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29 April 2008

de medan ikan bakar

Far away from cities near the seas and oceans lie vast tracts of virgin jungles ( state land ) which were then systematically raped with foreign Xpertise to build massive structures and the accompanying playgrounds , for the enjoyment of the few elites and the well-connected. And so that was how Teluk Rubiah Beach & Golf Resort in Perak was born . Then came the RM 6 billion ( dun pray pray ) Monster ( Lekir coal-powered power plant ) next door which at one stroke of the pen created many multi millionaires & also paved the way for the future annihilation of the nearby beautiful beaches.

never mind , we shall now talk about food

Very rustic very famous Medan Ikan Bakar Kg Permatang, just 4 km from that disastrous Golf Course. Cheap and not so good especially that 3-Rasa ( 3 tastes )kembung fish which was 1 rasa too many we think !
But wow ! What a gorgeous view of the real kampung , nearby sea & the perfect bluish hills yonder( still not yet done-in )
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28 April 2008

the top 10 restaurant in Asia

In upmarket Bangsar, KL ( Jln Telawi ) adjacent to the Bangsar Village 2 Shopping Centre you probably would have noticed or even tried a very popular Indian Restaurant with the striking pink and yellow logo. The intermediate shoplot is continuously packed with a steady stream of corporate and family crowds , and the tables and chairs fill the walkway too. This place is easily one of the most crowded in the area. Happily for some of us who hate coming here ( with its horrendous parking ) this same promise of unforgettable Indian Cuisine & the rage of many a Food Blogger has now appeared in USJ Subang , following the successful opening of its even bigger 2nd outlet in Jalan Berangan , Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur.

Restoran Sri Nirvana Maju's strategic 3rd outlet in USJ 9/5. This is a corner lot and has the advantage of being spacious, bright and airy. Just the reason for KL Phobia PJ residents to appreciate why this chain has been voted a Top 10 restaurant in Asia ! ...and whether those famous banana leaf PJ favourites in Jln Gasing that you will die for have been overated...

The award winning presentation
extra thick many-kinds-of-curries ...sitting on fresh green banana leaves
+ ingredients (unforgettable orangee fried bitter gourd fritters , slimmmest unsalty papadams )
best tasting rasam ( tamarind, lentil, tomato soup) & on the spot deep fried meats and seafood

Restoran Sri Nirvana Maju
Bangsar Telawi , Jln Berangan Bukit Bintang , USJ 9/5

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27 April 2008

its time 2 curse & swear !

...or the untold joy of uncovering...

the mystery of what lies underneath the forbidden chambers

but first , feast your dreamy eyes on this ruggedly devious handsome Kingsly stump

then get your nasal high on this willowy evil golden mother-of-all creams

never mind this necessary solid discard ( his time is done thank goodness )

then this ( dude, what shall we do with them ? ) prickling sourishy scrapheap ?

All this for only RM 8 a kg. So for a normal fruit weighing 1.4 kg pay RM 14. This tricky monster will probably expose only within its chambers 5 of the lusted golden pulps ( if you are lucky , if not then maybe 3 only ) .

Each of the normal sized 60gm seed contains about 1/2 edible creamy layer giving 5 X 30 = 150 gm edible portion

...yes ! a RM14 1.4kg Durian for only o.15kg of real meat ? WTF...ruit !
a f%*+#% imposter Emperor for a whopping RM 93 a kg !

NB : this has been another " know what you have been eating but just eat-lah" exclusive series by team bsg
all calculations/assumptions above have not been verified by the Royal Malaysian Natural Edible Producers' Board
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she hunts , he stands by & large

The males of an animal species are usually larger , stronger , faster and hunt for food. That is called natural. Or was meant to be . But it doesn't have to be the whole truth .

image uploaded from Wikipedia

The female lions for eg are well known to be the hunters while the males roar.

image courtesy Google

in Kota Baru (Kelantan ), the ladies rule the market place while the men , errrr...are busy attending another PAS ceramah

here by the roadside , somewhere in a countryside wet market , She lays , swirls , sets and rolls the snack called Popiah while he

...well...collects the dough , very neat right ?

nicely laid

delightful crispy & springy Chinese roll of mixed vegetables,
eggs and prawns + chilli ( its all in this thing ) sauce

food pixs courtesy of Nikon ( heart of the image )
S600 ( the slickest P&S in the market today )
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25 April 2008

food & girls

the chef giving the right flavoring tips

such tender loving hugs

n kisses

together again in Taman Tun , KL
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24 April 2008

fantastic pedigree , fabulous reputation

fancy marketing, fine decor , fairest hainanese chickens
bla bla blahhh

full of promise

featherless n forgettable

this Nam Heong of SS2 PJ
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22 April 2008

god's gift to Asia

Actually you see them everywhere beside roads and jungles. Easy to grow and hardy. And tough . Green and sometimes the hanging down yellows ( many of them ...long and curving and about the right shape and sizes ). Boring , sort of . Pretty ?
Say , did anybody ever give them a 2nd look ? Well , to be honest hard-ly.

We are talking about this one.

YES !! the mean & magnificent Banana. Leaf. Rice
let it be told
so good you should never eat it on its own
you must eat it like this

go look for them in Jln Telawi ( Bangsar KL ) , Section 17 or Jalan Gasing , ( PJ )
or anywhere else in Asia with the banana leaf picture
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20 April 2008

sunset boulevard

the hottest chickens (rice) by night
this slide is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox , the future of Web Browsing...

presenting Nasi Ayam Mama , a selection of fine hawker specialities such as mee soto ayam , char keow teow , assam laksa ++ & the indomitable mother's chicken rice , from RM 3 upwards.
Try to make it before the Sun sets...

65, Persiaran Manjung 3/2
Taman Manjung Point Seksyen 3
Manjung, Perak
Tel 019-577 7491
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19 April 2008

fine Hotel Food

Little tourist town Lumut continues to amaze us . Last year alone at least 3 new budget hotels began operations. One of them by the roadside just before you enter the town boasts of a cafe & restaurant with a special steamboat menu incorporating herbal , tomyam and porridge soup bases , with the usual popular wet style + a first for the locality... a Korean BBQ option , which then promises a super feast for Big Eaters.

But no feast was awaiting as there were only 3 of us ( small eaters ). hahaha

the lovely shining Orchard Inn at night

the Malaysian Western alamanda , such a nice classy feminine name too for the Cafe

even the expensive grainy looking heavy ( duty ) menu caught us pleasantly off guard !

this firm grilled lamb chops for him ( RM17.80 )

tender chicken chops for him ( RM8.80 )

and as usual ....thats super sizzling hot colorful me(e) , RM5.80

why , now you can securely walk into a Hotel here and eat finely good on a tight budget
times have really changed

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18 April 2008

3 laksa here and there & the Gluttons 3.5 hoursa quickie stopover before the 2 hr ride over , here in Kuala Kedah ( one of 2 ferry jumping points to Langkawi Island from the North South Highway )

laksam , a popular local dish . 1 whole hard ( but soft ) boiled chicken egg in a spicy ( pungent ) fishy gravy paste with flat rice noodles ( like the Chinaman chee cheong fan type ) . RM 3 . Can lah.
Outside the Langkawi Airport perimeter fencing and the main road , just beside the sea with the funny big anti-wave barrier while waiting for some important landings. So full of patrons around this mobile van with 3 t-shirt uniformed power staff.

this is the Island's infamous everybody's ordering it power laksa , consumed over some planky tables and shaky plasticy chairs ( where one of us fell , only pride hurt ) , another fishy gravy dish with a rounder type of rice noodles plus another 1 egg. Under-wet & RM2 something. Din feel no power at all , maybe some airport breeze only. But why so many customers ? ( got at least 5o sitting around )
taking a cue from the Malaysian Chef Xtraordinaire we went for another one , in Pantai Tengah near the ultra famous 5 star Pelangi Resort .

this one all DIY for below RM 2 . OMG think we better only stick to the real Warungs ( stalls ) next time .
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17 April 2008

a taste of Malaysia

Many European travellers congregate in Pantai Cenang, one of the more popular beaches in duty free Langkawi Island. At night the main street takes on a bright carnival atmosphere with all the bright lights you tend to associate with an Xciting & happening place. We were pleasantly surprised at the range and variety of fine eating establishments here ; Arabic , Moghul , Irish , Italian , Chinese , Thai etc , etc . The choice is very wide indeed .

Towards the Casa del Mar Hotel from the Underwater World on a warm hungry night ( Langkawi is reputed to have one of the warmest climates in Malaysia ), you will probably be dazzled by this tasteful appetising glow set in a kind of lush garden in a forest . As we were .

Proudly announcing Malaysian cuisine and "most popular local dishes" .
The Rasa ( "taste " ) Restaurant of Pantai Cenang , Langkawi , in all its rustic glory.

Well patronised with a colorful mixed crowd busy with the promised spread.

Our taste of nasi telaga 7 (RM 10) , a house speciality of light spicy fragrant rice with a sprinkling of beef rendang bits , mango slices , lemongrass , onions & green chilis cleverly placed on the sides , for discerning connoisseurs.
Nicely done and very Northern Malaysian style.

this gently grilled dory fish (RM 20 ) is quite tender & and had just the about right amount of mild Western "sauce" , a testament to the fine touches of the Chef . Looks tastefully simple.

As a true blue beach restaurant you will of course find the mandatory fresh seafood corner ( with satay too ) , right at the front of the restaurant ! Pick and choose from the abundant big prawns , local fishes & 1kg lobsters to be "bakared" to your hearts' content !

...and yes if you are lucky a resident busker rendering sentimental old hits worth your $$ will serenade you and partner(s) here for added feel and authentic musical ambience.

After a satisfied dinner , you definitely know where we went to neXt , right ?

Rasa Restaurant ( halal )
Pantai Cenang, Langkawi
tel : 04 - 955 4949
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16 April 2008

a really classy backlane

Welcome to the island of delightfully Xtreme contradictions !

the tiny unbecoming main road along Pantai Kok leading to the xhilarating Oriental Village/Cable Car Xperience from Pantai Cenang/Langkawi Airport . You will see nothing from here.

turn inside and you will be stunned beyond repair ( next 5 minutes ) , for this el Dorado alfresco backStreet is like no other .

introducing...a guide to novice passion , style & elegance

a pint of tiger sir ? go with da balls ?
no matter if its ( omg ! ) lamb balls or longish garlic baquette

You may also try the signature rio de janeiro BBQ Brazilia here, complete with the personal touches of the big Chef himself.
Its just wonderful to cool down over multiple mugs of RM3 !! Telaga Harbour Park chilled beer .....& hallucinate in glory , celebrity and fame as you disembark once more round the world in one of those shining white multi million dollar immaculate yachts calling out your name....
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13 April 2008

nasi melayu

Although not highly ranked by the international gourmet fraternity , Masakan Melayu is to us special. Why ? One of the reasons is the unique looks we get from fellow diners ( especially kids ) / staff when we wipe clean the bowls / plates most of the time in warungs / restorans . And then a black something pointing downwards from our hands with a laser beam do get people a bit excited . The boss always happily recognise us when we return ( remember, we r afterall da Gluttons !) . Some of these that follow are our favourites whenever we are out of town & in the backStreets ( coz they are easy to find , tastes wonderful and they are inexpensive...)

the yellowish rice with the raisins . Top it up with the unbeatable daging ( beef ) rendang and you surely don't need another rice for the next 12 hours.

the brownish 1/2 glutinuous rice aka nasi dagang. Tastes heavy and perfect with the heavier designer fish that comes out in chunky flakes ( tuna )

this East Coast nasi kerabu wonder is immaculately bluish and comes with all those raw beansprouts/ green veges and signature orange/white salted eggs . Uniquely different from other rice offerings, and cannot be missed ( or else)

the 2nd most popular rice dish in Malaysia . Nasi Ayam , so famous that it has spawned My Mum's Chicken Rice , Nasi Ayam Mama and even forced a misguided never say never KFC version .

and reintroducing & us know its no 1

for specific recommendations please check
Malaysian Food Blogs
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11 April 2008

jaguh kampung

Authenticity & ambience is the marketing catch phrase of many a Wannabe Cafe now sprouting up all over in new shoplots & chic Shopping Malls. For deep down , these F/B pros acknowledge the unseen pull of the sentimental eaters and gluttons . For who doesn't love the food that one grew up with , or those that were enjoyed with fellow innocent (ignorant) kiddie friends , say in or around those tempestuous adolescent years in the kampungs by the river banks or new villages 8 km from town ?

...and so when we hear of rave reviews ( yet again ! ) of kampung simple fare making it bloatingly big in mega cities in stone walls replete with artificial air and sanitised table & chairs we always wonder...& wonder the Hj Samuri Kajang Satay with an amazing 18 outlets to date . How can !

To reaffirm our unchanged tastes , we stopped again at this really high smoky roadside wonder just after the bridge over the Perak River , in Bota. Almost looked like an old wooden rickety house on fire with curious busybody onlookers. Except in this case they were patiently Q-ing.

this is our idea of authentic satay with the ambience ! At an impeccable RM o.25 per stick for golden tender correctly charred 3 pieces chickens on a stick , why you can have 25 sticks each & more ! They also have other meats and some rice dishes too
verdict ? ... needless to say we were happy with the fresh chunky meats , great peanutty sauce and the extra smokey aroma + real authentic smoke ( plus plus the traditional mosquitos ) .
Who says Kajang Satay is best ?
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