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29 November 2008

the red meat of a billion curses

craved by many millions
of course it must be thickly saltily sauced , with solid meaty fragrance
and permeates with boiling oozing steam . Then the white rice plus sommore
chopsticks for the twisting grip

in the name of Bak Kut Teh
essentially a Malaysian Chinese domain

bak kut teh is a herbal medicinal broth originating from
port town Klang ( Selangor , Malaysia)
there are 100 known versions across Malaysia
and about another 100 unknown sub-versions
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26 November 2008

rough & chunky, a little sweet a bit hot

surely it is a mixed-up !

indeed it is !

Everything else has changed in 20 something years , except this
saucy reddish brown cuts and bits of
fried dough , fried tofu , crackers , this and that plus what nots

another Malaysian all-time old-time favorite
normally hidden in the strangest corners

...for a few ringgit only so don't scared

Rojak Manjung
(banyak faymus)
Sitiawan Plaza
Off town taxi stand

'rojak' is a Malay slang word for mixed , mixed-up and the dish is
sometimes referred to as pasembur and believed to be of Indian origin

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23 November 2008

Mak's Place

the Hawkerant
corner shoplot
near the Giant Hypermarket
Seri Manjung

the beginning of a new eating trend ?

plse click image to see his handsome face

When the South comes up North ( last ? )
and the hawker becomes a restaurant ,
& Chinese cooking becomes acceptable to Muslims...

...a new concept perfected in Changi Singapore
is now reborn in da big kampung
cool air cond inside , breezy alfresco outside ,
with free cutting edge wi-fi
amongst many green is in ! staff

cliff hanging prices in between the local hawkers and the Chinaman 飯 店 (rice shops)
averaging around RM4 ( its a lucky number) for a single 1 person noodle / rice dish

A Chinese styled Chinese مسلمة Muslim eatery,
ala carte including seafood

BSG first impressions :
decent service , fairly wide family menu
average food , delightful pricing

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22 November 2008

famous Indian bread almost perfectly grilled

by a Malay man ( still haven't come across a lady yet )

in a Chinese coffee shop
at a small town near

the backlane
enjoyed with a cup of black coffee , 1 bowl of laksa & 2 half cooked eggs
served by a nice Indonesian (petite) lady


and lastly, the price

90 sen (satu roti canai ) + 1 ringgit (satu kopi) + 2 ringgit (satu laksa)

tambah 2 telur , cepat sikit ( RM1 )

semuanya RM4.90 (ok)
authenticity , ambience and good service guaranteed (oymb)

a jolly good breakfast for 1 !
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15 November 2008

too young to remember ?

...its gold 2 B 4ever old

, PJ is probably the most vibrant eating zone in the Kelang Valley . The Mondays only pasar malam ( 5 to 9pm) with its fantastic range of street/stall food is incomparable, having achieved cult status some many years ago. Its many "upstairs one" hairdressing saloons are legendary. And who can forget the mother of all food courts ' Medan Selera,SS2 " in the central square !

Many new shops/cafes come and go here and the turnover is fast ( remember to check first to see whether your "best in da world" noodle/kuih shop is still here before you bring your outstation friends over !) . You never know unrecognisable young ones still rush here....furiously this shining Old Taste Ipoh White Coffee (SS2, PJ)

situated on the Big 2 level corner lot , the other end of the KFC row

Hip n Trendy wi-fi plus oldies nostalgia they tempt, setting the trap for the
new breed of
under 2.0 kg laptop-on-the-coffee-table
left hand holding nokia 5310
right hand holding her
post adolescent youngish crowds

The Malaysian favourites we had tasted average, served by an army of black uniformed aliens ( probably) , in Xtra large shiny black & white bowls with food neatly displayed (RM7 to 9 a bowl / plate ) , ( RM3 to 5 a cuppa ) & (RM 5 to 8 for colored juices )

The "i m older than u" ambience is a shade or 2 away from the more matured even more old but polished Old Town White Coffee , who has more handsome (white) dressed waiters and classier older looking ( ya mean rustic , dear ) tables and chairs.

Both provide exceptional convenience ( n need we say comfort) , so its worth a visit ( especially if you need to bring her somewhere fast , say upstairs maybe ...)
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12 November 2008

mamak Rich

Ever since that fateful day when he single handedly dethroned the unsinkable Chinaman Chow Yeang off the building of the same name in SS2 Petaling Jaya and carved it into the form of the Wooden ( Kayu ) Icon , there has been no turning back for this 24 hour Maharajah wannaB.

One time ( what the nerve ! ) he almost took on the Genting Highlands Supremo up in the clouds, until something din happen.

Anyway he slyly positions himself strategic , always near the happening places with the happening crowds , like near the Curve and besideTesco Damansara Perdana, PJ for instance.

The discerning ( but greatly puzzling ) crowds seem to love him , even if they hated him (?)

Why , he has the enviable knack of transforming humble poor man's dishes into Gold , like this economy rice now become Golden Nasi Kandar.

We like to call it Nasi Mamak Royale

...coz its only RM7.60 for 2 wet scrawny lady's fingers + half a soggy egg plant ( raised from a browny pot of oily spicy broth) , a spoonful of cucumber carroty pineapplely acar-acar AND a baby-sized slippery curried squid with whiskers , + 3 to 4 Xtra quick & wavy sprinklings of different coloured oils , all sitting on top of
... 1/2 a plate ( or 7.6 table-spoonfuls of white rice )

Some say his kind of spread ( like the one above) is gorgeously to-die-4 delicious ( haha ! omg) , what about you ?
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Joe Average's team mamak

Malaysian standard
1 teh tarik ( large ) , nasi lemak , telur stengah masak dua , RM3.60
waiting time zero ...over the top service
operating hours sleepless
world class Malaysian hygiene
opposite Amway Malaysia HQ , PJ
teh tarik, nasi lemak, bihun , RM3
7am till 1 am
Uptown DU, PJ food court
( aka most stupidly designed "modern" multi million dollar
food court in Kelang Valley )

and...the ones to beat
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11 November 2008

the junior's back !

time to get reacquainted

plse click on pix to see genuine size, best held with 2 adult hands

older , really generous & messier

we like him

carls jr
beside GSCinema ( quantum of solace , now showing)
mid valley megamall Kuala Lumpur
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hailam chicken rice shop with hot & spicy nasi lemak logo also got sell quite good assam laksa

Very impressive !

RM8 something a bowl also can try (trust us)

hailam chicken rice
jln bukit bintang
beside sg wang plaza
kuala lumpur
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10 November 2008

alamak ! our shrinking wallets

We thoz to save some few dollars so that we can visit the cafes and the kopitiams , you know where all the cool gals hangout with their netbooks and samsungs.

alas, there is no escape

Our fav std black wanton mee with 2 wantons in PJ State is now a cool RM4.30

what to do ...looks like we r gonna miss some more dinners from now
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plse click image to see real close
chef onn
guanzhou roast duck
RM13 a leg

Damansara Utama ( Uptown ), Petaling Jaya

even the fats are tough
afterall its only a black noodles place
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09 November 2008

peaceful Chinese bamboo basket buffet

Chinese Cuisine is famed for its great diversity, legacy of the all-conquering Emperors fresh from their Conquests creatively pampering themselves vigorous with abundant wild women first and 2nd, passionate food.

Indeed the eunucky Palace Officials' sacred duty was to scorch the heavens & earth to come up with newer, faster more rejuvenating elixirs & tonics , so that his royal highness...

...may feast & play errr , like a proper King ... lest his angered Majesty cuts off a few more organs.

But then Triple Eyebrows Dragon King , in turn , to appease his long suffering concubines, will never fail to ushure one more stunning "dim sum" , a bountiful yet subtle, yet gentle , so warm and forgiving...... culinary masterpiece guaranteed by the Imperial Heavens to sooth even the most jangled nerves.

...that extra smooth flowing banquet flavored by 18 secret ingredients from the backyards plus 88 fragrant herbs high up in the 9 mountains .

And so the spillover treasures from a few thousand calming years has descended upon us mere mortals to share today.

First stop in Damansara Jaya , PJ . Corner shoplot ( near RHB Bank) Hong Kee.

A KL Big food bloggers favourite small jaunt.

2nd Estacy the Damansara Utama one ( near Village Park) , for a more than 30 maybe 50 different types of steaming hot......char siew pau, Chinese pastries , signature pork fatty meat bouncing balls , chicken feet , century egg porridge , flat noodles , sticky rice and etc and etc. Not forgetting also got prawns in slippery transparent skin.

The price of your dimsummy affair fluctuates around RM3 to 4 something per basket/silvery plate . A normal eater should be happy with 3 baskets ( RM10 ) while a Glutton will not stop until he hits minimum 8 ( RM 25 , for prosperity )

the authenticity of the above introductory notes has not been verified by reliable sources
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07 November 2008

smelly & sour fish soup with shrimp paste

the kembong fish slices come chunky n firm. The hidden white noodles soft & slippery.
minty & pineapple sourish with the crunch of cucumber strips. Of course very hot , pungent and flavorful . Which is why it is in the Top 3 Best of PJ . RM4 only ( free of tax )

O & S
Paramount Gardens
Petaling Jaya
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06 November 2008

cannot come down already

Ever since petrol price / litre went up some many months' ago , the local eating out scene has changed. Predictably , gluttons are the first hit by this calamity as the shopkeepers take revenge and scaled their prices mis-accordingly, such that even when the petrol prices are now down to around RM2 a litre from RM2.70 , these same shopkeepers pretend dunno.
But never mind lah, this revamped retidied Teo Chew BKT SS2 Petaling Jaya with the yammy dark rice predictably mild on flavor is still acceptable to many people , even though it tastes more like meat soup.

Of course the price for 1 small bowl of this famed libido enhancer with some loose button mushrooms , fatty skins , bones and meat pieces peaks at RM8 per head on top of additional charges for rice RM1.50 and the fairy tea RM1.50 a packet.

Eating out has never been the same since that fateful night on June 2008
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05 November 2008

beh pai la

Everything is right !

Fast service ( under 2 minutes from order )
No frills
can come in slippers + shorts
looking good
quite delicious
can chit chat with boss in Hokkian p00n
price oso OK ( I think )

everyday except Monday
12pm to 4pm
Penang hare mee RM4
( yellow noodles in prawny broth + eng chai + tau geh + fried onions + chili paste )

ya , everything right ...Xcept the stench ( if you can take it )

Small Van
SeaPark Petaling Jaya
beside wet market
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02 November 2008

old Flirt

he's in a terrible rush , this Oldy.

Already reached his Century I tell ya
classic rustic dark woody lines
this senior cuppa prima donna with the whity color

drawing the hip cool youngy crowds
no doubt , white is de color

a new dimension in brown paper wrapping

hundred year old memorabilias hanging loose ( or issit sag )

what a crush !

falling in love all over again with the ultra modern suave Old Man

Old Town White Coffee ( old man is coming to town )
KL/PJ/ everywhere at a place near you
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01 November 2008

gold mine in the State

While not exactly a State , it nevertheless was so premier that it almost felt like one . Those days it housed such mavericks aka Black Sugar ( who can forget ! ) , the Unforgettable , Dreamland , the Submarine , Coolers Bar and El Etc... where Sri Melaka first nyonyaed & Blooming Flowers first bloomed wildly.

In fact this was where the sunken & sinking white elephant Menara PJ is and where PJ's one time most famous Hawker Square was situated, before it was rudely knocked off by that White Jutting Ugly Monster.

then this celestial Gold Mine... glowing in the dark , richly and orgasmically raped in between the HSBC and CIMB in PJ State.

A cool few RMmillions in the making still not letting go " why , I can still go much higher "

anyways it continues to serve this delicious colored rice with the fatty meats and squids to full houses each day as it rakes in more ...while it vulturally eyes yet another disparaged Big Building nearby err ... another State Cinema , maybe ...?

Penang Nasi Kandar
( Lotus Group)
PJ State
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