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30 April 2009

2 inch noodles and flat rectangular balls

Those who do not take pork will never understand what's all the fuss ( or de ... f r u s t... ) . Those who know know they cannot live without it. Such is life as we also know it. So are balls round or flat ?

Can rats' tails be eaten ? Can Ratatouille cook ? OMG ! thats gross...but thats the name of these sauce-dependant short tasteless noodles. And round flat balls.

Also called pork ball noodles. As you can see , its never short of lady admirers .

How about 2Die4 minced meat & cutted Chinese pork sausages ? Are they any good ?

Whatever , in this case of the noodle stall in Section 17 , Petaling Jaya we prefer the trusted green pickled chilis condiment much more than the main short tailed noodles and underflavored good looking meat.

Lovely greens at the wrong place wrong time.

Sometimes fantastic looking dishes are not what they seem , so try to eat everywhere and everything if you can , so that you take the good with the bad and... too can become Gluttons like us and a whole new world begins.

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29 April 2009

in the morning

...when the moon is at its rest ( actually...not really )

When the hot & chilled day is over n done and the tired & drunk /horny folks go home or somewhere else , the back-up action & fun begins ! Time to recharge your spent internet gadget and prepare for Part 3.

But first another few more cuppas of non-alcoholic coffee and then plug your dearest Acer Aspire One in babe. We know some of you young people will not be able to open your eyes and will fall asleep. Yet how come got these so many no need to sleep one hyperactive bushy Arabic sounding freshies busy talking about their nex so easy lah tutorial in da corner there , against the slick backdrop of Leona Lewis ?

Good morning 3 am Mcdonald Bangsar , the best 24 hour McD in M'sia !

Now everybody can surf unlimited ! Good olde McWifi has all the power points you need , plus unlimited hot porridge & coffee ! You want the buns too ?

Time to move over Starbucks !

a really cool fast food joint

Spacious ( 2 floors ) with all da bread & water and
all da power you want ! 24 hours !
While not far away the other end , the real party begins...
slick men in fast cars and fair women in Black on stby mode

recharging with super cholesterol grilled squids in
all time protein power sup kambing !

the sup{p}er Mamak place

Mcdonalds &
Pelita Nasi Kandar
Bangsar ( JlnTelawi )
Kuala Lumpur

for midnight cowboys & backstreet warriors
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27 April 2009

24 minutes at money river

The top floor ( car park zone ) of KL's everything and anything under the sun & No. 1 shopping center BB Plaza / Sungei Wang ( money river ) Plaza , Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur also spills abundant food like a gushing waterfall...

Thousands of mall workers/visitors from near & far are refueled here at lightning speed to continue helping their Bosses make more money !

Competition is keen , prices are bargaindible and the food food food truly amazing !

You must come upstairs one day , here
it is listed in the Malaysian Book of Records ( we think )
as the biggest , longest , numblest etc

The fan ventilated fluorescent lighted dining area is basic and spacious. There are individual stalls among the multi-culinary vendors and a colorful mix of food but one row is completely dominated by 3 ( at least ) Chinaman Gastronomic Sifus showing off their hundreds of eye-popping imperial Emperor Dishes , now brought down to earth for you and us.

some bsg example selections

Be eye-strucked & tummy-cramped by the ravishing spread of popular Malaysian Chinese Cuisine. Although difficult , you must choose wisely and not be easily tempted...and be quick !

... the crowd is thick and furious , & you can be forgiven if you feel like you need another 15 minutes to soak it all in !

Why , at around RM 4 a plate of rice plus 3 or 4 spoonfuls of the mega buffet & one drink of fake Chinese tea , you can afford to come back repeatedly for the rest of the month without burning a hole in your pocket and most of all , pretend to feast like the Beijing Dowager , minus the 8 rapids' abalones , autumn lunar lobsters and prosperity shark's fins soup which need many days advance notice.

By using your imagination , you can outsmart the smart panda eye cashier and get a real bargain. He bills your selection with only a single 1.5 secs eye-scan so the trick is to distract him ...or just hide your 4 tiger prawns under the rice ( got it ? )

economy rice
mixed rice
chap fun
nasi campur ( cina)
nasi kandar ( cina)
Emperor's Dishes

Upper Deck ( Car Park Zone )
BB Plaza/Sg Wang Shopping centre
Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
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25 April 2009

going bananas

over versatile , slim and slendar yellow Wonders

Banana plantations are usually scattered about in the countrysides , farmed as a cash crop by petty farmers beside the Highways , with the famous veiny banana leaves standing up and the fibrous stems not so tall. Strangely dark hills & valleys are usually found close by ( see pix ) .

You can buy the fruits in the neighborhood fruit shop or if you like , the exciting backstreets where you can bargain for fun.

Unlike the tricky durian , they are not sky-high expensive & perform quite consistently long as they look fresh & not overly soft.


They are amongst the world's best and most popular fruits with a high energy content and rich in potassium , and easily digestible !

Its superbly gentle texture & oozing warm feel plus the famed out-of-the-world taste makes it a mega-Hit with the ladies ( see pix )

Usually fragrant and sweet... but can be pungent at times and only cost 20 or 30 sens each , while if you are lucky some people can give it for free...

an epic bsg discovery 2009
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23 April 2009

the power breakfast , Malaysia

Many people miss their morning Breakfast .

Some have no appetite before 11 in the mornings. Many skip it to rush to work. A few think it is a good idea as this will reduce their gross over-weight. Others simply dunno what to eat !

Then there are the exquisite forward planning people ( ya mean those Sporeans ah ? ) who , in preparing for a heavy meal later in the day or night ( such as the corporate VIP buffet lunch/dinner at the 3 1/2 star Hotel ...or the class of '98 Reunion) , are goading their already bloated mid sections suitably primed for the later-lah gruelling value-for-no-money gastronomic session in high class ambience !

Whatever , you may like to consider this Power Breakfast idea the next time. Its powerful... and it is inexpensive .

...and its morning good ! ...and super fast !

the food next door

black coffee with milk in classic glass cup on glass plate &
plastic spoon RM0.90
( not yet stirred )

the most desired banana leaf coconut flavored
fragrant rice & curry snack of all time RM1.00

the simplest , cheapest , most potent
& complete self contained natural life-giving tonic in the world
2 half boiled chicken eggs ( fertilised or not ) RM1.20 for 2

prices may differ across different localities in Malaysia
backlanes will be considerably cheaper

and branded Kopitiams ( New , middle age or Old )
typically charge 2 to 8X more for comparative items

enjoy your breakfast & dun miss it next time !
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its the l o n g e s t

It definitely is not the best. There are other places cheaper, more famous. Gurney Drive has its esplanade class. Pulau Tikus its talked about authentic knockouts. Lorong Selamat its lips bruising assam laksa. And so on.

These are on Penang Island.
Here in oldy messy Chai Leng Park ( Prai , near Butterworth ) , the lanes come alive at night !
Revealing a gastronomical street narrow and slim , infact , at more than 200m long we think it is the longest in Malaysia !

You may have a choice of 1 to 200 stalls to stuff yourself silly !

And of course your purse and wallets will still have enough change for you to come back again and again , for the rest of the week maybe even the whole month... to happily continue your unfinished business !
Find the full tasty spread of Malaysia's
(world famous) hawker delights , here

Another classic wai sik kai adventure
right at your doorsteps near da drain

noodles from RM2.30 up

the Northern no-need Penang alternative
authentic , satisfaction guaranteed
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22 April 2009

lunch at the centre with a backview

Its casual & so convenient . Only 2 days old when we came.

Service was neat , fast and proper, though it took them sometime to figure out
about the puzzling " half " rice
( haven't they heard of men on a diet ah ?)

view of some other hungry people choosing their stuff

the delightful fresh nasi campur (a bsg fave) lunch
( beef rendang , fried fish + pickles + 2 live 4 sambal)
a fantastic RM4 ( Malay favorite No.)

the back appetiser par D licious

sometimes lunch means look !
and be happy

centeryard beside Alicafe
Kelana Mall
Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya
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20 April 2009

love in the air

Never miss this cool Paradise if ever you are in Cameron Highlands again. The drive up and down the narrow cliffhanger of a lane is truly invigorating and a once in a lifetime experience ! Bask in the awesome view of the magnificent manicured tea shrubs ! Feel the drooling breeze ! Laugh & shriek with joy until the tears flow !

Then have Xquisite English tea with her . Feel the loving warmth amongst the envious cold .

Relax !
Eat !
Drink !
Enjoy !

be happy at

Sg Palas Boh Tea Estate ,
Brinchang , Cameron Highlands
( from the Butterfly Farm , Brinchang
turn into the opposite lane and begin your adventure ! )
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romancing the sweets

They are tempting green soft rice noodles in small bowls of iced water , exceedingly brown syrup sweetened & creamed to Nirvana Xstacy with high octane coconut milk . Most will be embedded with the tenderest and softest red beans and some ...
...neverending glutinous rice ...

You still wanna add yellow jack fruit or orange something...darlin' ?

Ask and who knows your dream will come true ! But stop right there before it becomes another decadent iced kacang ( ABC ) ok !

and now for the supergreen teasers

Just outside Lumut Promenade ( or Main Car Park ), Lumut town .
Ice comes in strange bits and pieces . RM2.00
Leftover red beans detected.
Definitely failed with green colors !

The first of 8 of MrCendol's foray into commercialising this dessert
as a Malaysian popular food eatery, in Billion Supermarket , Seri Manjung

a bowl. Quite traditional taste .

The copycat ( or improvisor ) of the
Sitiawan Queen of Bowties, beside the
Indian Temple , Sitiawan - Lumut Main Road.
RM1.20 , the cheapest of the lot. Not too bad

under the shadows of Court Mammoth , Sitiawan
Quite decent . RM1.50 ( pricey )

the Queen herself
outside Sitiawan Indian Temple ( near The Store )
all contrasting flavors balanced 8~8
RM1.30 ( no wonder all have fallen at her feet ! )

Cendol Malaysia
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19 April 2009

Seri Petaling Kuala Lumpur

One fine night after visiting some people in the Commonwealth Village Park ( Bukit Jalil , off KL - Seremban Highway ), we dropped by this house for a hot steam .

We used to come to this Chinaman enclave often last time before the Blogging Craze started to binge here after our usual Bukit Jalil do chasing 2 x 9 holes.

Many new eateries have since moved in which are quite alien to us, except this one with the familiar name of that Island with the Crab ( & the unforgettable China GROs , remember ? ) !

Heck , the food was bad and not cheap.
A let down really so we shall not give you any directions
( we never do that normally anyway ! maintain the fun of the food hunt !

but we have stolen a glimpse of many other interesting
restaurants nearby, and soon

We'll be back...
coming...dear ?

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the definitive misguide to Kg Koh noodles

Noodles are a central & inexplicable part of
the Chinese psyche

Bet you will never forget the Tang Dynasty thriller where The Drunken Master was caught with his pants down in a cross fire between 2 feuding Bandit Gangs as he was slurping his last strand of the long noodles in hot soup upstairs beside the Pink Flower Blossom and had to summon all his deft chop stick & wine hardened skills to save himself from certain death !

Ah ! Chopsticks , men & noodles... what a deadly combination !

Over on this side into the present time , things are not so dramatic.

Proudly presenting noodles of Kg Koh , a vibrant ( yet dying wooden village of township proportions ) near ACS Sitiawan , Perak.

Part 1
from the kitchens of the Chinese Restaurants

1. loomian / lor mee ( yellow noodles in starchy egg gravy )
2. eang chew mian siang ( brittle soft noodles in red wine soup )
3. cha zuee mian ( fry cook yellow noodles )

from RM6 up

Part 2
ready in 58 secs from the frontStreets & back

instant noodles Kg Koh , the Top 3

1. kam puang
( dry noodles in brown sauce with lard)
2. loo mian (starchy noodles with bamboo shoots/cuttlefish)
3. ching toung ( noodles & meats in plain soup )

from RM2.40 a bowl/plate ( and rising )

Part 3
anyway which way you like it local imports

kali mian ( Nyonya styled curry noodles )
and laksa ( the famed Penang fishy hot soup )

from RM2.40 a bowl ( and rising ! )

Have a Kg Koh Noodles Day , today !

Kg Koh

a bsg ( Sitiawan ) 2009 exclusive

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16 April 2009

restoran ba kut teh , Mayang Mas Petaling Jaya

Sometimes we get lost in this area in between Bandar Utama and Taman Mayang looking for a quick bite. So how do we choose what & where to eat ? Because parking is horrendous at this time the best sensible place would be the place with a parking lot ! Never mind the food !

Happily... like this looking-good corner lot with the thumping meat sign !

Claypot Teow Chew BKT version infinity , claypot chicken in Chinese wine plus the whatyakalit yauchakuey with rice for 2 , and must-have Chinese tea ( what were you thinking ). RM22 . The menu was wide but we weren't looking.

As is usually the case during this dreadful lunch time , everything has that so so feel. (interesting) People watching across the tables and chairs is usually more tasteworthy. The fatiqued service was unhurriedly lacklustre like got plenty of time ( maybe for them ). Now that you ask also cannot remember how was the food.

Most times during superpeak lunch hours early in da week we are un-team bsg , just another tired and hot "eh the weather's terrible lah today dun feel like eating " folks.

O dear...are we talking bout you Baby ?
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