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10 December 2009

pangkor Easy

First , make your way to Lumut, Perak ( 1Malaysia ). There are many eating stalls here at the  Lumut Promenade , just beside the Lumut Jetty.

Makan dan minum lah dulu sayang before you proceed.

So sedap , Kafe 1 ( Lumut Promenade )
everybody is confused by the plethora of names here ( sorry )

The sober Jetty along the over-hyped Lumut Waterfront ( careful ... more names )
 The return ferry ticket costs RM10 and is a calm & pleasant 25 minutes ride, stopping first at Chinese fishing village Sg Pinang Kechil, Pangkor Island.

Go to the nearby Chinese Temple to settle down , or in this case to eat
Do not forget this is the famed Pangkor Laksa zone

Then like some people take a motorbike ride by road to the
edge of the deep bay ( Teluk Dalam ) for some-more rice ( what are you thinking ).

Its the beach remember ... so everything is a breeze !

whether hungry or not , continue at deteriorating Teluk Nipah
Becoz its there and becoz also got da ( lagi bolih tahan ) gorgeous sea-island-hill views.
Why , all 6 items 4 2 above only RM12
genuine award winning tropical ambience free

then relax ... count your blessings ( Pasir Bogak )
& ... have a smooth cold drink

before you go home to meet the guys n gals at the Curve

click on all pics to enjoy authentic panaromic views !

Welcome to Pangkor Island !
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08 December 2009

killer troops underground

awesome ! 


lonesome ... lonely &

a little l0st :( ?

Like Emperors of old , many Chinese tycoons today love fine food from the past.
First entrench them in Big L0t 10 , with gold lined yesterday's Superior Tastes. 
4 tomorrow's fame shall follow

deep below...out of sight ...
for the Imperial Emperor's grandiose banquet cannot be ...
cheap at da backStreets, like yesterdays ... can it ?

 come ! see the army of de best & the finest of da top 30 legendary warriors from across the steep mountains and treacherous seas in da Mother-land ...
artfully poised downunder for the 2nd Great Battle 

Only this time,  O King ...  will it be different...
or will history repeat itself...?
as the finest army the world has ever known lay
cloaked, deep below ... once more ? 

Hutong Food Court (de basement )
Lo(s)t 10
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
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07 December 2009

wong kok in Pavilion , Kuala Lumpur

KL's touristy the Pavilion near Jln Bukit Bintang houses not only the super-hot designer food court Food Republic at the lower ground floor but a big Honkii Kongkee styled eatery on the upper floor, with a superb view of the Xmas Today ! KL skyline ( if you are into such panaromic things ). You can , like us...bask in the dim & clean cool environment here if you somehow stumble onto the place and are too tired to search for something more eating edge here & there in this Big Wide Spacious Mall.

like some would say the youngish food in sharp & round big white plates is nothing to shout about but ...
the not so obtrusive dimunitive waiters and waitresses are decent enough and ,  at least the state of the art wifi can get you some high tech work done , or ain' it ?

Prices are typically double that at the street level but the fused wardrobe may not be to everyone's liking.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng
one of 14
level 6 , the Pavilion KL
Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
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02 December 2009

juicy lucy , me & ratatouille

Its always nice when the lady orders and happiness is just watching

Especially when she knows

that pinkish grin who can forgit ?

sensitive and delicate ever the intrigue

20 minutes to come thats purrfact I tel you

her and hers

the french superstar de village (with greens)...
...a little like yesterday's broken popiah ( aucun coup-de-pied )

segafredo zanetti expresso
ristorante el d italiano

servizio eccellente, grande alimento !

grazie, saremo indietro !
thats a promise ...

Juru Auto City , Off the Juru toll
approaching Georgetown , Penang
North South Highway
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01 December 2009

8-course dinner 4 8

Some Chinamen dun take rice when they have a feast. With chopsticks in hand , the ritual of beginning 4 seasons ending hot soup plus main dish Carlsberg is the usual. They work hard for the money and spend harder...:) and drink the hardest tho some would prefer to (try 2) sing on stage, bloated tummy & all. Their idea of a party, since ancient times. We also do that sometimes too

At a small pekan Pantai Remis in Perak, famous for their cheaper seafood and some dishes. All for under RM300.

Cheap or not we ain't sure but cheaper than in many other places elsewhere

but as they say after many kampeis !  howtF we know food good or not ? But they do look good !
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27 November 2009

how not to become

the backStreetGluttons !

nasi ayam ( dengan satu tomato ) dari RM3 at the backlane near the taxi stand

what mein you want also got from RM2.40 near the community hall at the back near the big school

Semua roti ada from RM0.50 with apa macam kari pun ada near the backstreet in front of the side turn

imitation Japanese steamboat buffet from RM9.80 eat all you can-onot , near the bush 300m from the main road ( quite near Petronas petrol station along the Main Road)

Welcome to 1Malaysia ...
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23 November 2009

gluttons tell no lies

I have never seen nor tried her, honest ... /sweat
Don't believe me ah ? Then watch my impeccable Queen's English  ...=))

all 4 1Malaysia

the most famous dish in Malaysia
the Bombshell 3 everybody's talking about

Go find it here here
or  HERE us

Valid November * December 2009 only
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21 November 2009

whites in hot soup

We first thought of the premium pan mee ( flat noodles / flat cake / bee hoon kuih ) in corner lot Mayang Mas / Aman Suria.  O no , not there please ... she pleaded ! (dunno why )

And so ... from this love-hate mess we made a 3/4 U turn

... then half-past 6  Ww turns later we were opposite jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya , not knowing what to expect from this hazy twilight zone .

Stepping into the lonely coffee shop around 2.30pm , the first lady told us Yes ! still got ... if the dark specky man can see or not ? sitting there says so ...

Typical Chinaman corner with the Indon / Burmese helpers

We were relieved the lovely star item (above) was still on !

with the slippery whites firm yet tender,
crispy burnt anchovies, green vegetables & mushroom bits as good as can be
all in clear tasty hot soup !

unexpectedly one fine bsg eXxperience !

With that satisfied look, bsg pink promised the grand pasty Mamasan she'll be back ,
with more new customers and maybe
a new age Franchising Plan.

Yay , why not ?

a bsg "must try" 
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18 November 2009

from the real fuzhou, with love

One of us was so struck by the shattering red of high that he made an exclusive journey 3188.88 km across the South China Sea hoping to uncover its exquisite charms and secrets.

Fuzhou , capital of Fujien Province , China.  Alluring temples with the curved roofs. He claimed to have also met the jumping wall Buddha but that was not his purpose. 

Along the way he encountered a smattering of squeezed delights which would have fallen a lesser being to eternity. But not him , he not only gobbled and persevered against unnatural calamities & what not temptressations but hung on like a real man should to reach the end of the checkered line.

for instance which mere mortal wouldn't have fallen head over heels over this teaser of a convoluted gripping white bread sensuously entrapping exotik pinky meat
begging for eatisfaction or reigned into pussy submission by this pampered & torn fried dough... blistering raw aroma dripping wild ?
& amongst white loose balls of more pungent meats ?& to finally meet his match

Learn the ancient secrets of the real Fuzhou , uncovered by our  gound-breaking and color busting Hero HERE  =D> bravo !

The right pic shows the Kuala Lumpur outdated fishy imitation in Jalan Gajah , Pudu ,  Kuala Lumpur ( the red color is about right but did ya notice the missing curved bamboo roof ? :))
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17 November 2009

malay girl in da chinese village

Its nice to know she's always there ...waiting for you

simple and green

beautiful , natural & pure

tasty at RM2
诱惑 !
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16 November 2009

ugly & beautiful

People wish , dream & if can ...wanna feel & touch, taste & enjoy that desirable body. Aahh ! the forbidden satisfaction of the under-wraps senses !

Especially the looking good ones, and so modern F&B outlets strive for that elusive style and ambience in their pursuit of the visually perfect decor and food presentation de la ultimate.

Sure , diners are bowled over ( distracted ) by outstanding first impression eye-candies, apart from the
delights ( or not ) of the main 2-die-4 dishes coupled with pampered service el D excellente

nobody wants to be put off by mediocre, dull & worse ...
the dirty look

 like this tattooed stem

or this awfully decorated one

but by de grace of da holy greens !
just 1 min take off the damn cover & wow !
its so different inside...
so fresh , so pure

so desirable & so beautiful , so perfect
the Malaysian homegrown guava

A guava fruit is usually 4 to 12 cm long, is round or oval depending on the species. The outer skin may be rough, often with a bitter taste, or soft and sweet. Varying between species, the skin can be any thickness, is usually green before maturity, but becomes yellow, maroon, or green when ripe.
Guava fruits generally have a pronounced and typical fragrance, similar to lemon rind but less sharp. Guava pulp may be sweet or sour, off-white ("white" guavas) to deep pink ("red" guavas), with the seeds in the central pulp of variable number and hardness, again depending on species.

is sold as cutted skinless slices in many roadside fruit stalls in Malaysia ( from RM1 )
and claimed to have vitamins A to Y

do tell us if you are not convinced !  or check here
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14 November 2009

steroids at both ends

When you are in a strange land after a very long drive
 low on libido and need instant vroOo0mm
where do you go ?
what do you do ?
right or left ?

dingy, wicked ...  quite like Klang.
G & J dark

moderate ... unclouded ( JB-ish )
Chai Chin light

final verdict : its a draw !
from RM6.50 a person 

Bak Kut Teh - best of  ))
corner lots , both ends
Jln Kg Sitiawan ( 0.5 km from KFC ),
Sitiawan, Perak
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