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29 March 2009

from the backstreet to da mall

We believe the local food scene is generally conservative & un-exciting...thoroughly lacking in creative trail blazing ooomph .

Probably reacting to praises from foreign journalists on Malaysian gastronomical delights , and patchy requests from young & innocent yuppy readers , most mainstream newspapers devote 1 or 2 sections / columns to local culinary offerings on a regular basis , laced with impotent polls on which is the best of the best of the best ...tho the pattern is distressingly familiar & cannot-tahan staley repetitive ... you have already read it somewhere before right ? ahem , right

Darn , even the scrumptious pixs look strikingly familiar ( from which Blog ah ? )

like O...4 eg ( blah bla bla )

"famous Penang oldie (who?) at the backlane behind the wall now rediscovered ( by Hochiak !) with first-hand interviews / original Canon images of the Grand co-founder ( omg ! still alive ! ) and the to-die-for dishes including the black & white kitchen and the wok ! "

"...the best unknown ( now known ) kick-ass xyz pqr abc in Kuala Lumpur now revealed !

"Mr Reading JB opens to rave reviews yesterday ! According to size 13 junior Read , 6 more will be opened , soon "

"See gorgeous lipsblower Amber Chee enjoying her comfort (?) Hong Kong noodles with the Wan !

...while sexy delectable Xandria Lok licks the solid chopsticks down to top sideways , again... to unbridled applause ! "

" Tongkat Fatima Kafe opens its no 8th sliding doors at Sunway 1... "

"i-Panda rissolo (?) the popular pizza chain from Memphis strikes beside da waterfront zoo by the banks of the reclaimed waterpark, recycled from a previous swamp !

"Dazzling Datuk D filling up the a tad too sweet capricino to his loving wife , the last time beautiful Datin S & 3 1/2 handsome fat kids in tow "

In truth nothing much of note happens in the current bland & non-2-inspiring Malaysian gastronomic circuit , as in discovering Old Town White Coffee has opened 1 more new outlet beside your house in new town, and...

... one or two more pronouncements of yet "another" well known hot-shot re-opening every Quarter or so , usually an import from an overseas food chain ( like that one from Indonesia or that Austrian who originally made in big in Alaska and...

... did ya know bout that coming next week , da authentic eastern Thai sensation {actually genuine Nyonya} one ? )

... landing onto swanky Sunway Pyramid 2 2/4 , P & R-ed by a local advertising outfit { truly an embarrassing try-harder pom pom wannaB I tell ya !} complete with grand opening invites to media / celebrities / not forgeting Ms Azalina {our very own still single Mistress of Tourism-my father is coming too} + some eating-edge Food Bloggers , RSVP ( thank god ! ) ...

...or in this case another of those kampung backStreetBoys coming to the state-of-the-art Mall .

Or issit a Hypermart ? haha

ok enough. Time for some real food

nasi lemak bungkus ( in banana leaf)

nasi lemak bungkus ( in old newspaper )

nasi lemak sotong ( in patterned glass plate )

a bsg favorite
nasi lemak ayam ( real chicken leg & egg with real meat )
in signature nuts and miniature fish with heads

This one with the best of the best of the "best nasi lemak" we heard hails from a Tanjung Malim ( Perak lah not Selangor ) roadside warung ( stall) and has now found its secure corner (calling) in newly opened Tesco ( part owned by Perak Royalty ) Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Quite authentic & good ( with brownish fragrant rice ) and worthy of a try if you a passing by and feel like eating rice or something.

Also not cafely-expensive and happily kampung-friendly !

(so this is another safe bsg recommendation , otherwise do get your money back {from the shop}, not bsg hehe)

NB: only the last 6 photos are knowingly original and authentic ( do click for maximum impact ! )
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25 March 2009

Ali has come , at last

Style or substance ?

never mind...feel da PoWer !

big black ( bb ) coffee cup . in & potent white logo
bold n beautiful ( BB )

hot battleground
poised for de aTTack !

the arsenal 1
capped & ready

command center
waiting 4 D President

Ali Cafe
Proudly Malaysian
( tongkat ali the power root )

...let the action begin

Kelana Mall
Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya

all prices comparable with the
incredible Old Town White Coffee
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24 March 2009

Jungle Bak But Teh

The fame of this not halal brew spreads far and wide ,
oozing out from epicenter Klang ,
that Hokkian Community & Gourmet Haven near the Port.

Reaching out to the ends of the world , like here

to the sea...beside da Jungle

We have been told this WhereBoro Country / fishing village
has some undiscovered unique & fresh seafood
situated smack along the bountiful Perak West Coast
...quite near to Bagan Dato & not far from Teluk Intan
nearly reaching Lumut (what a mouthful omg !).

Coming from Sabak Bernam , towards Teluk Intan
you will reach the Bagan Dato-Teluk Intan-Hutan Melintang junction where

we turned left ( towards Hutan {jungle} Melintang )
...for 200 metres see Kok Kong Wan
with her 2 pretty daughters attending to customers

amazingly there are at least 4 more BKT shops here & there

Ms Delirious Happy breaking out into a boisterous eXstaC
for she's back in solid meat zone
for her all-time favourite S-sense !

here lies the enduring Chinese tea classic
& the ever loyal millennia soya sauce
on stby mode

But why claypots we always ask , they burn ( like Hell !)

Of course this cannot compare with the mighty Kingpins of
Taman Rashna , Berkeley Garden
or even Taman Sentosa (the Top 3 Klang)

but WTH !
this is da seaJungle with incomparable
pure raw fun you know !

sommore only RM7 a head with kampung rice &
genuine Chinese jungle tea ( WTF ! )
yeah...where to find
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23 March 2009

wak chai briyani rice

Johore Malay sensations

This Malay restaurant with the "Chinaman" name specialises in whatdoyaknow...!

...Xquisite multi-color beriani/biryani/briyani rice ( Indian / Middle-Eastern / Afghanistan / Iraqi et al Cuisine) and is situated non-chalantly in one of the backrow shops in the Rahim Kajai , Taman Tun ( Kuala Lumpur ) area...

...a place well known for its affluent residents , most of whom from the modern elite cream of local Malay Government / Corporate movers & shakers .

Briyani Special , the stunning lamb shank gulai
claimed to be a delight inspired from an
& craft design studio in Johore
RM10 something ( inclusive royalty)

The very tasty Mee Bandung , a mee rebus / mee jawa look alike .

The sharp sting (SS) we normally associate with this kind of exotic offering tho... noticeably missing

Nevertheless it is a pretty decent and clean place with some other
lip smacking ( we hope ) noodle specialties
which we shall soon be back to try

prices commensurate with the well to do neighborhood so...
...please get ready !
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19 March 2009

Rice Field

This upmarket air-cond Indonesian Restaurant ( dressed in a woody decor with dark square tables ), is pretty cool & comfortable inside but damn crowded , & alfresco casual...warm & humid outside .

You will be served by some cheerful waiters in formal 5 star white uniforms with shining big black round buttons aka de Ratatouille

It faces the busy road ( opposite Mayban ) within the new Kelana Jaya Business Centre , near the Giant Kelana Hypermarket .

...thus beginning our virgin experience with the famed Nasi Padang

The "field rice" is named after the Indonesian town in West Sumatra called Padang , where it originated from (or was it dedicated to a field ) somewhere in Java ?... Plse help Selba TQ

We always think Indonesian Cuisine is Malay Cuisine with a different name but was greeted with a stunning first intro , from the other table's split sideways menacing fried fish...( alieN vs preDator Part 3 ?)

and the following misunderstood dishes :

You must come before 12 pm
to get a decent parking lot and avoid the big crowd

First a bowl of boiled jackfruit fibres (?) with cabbages in mildly sweet curry

...then 2inch long baby eels (ikan bilis / earthworm look-alikes)
black fried till crispy like autumn twigs

...followed by some oversoft petai bits ( din know it was there ! ) hidden in a battered chili paste.

American looking beef strips dried to become a kind of salty biscuit, with pieces of decorative ( also can eat) old red chili toppings.

Sadly , the highly ranked assam pedas fish failed the (bsg) Chef's over-refined tastebuds...

While the slippery tendons ( ligaments ?) in mild Malay styled curry got a refreshing A+ ranking ! Well done !

Finally... what is Malay Cuisine without the fried kampung chicken ?

Invigorated with the striking Indon/Malay sensations , we vowed to be back Round 2 for the fierce fried fish ...which we missed this time

...and for the first time in history will attempt to slip in some finest golden Brew to lubricate & tenderise the stiff dry eels , over-salted beef strips and of course that teeth pulling chicken

RM45 ( not bad for all of the above challenging items for 2 )
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petaling street Kuala Lumpur

A walk down memory lane

the unforgettable bygone era... hanging on

just one cold black egg and Xtra steaming hot boiled rice RM5 , Hon Kee

the softest stickiest flattest sweet whitest noodles this side of the Old World RM3
beside Hon Kee .

Got see any other noodles simpler than this onot ?

cockling mee behind the long deep Butchers' Corner RM4

all must try or you have not been to KL ( people say one )
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18 March 2009


down to earth

always fresh , always good

shrimp fritters ( fried golden and crispy : 3/5)
boiled cockles ( fresh , mud-less & juicy : excellent )
fish soup with Chinese wine ( tasty : 3.8/5 )
onioned sambaled ladies fingers on banana leaf ( simply sliced but very good)
grilled stingray on banana leaf ( 3.6/5 )
spicy sauced pagoda snails from Bali( blow / or suck front or back : 2.5/5 )
spicy squids : nothing to squid about
4 rice 4 standard sweet drinks in iced cubes : 2.55 of 5


Terubong Seafood
Behind Ayer Itam
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17 March 2009

Ipoh's pride

white chickens & fair girls

also old white men , white coffee and too much good food

Old Town
Ipoh , Perak
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16 March 2009

prawn head curry

Fish head curry is a famous Indian specialty, with quite a few connoisseurs despite its ugly creepy staring looks. Even the astronomical pricing for the bones and slippery tissues dun scare people at all , strangely.

So is it the taste or the slimy texture in da orangee brew that proves irresistible ?

Maybe you should turn it around for a change.
Like go to Pusing in Perak ( outside Ipoh ) for example.
This one is crispy ( not creepy) with no bones only shells and hairy legs ,
...and perfect succulent gorgeous meat with the curving bounce

Just beside the Pusing ("turn") Hotel

The lady's quite busy , attending to the Sunday morning crowd.

My , what big heads they are . Scary or not ?
warning: do not discard for they are most delicious when slurped hard

but what tender meat lies inside

Pusing curry prawn(4) mee

definitely a welcome turn from the usual
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13 March 2009

curry a la MB

Both are not so common . Many dun even know they exist.

Quite a few don't bother since got other choices like roti canai and chicken / fish curry .

Next time you must try these 2 , in da small town . Do not forget or else...

They are good & cheap , and real.

click pix above to enjoy the best mutton curry in the whole of Perak
or your RM back !

Indian roti vadai RM0.50 & mutton ( laMB ) in curry RM3.50

An Xplosive combination indeed

Siva Sakhti Curry House
Taman Sentosa ( near 7-11 )
Ayer Tawar
great Perak

NB : This post is dedicated to the 2 MBs ( Mentri Besar , "Chief Minister") of Perak
Both love
mutton curry for its Xtreme strength giving properties

One hails from Pasir Panjang ( Sitiawan ) , the other ...lovely Pangkor Island
but one is an imposter
( means not real )
which one ? ( they look da same )
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