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28 June 2009

hard & soft

Miles & miles of vast breezy sandy beaches , as far as the eyes can see , thats the beautiful coconut coastline of Pahang , Terengganu and Kelantan ( " the East Coast " , Penisular Malaysia).

Many friendly & simple people and damn good food !

Like this spectacular ! 1 ton Bone with Hole and 1/4 ton meat in hot soup

The absolutely sprightly ! Mak Chik with her
pot of awesome power

the scraped steak and white essence in soup
leaving the hard femur naked below

Monstrous gaping ( gasping ! ) hollow of the
finest "daging" ( beef ) Big Bone... minus marrow

entering the dark & extraordinary soft chamber is
an adventure of a lifetime !

do not miss !

GearBox ( manual )
da East Coast , somewhere
from RM10
the use of the yellow straw for changing gear
is highly recommended

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25 June 2009

the nyonyaChef

Among the few ( or many ) of us , one in particular, makes frequent flights ( ya, even to the ends of the World he got say) and also cooks sometimes when he is not hungry or when ,
as he says , got da mood .

Like the whats-that ? nasi ulam , which he never fail to explain to the interested few who ask that it is very precious , extremely healthy & a cure-all . Says it is an arduous dish requiring great skill , much time and many rare herbs which only some yoda-type characters near the farms (in Penang) can provide.

Armed with the tier-1 recipe which he extracted from Bayan Baru ( Penang) , fine tuned at lovely Waikiki Beach , Hawaii (see pix) and then tediously re-tuned to near perfection from the hefty Mak Chiks at the backlanes in sentimental Pantai Cinta Berahi , Kota Baru...those days...he is considered almost ready

Commercially the dish is nearly extinct and may be found in only a few exceptional Malay eateries , certain jungles or some ancient modern Nyonya Shops behind the main roads.

above pix :
the fabled East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
incomparable gastronomic haven & evergreen bsg hideaway

To finally get rid of your constant headaches , fluctuating temperatures, annoying hunger pangs at 4 am , general lethargy, loss of concentration , flabby muscle tone around the thighs , diminished feminine stimulus , lack of manly drive etc etc AND... know more about this "delicious" herbed elixir & gastronomic wonder you can check out this grass-edged Nyonya recipe from him HERE

Happy Cooking !

And stay trouble free & healthy 4ever !
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23 June 2009

nasi lemak east

The quieter-than-your-mother-in-law full-of-fantastic-sambals
East Coast states have their own versions of popular dishes, no less hot and spicy nor less flavorful than their proud Western counterparts .

Other than the Blue Wonder , another distinctive brown rice dish stands out and is common here as ...the mother-of-all-rice nasi lemak .

But with a fishy twist and a sourish twang. A mixture of Thai and glutinous rice is used to good effect , together with the we-must-have-you-babe-or-we-die coconut milk solidly embedded.

Another abnormal dark item is used which is the normally black & hard-as-wood ikan kayu/ikan tonkol or tunafish as we know it, topped with sourish vegetable pickles called acar..

And so after a magical wand of the tender feminine hands ,

out pops the rice

firm and flavorful , the speckled rice , is also known

as nasi dagang or "traders rice"

( in honor of the women traders peddling this exotika)

the completed sensation for your eating pleasure

nasi dagang
some shops here & there , from RM1
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22 June 2009

feeling blue

Colours can affect a person's well being & people's moods.

Blue for instance is associated with sadness or issit calm, like the serene absolutely gorgeous blue sea ( think Pulau Redang ) or how about blue skies ( & everything nice) ?

Except this mysterious beautiful small creepy flower , known variously as bunga telang, blue pea or even clitoria ( goodness !) no blue porn at all we tell ya & might even be eerily creeping free in the backyard behind your friend's house !

Or in dry form in small quantities in the Kota Baru ( Kelantan) Market , where the women rule... and salad is Queen.

Here multi-award winner Kelantanese Cuisine rules supreme , with the inimitable nasi ulam ( salad rice ) leading the pack...& omg ! where this Blue Rice Wonder below originated from .

Today after a meal of this bunga telanged ( clitoria flowered ) bluesome buddies of salted egg , dry beef , coconut floss with something pungent, raw bean sprouts, more greenies and a hot , sweet & sour aftertaste , we are feeling good.

delightful nasi kerabu ( blue rice )... from a few Ringgit only
any backStreet , after 7am before 8 pm
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16 June 2009

black hole 14 ( certain death )

To those not familiar with Section 14 Petaling Jaya, it is crowded & boring ...maybe, except for Digital Mall , PJ's computer hardware alternative to KL's Low Yat Plaza ( off Jln Bukit Bintang ).

Then it happened ( as the name suggests ). Thunderclaps & all !

Always renovating Jaya Supermarket , the snobbish place for designer frozen foods is now deadly frozen... from an accidental structural collapse end May 2009 which took 7 lives, and led to some 10 houses or so in front being declared unsafe.

Luckily for the gluttons , the popular underground ( dark & obscure ) wet market and adjoining ( black hole ) food court beside the Digital Mall is unfazed, with that noodle stall still upright.

see the broken frozen building ?
beside the ugly IT center

de still proudly standing Penang import
neatly managed by an old youngster in track shoes
& assisted by a young oldie

try to remember this most hardy
curry mee (plse click pix to feel it raw) , in

da Black Hole of Section 14
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15 June 2009

You are talking about the ambience is it ?

We have always liked Sunway Pyramid , Sunway PJ , from the grand mystical Egyptian inspired architecture ( some say cursed ) to the all round facilities ...and yes... that superlative ground breaking multi-screen Tanjung Golden Cineplex where (our) fantasies come alive.

The back too where the incomparable Lagoon Themepark just sets our hearts aflutter.

How about the food ?

Doesn't it sound just like the much feared Taiwanese Old Madame with the forked tongue ? But its Thai no worries , the people here are definitely more lovingly straightforward , and certainly more approachable.

Our first order was the pineapple chicken rice RM16, a delightful recipe of meat & greens and some other tasty ingredients...but hold it babe... come there seems to be strong lingering whiffs of that awful maggi-ed flavors everywhere ?

Classy decor old and new
blue is in ( told you )

Next was the ( horrifying ) look like left over tomyam meehoon RM16 in a giant white bowl bigger than my head probably weighing more than 1 ton.

ya , the place is great for window shopping and the movies...and

you mean, the ambience it ?
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14 June 2009

jinjang where

It was a long , hot tropical night. No cross winds . No heavy traffic.

Just some light chatter. The usual grins and the easy laughters .

Ok lah... some playful giggles too.

Many broken promises later...

...we met Ah Beng in da shop

wth, where is this place. Rice ? Herbs ? The Aunty ?
We do not remember a thing except the dark legs .
How to, when its...

dark backstreet bakuteh
Jinjang ( the famous one near Ah Lian's House )
near Kepong , KL
near Sri Damansara, PJ
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13 June 2009

backlane Food & Beverage Classics in da City

They started out as a fine dining bistro ( of sorts ) in the Beverley Hills of KL aka Damansara Heights precinct something. And then the word spread that they had perfected the fine art of distilling Penang assam laksa out of a closely guarded authentic ancient recipe from some backlane behind the Lorong Tikus ( Penang Island)...

...and then trying to merge it with Guinness Anchor's renown high beverage and

voila !

Decanter is now at Section 17 , Petaling Jaya

the carnivorous masterpiece of all time
tiger a stunning RM30 jug

superbly simple and familiar decor
just like her home...

followed by
the fit for an Agong's Malaysian fishy dish of all time
5 star assam laksa ( a house specialty )

not to be missed ( at least 4 da killa beer )

5, Jln 17/56
Petaling Jaya
03-7968 1300
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12 June 2009

the old man... holding on

Occassionally while shopping in Carrefour Subang or taking a KTM ride to KL Sentral & then switching to the LRT to meet up in KLCC , we always make it a point to drop by Subang Parade, for old time's sake.

Nostalgia indeed , even tho it has now taken on a cool hip look , just to keep up with all those new kids in town !

But nowadays you will certainly meet many unabashed aged Uncles here & there , for they are really proud of themselves , or issit their goode olde wrinkles of wisdom ? In fact they always proudly show off from which obscure kampung they came from and how very old they really are !

So... does age really matter ? Or rock solid experience is what you came here for ?

Not us , we couldn't help it , those youngies round the curb din look too impressive and yes , we were in no mood to try strange things. And oops , we did it again.

So did many other people. Seems he is that popular here in da Parade.

His signature laksa was quite impressive , and is a clever mix of the normal Penang assam laksa with KL's curry laksa although some will say that it is Johore laksa. Looks striking and tastes {blady} good. RM8.30

We were also keen to re-sample the Old Master's original secret recipe of the ever popular Malay styled nasi lemak vis a vis the onslaught of the many fighting versions from the other up & coming reborn oldies like Papa Rich , Old Town White Coffee , Uncle John , even Madam Lim ( omg ! ) etc etc and are satisfied that he is still in a league of his own.... This sensuous heavyweight goes for RM8.90

Not bad these oldies in da Malls we must say...

Uncle Lim
Subang Parade
Subang Jaya
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09 June 2009

white chicks

Just mention that and potent men will explode into a wild frenzy of surging feel-good appetite !

Pulsating !

Overwhelming highest expectations !

It is , after all... the most lusted flesh in da world.

Color is not everything...but then it is white

Seriously even the great Colonel Saunders flipped flopped when it came to this. Notwithstanding the incredible 28 secret herbs , it still wasn't white enough. And so it was erroneously fried golden.

Kwik ! gimme the chicks !

God knows how very hard he tried , this Kam Kee Chinaman fella smack in Chinatown KL along Jalan Sultan, a foot's run across from "world famous :D" Petaling Street. No, we don't mean this one.

But at least he got it real white as can be , tho it wasn't yet there , all RM5 something of rice & a foot plus even one meat-ball in soup ( imagine).
Over at the other backstreet , lady old timer Meng Kee in Tengkat Tongshin , KL ( adjacent to Jalan Imbi ) with the ultra famous love-hate super charred oily reds is still at work , even after all these years...

Some white chicks also she got , on the right hand side you know. RM10 with some compulsory reds thrown in & with da yellow rice ( halo wrong color dey ).

Its not bad we know but how can !

Turn into this front corner...from the back
yes man , do you see the absolutely gorgeous juicy whites , dripping... ?

Where smart tanned beardy Middle Eastern & white connoisseurs hang around after the sensuous reflexology release nearby down the road. Cool thighs plus fragrant rice RM9.35 .

Hailam BB Chicken Rice, Jln Bulit Bintang
halal and surprisingly our no 1 white chick !

Authentic ...down to the ginger vinegar chillies ( with seeds...)

The real...

White Chicks
kuala lumpur
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06 June 2009

just a bread & a cup of tea

The white bread with patches of burnt spots (toasted pancake) is made by a trademark double hands swinging , re-folding & re-grilling of each of the basketful of round wheat dough over a hot oily plate. Some people believe the more black the metal plate the better the bread will taste.

It is usually enjoyed with a choice of hot & spicy curries of various flavors and goes well with a cup of caffeine laden teh tarik ( tea) or black coffee.

Over the years , this affordable snack has evolved into a cult culture ( of lepaking or "wasting time" ) where idle people indulge in just sitting & chit chatting in 24-hour Mamak ( Indian Muslim ) shops over , well , a glass or 2 of teh tarik and a sardin , banana , onion, garlic, egg , bombed , or whatever roti ... till the cows come home...usually around 5.30 am

Its seemingly "pulled " price provides an accurate pulse of the state of the Economy, we think and who some of the "now we know why you are rich" come from

So how is Kuala Lumpur ( or Malaysia ) doing ?

Read on for some shocks & bounces...

This stall in Lorong Kayu Ara 3 , Lucky Gardens , Bangsar ( also famous for its nasi campur and fish head curry ) is shockingly cheap for its bread and you are expected to slam in at least 2 ( regular size ) in one sitting !

Why , at RM0.50 for a roti canai and RM0.50 for a cup of teh tarik , there's none like them here in the Klang Valley ! !

Taste tho is average so dun get too excited...but still

This well-connected hot shot nasi kandar chain Kayu ("wood") in SS2 Petaling Jaya serves average fare with RM1.00 for a roti and RM1.60 ( expensive!) for a slightly bigger cup of teh tarik, probably drawing on its newly acquired international flavors , and its team of Maharajah looking waiters , presumably from the sub-Continent

We love the roti canai here in this Chinaman enclave of PJ , tasty and fresh and surely cannot lose people one. SS2 Pelita Nasi Kandar (near Mcdonalds SS2).

At RM0.90. for a delightful roti canai & RM 1.40 for a swanky kopi tarik , it seems to be positioned smack in da middle of nowhere.

The always crowded Living Legend ( Raju, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya ) and the winner of famous local Food Portal Friedchillies' inaugural award for Best Roti Canai Klang Valley, 2009.

The stand-up fluffy light as a feather roti sitting on a banana leaf is super fresh and was still rising as we sank our teeth into the tasty bread, followed by a mild sonic boom.

3 distinctive curry gravies claimed to be cholesterol minimal are provided in a shining 3 in 1 metallic pot to complete your best-in-da-world Xperience..

At a hefty RM1.20 for the roti and RM1.50 for the teh tarik (total RM2.70) , it is our non-air cond premium ranked price/profit roti canai connoisseur par extraordinaire in Malaysia , without a doubt

Where got no money ! What recession ?

Eat lah & be merry ! shall we ?
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