief and yet many more
never miss a single mouth-watering session
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19 September 2009

take your time

Youngsters have faint ideas about old. Especially as long ago as in 1958. But the oldsters certainly have secret thoughts how to be young ... & hip ( like those new balance shoes ya know )
and hitting 100 before 2010.

So to bridge the generation gap , the best thing was to go in-between , to bring the old to the young , or shall we say the young to the old.

Something like this , where ... in the beginning there was black coffee

with the bizarre transformation ... about complete in 2009
becoming white ( as you can see ... in the above )

as the elderly wise will say , well ...
got the right aged ambience onot ?

and mixed-up like these can onot ?
sure the underaged wannab adults can accept ah ?

guess we have to wait for the future to find out
but remember ...take your time

old town white coffee
start at Ipoh old town
then oldling across Malaysia new towns

NB: old town white coffee is a modern Malaysian restaurant chain inspired
by the nostalgic Chinese coffee shop / kopitiam era of the 1950s
and serves mainly Malaysian/Ipoh favorites such as the
"white" coffee , toasted breads , noodles & rice

and is today one of the fastest growing
food franchised chains in the country

The vibrant chain is a refreshing development in the local F & B scene
and may just be the much needed catalyst for a resurgence of
the Malaysian entrepreneurial spirit so lacking from
a nation which prides itself as a world class
gastronomical center

It has also inadvertently become a showpiece of Burmese immigrant labor
and the butt of many bad jokes about mis/under communication

... so beware when you place your orders for
that egg , that bread
& this rice
team bsg
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16 September 2009

keeping it clean

Occasionally , when the fragrance is strong ...& da spirit is high ... we will curve our way in and end up in omg wats that ? !

an expensive place where people wash golden beers in public

isn't she just marvellous!

we never expected the drizzle & were already wet before she came

the 3 + 1 of us had some powerful detergents and a great chat
about the what might have beens ... & what 2moro will bring etc

remarkably ... even in this wet zone
the food ( also got one ) was kept carefully dry
& kinda sober

while the pizza was as flat as the plate it came in

still ... the quick down was clean fun & really up

the Laundry
the Curve
Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya
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14 September 2009

hot mamak nasi kandar restaurants

Ever wondered what's the secret of the mamaks ?
Immaculate recipes ? Fantastic service ? Hardwork ? Special spices ?
Good luck ? Gomen support ? Magic ?

Ok, lets give some clues ...

Firstly , it is a Muslim eatery so the customer base includes the majority Malays. 2ndly it offers mutton & beef , 2 meats which are almost non-existent in contemporary Chinese & Indian restaurants.

3rdly even tho they are not seafood restaurants , fish , prawns , crabs and squids are readily available.

4thly it is classless as it caters to everybody meaning you and me & us ... from the office boy to the Bandaraya / MPbsgPA workers to the towkay to the tycoon to the VVIPs to the unfasting and yes ... even to the PM.

who knows ... even the vegetarians

5thly then there is the 24 jam

the colorful food looks good and appetising ... and the spicy tastes ... heavy

interestingly the prices can be very low to the very exorbitant & even sky high
and ... people keep coming back !

you can come in slippers and shorts too ...
even wigs if you like

so is it true bro ?
are those the secrets of your success ?

mamak nasi kandar
in Malaysia
& around the World
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13 September 2009

the oldy hill resort

Taiping is a very pleasant town.

It boasts of one of the finest parks in the country as well as an active night zoo , a boon for nocturnal animal watchers and the serial insomniacs.

Then near the award winning Lake Gardens & the Zoo there is this narrow winding road going up. A kind of unbelievable sadistic uphill trek for the strong at heart , all 13 km of it. Strangely, most of these struggling umbrella clad trekkers look old and tired , maybe they are going downhill ...

To reach the undulating playground / cafe somewhere near the peak ( 1035m ), it is best you take a bold & rugged return trip by the trusty Land Rover (LR) since it is only RM6 a person.

but you gotta hang on really tight as the powerful LR roars to life !

the sudden hairpin turns are scary ... but fun !

Feel the rushing wind !

and ... remember to hold her closer !

once on top, have a snack ... n watch the beautiful Perak coast line
take a peek
there's no casino neither a theme park here
nor any vegetable/strawberry farms
just some flowers here & there
your camera will surely love this botanical haven
just like you wish you could paraglide down to have your CKT !

yes ... it is that beautiful , n serene

Bukit Larut
( Malaysia's oldest Hill Resort )
Taiping , Perak
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gardens@highvalley megagreen

One of the best holiday destinations in Malaysia.




best Malaysian tea

cakes , curry puffs , strawberries & banana leaf rice

5500 feet up

only in Sg Palas Estate ( Boh Tea )
Brinchang , Cameron Highlands
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12 September 2009

Johnny comes hardly

or hardly comes ... whatever

People say its not easy to open a cafe , unless you are old town white coffee. Maybe making coffee in an old town is easy. Or issit ? Must it really be white ?

Also people say it it not easy to make a good assam laksa ...
... whether old or new .

this uncle tried tho to make the
best laksa in town , made at home
he said it on the table , in full colors !

we all know the result
dun we ?

of course you people are right
his best is not good enough
why ... even the nearby pasar malam one beats him by a mile

Uncle John
Jalan Lumut ( near James Cendol )

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11 September 2009

day home made night roadside sell

Maybe that is better. The quality should be more consistent. We think so too.

Even tho he bought the secret recipe from one who bought from another.

its cool but hot

RM4 something some-more not nice to look at

still ... eatis the 3rd best in Petaling Jaya
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Puchong still got

carved from jungles & trees this used-to-be-gangster hideout off the LDP Highway to Putrajaya and beyond is a busy township with its own Tesco , Giant and 101 Malls.

a Vietnam/China haven in its heydays ... it blinked off the charts for a while as the bsgs dropped out of sight

... its nice 2 b back , as they say

here we are ... at our almost best
nostalgic , brave memories
we can outdrink her too

beef in sticks
well done & burnt black

legs & claws
we can still eat anything


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10 September 2009

best kopitiam

After years of eating here and there in Petaling Jaya
& successfully putting on tons of succulent lean fats ...
... we have the final results

de best Penang prawn mee outside Penang
best kopitiam PJ

Map Generator

kedai makanan O & S
Paramount Gardens
Petaling Jaya

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08 September 2009


13 % alchohol

good for your heart

tastes bitter at first

sweeter as time pass by

great for romance

takes you higher


always smiling
you cannot live with them
can you live without them ? ( dun bluff )

& song
what a joy

solaris , 1 utama , ttdi , puchong
Kuala Lumpur

are you there yet ?
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07 September 2009

its way past midnight , babe

While rushing thru we saw the bright glow with onlookers
then stopped to ask

"molow" ( boliau / finito) ...
come back in 20 minutes she advised

4 the fiery Big Bold Oven can only take so much

we were lucky ... 10 of each of the 2 rare distorted artifacts
were indeed given to us for our great patience ... & loyalty
... in a mere 18 minutes !

the cool mother & son reunion
pressing , shoving ... sticking

kong piang /gong pian
"critically endangered species "- bsg Geographic (2010 edition)
RM1.10 (b) RM0.70 (s)
( opposite Kg Koh Police Station )

Kg Koh

11pm till 2 am
6am to 9am
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abandoned beauty

natural : beautiful : timeless

We like

picture perfect getaway
But where's da crowd ?

So very quiet ... like eerie

but babe ... you r still cool ...
its ok

we want

never mind lousy food

we just need some blooming good red flowers

Frasers Hill
Pahang , Malaysia
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