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27 February 2009

the plain spicy noodle

Most residents from suburbs outside Kuala Lumpur dread to enter the City , unless they have to...

For eg must grab 88% discounts from Mega-Sales in Mid Valley , must see KLCC's latest once-a-life-time Egyptian Mummy Expo & must buy 1 netbook free 2 desktops PC Fair offers held at the 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th floors of the KLCC Convention Centre ...

...or they work in the City

But we are here again, where else

Time : Friday 1.30 pm
The lunch crowd of mostly Chinese office workers
with table-ful of female companions is staggering !

The star noodle dish ( a pan mee variant ) we thought was
over dry...

flavored solely with decent crunchy fried ikan bilis accompanied by the burnt grainy salty & little hot black chili paste at the sides , then topped with a lumpy whiter than white fried egg .

Being rather busy , the tasteless egg-enhanced soup with green leaves came many minutes later when we were half done , thank God the ok fishballs had soup too !

A rather un-outstanding experience
( but the echolicious blast of the extra noisy full crowd was thundering ! )
RM5 for the red bowl shop-made noodles seems fair.

BSG Verdict : only a convenient noodle shop for the nearby office workers
not recommended for non-KLites
unless you so happen to be within a 3 km range...
( notwithstanding some famous food bloggers rating it 9 /10 )

Kin Kin ( light light in Hokkian )
Jln Dewan Sultan Suleiman 1(Off Jalan TAR)
Kuala Lumpur
Opposite side of Tune Hotel
near the Honda Showroom
beside a tyre shop

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26 February 2009

the naked chick

Picture Perfect

the backstreet Jln Pudu Kuala Lumpur
(the printing press zone Jln Brunei )
Chinese chicks hideaway

That irresistible look

sexy nude succulent bodies all in a row, very tempting
choose at your pleasure
starting from one leg

then gently glide deep inside to caress
the long,the curving, the dark mysteries lying within

perfect color. perfect feel . perfect flavors . textured al d-perfecto .

so mouth watering !


But...half the time the tender Promise is broken, yet again
shattering the Dream before it begins

for many a flesh while looking so soft & desirable
nowadays is actually so much tougher, rougher than it looks

a Classic Backlane Beautiful Flop ( CBBF) , this one...
...once again proving that looks can be all deceiving

inside out

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over eating & drinking too much

how to spend more and save the economy

You can start by eating this rated ordinary ( RM1) in one of the hot-shot
Mamak Restaurants ( Kayu ) in SS2 , Petaling Jaya
Then continue feeding
( wine & spicy versions of quality of taste slipping downwards half heads RM20 each )
in Sg Besi Kuala Lumpur

followed by excessive eating again with this quite good
RM11 nasi briyani in Mydin USJ2

ask for 6 crackling average nearly wet papadam ( RM6.60 )
in yoghurt mint in Taman Tun ( sid place Rahim Kajai ) KL
and drown yourself in pinty beer for RM15 a big mug

ending with complimentary( smile) top notched Turkey feet
in wanton mee in Pasta Fredo Taman Tun Rahim Kajai Kuala Lumpur

one sure way to beat the economic 2009 crisis
spend your way out
according to the World Bank( my foot )
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23 February 2009

hainanese you got try ah ?

Hainanese Beauty
At one discreet PJ backlane , a few ancient sounding imperial names have become famous. Like the Chinese restaurant chain Teo Chew Meng ( of Penang fame ). Naming a place as so & so China/Chinese is now so in voga , as immaculate Ip Man drew incredible new insights into the once upon a time reclusive Kingdom . The Chinese are extremely proud of their long heritage..and taste , to the point sometimes of abrasive obsession .
And so before you embark on that long awaited Chinese Escapade to new fantasy isle dun be deterred by cliches of that "business-minded" Hokkian girl , the sinister Shanghainese , the demure Suzholese , that dangerous Canto alley or those rough Fuzhou balls .

No worries if you are unable to enjoy the complete Hainan Island thrills... just a taste or 2 from some nearer one will do .

She says she's the original...and so on
well , she's nice & we dun doubt her statistics ...but err well...

still they do look a bit raw , soupy & all that

the fish cake slices are damn good tho
reaching the level of D Ulu Yam

while the "star" noodle dish is just so flat & plain ( without the make-ups)

Prices are in between food courts and high end cafes

so its safe to get that taste , once in a blue moon ( eh ,why not ? )

Restoran Hainanese Taste
SS 2/30
Petaling Jaya
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22 February 2009

flesh for vegetarians

Little India ( Brickfields {off KL Sentral , Kuala Lumpur }) is a vibrant zone for the spicy connoisseur , where crowded & haphazard roadside yellow & green garlands fuse with the aroma of pungent sweets.

Here there are many budget hotels & all things Indian. And enough eating sheds , stalls & restaurants for the dedicated Gluttons to once again enjoy karmanic chlorophyll vegetarian meals side by side with the bloodthirsty animal eaters !

Unlike orthodox Chinese vegetarian offerings which aim to look , feel & taste spiritually like meats ( but are really to-fu plants et al ) here the muscular things are offered as an adjunct to greens or vice versa.

Finally... at last ! ... docile vegetarians can now live happily ever after with the cruel carnivores , under the same roof !

While not exactly top notch , this big & spacious corner lot with
certain co-inhabiting outside stalls ( even a Chinaman CKT )
beside the traffic lights ( as you go towards Bangsar fron KL Sentral ) is fast , efficient and impressively inexpensive.

A promising 4 veges + white rice banana leaf meal for 2 (estimated RM10)
+ 2 orange fried chicken drumsticks (est RM6)
+ 2 sharp nose fishes (est RM4)
+ 1 lime juice (est RM1.30)
+ 3-in-1 curry gravies

was only RM17.30

You should definitely try this one ... doesn't bar harmless notebooks in their premises
unlike some mad ! neighboring hot-shots down da road !
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21 February 2009

a night in high county

Carlsberg Malaysia Shah Alam

the co host & the occassion
...thxs lis , JT for the present & future bounties...

big onot ? !

my one bigger

carlsberg-ed & happy
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20 February 2009

head he wins

After some faked F1 overhead curves and downward spirals from the Federal Highway (as you enter Kuala Lumpur City from Petaling Jaya) , you will find this 25 year old stall in Kg Attap .Beside the slope and under a tree. Of course it is packed with the familiar looking lunch crowd, who are lining up for the nasi campur.

Go get your seat if you are lucky ( without waiting ) and place your order with the busy waiter who looks like the captain. Show him the big camera and he will quickly get the big head ready.

this RM3 drumstick is surprisingly good and you must not miss it.

the freshly boiled palm sized fish( jenahak) head with the generous curry gravy . Very tasty and may justify its monstrous price tag of RM40

Happy customers

Kampung Attap Curry Fish Head
a bsg top 3
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18 February 2009

its true , anybody also can cook


Buy the sauces & steak ( look like it one ) from Tesco . Throw the piece of meat into the pan with the butter. When the red meat becomes da black meat after some minutes , remove from pan and throw on white ( must be this color ) plate. Pour the white or the brown sauces over it .

Then add yesterday's leftover french fries from Mcdonalds and the cucumbers from the backyard .

If got salt & pepper will be even better.

Enjoy your meal !

Can open wine ( white or red {preferred} ) if you got it , then food taste got or not dun matter at all .

Trust us

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16 February 2009

verdict : failed with flying colors

No doubt , they look scrumptious and drool of cOlors

the ever familiar totally loyal oldy crowd
why...its an old place

fantastic looking sliced BBQ meats , lovingly spiked
they are rare , totally different from the roadside smokey joe sallehs
absolutely sweetened & fattened
so gorgeous looking promising !

in de famous Ipoh old town

Chinese satay with pork & chicken pieces ! RM0.60 each

but, terribly subdued by a meek over-peanutted sauce

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15 February 2009

royal mini

Beautiful Kuala Kangsar (KK , in the Malaysian state of Perak , "silver") by the river banks in the old days was a once-a-year gambling den with a black-haired black-mustachoed Sultan, with the notorious stiff looks.

Together with neighboring Center of the Universe Ipoh , abundant fair maidens in every nook , corner and backlane smile & tease ( some say soothe) , bringing untold happiness to many virile men ( & misery to a few other women )

Perak was truly the pride of the nation...De place to go !

KK the Royal Town today, in festive mood ...plastered with big memorabilias of some kind of silver jubilee celebration .

Tho just a few days earlier , a major eruption ( Richter scale 8.8) from a massive horde of furious Democracy ( reformasi ) demonstrators by the tens of thousands protesting violently against the current silver-haired Sultan for his ( among other controversial issues ) unusual haste in supporting a BN led offensive for the post of a brand new Mentri Besar , replacing the current Peoples' Choice...
...just outside a State Building , stunned the otherwise peaceful nation & the world...

You should come visit the place now, it is very peaceful & still beautiful with no noisy demonstrators in sight. See , its empty !

Then catch this young man in the famous old van nearby.
We never miss this part of history

Different from the Penang nyonya version
the noodles are less slippery
minus all the frills

simple , small ( miniature ) & nice , rated 8.8 of 10
why...only RM1.50 !

so can bungkus 10+5 , for the city folks

no more big noisy crowds
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13 February 2009

friday the thirteenth

the other side of Lumut

the 12th dainty step

deep inside palm gardens

beware the Roar of the Jungle !

presenting the smooth slippery glass noodles
wilderness version

fair squids fried to excellent whites

egg-oystered till oversoft

the next time , be brave ...hop , skip &
"jump" over from the Lumut Jetty

all for RM39

off Damar Laut (near Damai Laut Laut Resort )
Perak ( here we go again )
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12 February 2009

ah choon coconut

in a Chinese fish food place near the Port

definitely a Chinawoman

red is happy

so is she , our Saigon friend

this one is cooked but raw RM5

flat prawns without head & shell in dried hot chilis plus many onions RM8

Teo Chew steamed white something ( puny ) fish with
extra much ginger & salted vegetables RM22

you win some lose some
near Lumut Port

Kampung Aceh , Lumut
( proudly a part of d now world famous Perak of Malaysia )

epicenter of the next Malaysian revolution
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