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30 May 2009

noodles & rice

Some of the best hawker fares are found in the most unlikely places in the most unheard of neighborhoods (at least to outsiders).

While everybody knows SS 2 , Kelana Jaya , Section 17 and so on , who knows where on earth is SS 3 ? Do you ?

After today you must try to come here ! Off the LDP Highway and opposite side of Western Digital's corporate office

Come here for the noodles . Look for this stall . The father , mother and son combination .They have hopped from PJ State to double hops in Sea Park PJ and are now safely anchored here.

We believe they have been selling exactly the same noodles for more than 30 years . So are they really so good ( or what ?)

You can start off with a glass of white Carlsberg RM1.30 tho while you wait patiently.

aha ! here it comes...the more than 30 years culinary expertise !
delicious noodles in soup with pork pieces RM4

Do not worry if you are a rice connoisseur , ask for the soft version RM4.50 !

Piping hot porridge with the absolutely raw golden egg , for the extra burst should you need the power later on in the day ( or night ) !

So easy to find ( behind the Shell petrol station )
so worth it

SS 3/31 , Petaling Jaya
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26 May 2009

Home or House ?

Every town has its hidden gastronomic gems , some right from home ( or house) !

Do you mean home cooked ?
or issit no place like home ?
... " home is where the heart is " ?
House of Noodles ?
...coming home babe...
...the House of untold Pleasures ?

...ok, we show you 2 authentic homelys then

1. but first ...lets welcome Home
aka " Journey into Indian Cuisine "

now that you are pleasantly settled
do have a bite of fried fish fillet on the leaf
then dip into the softly boiled vegetables & papadamy crackers
and enjoy the House Specialty Curry Mutton

finish with a fried crispy drumstick
an all-time meat classic !
fingers licking soooo good !

banana leaf rice

where a standard serve of :
rice with 3 vegetables , 2 papadam ( crackers )
with complimentary top ups
and choice of
3 curry gravies ( chicken , fish and dhal ) on rice
is @RM4 a person

side main orders
meats & seafood from RM2.50 an item

Home Curry House
behind Iklan Citi , near Econsave Supermarket
Sitiawan-Lumut Road
Perak please..........................................................

2. I want mee
in the House
also her home

simple and fast , no frills , no fuss
kali mee , laksa , mee sup aka Malaysian noodles
RM2.50 each
today mum not at home
so got plans ah ?

the little House

beside Lido Hall
Sitiawan town center
near the main traffic lights (kfc)

dun forgit , next time you are here ok
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25 May 2009

cheap & good , at last

A good fall-out from the current never-ending UMNO/PR prime time Extravagan-Saga in Perak ( as of 22 May 2009 ) is when last time cannot afford fancy heavenly Restaurants now come down to earth.

How not when money is drying up in the state faster than you can say "what" ?

So finally... we can step into the Imperial Gates of the opulent Emperors ! warm night here in the Streets of Teluk Intan , the little town famous for the leaning tower , the heong piang ( sesame biscuits) and the meat filled chee cheong fun.

Where the raging Battle of the Offers for you & me begins.

offer 1 ( 5 persons )

inclusive 5 plates of rice & 2 jugs of Chinese tea

offer 2 ( 3 persons )



A high class air cond big Chinese Restaurant
sitting capacity for more than 100 tables

verdict : excellent value for money

Sechuan Seafood Restoran
1931, Jln Maharajaleela
Teluk Intan, Perak

tel ; 05-623 2478
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20 May 2009

all you can eat

from A to Z ( minus 1 )

The evergreen Nasi Campur
ready-mixed wonder
instant gratification

No doubt it was heavily influenced by spices introduced by the early Indian traders & to a certain extent Malaysia's northern neighbour the Thais . Yet it retains its signature fresh fragrance and unique tastes both subtle and fiery depending on whats on the table , and where in Malaysia exactly the MakCik came from .
You can find them everywhere the backlanes , along main roads ,
beside the skyscrapers, in stalls , shops , shopping complexes and
from Nissan vans and yes...
under broken makeshift tents / leaking canopies.

the most popular curry dish in Malaysia
chicken curry

meato d numero uno of the Malays ( "daging" or beef )

The daily pre-cooked feast is unpretentious...super convenient , fast and filling
chickens or beef burnt...fried or whatever, sweetly wet or biting hot
definitely delicious ( or your RM back )
take-away or eat in
big fish fillets , small fish whole , squids and others
sweet , sour or hot

flavor individually to your hearts delight with the multi choices of hot or
sour chili sauces , pungent sambals etc
special green and yellow and red vegetables to complement the kingsly white or red meats
choose from a fantastic choice of many ... from 15 to 60 or
more delights even VVIPs will die for
( or miss their last State Assembly Meetings )

everywhere in Malaysia
from padi field kampungs to tier 1 Cities beside the Central Parks

from only RM3
a plate of rice with 1 fish, 1 meat and 1 vegetables

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15 May 2009

when the kids & the dunno what 2 eat

meet the backStreetGluttons who dun eat

for RM 200 something inclusive 3 jugs of Carlsberg Beer at RM38+ a jug

rating :

ambience : very good
food : below par
soft drinks : so so
beer : quite good
price : double to quadruple your comparable backstreet hawker fare

the result can only be err... forgettable...( right ? )


Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

right !
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11 May 2009

in the eyes and mouths of foreigners

In a random survey conducted on 300 foreign tourists , the results of which appeared in the 11 May 2009 NST ("Spotlight"), a Culinary Arts lecturer arrived at these interesting findings of the most popular F&B choices among tourists to Malaysia ( as ranked in descending order ) :

1. Chinese noodles

2. chicken rice

3. satay

4. curry rendang

5. nasi lemak

6. roti canai

Our 27 year young lecturer is sad and shocked & laments that our most famous Proudly Malaysian nasi lemak and roti canai are so lowly ranked & almost unknown entities but...wait...

horror of horrors !

that Devilish bourgeosise goody oldy beer is the 2nd most famous beverage in the country , after fruit juices ! ( it was not mentioned whether that included toddy , da Mother of all Malaysian fruit juices , that fragrant or smelly fermented milky sap as derived from young coconut flowers )

a fantastic revelation doubt...but one which didn't faze us one bit ( 2 tell ya da truth...)

Looks like its time bsg does its own ultimato survey ! that could truly be even more shocking...

Good morning &
Cheers ! Malaysia !

all pixs taken from the net ( without permission )
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10 May 2009

a brush of viet in da Mall

familiarly unfamiliar

the same floor where GSC cineplex is
on top of little Vietnam

viet jasmine tea ( chinese tea with a little fragrance ) RM4
feels so hygienic

ham meat roll ( with raw bean sprouts , a characteristic of viet cuisine ) RM8

fried beef rice ( japanese look / taste alike ) RM12.90

vermicelli beef ( with fresh vegetables and some fried balls ) RM40

...if you really must have some quiet upstairs

Level 3
Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur
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06 May 2009

nuts ! we lose

Menglembu , the little town just outside Ipoh , looks quaint & slow , as you would expect. But the few thousand feet high Kledang Hills stretching behind are quite picturesque and is a popular hiking trail for the active and also the old.

In fact some of you may have thought there are wild running cows ( lembu) but instead what greets you strikingly at the roundabout at the entrance as you come from Ipoh Town are some giant GroundNuts. One is even oddly standing upright , pointing to Heaven or as if to tell you something.

Maybe the Ipoh Storm of 7th May 2009 ?

True , it is world famous for the groundnuts bearing its namesake
Now you know !

We were looking for the small van , with the burnt meat.

Its easy to find , near the backStreet ( where else) evening market.
We were taken aback at first impression ,
as the skinny vendor & companion din inspire confidence tho,
knowing the Xxx!treme reputation of da charred meat.

Lo & behold !
face to face at last with the RM10 meat of meats !

verdict: fail

maybe tomorrow 7th May would be better ?
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04 May 2009

gosh ! one more Penang food post ?

yeah , why not ?

Its current, its now...and it ain't cheap no more.

So is it still good ?

The additional lane for the Bridge is almost ready. The bluish hilly backdrop still ...gorgeous .

The place near and around the Gurney Drive ... is still errr....clean... I mean , err we mean ...acceptable

The orange pasembur with 1 pre-fried flower crab + some prawn fritters and some cucumbers RM12. The next esplanade ( halal one ) after Gurney Drive .

Verdict : do not break your teeth again , plse...
This Kassim Nasi Kandar place in front of the Gama shopping centre near the beginning of Jln Macalister and below that Tower ( can see ornot ?) is still crowded, even at off peak hours of 4pm ! Price for the rice and colors , as high as the Tower if you must ask

Aha this one at the Lorong Baru ( just outside Sunway Hotel, Jln Macalister )
is 4ever bladi excellent RM2.50 ( own Boss do one ma )
Our favorite eating station Penang Island. Gurney Drive - we just love bringing people here to admire the highrise , da mega foodstalls ( n da ratatouille...sometimes lah )

hokkian mee ( prawn mee ) RM2.50
assam laksa RM3.00

actually its still damn good

penang island
pulau pinang
georgetown ( how come ah ? )
X Pearl of the Orient
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