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30 March 2008

in Ulu Yam's image

For the adventurous and non-fussy eaters (that must be team BSG ) , Cowboy Town Rawang some 35 minutes countryside drive from Kuala Lumpur offers some exciting fillers, of the ancient Chinaman shoplot kind.

There is a great variety of produce , from the forests , seas, lakes and farms. We sometimes catch some wannaBs ( no ! not team BSG ) foul mouth Golfers from the 4 nearby elite Golf Clubs fresh from their holed illicit 'winnings' indulging in some legitimate mega pot drunken prawns and obscene frogs, over extralong tiresome tales of the loose holes that got away.

Though of course there are other smaller quick draws for the casual passers by.
This giant bowl of Xtra large noodles in dark eggy sauce , an imitation of the one made famous from nearby Ulu Yam , the lor mee .

Came out piping hot and bursting at the seams. Tastes really vinegar biting strong and tasty just like the real thing from Ulu Yam . minus the prawns.
Definitely worth a try at RM 5 a Kg bowl.

Keng Kee
( a few doors from KFC )
that last row of shops beside the main Rawang -KL road
as you leave the town towards Templer Park , KL
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25 March 2008

father's choice

filial entree
beautiful Coral Bay (Pangkor Island )

fishy appetizer , RM 26

slim , long ...priceless

the lonesome cafe
backBeach , Teluk Nipah , Pulau Pangkor
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24 March 2008

seaside cafe

We just love this place. Everything is so down to sea. And the alfresco snacking is a joy.

the Lumut Seaside Cafe

Each white plateful of the cucumber , tomato and lettuce + carrot strips in Western creamy sauces , potato chips, sardine sandwiches + round breads , overlong noodles and rough meat patties start from RM 5 something .
but the gorgeous view is worth a million dollars , yes ? ...u bet
...& also ! if you dowan to go home and need completely private hidden rooms in nearby ( 45 min ) Nipah Bay Pangkor for say, a group of 8 , preferably a mixed crowd ( with the best fresh thermidor lobsters ) do call
017-594 6006 , after 6 pm ( James Kennedy )
...don't forget to say you earnestly read backStreetGluttons , coz for that he might give you a jolly special discount...try him if you dun believe
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22 March 2008

Noodles & Buns

1/2 a century long going stronger

Ayer Tawar, Perak ( 12 km from Sitiawan 60 km from Ipoh ) is a stunning part of Malaysia's changing political landscape and has probably the first state ever to have a local Chinese boy becoming deputy Mentri Besar ( Chief Minister ) . Some Bankers here swear that this place has also the highest per capita personal savings in the whole how come ?

Probably these might explain a little bit , who knows ?

their most famous noodle wonder , "kampuang" ( dry noodles in dark sauce with reddish meat slices, really flat & lean )

then to go with this slippery flattest "pian neet" ( minced meat in thinnest dough )

the "loo mein" , noodles in starchy soup...&
that reluctant but electrifying all-red superstar "aeng chui mein siang" ( noodles with chicken meats in rice wine )

all noodles priced at RM 2.20 each ( flamboyant thing is RM3.50 )

"kong pian" ( predecessor of the modern day donuts ) RM 0.60 each

with this kind of pricing and that kind of noodles maybe it is not surprising then
next time make doubly sure you drop by here on your way to Sitiawan/Pangkor to see what the fuss is all about
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20 March 2008

sea of peace

Damai Laut Resort opposite Lumut is another so near yet so far sort of place designed during the heydays of the booming Mahathir era and positions itself mainly as a playground for well-heeled foreign tourists, and boasts of an 18 hole golf course with a hotel managed by the Swiss Garden Group. There is no outstanding beach front to speak of neither anything remotely captivating , except maybe for some forgettable pictures that follow...

but its a superb hideaway when you want to disappear and indulge in some big prawns and other big things...

The neighboring extra wide sandy beaches tho are simply awesome and that turtle sanctuary in nearby Pasir Panjang ( Segari ) is definitely worth a visit so do not miss it...
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18 March 2008

high & breathless

A stunning view as you zoom your way up for the date.

enter another cool dreamy manicured world , all of 6000 feet up in the Highlands !

a man -made wonder of superb sweeping panaroma and that unmistakeable enduring tea brand

such Xquisite beauty

such tempting passionate colors

and this cool traditional banana leaf rice hot lunch
Discover Malaysia
Sg Palas Estate , Brinchang
Mountain Strawberry Farm , off Sg Palas Estate , Brinchang
Restoran Sri Brinchang , Tanah Rata

Phew ! what an eye & mouthfull ...but just wait till you see/taste what we had
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17 March 2008

risky pursuits

Its something like this , go over ( or issit under ) north and try it , faster...faster

Don't scared... just do it !

Lucky we crossed the border successfully , the big multi-ton concrete absolutely dangerously free-hanging ( how can ah ? ) slabs didn't fall as they looked like they might .

Experience once-a-life-time cheap ( free ) thrill on the Federal KL - Klang Highway just as you pass by the Carrefour Hypermarket Subang to your left !

Welcome to Thailand ( in USJ , Subang ) !

plenty of shade and greens

getting a littlebit exciting , right guys ?

Thai Cuisine's signature killer dish ( & Malay Cusine's adopted sibling ) , the explosive tomyam

simply pure-fry vegetables , Chinese style

what a beautiful delicious pineapple rice dish !

Sawasde Thai Kitchen
Summit USJ , Subang Jaya
tel : 03-8023 8014

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black & white among stars

Bintang Walk , Kuala Lumpur

the old new old pride of the Capital

Still crowded at peak hours

corner lane leading into BB Plaza

casually having a bite

not black or white , just a tinge of fragrant yellow

the black BBQ bits , firm and sweety with flashes of that famously controversial "char siew"

the white one...a pretty commendable effort from the sidewalks
tender & tantalising , silky smooth skin

BB Hailan Chicken Rice
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
03-2141 6216
35 % more pricey than your regular hawker one
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14 March 2008

star hill class ?

This interesting place in KL's premier shopping ( and foot reflexology ) belt is always busy with cars & tourists and epitomises KL'e energetiv pulse and so to cool things down just a little sip.
Try not to ask for the price here

pure pineapple juice/foam /pulp in a cup with the complete street ambience , RM 15
yes we are almost there...
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