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31 October 2008

thank god its friday !

Phew ...!

We just made it ! last day of October sommore
Cheers everybody !
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Ipoh's famous curry mee

Curry mee is one of the favorite noodle dish of Malaysians , most having being acquainted with the infamous spicy hot hotter hottest wonder while young in school canteens. It is characterised by its distinctive bright orange color with a layer of shining oil floating on top. Some versions look grainy and whitish , which is due to the presence of coconut milk. As is usual , the Penang version leads the pack with price and originality(?).

And so the triangular soapy love affair continues , one of which is in Ipoh.

She ( or he ) is quite old young at 29 years .

But thoroughly modern , probably influenced strongly by the Hongkies of the X British Territories near China. where he ( or issit she ) has a few more errr lovers ( last we heard).

In fact so modern that the state of the art wireless instantaneous ordering , kitchening and billing System is in place.

So expect superduper fast service and ultrafast payment ( no less ).
Nice pictures of its signature dishes on the wall
( tho some of our esteemed Blogger friends could do so much better !)
we are quite sure of that

if you dun believe click image to see how oily it is

the numero uno , all in red ...yellow and orange. RM3.80

preliminary final verdict :
its fair as Ipoh is , minus the cockles and chicken meat
...& we still can't shake off the stinking aroma and deep fragrance of Penang & Kl

ipoh sun seng fatt
curry house ( main )
curry paste supplies
32 , Jalan Market
30000 ipoh
yeap 016 5615176
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29 October 2008

the 5 hundred sen ambience

Folks in the villages ( & kampungs ) love the City brightlights and simply crave the Big Town feel. Cool n hip ! Incredible ! and fantastic ! are some of the superlative ooohs and aaahhs outpouring whenever the Bentong Aaahmeds come face to face with da inscrutable Sushi King & the flamboyant J Co Donuts downunder the Pavilion , KL ... that last Hari Raya break.

Musminah the murid sekolah Tingkatan 4 nearly almost refused to return to her Kampung in Batu Bolih near Karak after this wonderful adventure with the spanking new Utama 1 & 2 , Petaling Jaya and who can blame her !

But funny tho Big City folks do the reverse each & everytime !

Stanley Alfredo Teoh and Co will never forget to remember to come here all da time...

Why not ...for only some almost extinct shillings they can have it all , the silky smooth seaview , the smelly mangrove swamp and the nostalgic
rasa asli.

pls click image to count the sens , a price awaits the correct answer

400 sen + 1 ringgit here on da table , thats all you need for 2 !
super riverine seaview . Coconut trees ! Mud ! the original pungent stench ! the breeze ! the people .

got discount sommore if you got manners ! Got senyuman manis also !

and these darlings of Malaysian Kampung / become City favourites

actually it isn't funny at all ...its just great
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26 October 2008

ice kosong , briyani rice n an Indian Girl

Sometimes , to appreciate the fine(r) things in life one has to go about it in a certain order.

Especially if favorites come along in a certain sequence , starting first with the pure one , ending with the final fantasy just after the mid sinisterly bursting flavors

de pure one
de best & cheapest drink in the World at
30 sen a glass

pls click on pix to enjoy the colored rice

RM12 briyani rice with mutton alongside beef
you can't do this everyday, really
(except in a Mamak shop)

and virtually for the delectable dessert

Everyman's (xxx) Dream...RMpriceless

Happy Deepavali !

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23 October 2008

extra Big Cake House in da small jungle

As you approach small pekan Ayer Tawar ( ha ?) ( along the 23km-stone road to mythical Sitiawan ) during one of your usual breakaways from Big Town Chicken County ( Ipoh ) , your weary eyes might just be deceived by a kind of car-crowd to your right ( especially around 12 something in the day. You mean a Big Restaurant in this jungle ? My, that's simply great !

Being a little hungry and loving things around the bushes ( or trees ) , you make a quick U turn in front then slotted in , with bated breath.

To your great surprise it's a Big Bakery with an aircond cafe in front , like the middle of nowhere which is what you fancy ! But sorrylah the inside aircond zone with 10 tables was reserved ( for a Big group) and you were politely ushured to the windy hot alfresco outside with loud ronggengny music ( and a better view of the zooming container lorries whizzing by , see or not ?)
Looking around the modern clean setup , it almost seems like one of the usual old town cafes along extended Lahat Road or even Jln Pasir Puteh, what a cute surprise in this tiny kampung in da forest !

assam laksa RM 2.50 . curry mee RM2.50 . coffee RM1.10 . the buns RM 1.20 or so

And so they came . You were promptly forgiven for saying you very much prefer and already missed the place where you just came from...even if you have to pay triple !

Yeah sure , thats what happens when a modern cafe tries to fuse into the authentic old ambience of a real genuine traditional kampung.

somethings gonna give right . Err the taste ( i mean )
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18 October 2008

the fading green leaf

Jln Gasing in Petaling Jaya has a few stand-out restaurants , of which some are legendary. At least that's the opinion of many experts.

For instance , at the front end of this not so long zig-zagging many times upgraded road , the controversially mis-acclaimed Gasing Ipoh ( comes to PJ ) Chicken Rice is here,

while at the back end , the Lord of Indian Cuisine ( the Lotus Restaurant with more than 13 branches nation wide , and which aptly exemplifies what a modern ancient cuisine should look like, Christmas trees , lights and all ).

Which brings us to another hot shot in between.
Just beside the La Salle School , and where a few more struggling Indian restaurants are sadly situated.

Thats because this big corner ( thank God for location ! ) single shop ( 1 branch only ah sure onot omg !) over(mis)crowded 3sss-under wonder has singlehandedly skyrocked to fame , years ago ...

...disabling the unfortunate ( too close for comfort) clansmen minnows ( Paandi et el ) armed only with greener banana leaves and lots of cheap but become (also got tax one ) expensive meats...+ lots of diversionary dark ( some say no cholesterol ) curries.

In fact certain scornful people have ever so emphatically pointed out , that without these dark things , Indian Cuisine is nothing.

...while we believe this local Icon is ageing fast , so catch it before it fades...

... like the other faded backdoor icon , the Gasing (mole)Hill ...
...thats another tragic sad love story hehe

Restoran Raju
Jln Chantek 5/13
off Jalan Gasing
Petaling Jaya
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15 October 2008

selera Melayu, masakan Melayu, hidangan Melayu

ikan bakar , tomyam , seafood , warung , asli , kampung ...jom sayang

If you come across any or all of the above names
anywhere in the country , prepare to feast like got no 2moro

classic normally flat like a sheet ssspringy "sambal sotong"
( rectangular , square , foldable or bushy cut
or uncut spicy cuttlefish / squids / octopus)

a bsg top 8 dish of all time !
the wonder daging rendang
( truly bone-less tender beef in gingerly lemongrassy spicy gravy + toasted coconuts )

and the unbeatable inimitable pungent sambal
( secret light brown to orangee to black Malay sauce )...

...put the international steakhouses and the wannaB mamak chilis to
shame and absolutely maluness ... respectively
the unbelievable ikan keli ( river/pond/paddy field black catfish )
brinjal and ulam ( fresh greener than green vegetable salads )

Makanan Melayu, a national institution

* this has been a bsg 2 minute quick free pictorial guide
to some local Malay Cuisine

( donations are not solicited tho a free makan would be most welcomed )
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11 October 2008

( Zheng ) He lives !

Does the past fascinate you ? Do you like to travel back into time ? How about dates , & numbers , are they important to you ?

Some of you may consider these insignificant trivia , what with the heart throbbing Crash ! in the current financial markets , the imminent economic collapse of the US of A , and the laughable local political C. o. m. e. d. y , which seems to be mired in an endless pit ...

...916 ( aha another mysterious figure to figure out ) having come, and gone ...
and now Mr Anwar says ' trust me , it shall be 812 '...
Never mind , now from the incredible 600 year old past ( who says it isn't interesting ? ) China's ( and possibly the world's ) greatest seafarer and trailblazer Xtraordinaire now blazes right into Seri Manjung , Perak !

Ever since he first landed in Malacca in 1409 ( now you know ) as part 3 of 7 unbelievable voyages , some ( like Gavin Menzies " 1421 : the year China discovered the World " )
say the 8 of which he was ahead of Spaniard ( others say Portugese ) Christopher Columbus by at least 70 ! years in discovering America !

Pop into the present 2008 here . The remarkable Zheng He is creating tsunamic waves in the local multi-racial gastronomic scene .

Booked for this dinner and that function ever since it opened its doors 2 weeks ago . Customers without prior reservations being politely turned away , to come back another day.
Interesting & refreshing halal Chinese Islamic and Thai seafood menu ( so get your tastebuds ready for tantalising plain , mild , hot , hotter , burning & exposive spicy sensations... !) , with 3 special set packages ( RM59 for 3-4 persons , RM89 for 4 - 6 persons and RM159 for 7 - 10 persons with unlimited rice and Chinese tea ) for those not so enamored with the fine art of ala carte menu drooling .

Located in 2 adjoining lots among the the new row of shops beside UMW HQ , Seri Manjung , Perak with cooks specially brought in from Kelantan under the management of an energetic & entrepreneurial Malay family.

team BSG ( Sitiawan )'s verdict :
spacious & comfortable , with soft international pop hits
good choice of contemporary Chinese/Thai seafood favourites
setting a new standard for the local culinary scene
competitive pricing

a new ( 'future' historical ) landmark for Sitiawan/Manjung area

Don't we just love numbers...

For more, pls check website
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05 October 2008

room at the top of the stairs

The typical Malaysian Cafe is on its own , positioned in-between the traditional restaurant and hawker/food court stall ( at least in comparable food pricing ) , with the usual modern trendy decor , air-cond and sounding the mandatory English/Italiano/Parisian/Amerikano /Japanese cool names.

then Colour it red , fresh n fruity like that petite sexy hairy fruit

Of course the menu must be nice and include local ( must have spicy rice and spicy noodles ) and Western , Thai & Japanese popular dishes ( wedges,spaghetti, tempura , tomyam... something like that ) .

Make sure the cup of genuine traditional authentic hot white coffee is priced below RM2 and the fragrant from downstairs one assam laksa RM2.50 . Double that for the competition-ready Malaysian rice favourites and triple or quadruple it for those all-time Western Delights ( never mind if its not Europe nor America certified , nobody will ever know ) !

Remarkably , this popular cozy little upstairs cafe on top of the Paris Cake shop beside the Store , Sitiawan with a nice view of the Sitiawan-Lumut main road serves some interesting selections with very reasonable prices.

It is one of only a handful of halal cafes in this little "more famous for Chinese Fuzhou food" town and great if you are looking for a quick simple meal ( esp by yourself or with GF/BF ) at really affordable an uncertified hideaway

...on top...

Kek & Kafe Strawberry Sitiawan
beside the Store , Sitiawan
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03 October 2008

Fat sells

Do you , like us , continue to be stumped by the neverending puzzle to the elusive question ...
...what makes a cafe or restaurant successful ?

Why are some shops crowded at all hours of the day while others are close to empty ...and ready to close permanently ?

We sometimes ponder deep and try to get a feel of the taste that might unlock the secret criteria that determines success or failure of an eatery.

For example does the name of a shop have any bearing on attracting customers ? How about the color of the staff uniforms ? Or the length of the cashier's hair ? Even the mis-location of the toilet , who knows ?

Ask any normal guy and he will tell you as a matter of fact that " the food must be of acceptable quality and the price right " , followed by "of course lah must be convenient to eat there..".

Sounds so easy right !

We certainly think the name is important , especially if it sounds bountiful and prosperous this Cafe situated inside the Billion Supermarket, Seri Manjung. Then take away that meat .

Viola !

Welcome to Seri Manjung's bsg ranked Top 3 cafe ! Fantastic logo and a name that will make many obese happy people proud . Quite delicious Malaysian and Western favourites . Simple menu.

Superbly tasty & fragrant assam laksa from RM2.50 , nyonyalicious nasi ayam pedas from RM5.50 and impeccably stylish fish n chips from RM9.90

Crowded most times and a local success story . Its something bout that name ...
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02 October 2008

the noodles shop , Kg Koh

Its erstwhile cousin , the Kg Koh Chili Sauce has long gone National and can be found in many Chinese coffee shops from Johore Baru to Sg Petani.

Happily , this original of the authentic & traditional Fuzhou noodles can only be found in this part of the World !
Chinese noodles ( & wontons , a tiny meat-filled dumpling in square flat flour sheets ) have been around since a few thousand years BC but today you can still enjoy them like before in this small obscure corner beside the wet market Kg Koh , 1/2 a km towards Simpang Dua from the junction road directly facing the Maybank , Kg Koh.
Like this modern smart looking kid in front of the owner's busy son enjoying his bowl of the long strands, noodles are so popular here the notion that Chinamen are incorrigible "rice buckets" may not be true , after all !
The 2 top sellers , the Kum Puang ( dry dark sauced wonton noodles ) and loo mein ( clear noodles in a delicious gel-like potpourri of bamboo shoots , cuttlefish , cabbages , fungus & lard in a secret recipe from Fuzhou , ancient China ) . Each plate @ RM2.40

The best noodles shop in Kg Koh , Sitiawan
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01 October 2008

chiak, lim-ah... meng keh kee

and so we eated ...again

after da break & the rejuvenation ( haha dun bluff)

crabs 1 kg , mantis prawns, thick lala , oyster egg , cocoa raw , noodles 2 styles
fish maw , 6 coconuts , many 100 + , 4 Carslberg ( tua kee -BIG)

the seafood , Kg Cina Sitiawan

inspite of the hyper famed toddy got no stock WTH !
RM 157

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peace and tranquility


beautiful Coral Bay , Pangkor Island

Happy Holidays !
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