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30 August 2008

the night life

and Char Kuey Teow

Happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysian Gluttons !

picture shows Malaysia's best known multi-racial noodle dish( CKT) ,
the real Bangsa Malaysia
( Chinese flat noodles Malay style served by an Indian )

at a food court with English signboards near you
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Best Meal of the day

for RM4 a person... not too far away

Ijok , the pekan ( small town ) half way between Sg Buloh & Kuala Selangor made famous by the death of a State Assemblyman in 2007 & the subsequent inflow of De RM100 million by-election bounty is all about what goes wrong ( or issit right) in post independence " MERDEKA ! " ( 31August 1957) Malaysia.

But first , lets eat.

The lunch scene in this small Chinaman Fan Tien 飯店 ( rice shop, powered by petite friendly Indonesian ladies " Saya dari Medan, Bang ") is so typical of its kind throughout Malaysia.

Quite busy from 12 to 2 pm when nearby factory workers , office staff , the surrounding residents "tapauing" ( takeaway) for the kids & the aged , and the occassional busy travellers cum food connoisseurs ( team bsg ).

Gives you fuel ( or feel ) , U know to continue Xploring further upstream.

Or if you dun like , try looking ( & then booking ) for the Gluttonny famously rich beggars chicken sold somewhere round the corners ( sorry we dunno where )
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29 August 2008

that Subang Terminal 3 guy

He started off years ago at this then bustling place full of fancy Chinese seafood restaurants , right beside the Subang Airport.

Our unassuming friend is one of those no fuss just do it ! kind of entrepreneur and "learn myself one " cook , of all things becoming famous for his clear lala ( clams ) in savoury soup at his wooden but very airy shack .

Then one hazy day those Big Gomen people decided to relocate The Airport to the now notorious 60 km away Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA) sometime in 1998 , which started a Mega Doom for the Terminal as a seafood paradise for the nearby hungry PJ & Subang Jaya gluttons.
Xcept this fler, still standing lala-ish as ever.

He got it right by making some items halal , and then the run down wooden rickety place ultra casual.

It is still pretty crowded and popular with Malay customers & Europeans ( with their mandatory Carlsbergs/Tigers in green iced buckets ).

Everything fine except on that hot dusty day in August 2008 , we couldn't enjoy the great taste as we used to , on some of our favourite dishes.

Did you know food ( above pixs) can be overflavored ( over assamed over sambaled ) ?
...and the opened individual lala can reveal tiny shelly crabs within its 2 clams ?

It happens , sometimes...even to the best of us

Lala Chong
Subang Terminal 3
Subang Airport
Contact : Tel 03 7859 1906
Business Hours
11am to 3pm (lunch—except Sunday)
5pm to midnight (dinner)
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26 August 2008

a Malaysian chicken story

...the 2nd impression

Since June 2000, "The Chicken Rice Shop" halal chain of chicken rice family restaurants serving "grandmother's traditional Hainanese secret recipe chicken rice" and a special selection of local Malaysian delicacies has spread its wings far n wide across Malaysia. in their packed Subang Parade (PJ) outlet one August Sunday afternoon, a quickie of their popular single combo set of streamed white chickens , fragrant oiled (yellowish) rice , boiled beansprouts , 2 mini pai tee ( a kind of pretty nyonya influenced vegetable roll ) , a soft drink , complete with jelly dessert and the usual soup and chilli/ginger sauces for RM13.99
has re-aligned our previously poor first impressions of their shop in Giant Hypermarket, Shah Alam.

This second time , every item seemed fresh and the tender white chicken meat delivered as close as what was promised, right down to the all-important looks...n feel

Wait for our review of their other Malaysian Favourites ( esp their eye popping curry mee offering at RM9.99 )

NB : as is usual with this kind of all day aromatic lingering heavily Chinese soya sauced chickens n beansprouts , always visit the washroom after the feast to properly unsauce your salty lips n collar
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25 August 2008

He's back !

de Epic Battle draws to an end
a tale of 2 non-vegetarians

1. the " I swear I dunno her " cool casanova

2. the new Member of Parliamant (PP) @2pm

its all over...a majority of >15,671 votes(updated 10.00 pm) !
cineleisure Permatang Pauh , Penang
26 Aug 2008

...and now for Part 2...
16Sept2008 , see ya

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the Stop

While on your way North to Permatang Pauh (Penang ) for the Mother of all by-elections 26August2008 from Tanjung Karang / Sekinchan / Sabak Bernam towards Lekir / Sitiawan ,

consider stopping-over at this extra large extra spacious extra airy Malay Restaurant with the extra large carpark + Big Toilets called Restoran De Hentian Batu 8 beside the Perak River.

Have your fill of the full range of contemporary Malay noodles & rice + Western Favourites , ala carte dining or the kampungy ikan bakar . Prices are quite standard while those few items we tried ( see pixs ) were quite acceptable although service needed to be prompted on and off from the army of man & woman helpers.

Opens for lunch and dinner. With free wifi facilities.
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24 August 2008

the king & the clown

outchipped , outfished and out everything

the lonely King at the Peak ( First World , Genting Highlands )
the ever laughing clown on the ground , at a place near you

the international mcGuru of *QSCV and the only real King of convenience food.

Unmatched french fries and burgers, ++

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22 August 2008

the delicious 3rd option

...when you have run out of the 1st and 2nd choices...
...dun despair

Malay Lontong . Even the name sounds Chinaman funny. Boiled compressed rice cake cut into pieces in mild spicy gravy with vegetables, and sambal.
This one is from the Dengkil R & R ( KLIA Highway ) RM3

Indian thosai RM1.30 ( Indian restaurant in Telawi Bangsar KL)
A thin foldable soft bread with a sourish taste.
Gravies as in 1st choice roti canai

Chinaman dry noodles with minced fatty meat and da sliced fattier meat
RM4 Sunway Mentari, PJ coffee shop

Lor Mai Kai ( Canto ) . Chinese steamed glutinous rice RM3, Tmn Megah, PJ
in soya ( + secret ?) sauce with mushroom and chicken meat
usually found right in front of some Chinaman coffee shops in
steaming hot multi-deck aluminiun steamers , at the lower decks

All of the above are very delicious when you are very hungry ( like starving )
( just like plain rice/bread )
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eating n drinking at the Mall

1 Utama , Petaling Jaya the Shopping Mall is a window shopper's paradise. You probably can find everything and anything under the sun here, even ultra elusive
team backStreetGluttons...that also becoz it was 21st August 2008 1.30 pm.

Out of a few hundred food cafes, restaurants & side eating shops we picked these and had a few brews. But at the very far end , almost out of sight and onto the elevated 2 steps smokin' zone

The service was fast , prim and proper. The feel was serene and efficient. The crowd was
( oh actually it wasn't crowded ).

So how was the food and all that ? His curry mee ( RM17 ) was humongous , so he struggled through , then abandoned the big prawn head & requested extra gravy to finisto.
We thought it looked surprisingly Italian for a Malaysian dish .

very cozy and private place ...wonderful for a hideaway of 3 hours, maybe

Pick n’ Brew
F233, First Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7726 0102
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20 August 2008

the healthy lifestyle

Dance with think-alike friends in the morning in the basketball court, SS 4 , PJ 7am

to the loud bouncing beats of Elvis and Sammy Davies jr

then go for a no-egg 1 prawn plate of average tasting CKT for RM3.50,
actually it is the smallest plate in Petaling Jaya (maybe Malaysia)
(an all time PJ record up to @ 21aug2008)

SS 5 PJ , near the Wisma FAM

try it soon , you will not gain excess weight...for once
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17 August 2008

the Hut of (confusing) innovations

We love the part where bungling assistant Peter Parker tried his utmost to deliver Big Pizzas downtown at the speed of Spider... only to be cornered by the extremely bored & unforgiving office girl, that also inspite of Spiderman saving the Big Pizzas from the hands & mouth of that scrawny hungry man on top of the skyscrapper !

Blockbuster Spiderman 2 was a real Classic & a great tribute to the
Italian flat bread
in the square box.

Here in little Malaysia , popular fast food chain Pizza Hut , unlike Mcdonald and KFC , have a really Big Menu ( King Sized ) , and they are different alright.

Did you know they have

a weekday 15 minutes Fast Lunch ( or RM 5 off default reward) ,
online payment & home delivery ,
fresh DIY salad counter,
a state-of-the-Pizza mobile heater box ,

plus a range of Italiano-Thai-Malaysian combos withh round and not so round,
colorful small medium big ...
...Xtra Big pizzas
and this and that ....
...guaranteed to confuse you no end ?

but their frustrating Menu is actually loads of distracting fun , and oh we love their gorgeously simple garlic bread and their tasty Hawaian Chicken Pizza,

... as does delicious Mary Jane
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13 August 2008

we love long, slim & beautiful fingers

Some people call them okra.

Tho you see them mostly down , on their own they stand really upright. As if to tell you something.

Much loved by the Indians and the Nyonyas

We love them steamed. Uncut, whole and lying down

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12 August 2008

lazy lunch in Seremban

actually it was at this up-market squatter-styled cowboy town place in PJ ( opposite Tropicana Golf & Country Resort ) (the other side of section 4 , PJ)
a great many big and small restaurants scattered about in this
nonsensically challenged crazily named totally misunderstood
road signage lost zone of PJ.

and so was the nonsensically famed Hakka Mee grazed by some loose siew yoke ( bbq meat).

Since it was a late Saturday past 2pm the soggy
famous Seremban ( a town near port dickson ) favorites

can be famously forgiven as ( OMG ! ) at least 20 people were turned away
that hazy afternoon

Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites
de lost zone , PJ

try them yourself if you are famously lost
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10 August 2008

the makeover of Ah Cheng

She was the deep favorite of one of us , when he will quietly sneak out , off the phone and claimed he was busy. That was some years back when things moved fast in the backstreets and she just came on , more active and having that smile. The rest of the pack understood and din make no fuss about what might or could have been.

Then she broke away and slid into the struggling Summit USJ, earning herself a self-proclaimed controversial " best assam laksa" in Subang ( no she din say Batam )
The brightest lights in the Damansara Perdana, PJ area where IKEA & Tesco roost unchallenged gave a humongous shattering jolt to closest neighbor hotshot 1 Utama , followed by a massive dose of double Cs of Curve & Cineleisure , transforming the once unknown orang asli boondocks into now PJ's premier state-of-the-eat Gluttons Zone.

Now comes fiesty Ah Cheng again , fresh & fully transformed, reclassed and ready to play affectionately d e e p once more , this time inside fantasy world Cineleisure.

Xperience her fire burning 3 in 1 lust-uous mouth hugging Dark Secrets above for only RM13 , believe it or not , ( careful dear...not suitable for the underaged )
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09 August 2008

a boring 100 tables Chinese Dinner

says he'd rather have a burger n chips at that McShop

even though this formal 8 course Chinese Dinner costed RM30 a head in Kg Cina, Sitiawan

...once again proving that food is an individual thing...
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07 August 2008

this is the best roti canai in Kelang Valley

Finally ...we can say it

We first tried this roti canai in Taman Sri Muda , Shah Alam some years back. Even then we thought it tasted different. Then we saw the brochure that the dough was prepared from a factory for delivery to its chain of 24 hr shops.

It was nice when they were at Kota Kemuning ( Shah Alam , Selangor ) for a while then closed , then reopened at the commercial centre at the first roundabout. Just like how they opened and closed at USJ Taipan ( beside Coffee Bean ) , Subang Jaya.

This a few years old one in USJ Subang is still alive and kicking !
Spacious corner lot with the shining tables and chairs.
( must be easy to clean , so many of them )

USJ 16 ( or issit 17 or issit 18 thats USJ for you)

the quality is delightfully unchanged as we remember it in
Sri Muda & Bukit Tinggi Klang , scoring exceptionally high in
texture, freshness , looks & that taste

Sri Melur Jaya . Now with 18 outlets in Klang, Shah Alam and parts of USJ.

Watch it Mr Kayu , here he comes shooting coz he's really good
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06 August 2008

of heroes & fools

a letter to Malaysiakini ( Malaysia's Online paper )

a reader Ong K M , writes on 5th Aug 2008,

Ban students from Mamak Stalls and Cinemas

" ...blah blah blah... I propose that

(i) The esteemed ( Higher Education ) Minister considers banning students from going to mamak stalls and coffee shops. These are places where nonsensical and unproductive coffee shop 'chatter' takes place, involving the topics of political interest of the day.

Since we do not want our best and brightest to corrupt their ears and to waste their time by listening to this nonsense.

(ii) ban students from watching football matches . Watching football matches, which lasts for approximately one hour 45 minutes (including the break), is an extremely unproductive use of time.

Our students could use this time more productively, in discussing the latest developments in biotechnology and nanotechnology and in collaborations to build Proton a new hybrid engine.

(iii) ban students from watching movies in the cinemas which is another big waste of time, time that could be better spent on academic pursuits and developing one's own human capital.

In addition, many movies produced in the West promote decadent values not consistent with our Asian culture. For example, we would not want our students to be unduly influenced by the portrayal of vigilante justice and 'cool' criminals in the latest Batman movie.

However, again, exceptions should be made for movies produced locally since we are supporting local industry by watching these movies.

(iv) ...blah blah blah...

(v) all students in public universities must carry at least one book where ever they go on and off campus so that students do not waste previous time while waiting for buses or sitting in their friend's cars or waiting in a queue or even sitting in the John/Jane , time that could be spent reading and developing their human capital.

blah blah blah...

(vi) blah blah blah...

...sommore blah blah blah...

I sincerely hope that the esteemed Minister considers at least some of my recommendations made above and implement them as soon as possible."

ok lah , wait

lets see how they will sodomise Anwar today at 10 am 7 Aug 2008

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05 August 2008

BIG restaurant

in small town

Sekinchan is along the coastal road from Kuala Selangor to Teluk Intan and is flat and large enough to be the rice bowl of Selangor, even tho it is more known for its Chinese fishing villages.

Next time do not just pass by . Come early like 12 something pm and then before the Petronas petrol station turn left via the traffic lights towards the sea ( got no sandy beach so cannot swim one ).

Using your keen sense horned by many years of gluttonny turn right again before you accidentally hit head-on the smallish restaurant with many Pagoda branded singlet cladded Chinamen hanging round the plastic tables straight ahead of you at the junction.

Now you see the big restaurant or not ? Got 5 shops joined together one. Prices also cheaper than KL so dun worry so much.

Ok step right in . Then treat yourself to fine Chinese food and don't forget the beers coz the sea breeze and the haze is pretty hot & humid outside. Got also many pretty girls working nearby in the factories one. Their Boss always bring them here for lunch ( who knows for dinners too )

Restoran Guan Seng Loong
Sekinchan , Selangor
tel 03 - 3241 8494
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04 August 2008

far East Asian artistry

the other miracle

This is where probably many Malaysians first fell in love with Japanese cuisine , at first sight !

Impecccable presentation....simple , stylish... neat n clean.

And constantly moving. The kids will say , its cool baby.

Small and emminently biteable out of the tropics flavors from little colorful plates and bowls.

but where's the spoon ah ?

the unending recirculating banquet , coming straight & returning to you

this marvellous real wrap's gonna unwrap all da other wannabe foldables of KFC/Mcfolds

a bsg greeniest all-time shining pea bite

you can refuse this the gorgeous unagi ornot ?

this one the unforgettable intro to raw fish

the tofffully tasty soup. pls drink straight from bowl

da custardly jelly egg

Priced at least a Kingsly 3.9 times vis a vis the normal comparable Malaysian "substitute" , it rolls on and on , conquering all in the Shopping Malls , dead or alive
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03 August 2008

corner house Section 14 , PJ

Many years ago , in iconic Section 14 , PJ ( where the Mother of all 1970s Medan Selera circular styled one used to be at the heart of things ) this sunken house was converted into a sunken shop. Times have moved fast and this famous Jaya Supermarket area then MetroJaya enclave has become unrecognisable from the days of happening old Jaya ( also then the Mother of all modern supermarkets in PJ ).

So what gives ?

the never say die 70 something Grumpy Old Man. Customers like to surround him to see how he chops em up at his age , his 2 boy & girl constantly bickering assistants trying to outdo each other...again

Best chee cheong fun stall in PJ ( only lose to the more famous oldies shop in
Petaling Steeet , KL)

This pure & white flat tender noodles in sauce goes for RM1.50. Tastes a little sticky but service is extra fast becoz the old man chops fast while the ultra skinny assistant talks even faster

Across to the far end is this famous USJ 2 , Subang curry mee import. Tho this one doesn't have the trademark moustachee horny look notwithstanding the franchised name

sourishly good with 1st class springy bee hoon ( aka sarawak laksa ) R4.80 but minus the KL much loved cockles version.

You can try them if you are around this SEA Park area PJ suburbs and too tired of that overhyped Paramount Gardens O & S hotshot some noodles away.
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02 August 2008

probably the best selling nasi lemak in KL

...and the ugliest

here near the Peace Hill ( Bukit Aman ) Kuala Lumpur adjacent to the Lake Gardens , you will see people lining up to pay their bills.

Actually most of them eager beavers are here answering a certain craving to eat rice sprayed with hot sauces plus maybe 2 or 3 spicy meats and fishes to go along , mostly fried or curried which are put in 13 rectangular aluminium trays like a typhoon relief centre , manned by 4 to 5 able helpers from right to left .

The line is usually quite straight and seems to be perpetual from 7 in the mornings.

This messy thing with a tiny beef slice assembled within 20 secs costs RM 2.80 , was paid to the very undersized girl ( with the quite well endowed body ) at the far left. It took another 180 secs to wipe it clean, ugly or not.

Nasi Lemak Tanglin
Jln Tanglin, Lake Gardens KL
( near Bukit Aman )
Kuala Lumpur

note : being a record setting shop , we have intentionally posted the pixs above with the maximum pixels for your closest scrutiny. Pls click to magnify TQ
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