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28 September 2008

lonely, dark , ugly ... just LUCKY

After the usual gorgeous filipina high uplifting chill in Desa Hartamas , Kuala Lumpur the Chinaman recommended this much-hyped dark place in the Streets of Kepong , the famed Jinjang Joe kind of classic eatery, some say like da Ah Beng - Ah Leng Gluttons Corner , where if you are lucky... will come face to face with the electrifying China National Dragon Ladies
the Scene is just right . Whizzzzing cars and dust , and the noise.
Another John Woo Masterpiece.

but the fattylicious side dishes of skinny hard and soft meats , papery tofu strands and wringkled legs & toes were a total let down .

But at least we now know what the Kepong so-called BKT ( as you come in from PJ , it is after McDonalds to your left and near Shell Station in one of the shophouses to your right ) fuss is all about .
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27 September 2008

your choices just got better

older & younger...
while we sinned ourselves obese with the famed PJ State Chinese duck porridge + Chinaman fat meats inside out , one of us slipped off to covert with his hot Thai love d missi tom yam noodles ...
...right on John Lennon's 

( Kafe ) 
Strawberry Fields 
( are forever ) . 

Yes , after all these years he's still freshly hip, cool , n  ever young...

You should see the amazing huge multiracial crowd here daily 
This new kid on the block with popular Malaysian favourites in Damansara Jaya ( beside Dominos Pizza ) revealed an extraordinary Nasi Lemak with Xceptionally tasty ayam rendang 

You can surely expect some more surprises from this lovely bro-sis young energetic place
 with the strikingly familiar old tastes
Cinta Ria@dj
Taking a cue from the adorable  Queen of Jaya One Petaling Jaya herself ,
we finally landed in this huge new 6 month old zone ( beside section 17 PJ ) ,
quietly enjoying a Tasty Treat

Simply delicious breakfast of roti bakar , telur tengah masak and black unsugared coffee , with a great price much less than the hovering giant ( watch out ! ) 
Old Town White Coffee ( next Big Thing ) down the humongous corner.
The surprising Famous Seremban Favourites ( Mayang Mas , PJ )

While basically a rice n noodles shop the unSerembany luscious dark strips of 
charred fatty skinny remains ruled supreme  giving 
super porkman alternate Meng Kee ( of Lorong Tong Shin , KL) a run for his money
 (so says hard to please BSG Klang)

the normally 2 Busy Boss has promised to reveal  more the next time we meet...

Yes , be adventurous...go out and try something new today...
catch de unflappable trendy OLD Guys in young clothings launching a massive onslaught

~be deliciously amazed, like us~
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26 September 2008

the duck porridge stall

In any town in Malaysia , if you ask properly , you will be recommended rightfully to a "local" authentic place where the traditional crowd will astound  you and your appetite will increase by leaps and bounds. That is , if you can eat anything , and us

Like this fly by night duck operator n his flock of sombre looking attendants

He that skillfully ( Chinese black) sauces and flavorises all those things
(waxy skins, alpha beta hyper-salted over de-oxygenated poly un fats and bones )
 that he knows all 
you gluttons crave and will die  for.
its so easy...
just soak them in with your bowl of piping hot porridge and the rest is ... they say...
 history , of more than 30 years

Kam Heong Duck Porridge ( ++ )
Petaling Jaya 'State'
near the MPPJ Tower
beside UOB Bank
nights only
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25 September 2008

meanwhile , the delightful Nyonyas

make their moves 

melaka corner , 1 Utama Petaling Jaya
runaway desserts alley sweet and pungent 
just like along the old streets beside the Malacca River
sri melaka , 1 utama PJ
losing all traces of its ancient heritage. almost a hongky tonky lookalike
but...saved by the delicious nasi lemak springy sotong RM6 with drink
hitting the colorful ladies hard along the busy sidewalk
nonya colors , 1 utama
a great mall success story
Tuan Ee, the grand olde dame , level upstairs the Curve, PJ
location is everything
authentic otak otak ( RM8 ) , perut ikan( RM16 )
highly recommended , a connoisseur's hidden haven
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23 September 2008

after the el-Mamaks , some amazing choices

the young & old cafes strike back 

in SS2 & the Curve , PJ
surely the mother of them all... this triple storey dark gaping hole wonder 
 previously Segi College SS2
some kind of mysterious cool fine dining place specially for warm  loving Couples  
the Cave
your favourite Kopi Oh , and more , Cineleisure , beside the Curve

the early bird pacesetter , Little Penang of the Curve
not so little anymore

the Jombali guy , with 6 outlets to his name,
 this one in Tesco, Damansara Perdana PJ
the ancient one , this time not forgetting the Old Taste , SS2

youngish looking Leos Cafe , SS2
the Kopitiam 1950 , SS2 PJ near the Police Station
should be older than the Old Taste
Mums Recipe , near the Police Station ( as safe as can be )

...the Big Batttle begins...
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20 September 2008

sensuous lure

Every once in a while , a kind of killer aroma hits you hard when you least expect  and you are seduced  to follow the fishy trail, even tho you had  just bloated yourself with that famed scrumptuous no 1 coconut creamed curry mee near the GSC only 20 minutes ago.  

Yes , inside Jaya Jusco Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur. A nice looking cafe with shining tables and chairs...and that abundant smell.

If everybody here was slurping the dark coloured noodles dish then something must be right.

Strangely the pineapple enhanced colour was not invitingly bright , and the (unkembongy) fish strands brownish & woody. Then no trace of the delightful ginger flowers ( bunga kantan ) . While the normally cut red chillis were replaced by green ones , floating in an overloaded shrimpy paste broth.

A nasalicious assam laksa RM5.90 with the irresistible pungent aroma yet minus the sexy colors and the elusive killer taste which we had lustily expected

Garden Cafe
Jaya Jusco
Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur
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ah sang BKT , SS3 PJ

still good after all these years
at about RM12 a head , with Chinese tea and oily rice
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yellow chicken fatigue

invariably , the body hardens and the tenderness fades inevitably...

continuing the saga of the Yellow Chicken story. 
still humidly and hotly crowded... 
...tho the exasperating accolades of old is now a distant memory

SS4 , Petaling Jaya 
Kee Kee Bentong chicken rice shop
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15 September 2008

tourism Kota Kinabalu

Its no longer the wild frontier ! Super casual ...easy

Malaysia's best tourism destination ? It has everything ( n more )
relaxing, rejuvenating KK Waterfront by nightfall .
Its a l i v e with Europeans , Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese !
F n B haven ( prices comparatively cheaper than Kuala Lumpur )
Magnificent Tanjung Aru , just outside the town centre KK.
Jagung ( corn ) paradise ++ .
the lost Monsopiad cultural village
find n enjoy at your own peril...
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the KK Waterfront

the happening place , Kota Kinabalu

Here along the beach in the town centre , is the pride of KK - its wooden platformed sunny Waterfront featuring a distinctive maritime aroma.

...a few km long with a range of international standard alfresco dining outlets/pubs and retail shops , with modern corporate buildings and shopping centres just across on the other side of the wide road.
flanked by a huge wet market and a seemingly humble looking marine products centre selling a range of dried shark fins, abalones , sea cucumbers etc with prices starting from
tens of ringgits per gramme to
hundreds of ringgits per gm to
RM'000s /kg !

these much sought after delicacies (aphrodisiacs ?) from the bottom of the Sabah Sea must be really good !

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KK 's busiest street Sunday

Not surprisingly , the busiest part of KK town on a Sunday is the morning market !
"branded" pet dogs , pretty sea shells/corals , dried seafood products , live 3 man 3 women band , ginseng, roadside foot reflexology and inexpensive food food food...and people

Gaya Street Fair (Sunday )
Kota Kinabalu

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KK , 1st impressions

upon touchdown...the quiet relaxing Club
F & B prices all round cheaper by about 10 % here compared to Kuala Lumpur

Bistro ( Sabah Flying Club )
Sadong Jaya , Kota Kinabalu
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flight to KK

Sabah on the East seems so far away. At least from the West.

And so for an unbelievable all-in RM200 each ( return fare) we flew for a preview of Independence Day 16 Sept 2008.

The normally Puduraya-styled congested low cost Terminal KLIA was not so crowded probably because of the Puasa month.

A quickie bite at the relaxed ( low price ) Food Garden ( e.g mee rebus RM5 ) and the pleasant
3 /4 ( tiga suku ) full flight departed right on schedule, arriving 2 1/2 hours later in Kota Kinabalu ( busting the myth of Air Asia's famed tardiness ) .
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13 September 2008

15 Sept 2008 . 8 pm Kelana Jaya Stadium

Good People of Malaysia...pls be there ...we need you 
because they need us !

detained under ISA...@ 13 Sept 2008 8 am 
L - R : Ms Teresa Kok,44 ( MP Seputeh )  
Mr RPK, 58 ( Malaysia Today )   
Ms Tan H C , 33 (Sin Chew Reporter, since released)

don't just eat &  laugh...pls do something , anything

we can ( and should ) do much more
the time has come 
the time is 


go to this blog for the latest perspective as it unfolds

pix courtesy bodohland                                                                                      a Save Malaysia Project
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12 September 2008


Thank you for your mail . We will respond to your enquiries/comments within 24 hours .

Have a nice day !

team BSG
Kuala Lumpur
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sup ekor

in d' station

It is pleasantly strange that while you cannot find beef & mutton in most Chinese restaurant menus , and that Hindu Indians totally avoid consuming beef , this red meat is a prime & much sought after delicacy for our home grown Muslims !

It is then alright to talk about strength in diversity ...

...or is it ?
We have mentioned this station before in Tanjung Karang , near K Selangor as having the mee kung fu.

Apart frrom the great looking and kampung styled nasi lemak , it many other Malay restaurants has a range of really hot soups.

You can try its sourish spicy ox tail soup at RM5 each. Guaranteed to beef you up for the next 3 hours and extra useful to keep the heat on .

Ox bone soup can be another hard alternative for the rougher ones
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10 September 2008

hokkian mee vs mee yoke

In Penang Island , what the rest of the country refer to as prawn mee ( prawn noodles ) is called Hokkian Mee ( Hare Mi ) . While in KL some call it Mee Yoke ( Har Meen ).

In Penang , this popular noodle dish ( Pulau Tikus ) goes for RM2.50 a bowl in most shops while in KL/PJ around 60 % more for RM4 .
Back in Petaling Jaya, this famous "brand" inside a coffee shop ( Restoran Hock Seng Two ) in SS2 , PJ by the name of Mee Yoke Lim ( MYL) is still going strong . In fact the name MYL is a living legend in PJ foodlore with mouthwatering body-manouvering wallet-pumping intriguing tales of classic thrills & spills...all da way up and down winding Karak Highway and the unending roving Hills.

So then tell us , which version is better ...Penang or PJ ?


Penang ( Pulau Tikus ) for the price , PJ ( SS2 MYL ) for the sharper more flavorful taste

( unbelievable but true...)

which would you prefer ?
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Penang Island

and team bsg
made 4 each other
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mee goreng Bangkok Lane

he moves,,,
...super fast....friendly

do not boycott him, yet

a colorful plate
great springy cuttlefish slices
caution : do not squeeze 2 much of the super sour limes ok

near Pulau Tikus , Penang

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09 September 2008

kuey teow t'ng , Penang Island

everything except kuey teow
a Penang signature dish xtraordinaire

address : Penang Island
Pulau Pinang
Penang , Malaysia
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amidst the current floods & chaos in Penang

one of 2 warring factions directly facing each other
...on the road...
RM 1.60 a green ( pandan leaf ) & red ( bean) bowl
with brown palm sugar in white coconut milk brew
topped with shaved ice

thank god... we still have the Penang Road sweetie
highly recommended, for the rich taste
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08 September 2008

rat island

Penang's greatest eats . Everything and anything under the sun .

The Market , Pulau Tikus ( rat island )

friendly aunties , hungry uncles. perut ikan , nyonya kuihs , nasi lemak , salted fish bones curry, hokkian mee ( RM 2.50 a bowl ) , char keow tuey , chee cheong fan ( pungent one ) , carrot cake , assam laksa( real Penang one ) , red prawn durians etc etc etc

...if you have not come here have not come to Penang (nyonya auntie say one )

V were unlucky , we din spot no rats... nor mouse...
...that morning
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restoran floating

When we got up after the freshest of fresh seafood ( & drink) , it felt a little shaky but that was a nice feeling and aptly describes the colossal fish farm in a floating restaurant in ultra famous seafood paradise Bukit Tambun ( near Penang Island)

6 smallish local fresh oysters ( RM 12 ) with lemon and tabasco sauce , teow chew clear steamed slippery meat tigerfish ( RM 15 ) & some thorny clams ( RM6 ) , set us up for our Kia rendezvous near Queensbay Mall , Penang Island

restoran floating
lot 2400 , Jalan Bukit Tambun
Seberang Prai
tel 04 - 588 3063
( exit Bukit Tambun , before Juru toll N/S Highway)
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07 September 2008

the Penang Curry Mee

It was a very wet day when we tried this 100 (sounding) year old dish off Jln Macalister, at a corner shoplot within walking distance from nearby Sunway Hotel , Penang Island , Saturday afternoon 2.30 .

A few flustered & worried latecomers of all shapes & sizes were visibly pleased ( and nearly moved to tears ) when the typical small frame Chinaman with his gang of helpers ( in faded & borrowed uniforms from SS2, Petaling Jaya branch ) nodded their heads, signaling that the Big Pot of Sin was...

! still available ( so lucky I tell U).

The RM3.80 much lusted came richly topped with tofu bits , cuttle fish strands , a few small shelless prawns , some cockles and that signature indescribable coagulated blood and yellow noodles, sitting on whitish murky soup together with a bowl of the magic paste of the ultimate ( true or not ?) taste flavorer.

The combination was appetisingly good and inside fulfilling , only if you have added a liberal dose of the spicy sharp browny orange enhancer, which transformed the mild-mannered coconut water ( ok no more secrets ! ) enhanced dish into yet another pride of Penang island !

It is quite unlike the KL/Ipoh curry laksa versions , the fiery orangee looking soup of which is normally santany (coconut milk) thick.

this non-descript corner ( lorong seratus tahun old Penang institution) shoplot curry mee ( closed Thursday ) is programmed to be sold out by 2pm, so don't be late ( again)
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01 September 2008

the Promised Land

USJ / Subang ( Petaling Jaya ) , Selangor is the largest Housing Estate in Malaysia , and where one of us live. It is not noted for exceptional food , nor for anything else ...
...other than the fact that it is BIG . ...and the epitome of the new Malaysian generation & IT.

If you don't believe check out the new state-of-the-sky WIMAX service here.

At this place in SS21 , USJ , almost touching the borders of Puchong if you are coming form struggling Shopping Mall Summit USJ , and almost out of sight to the non-food hunters, lies a strange dim-sum ( Chinese breakfast pop-in mouth specialty ) Mecca .

At least that was what he promised....

i swear ( actually he din )

" Despite many price hikes in raw material, and many dim sum restaurants have increase dim sum prices, We from Hoong Foong would like to maintain our price (until further notice) as an "appreciation offer" to our customer "

Operating Hours 营业时间 : 7:00AM to 2:30PM

Monday to Sunday 星期一至星期天

(Including Public Holiday 包或公共假期)

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