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31 May 2008

a giant leap for mr cendul

Sometimes somewhere someplace you will come across somebody different from the pack.

And the macho says he was born in 1952 which makes him older than Malaysia, in a small pekan ( town ) in Perak called Ayer Tawar ( plain water) . Which is just as well for now this plain town is no longer so plain . Many people think he's Indian since he's got an Indian sounding name & his staff are mostly Malays & Indians. And it seems the only Chinese fella is the van driver aka the Logistics Director (like somewhere stuck in the last picture below)

Isn't this sweetish green brownish iced-cold dessert with the eye-popping red beans associated with Indian Cuisine ? ...and isn't it always sold in the backStreets in an ancient pushcart with the century-old hand operated screwable ice shaving-grinding machine... behind some weird buildings... always with a surprisingly long but patiently waiting Q under the Xtra hot sun ?

we are talking about this seemingly irresistible dessert from the Mr for RM 1.70 for small, ( why so high ? ...becoz he's been around for 56 years oldy authentic already lah !)
...but of course we have tasted much badder ones

the nasi Indon ( looks like nasi lemak ...tastes unlike it ) RM2.50 biasa ( but for the generous no of crispy look-alike fat headless ikan bilis makes it fairly priced )

mee rebus biasa ( "boiled noodles" in little bit spicy orange kind-of tomato sauce gravy + some fried tofu cuttings & a few pieces of boiled potato pieces ) at a colorful RM 2.50 a plate
...and probably the most stunning boring noodles we have ever tried

rojak ( pasembor some call it ), RM 3.80 a plate of fresh turnip/beansprout/tofu ( again ! omg) salad ( doused in a similarly sweety soury spicy brownish sauce like for the mee rebus ).
The over crunchy by quite a few beansprouts . Next time we should go for his one more thing rojak mee instead !

the hot Mr (cool) Cendul , Giant Hypermarket , Seri Manjung
While softly cooing to Lionel Richie's 1980 something Hit "stuck on you"

the getaway van

Last we heard 2 more Mr Cendul ( now already securely got 4 outlets in Manjung )
will be coming soon to Sg Siput and Taiping (Perak)

Hey, budding young entrepreneurs , maybe you should consider to
plagiarise his Mr style ( legally ) for the 2,000,000 KL market !

a team bsg, Sitiawan presentation
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30 May 2008

eating , drinking for a few days only

a summer culinary adventure
...sentimental Frankfurt , Southern Germany

a team bsg, HK lovescape
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29 May 2008

your move...


I may be soft but actually I am quite firm

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27 May 2008

69 mins up

96 mins down
the iconic presence

the most no of hotel rooms in a single hill location , anywhere on earth

first completed in the 1970s now a vibrant Metropolis .Complete with single dish wonders. A paradise for lovebirds. Electrifyingly cool atmosphere. What is RM 6 for 1 plate of nutless mamak styled nasi lemak egg and RM 5 for Malaysian teh tarik ?

and RM14.80 for a bowl of cockle-less curry mee ( never mind it got bsg ranked 2 out of 5 by taste ) in a suave super attentive Hongky styled cafe ?
Go for the Big Picture ! 22 degrees C by day 18 degrees by night . WOW !
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25 May 2008

a Chinese wedding dinner

Traditionally , the proud Chinese parents of the Bride ( or Groom ) will invite their friends/relatives for a Grand Wedding Dinner to celebrate the occassion. This Dinner will comprise from 7 courses upwards held in a "proper" place or restaurant. As is expected, the restaurant must ensure that there is ( more than ) enough food on the tables. Such a Dinner can reach hundreds of tables and thousands of guests and is a serious project to entertain and make every guest absolutely full and happy ! Preferably drunk too ( haha...thats 4 U , team bsg Hong Kong )

Guests typically give "ang pows " ( cash gifts in red packets ) to the Host to show their appreciation for the invite. In the Cities the well heeled will normally hold the function in a Hotel, and pay from RM500 upwards to even thousands for a table of 10. In smaller towns such as Bagan Dato in Perak , maybe around RM200 a table. With slurping dishes something like these

the starter King Sized 4 seasons

click "x" for dish service

the rest of the pack

the iced cream stuffed in a cake dessert

the easy going casual small town Chinese guests

this post is dedicated to Chai (team bsg) n Family(s)
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24 May 2008

8-course 88 something

classical Chinese feast for eight

all of these delicacies . RM89.90 without the tax .
Complete with stunning decor , stunning waitresses
plus one absolute Stunner

view then eat to believe

restoran tien Y tien
behind Marrybrown
Sitiawan town
tel : 05 - 692 9360 or 012-562 8742
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22 May 2008

Pantai Remis fresh

Go towards Hotel Lam Seng at the far end of town. See the usual green beer signboard on the road side. Then off the main road drive about 1/2 km inside along the side road.See the restaurant/house where some customers are already eating and drrrrrr... that is one of many simple looking Chinese restaurants in this mainly wooden shops fishing town.

The best is as they say the simplest and the freshest. Agreed.

Like the 1 kg crabs above ( best ) with nothing on except the heat from the steam. The soft willowy pounded yams with the dried shrimps. The crunchiest fried prawny saucers. The Chinaman drinking kaki's best broken bone meats. And the classic curry claypot cat fish chopped into many pieces.
All for RM50 something with 5 rices and 1 teapot

Mang Ka Ka "below the jackfruit tree"
Pantai Remis ( near the sea )
Perak ( near Penang & Selangor )
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21 May 2008


...the lost world of Tambun

touch the pixs for the tastes of da finest Chinese seafood

lost and found , pls click
Unique Seafood Ipoh ( the KL chain )
5, Persiaran Lagoon Sunway
Ipoh , Perak
Tel 05 - 548 6010
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19 May 2008

going limp in the wilderness

national treasure from a dead town

Getting off the ( Plus ) North South Highway to exit at Sungkai ( Perak ) is one good way to explore some off-centre dead towns . Sungkai is a tiny pekan of a few shops among some lack-lustre look-alike kampungs. It used to be famous for guava fruits and has as neighbour its more freshly endowed cousin Slim River , another tiny buffalo town known for its fat freshwater fishes. For Gluttons like us the picture din look too promising.

until this bright yellowish sign cropped up right in front of our sleepy eyes ! A lighted box with the fishy sign ! But alas the insides looked empty as we stepped in. Quickly a young scrawny lad ( below 18 we suspect ) took our orders. Rice sir ? He then recommended freshwater patin catfish at RM60 a Kg which we declined . But we could not resist his next killer dish.

definitely not this plain smashed egg .

neither this common white twisters from Ipoh ( with salted fish bits )

Encore ! ... the just under 1 kg Emperor's Dish !
served elegantly in stylish rectangular china-plate ! authentic...solid...
thus deservingly earning itself the prized imperial team bsg unequivocal stamp of approval
the blue one , in front...complete with skin and bones
A Chinese masterpiece , at a pauperly RM23 a soya sauced braised front end

Kedai Makanan Choy Kee
35 Jalan Besar Sungkai
Perak , Malaysia
tel 05 - 438 6287 , 019 - 336 9609
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the other Vietnamese in the Pavilion

The current impossible hot weather is taking its toll on me , making me a few shades darker ( hymmm tanned ? ) and all that. So this Sunday morning decided to cancell the gathering at the Club to meet Allan here in this cool chic Pavilion ( those guys have disappeard to Penang last I heard ). But no , not the Food Republic this round , though the choices and prices here are really quite nice with a beautiful view of so many lovely people !

I have always wanted to try this cozy little set-up beside the Turkish restaurant , so here goes.

Table for 2 . Nice comfortable private corner .

Hue Beef noodle for him . RM 19.90. Not too much to his liking , says too bland and prefers the downstairs half price one at the Republic !

STM wrapped roll RM 15.90. Sweety , saucy and nice. I have no complaints

Lemon tea for me ( RM 7.90 ) and stylish dripping black Lagenda ( Viet Coffee RM 7.90 ) for him ( urgggh very bitter not so aromatic ...he din like it ).

But well its a nice quiet place to chat. With clean ambience to boot.

lynn 18 May

La Lot Vietnamese Cuisine
Pavilion KL
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