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26 January 2009

last eating out , year of the Rat

Happy New Year !
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22 January 2009

they must be nuts !

indeed they are !

these famed 120g Menglembu ( Ipoh , Perak ) roasted salty peanuts
even if 2 say they are from Indonesia

they look da same taste the same
still so easy going & ever accomodating
hard & cholesterol free ( so can eat & munch non-stop )
then can throw spent shells anywhere you like

ever since the team has gone missing , or dis-appeared
this has been the staple diet of the writer minus the golden brew

note: the RM1.80 left hand still leads by a thumb tho
&...YES !

we will be back after the break
as soon as the Golden Tsunami strikes in a few days
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15 January 2009

A char kuey teow from Ipoh

From a corner usually near the drain ( obscure or not ) this steaming hot oily mess comes out as one of Malaysia's most well known roadside dishes with the saucy aroma permeating the whole of the coffee shop where the clanking show normally is staged . Or under the tree as the case may be.

So where is the best CKT in Malaysia ? Ask the Penang guy he will say Penang , for her in KL she will say KL and ....& well for you should be the one near your X office !

All of you are right , of course !

Taste is a very personal thing...

click on image to see clearer the improbable tiny raison D etre
( also known as see hum in Cantonese )

We only had 3o minutes so we tried this one in Ipoh Old Town ( the real one in Ipoh ) , and only gave it a 3.1 out of 5 , even though it is quite famous.

For more check out what our resident illustrious up & coming food blogger has to say, here , motormouth,Ipoh
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12 January 2009

before & after midnight

Kuala Lumpur , the city of 2.88 million (or so) sanitised (religion is key) residents + 1.88 million illegal immigrants ( Malaysia , My 2nd Home ) , is not well known for heart pounding ( do first think later) nocturnal activities .

Still , when the clock strikes 12 past 12 , some action creatures ( of the night ) emerge from pockets of black & white , like that sleek medicine man in Batu Road extolling the virtues of Tongkat Ali and his blue/black viagric creams to an enthralled audience of passers by and that pleasure deprived VIP runner with his not so manly companion.

Nearby the Jalan TAR hardy Indon tradesmen and their ultra mobile petty textile women pushers ply their rojaky barangs imported duty free from around the world ( actually Thailand & China ) .

But here , in relatively frilless road called Jalan Raja Laut ( King of the Oceans , off Jalan TAR , off Chinese Tiong Nam near that famous Federal Cinema ) , it has been said some few hundred child & adult ghosts still roam without end trying to get in touch , for nearly 40 years now...

Meaty & herbal rich aromas filled the gourmet sidewalks here , side by side with neon lighted Ah Fooky lodging houses to your left & right. Gangs of dark silhouettes cluster around mopped up cars parked dangerously ( Malaysia Bolih ! ) along the yellow bus lanes .

Like expecting something BIG to happen in this dull city.

Never underestimate this lonesome busy street
...pent-up culinary/pleasure zones within await you
now that the sun is down
You will probably not meet this lovable 2some above here tonight
but then again everything is possible , honest

Along the fluorescent lighted corridors you can also join the late supper crowd
and have your fill of meaty exotika , earnestly preparing for Part 2

RM 8.80 for that acclaimed power shot

Good , now that you are fully loaded
continue to the mainShow , behind that corner

Guess they have been waiting all night long for you
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08 January 2009

4 fish 4 four

Many people are horrified of fishy stories of how they might end up paying through their gills ( actually noses ) some RM400 a miniscule fish like at some hallucinatory Gourmet Lunch in Goh Tong Jaya ( "make him super rich" near Genting Highlands Casino, Pahang ) .

Many more will not dare to order fish for lunch or dinner coz they cannot tell whether it is from the ponds , the lakes or from the muddy sea ( or whether they are dead or alive) and then also they all look the same...what more after being covered from head to tail in brown gingery beany sauce and looking mostly invisible, and generally ugly.

Just to be quadrupally sure , you can try the following fish at these places here , for they will cost you below RM20 each ( or 1/2 of each of 1/2 a head , if you are lucky) .

So go for it since it is steamed fish you want !

Subang - Sg Buloh Highway just before the turn into Sg Buloh New Village, near the BHP petrol station. bsg 2.5 / 5

Sg Buloh new Village , the very lunch crowded popular cowboy styled stall /restaurant ( with a most charming friendly Boss's daughter ) right opposite the RHB Bank. bsg 3.3 /5

"Drunken Cat" on Peel Road ( off Jln Pudu ) , Kuala Lumpur. Delicate African fish with bean sauce. Sweet. bsg 3.5/5

and the winner is.....bsg 4.1 / 5
a bsg premium product
the best steamed tilapia fish in town
just a few doors away from the drunken cat
Hin Kee , Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur

bsg fish tip : eat only fish that is alive before you say yes(!)
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07 January 2009

a great penchant for eating out , small towns

Some learned already beaten ( eaten) friends have declared unabashedly that small towns will be the natural sanctuary from the oncoming fiercest storms in decades , in the not too distant future.

Why ? We ask . Because everything is cheap .

Correction we say , because nothing is cheap , maybe not expensive we countered.

Still no matter what... take fOod 4 eg

their vibrant coloRs & down to earth demeanors have lifted our saggg...ging spirits , yet again

for instance chickens simply roasted can be yet so beautiful , and taste superior to that oversized 24 Dec Christmas turkey ( urggghhh ! ) , everytime

and these size middle finger sea prawns from the nearby sea
as crunchy fried as they can ever be

exotic wild boars galore . tough , lean & mean
just got from the tapioca wilds

fish maw or fish bladder or issit fish stomach or belly , MacAir bag or ?
no matter, its piping delicious !
this kind of thing can only be from Ayer Tawar, Perak

the most famous food in the whole world

beautiful Chinese cuisine from the small towns
cities of the future
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03 January 2009

love @first bite

Our quickie adventure away from Kuala Lumpur the last new days re-acquainted us with these past & present lovers.

Happily they are still 20 to 30 % less expensive than the comparable ones in the capital tho not less tasty nor less lovable.

the open air evening stall , Off Giant Manjung , Perak

local woman local meatballs in
hot soup

sweety & slighty spicy RM3
...a rare item of Indonesian origin
under-performing sidekick rated only average

Opposite the Toyota 3S along the Sitiawan-Lumut road is this rare flat & white foldable bread , a Punjabi ( Indian ) staple with its trademark brown /black charred spots. Tear the flimsy bread with your bare hands then dip into the normal curries just like you do with roti canai .

Its an efficient filler that rapidly dulls your senses to your other loves

the dangerous, rough & burning oily hot fry with cut-short yellow noodles,
in messy black sauce & chillis with tofu fritters ,
and some vegetable stalks

a typical mamak ( Indian Muslim ) offering in Seri Manjung, Perak
RM 0.80 & 3.00 respectively
bsg rated 2.9 ( of 5 )

this Peninsular Malaysian East Coast darling of firm brown rice
( which some misinformed critics say are under-cooked rejects )
with trademark tuna fish slices in thick & grainy orange curry
& pickled cucumbers, red chillis, carrots and raw onions

today no tuna so daging also can

a bsg top 10 dish

followed by the mandatory Malaysian no 1 ( ...everybody is an expert !)

inside a popular breakfast/lunch Malay restaurant in Seri Manjung
RM2.50 each
3.47 stars of 5

beauties under the attap roof
1st class kampung ambience

somewhere in the coconut / cocoa plantations , our late lunch of
tomyam prawns inside fresh coconuts , some squids & oysters

plus D intoxicating 2some( true loves ) black & white
toddy & stout ( we found it ! ) RM7 a jug

Kg Cina, Sitiawan's famed seafood haven
caution : you must under order by 50 % !
rated 2.7 stars of 5

careful whisper

Lumut's ( gateway to Pangkor ) after 5 European Sanctuary
& the real thing...

perfect beverage ( RM10 a mug Carlsberg) ...
definitely not cheap & just like slick Bangsar Telawi ( KL )
all 4 just ?...but da real genuine authentic classic sea breeze omg !

Sitiawan's Big lepak ( lost & wandering ) corner

Align Centerthe famous Chinaman hawker king Rm3
most admired most copied

@ Red & Yellow , Sitiawan

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01 January 2009

Happy New Year !

the time has come

Good Luck !

best wishes from

team BSG
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