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30 June 2008

fingering in front

Banana leaf rice is a favorite in Cameron Highlands. Especially when the many innocent Continental / Oriental freshies get curious about this spicy local food. That could explain the great no of un-traditional yet authentic old new Indian restaurants along the main road of Tanah Rata.

But it's still pretty rare to catch a European / Japanese traveller baring fingers and thumbs & fumbling over the super mild curries in this coolest of Malaysia's Highlands Resorts.

unlike team bsg , fingering & thumbing away like a couple of '000 years ago
then also infliciting small front tears in the garlic naan bread & big front holes in the fair & dark squids...
(be assured however though we are the backStreetGluttons we always come in front unlike some ppl in higher up places ... such as click here or HERE) have been duly warned...
..Restoran Bungasuria***infront of the backStreet***Tanah Rata***Cameron Highlands
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29 June 2008

the 中國 conneXion

Its gonna link you, even all da way up faraway hills.

The little red bamboo-tiled roof altar with the choking smoke, the 5th dimension here in temperate country. Yellowish pictograph 靈魂 papers burn inside, engulfing you with eerie thoughts about immortality & whatnots...that eternal mystery of your eXistence and well being here on earth

de window to the world beyond ? A mobile Mecca for the highly spirited 幽靈 or, for many ...a pathway to 4 digit fortune or issit everlasting ruin ?

Current legend also has it that in a corner of Cameron Highlands ( Brinchang specifically ) many troubled souls come from near & far below seeking the Sage's divine counsel and miracle retouches/alignment but his stealth-like persona is well, as legendary as he.

It's complex but... lets first break fast ....... next door only .......Chopsticks and the oneTon saucer RM4
then also got this Klangised mother of meats
in a pot of clay......
a wannabe BKT without the sweat RM 10

that is all folks now we gotta go search for some steam

The little red hut
behind Travellers Pub
Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands
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28 June 2008

a touch of nostalgia

Just beside romantic Perak River is an old town.

As you sip your cuppa Ipoh white coffee in the Hainanese coffeeshop, its quite all right to reminisce about the especially short & noisy Japs whizzing by in broken Jeeps on the way to quell yet another communist skirmish near beautiful Kampar.

Yeah, about that "she should not have been there that night...then everything would have been....eerrrr...u know...", that kind of thing.

you know ah...last time when we were younger...
mandatory traveller's pose along the river bank ( for city g/f to see )
tai lok meen ( big noodles ) , or Hailam Mee RM3
saucy and chicken meated for a hearty flavor
a simple & popular Malaysian fried noodles served hot

mun fan ("mixed vege rice" )RM3.50 , popular with everyday workers as a complete filling meal. A quick stir fry saucy brew poured over steamed rice , with whatever leftover meats and greens ( we think ) the chef has on hand. A classic budget gourmet Chinaman concoction. Superb tastes. Exact color tone may vary from state to state.

* Yi Fatt ( town centre )
( admission is free )
Parit ( off Bota Kanan )
*a bsg Malaysian gastonomic heritage site
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23 June 2008

noodles in red

It is a ginger chicken liquid brew to replenish lost heat ( ) . An extension of one month's hard labour ( making it a motherly 10 in a row ). Something red & strong to keep her company while she avoids contact with clear water ( ) and the wind. Luckily it tasted highly warm and wonderful .

Fuzhou red wine mee suah , d Mother of Chinese noodles
a life giving ( putting it back what went out for perfect harmony 調和 ) RM6

Although a traditional post-childbirth remedy and home cooked recuperative essence ( for the Fuzhou community ) some, like this shop ( probably the only one in KL ) has been selling this commercially rare exotika for many years.

It tastes slightly sweet and gingerly biting. Many love it , some won't even look at it ( Thai horror movie flashbacks !) Hyper-spirited ones who dun think it tastes as blady strong as it looks , just ask for another jug errr bottle for the top ups ( >7.8 % proof ) ! The famed Fuzhou fish balls ( meat-embedded export quality ) and some other biscuits are also available here if you want something less glaring & round.

For the full course try Fuzhou sister cities Sibu ( Sarawak ) , Yong Peng ( Johore ) and Sitiawan ( Perak ) . Meanwhile get acquainted with......

a taste of Foochow
( previously Hup Yick )
14, Jalan Gajah
(off Jln Yew) Jln Pudu
Kuala Lumpur

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22 June 2008

"hug me"

This pretty noodle with the smooth prawns has been around a long time in this far end of Jalan Pudu (Kuala Lumpur ), just left of the roundabout ( leading into Jln Yew ) below a humongous flyover which goes left towards Jln Tun Razak ( previously Circular Road previously Jln Pekeliling thats quite old ).

Also here among the row of shop houses on both sides of the divide are many old timers which give credence to the place as a heritage Chinaman gastronomical zone par authentic...& give this messy place a sentimental rugged backStreet feel.
This is where you will find the famous dish, characteristically slippery and wormlike crawly that somehow attracts many ladies ( ?) like these.

It is slightly different from the Penang version (with regular sized noodles + chicken feet ) though both are brownish starchy ...and mild ( minus the vinegar ) by Malaysian standards .

Variously described as being so so only & not particularly outstanding among Chinese noodles and generally forgettable once you have tried it. Definitely there will be no hangover cravings for the next 1.8 to 2.8 years unlike some signature Chinaman noodle wok & fire fries where the opulent aroma lingers on for more than 8 hours and you will probably be back one Friday later with her ( or him ).

The may king RM 5 Lum Mee ( "hug me" -mixed colloquial brew of Anglo-Chinese Hokkian ) , arguably the best of its kind in KL
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20 June 2008

here comes the big boss ( ah-haaa h)

Way before the impossible fuel hike a couple of weeks ago some petrol stations somewhere were already long tatters , dead.

Just perfect then for a gallant heroic fightback in these days of now or never.

You wouldn't think there's anything so double tension-ly scary , looking at the sombre crowd of 3 or 4 half empty tables inside this elevated platform of a floor within an X petrol station ( at least it looks like it ) , facing the main road in Tg Karang ( after K. Selangor )

But it is quite a quick performance from the under 16 waitress tho the chinky sammy choong Big Boss fearless drunken master's swaggering and hissing cannot be heard.

Interestingly the sharp flowery plate contained something buldging-ly different from the plethora of run-of-the-mill "biasa" ( normal ) noodle fares all over town.

This wannabe ( A for effort ) Pensilat martial artiste has strikingly crafted the fried egg to scissor-lock the runaway mee and encircled them with long beans, carrots, baby corn shoots, cauliflowers, onions, chili padis and blocks of chicken meats + crowned it with 4 kingsly prawns.... keep them invisible & out of harm's ( the last Empress < Rosmah ah ? >) way.

RM5.00, dishy Mee Kung Fu
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19 June 2008

black & white Chinese burgers

oriental secrets , uncovered

She makes a quick grab , on a rainy thursday

petite... soft & delicate

world famous char siew pau exposed, RM 1.30

the big one , possibly size C ( or issit D )

famous Tai Pau RM2.80 , more than a match for the brown American burger

a top notch dim sum shop in PJ

Key Hiong ( opposite Min Tien )
Taman Megah
( beside SS2 )
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17 June 2008

round & long

A man's meat can be a woman's poison , so it has been said. Some rave about it , some rant. No matter... its certainly worth a closer look .

Its strategically positioned, at just the right angle whichever way she may want to look at it

side profile

some are dark , others darker still

Of course she can always turn it on , up. It all depends.

lip gushingly wonderful no less with the right combination of the warm n slippery fluids

Ask her...she should know quite a bite

Lobak ( meat and meats , Penang origin)
at a hawker square near you
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16 June 2008

do chickens fly ?

There are many ways to curb the wings.

One is to hang them up at night.

Now they have got the Xtra sweet Thais to do it

Do they ? ...really ?

No...We don't think so . Most of the time they look grounded.

For without da feathers they are just skin and bones (watch the blood !)
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10 June 2008

time out

When you fuse too many ...2 much

Yes , why do ppl have to order coloured drinks in eating shops ?
RM2.50 , the healthy carrot juice
(1 of 1 ! Bull's eye )

Island Vege RM5
( 2.5 of 5 )

Grilled salmon RM 20 , some dashes of hard-to-find soya sauce sorely needed , overcooked greens
( regretably 1 of 5 )

Udon seafood tomyam RM 8.50 . Oversour underflavoured
( unThaily 3 of 10 )

Beef rice RM6 . Tasty but tough meat
( aiya never mind lah , 4.4 of 8 )

"watan" kuey teow RM6.
( huh ? , ok 4 of 8 )

authentic critical comments from
the Philipines and Sarawak

why not ? if you really need some
Precious Time
51, Jalan Medan Ipoh
Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh
tel 012 - 528 4117
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09 June 2008

some cool Hong Kong flavours/images

The finest Chinese cuisine in the world... The darkest roast goose meat.

team bsg ( HK )

and the other finest Chinese
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08 June 2008

a Chinese wedding

feast in the afternoon of 7 June 2008 for hundreds of Chinamen

team bsg ( KL ) in action

the starter kit

the luscious Chinese 6 ( kindly run mouse over each dish )

the sweetener

a superbly fresh and tummy bursting head flying tasty banquet
Goldhill Club, Kepong , KL@RM650 a table of 10
Thank You dear Hosts (Sri Damansara, KL & USJ 6 ) for all the food
...+ the few tons of draft beer
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06 June 2008

the peoples' choice

Eating out is easy if you are alone or its just between you & me. Some say eating alone is lonely . Some say less men more share. Some eat while thinking while some think while eating. And some really talk...and talk.

But thats funny, if you are small in stature , you can always squeeze into a Big Q area like this. They are everywhere and particularly in the backlanes or sidelanes and some strange corners too. But the food ! So many choices , so fresh... so tasty. So filling. No wonder it is the no 1 destination for the hungry lunch crowds across the country.

A bsg favourite for 2 . All of the above including 2 sugared drinks , a 12 inches long deep fried "duri" fish, a solid fried chicken breast , salted eggs and the freshest greens for about RM12 ( prices directly proportional to the *length of the fish ) or so.
Then DIY flavored with the greatest curries and sambals South of Thailand.

Catch them in a warung nearest to you north of Singapore !

...and yes , its really nice when that nice sweet young cashier ( or Boss's daughter ah ) gives you such a really nice genuine slanted smile which says C U again...soon. Of course ! thats a promise

* subject to final confirmation, differs from backstreet 2 backstreet
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