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29 August 2009

the ulu yam legend

once upon a time many years ago
there lived a man and his family

in the woods far far away
being illustrious and always hungry he concocted a noodle dish firm and strong ... and sour , to last longer

Today the big brown brew still attracts people from far away.

Even from the evil mountains high above

and the blue oceans from a distance

why , after all ... its the long firm noodles of great prosperity

as long as you stir it tenderly & completely ( lor mee ) before eating it

come soon before the fading legend becomes ... err

...just another legend

Hulu Yam Lama
off Batang Kali

below Genting Highlands in wonderland
far far way from Kuala Lumpur
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28 August 2009

one man 1 woman

Maybe that's all you really need.

In these troubled times of spiralling wages and lacklustre imported manpower. Get those 2 recipes and save up to buy a 2nd hand small van. Enough to carry some pots and pans. Move to da City & find a smelly backlane outside the crowded stenchy market , near the most feared corner called the fat meat alley. Bring some cheap collapsible plastic chairs and tables and that's it.

Let the stinking aroma do the talking.

safely parked in the choice spot
all of 20 odd years undisturbed

there's none like it
after 20 over years the rest is his(her)-story
Seapark market , Petaling Jaya

best assam laksa PJ/KL
a bsg mega-award winner since the 90s
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27 August 2009

move over old town

When papa comes home in a rush you know something's not right.

like how he had to improve the menu to a super-glossy finish,
stunning even the backstreetboys

turned everything white into green , brown & black except the table top

gave all da ladies a santa maria look

... and ...the rest is

the incredible classy menu
with pics much better then bsg

breads all over
we thought it was a new bakery

fantastic finger food

even got steamed bread light as a feather
& curry sending santany waves right up to Kampar & beyond

of course the coffee is black

as it should be

papa rich
in da Klang Valley

a bsg best New Old Kopitiam 2009
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steam your own

This time around we had to satisfy ( happily )
a few types of gluttons .

1. a thin meat eater who needed to rebuild/rejuvenate
2. an obese vegetarian who over-eats
3. the omega e seeking seafood gourmand
4. the semipro amateur wannabe chef who can steam a
boat with his 2 eyes closed
5. the still fasting I yam on heat all day type

and so , here we are
in the all in one highlands hot spot

at 5000 feet up

finally a good steamboat hotpot ( at last ! ) in da hills
we can all be proud of
@RM15 a head

then off to the
6,600 feet high Gunung Brinchang &
the Bharat Plantataions for eyessert

Restoran Jew May Yew
town center
Cameron Highlands

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25 August 2009

the culinary legend, SS2 Petaling Jaya

This is the story of the rags to riches $$$

Chinese coffee shop Towkay

and the first franchised ( in PJ ) Penang prawn noodles ( mee yoke Lim )
the standing high noodles

with the missing Towkay now back to rags

best prawn mee & chee cheong fun
SS2 Petaling Jaya

a bsg Top 3 Chinese Kopitiam
PJ/ Kuala Lumpur
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24 August 2009

a chick to dye for

She's sexy ... stunning

glaring... dashing

a real chick in staggering red

sesame sweet

you can lick her here

Kuala Selangor
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23 August 2009

up !

the Disney movie .

Delightful tale of a worn out stoneface old man of few words ...
... in search of Paradise.

Dismissed as a stubborn eccentric loner , and totally fed up of abysmally failing her late wife's dream of having their house on top of Paradise Falls ... he single handedly took of with his ageing cottage into the air with some balloons ...

and the rest is a Pixar-Disney 2009 megahit !

a love story to break your heart !

a parenting guide par excellence !

a touching love story of a dreamy childless couple

a vivid mis-adventure into the wilds of South America ...
with a green horn 8 year old stowaway wilderness intern who never gives up

hyper active Kid & unsmiling old man
with loyal friends Kevin & Dog

the mis-understood gentleman hero
turned mad vengeful villian

now in cinemas
catch it soon before it comes ... err
a bsg
3.3 stars of 5
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22 August 2009

another taste of fuzhou

If we are in the Jalan Pudu area ( Jalan Gajah , see map ) , we will probably drop by this red building to have one or 2 more bites of the white fish balls with the dark meat stuffings.

The Big Fuzhou man will be busy squatting in the corner frying his signature tear piang ( to become an oily round soft puffy biscuit ) , if he is not busy receiving solid cash from his many affectionate oldy customers.

Like many eateries nowadays in KL , the helpers here are mostly Indon / Burmese / other Aliens(4) so you have to order your classical millennia Fuzhou delights in Bahasa Indon ( haha dun laugh ) , or if you prefer use your long fingers to point at the many red colored items displayed on the numerous newspaper cuttings on the walls or the many picture galleries with the Boss smiling broadly down at you ... heck ... even from your table.

the greenish minty hot sauce ( really from Fuzhou one ah ? )
and the RM1.20 hollow biscuit ready to dip

the star Fuzhou dishes

red rice wine chicken mee suah RM6
fish balls RM1 each

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21 August 2009

what she had before lunch

She's a first year Sejarah Dunia student at the University nearby. Like most of her coursemates , she eats out often and frequents the nearest warung for her quick fix like the one here beside Brothers ( car accessories ) Kelana Jaya for example.

Not kick ass ... 2 dye 4 or divine heavenly, like those in Kg Baru KL, near the Police Station Jln Raja Abdullah , around Jln Conlay ... or behind the Agong's Palace.

Just something e c before the midday break. Something which can affordla without burning a lobang.

oi ... got no ikan bilis no cucumber no peanuts one ah ? how can

this can't be fried to perfection canit ?
but never mind

un-perfect eggs ... manabolih
but thats ok

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madam lim's cooks

See them fry and smell the smoke. Just so conveniently situated along the small road leading to Giant Kelana Jaya ( PJ )


Not bad lah only around RM4 or 5 a plate.

Make sure you speak slowly & listen carefully because their Burmese / Thai / Nepali / Sikkim accents are not like you and me

Dun have the meat so its ok.

All also can eat happily
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20 August 2009

go behind

Sri Hartamas is an affluent suburb of Kuala Lumpur. People know it as in the neighborhood of Mont Kiara & Solaris .

Predictably , we are at the back

after a hard day's work

some meat balls will do (RM7 for 5 )

here ... in the backyard
there really is such a place !

remarkably , still standing tall ...
in these days & time

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19 August 2009

truly , madly ... deeply

... dripping hot

stalky slanted green

dark ... damp

tight ... crowded

brilliant white

a savage garden klassik

of veiny banana leaf rice
& alluring green packets of pinky pink
oozing pungent colorless fluids

carbolets & ferns
in burning sour lemony chilis

time for the feed !
O laksa

mama mia !

Ijok , Selangor
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malchind for food

Hidden somewhere off the mainstream commercial and residential areas of Petaling Jaya lies an oasis.

Where hungry people congregate to fill up. And read the papers. Or send some sms.
Maybe bungkus for the wife , or the kids. Or the GF. Why even for the Boss ... who knows.

Or take photos of Big Woman & cute waitresses.

No religions. No deadly meats. How nice

A true Malaysian story

big , spacious , airy

Malay-Chinese-Indians ( malchind )
eating together

one of the more popular choices here.
nasi lemak daging kerang RM7

Map Generator
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18 August 2009

spinning chick

33 years old and still making the young men (bsg) crazy

poised for the action

omg ! evil meat balls !

till death-do-us-part whitest Duo
smoothest thigh RM4 & fattest sprouts RM1.50
a top 3 chicken parlor , PJ

use your mouth ( errr ...mouse ) to find her below

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17 August 2009

magical noodles in bright darkness

When the sun sets & the night falls ... the full time gluttons are drawn like starving wingless moths to the bright corner shoplots with da biting aroma of forbidden oil and deadly meat..

hail the wondafull smokey shows , beginning every dusk till midnight + 2 !

and the really b c cooks... burning and woking
at your command

the real time gluttons at work on a balmy Monday night

fukien chow
fukien meen
hokkian mee
hokkian cha
tai lok meen
black mee
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