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30 July 2008

the 8.9 inches long nasi lemak

Why not 6 " ( becoz thats too short , goodness ). And why ah cannot 12 inches ? eh , that is 2 long lah ( omg ).

And so we give Top Marks ( aka "we must have rice" ) to the International Chicken King for once again...

...doing the undoable.

he's smiling still ( he never stop doing that)

all da foldable length of it , lying down

chomped and bited

mildly flavored rice with somethings inside a willowy folded wrap and the
oily orangee hot stuff & traces of tiny fish + many rectangular cucumber slices

also called Nasi Lemak Wrap RM6.70 plus drink
courtesy KFC Malaysia

5/5 for effort
4/5 for comfort and style
5/5 for convenience
2,5/5 for pricing
2/5 for taste
0/5 for ambience ( where ah got kampung feel ? )

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29 July 2008

fat n simple

It has been proclaimed by some that culture ( of a people) is measured by the width n depth of its cooking ( food/dishes). Of course Mr Bill Gates of Xtra cultured US of A would beg to differ, for to him best for lunch and dinner is just one good olde Mcburger, which is plain simple by any standard.

Disagree , says the Chinaman.

We think this iced cold offering pierced to perfection in sharp sticks steamed in hot pots with triple ( sweet sour hot ) sauces is just marvellous , cultured or not.

See or not da gushing steam ?

Anything goes , as long as it comes out piping hot and spiced even hotter , all instantly with lips burnt. From a few Ringgits up a wooden spear.

Fatman Steamboat ( as in famous steamboat )
( "lok lok", origin Penang )
its everywhere, from Imbi Plaza, KL
to that backstreet PJ to
USJ Subang
to Malacca
to Sitiawan
and soon... to a place near you

warning: once you start on this gastronomic adventure you may not be able to stop ( in time)
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24 July 2008

salt it in, babe

While we have the highest interest in modern state-of-the-art gadgets like for eg the latest dual core intel centrino/atomic chipped 8.9 inches netbooks we nevertheless don't share the same enthusiasm on the latest cutting-edge cookery gadgets .

We know for a fact that in the gastronomical world , tradition and oldy ambience is King. Actually the older the better (sorry ladies).

which is why oldy town Ipoh stands tall ( even tho its considered short )

but it doesn't hurt to use some modern Mc/PizzaHut styled packagings , like here

and the shining untraditional quite big metallic ovens like as tho
you are in a tyre retreading factory

bury 'em in .....salt of course has never changed for some million years

just turn the heat on and YES...another Ipoh winner oozes out , all 4 RM16 a bird
We had 10 yesterday

Can try them in GSC as you get lost with The Dark Knight
Ipoh salted chickens
Ang Kheng Lim ( since 1987 )
05-254 2998
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23 July 2008

unique noodles in spicy orange gravy

breakfast in white chicken country

the Chinese coffeeshop ( kopitiam ) , in old town, Ipoh

the Xtra long inside with many stalls and many customers

the famous RM 1.30 Ipoh white coffee ( no doubt the name has something to do
with the famous chickens )

the colorful & tasty curry dish ( a bsg ranked 3.9 out of 5 ) which you cannot get from
an Indian ( nor Indian Muslim ) shop
the famous Malaysian curry mee version 7 , only RM 3.30
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20 July 2008

going nuts

off roads .

Of late we lost our famed appetites and almost gave up on food. No doubt stressed severely with depressing tales about the surge in the rate of food prices even backstreets and the pathetic state of our local fumbling economy , and becoming again an international laughing stock once more.

You know over the kanot-tahan over-indulgence in soto mee ( a kind of popular Malay wet noodle dish usually available from behind the main road for RM3 a shot , see pix) and so on .

Lucikly we went cross country and took an easy walk

yes , even over hard rocks , got this certain therapeutic effect , see.

we love this pretty parasite. gives you a great sense of calm

tho these can be scary , like a scene from Batman Tomorrow

we came to see this "huge" golden nut

tiny if compared to Big Brother coco-nut but nevertheless

the real authentic savior of Malaysia , the oil palm
( or we as a nation would have been dead /buried since the Crash of 1998 )
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13 July 2008

what dragon , where phoenix

Traditional Chinese Cuisine is subtle, has great variety with many different cooking styles and may come as a single dish for the beggar ( who couldn't jump over the wall ) or as an obnoxious multi-course OOOmpah lala banquet fit for the Imperial King & his entire flock of bloated Concubines.

In fact even today most Chinese at leisure only talk about food & drinks.

We saw this big end lot with the imperial sign and was seized with a strong sense of the ancient gastronomic aura. Looking good and emperorly impressive, complete with replicas & images of mystical dragons, phoenix and ancient what nots within. It seemed so right oozing with sweet sour high royal flavors.

but alas... outside impressions can be the insides were ( save us !) near was it da un-mouthwatering almost no-taste food ? or was it the cutting edge price of RM 60 ( excluding rice n drinks ) for those 4 un-emperor's dishes?
Think about it the next time you are in Taiping, at the edge of town near the perfect Lake Gardens
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10 July 2008

catch them if you can

Don't you just hate it when that boss ( U kanot wait ah ??) of that ultra famous stall in da backstreets with the impossible crowd just frowns at you instead of thanking you for coming ? ( & to think that you had just braved through that awful jam for 38 minutes just to find the RM2 an hour parking lot 100m from this place ?)

...and so you can't blame the quite fed-up "lets get the f%@# hell out of here and eat somewhere else lah ! " fuming ( you think its free ah ?) retort ( I am not starving lah ) from the jaded odd couple as they engaged in yet another round of food bickering... sommore right beside the broken table with the equally patient-less exasperated office Boss (with spotted tie) with his innocent secretary sitting near the wash basin ( or issit the toilet ?)

but have no fear....for here in this recently declared World Heritage Site is the fastest hands on the Island, if not the world. And much more pleasant.

The poetry in dynamic motion Gang sets up the stall beside the drain sometime in the afternoon with pots and bowls . And then the tables and chairs , all within minutes and after the morning market hours here in Ayer Itam, Penang.

Ending sometime at 10 pm. After selling around 1000 bowls daily Monday to Friday and a "couple of thousands" on weekends ( he say one ).

Impossible ... affordable & tasty RM2.50 a bowl. Get ready to be served within 60 seconds upon order.

A world record .De Ayer Itam Penang Laksa
real Ayer Itam , Penang ok ( mega famous hyper fast dun pray pray)
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02 July 2008

deja vu

Brinchang, the highest outpost in Cameron Highlands hasn't changed much through the years and retains many of its laid back countryside charms, and is still crowded with budget accomodation and restaurants/stalls.

Occassionaly you will come across pg 4 complaints on irresponsible hill cutting by some greedy developers & the dubious echo of global warming effects by the usual environmentalists.

Otherwise it is a pleasant enough place to hang around with a daily temperature of 28 degrees C by day ( & rising ) and maybe 20 by night ( far from its lowest 2 degrees C once upon a time many years ago ).

On top of admiring & ogling the Taiwanese look-alike pretty ladies in straw hats & blue denim jackets strapped around their kinky waists with hanging strawberries plus roses among other enthusiastic first timers here, another arty thing to do here is eating ( what else ? !).

In fact that is the subject of this short post ( hehe ).

While we have long accepted that the infamous Chinese boiling hot pot here is "nothing to dream about" , it is quite obligatory for new visitors to get steamed at least once one of the many trademark Chinese restaurants along the main road just beside KFC/Shell.

At RM20 a head here it isn't cheap at all but then again nobody seems to care ! People say a whiff or 2 of the air alone is worth more !

So come now before it is too late !

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