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31 July 2009

hawker in Mall

Once a while a shop stands out.

Catchy name.

In a Big Mall

Many Malaysian favourites.

Competent. Looks like the real thing.

tastes like real
Mid Valley Megamall
Golden Screen Cinema Floor

Penang char kuey teow RM9

in Kuala Lumpur
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30 July 2009

the Village proposal

*marry me ( 5.5 of 10 ) and meehoonkuey (5.0 of 10 )
RM4 each

Taman Cempaka
off Taman Mayang
Sunway Mas
Aman Suria

*She - you can have curry mee for life
He - dun bluff !
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27 July 2009

sajian lumut

For a little town by the sea , this place certainly has many dishes to lure even the most hardened of gluttons ( that would be...hehe).

We have not conducted a survey , but we have a feeling that this area ( Manjung ) spread over lush forests , mangrove swamps & coconut plantations does indeed promise aplenty.

Smokey ikan bakar / tomyam / masakan laut shops with their impeccable Minangkabau roof tops dot the landscape , some appearing from nowhere amongst deep undergrowth !

Then there are the new few months' old shops like this one here leading to
Teluk Batik beach and the Lumut Naval Base,
promising a mean array of 'Sajian Lumut' ( dishes of Lumut )

the famed nasi campur spread
...the heart of mainstream Malay Cuisine

some of the classic mouth watering local sajian Melayu

sayur sayur & sambal istimewa d Lumut ...
the pride ( still unmatched ) of Masakan Melayu

and a fantastic bowl of the freshest prawn noodles
( mee udang "selat dindings" ) in the business ! RM6

restoran Sajian Lumut
the Lumut-Teluk Batik junction
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26 July 2009

the impossible one

The King is now in full bloom ! with mean upright pricks jutting up

We remembered the previous pain & were reluctant
but still, just had to try

who knows things might be different this time around

After all it was called Double 8 and came all da way from t(horny) Pahang
It looked so rugged , damn solid and had such a sweet pungent smell...
just as a proud Royal should be

even the battle scarred seasoned wrinkles were impressive !
and the all important obscene color , vibrant & fantastic omg !
RM5 a kg

but ...we lost
...yet again , 4 the umpteenth time

for taste matters...a lot , right ?
where art thou honey ?
playing tricks again huh ?

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25 July 2009

colored seaview

Lumut in Perak has abundant food !

Not only green hills and the blue sea

There are easily 30 Malay warungs /restaurants & 4 major Mamak eateries here too , all in a little town with only a few short streets !
the neat & tidy view usually stuns the first time traveller to the place as the magnificent Lumut Waterfront overwhelms him .
and you would be surprised at this hidden restaurant right beside the Lumut jetty !

very good crowd on a weekend

and good but not cheap colorful nasi briyani RM8.50

but heck got such a beautiful windy seaview

restoran jeti Lumut
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23 July 2009

her Hainanese kitchen

Memories of Old Malacca with its fascinating Chinese & European heritage continue to haunt us.

We can't forget those young exotic Portugese beach maidens & mysterious sarung clad Nyonyas.

Most Charming ...

...and the legendary Princess with her epic band of playful bodyguards

suddenly...many worlds' away...

out of the Hakka infested and messy concrete jungle
shines the promise of famous Malacca/Hainanese specialties
in a tight little intermediate lot kopitiam styled

here in humid , over-crowded & traffic chocked
Sunway Mas Petaling Jaya

some of the pretty Malacca (-1 ) favorites
in cute white plates and bowls

the teasingly familiar Hainanese steamed chickens
6 of 10

the inevitable golf ball look alikes
5.8 of 10

house specialty
thin flat omelette
6.5 of 10

Align Centerotak otak ( 2x fish brain ) in rectangular cube
6 of 10

Hainanese curry mutton on ebony
7.1 of 10

house exotika Hainanese mutton soup
...certainly a strange herbal brew indeed
4.8 of 10

A reasonable RM50 plus for all of the above for 3 , with drinks.

some hits a few misses

my kitchen
Sunway Mas
near Aman Suria
( beside Taman Mayang )
Petaling Jaya
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the Big Bird

This place in Riana Green, off Damansara Toll Plaza (Petaling Jaya) serves massive white protein.

Even though it is not yet Christmas.

Tall & strong

and strangely , not as tough as you think

tenderloin roasted

serving for 3

any time is a good time for a turkey!

best with red wine

2005 Barossa ( Australia)
compliments of the Chef
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21 July 2009

no seafood today please

the time has come

forever no more

plunge like this

common ! guys & gals ...

its time to kick ass !

..he missed his Seafood Dinner

...& paid with his life ...

would you ? could you ?

continue reading here

and watch video here
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19 July 2009

I am long john

I am often out on unknown journeys , and to have it with me all the time gives me a great sense of security on top of pungent familiarity.

Who knows what lies dangerously yonder , when the urge strikes hard and great standing effort is needed once again to discharge meself honorably.

You cannot depend on those roundables who are more interested in standing infront of da mirrors on deck, peering into the sky

phew ! such a solid arm-length chunk of me-hard but soft armour

juices inside ready to explode when the

gnawing bite comes to deepening shove

find me at pasar malams , ok-O when I yam
not chasing them Frenchie lobsterinas

just call me roti john
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18 July 2009

dark n ravishing

the come dither smouldering look is scorching hot !

that amorous scent...

so salivating !

resistence is....


the marvellous curves

dark , sensuous


spread it apart and go in

tear it !

be very satisfied !

delicious ! nasi ayam
backStreets Malaysia

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