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28 February 2008

really no meats today

Its known generally as vegetarian food , as vegetables and other non-meat products make up the dishes. Some people patronise this kind of establishments for religious reasons others like us for food.

While a few actually believe that these kind of stuff are good ( health, heart & soul ) for you ! Our foray into uncharted territory has an extra soft intro something like this

the setting is like any other air-cond restaurant , except that here in Ayer Tawar Perak , it is a novelty to enjoy the cool air away from the burning scorching 35-degree C heat outside among some suicidal flies, in relative quiet comfort.

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For today's lunch , quickly simply done without the frills

its amazing when people eat "vegetarian" and up pop visually stunning sound-look-even-taste-alikes sharks fins soup , curry fish heads , butter prawns , pork throtters etc etc...???
Remarkable what they can think of next & ... do for you...
Now here in this little town , a 4 star vegetarian restaurant . Inexpensive though at slightly above RM 30 for 1 fried rice, 1 yee meen noodles , 1 sizzling tofu , a brinjal mixed dish , mushrooms green vegetables and 1 pot of chinese tea for 5 .
Restaurant Vegetarian Kuang Zhong
124 & 125 , Medan Seri Sentosa
Ayer Tawar , Perak
Tel 017- 503 2109 , 012 - 552 7261
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26 February 2008

its all about size

We had to try this outstanding restaurant at a corner shoplot in Lumut town since it boasts of very authentic Italian pizzas.

Naturally being such a Europeanised set-up the mandatory salads ( some raw vegetables in some unknown white sauce ) . Quite a colorful combination if you noticed.

then the mother of all seafood pizzas arrived super hot from the oven. Its h u g e , crunchy and well sea-ey as can be, served on a giant piece of heavy wood .

The thing looks so big infact its even bigger than the notebook which looks paltry by comparison.

All found in classy Capri Restaurant ( not that in Italy but here in Lumut) , all for RM 29 ( only ) . Together with some sizeable waitresses too from around the world.
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25 February 2008

traditional Chinese chicken rice

in an authentic Indian Restaurant

In main street Tanah Rata ( flatlands) , Cameron Highlands there are numerous Indian restaurants side by side and probably no Indian Muslim restaurants. Which is remarkable considering that in most other towns the reverse is probably true !

But then again in Camerons many things are refreshingly ( cooly) different. More Europeans per sq metres indulge in banana leaf rice than any other place in Malaysia.
Also Chinese chicken rice...

This is a popular dish in some Indian restaurants in Tanah Rata.
Served by an authentic oldy Chinaman. But of course there will be some differences.
Try it here yourself in Restoran Sri Brinchang ( opposite the town's main car park ) the next time you are here !
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21 February 2008

Unclutter your breakfast , far away

take it simple for the ultimate casual

We have always enjoyed eating casual , below attap huts and surounded by jungle trees . For instance in this Breakfast Bar in Cenang Beach , Langkawi. What little you need you will get.

No wonder its one of the best hangouts the morning after at this pleasure zone at the isle of legends ( ya soon we shall make one for ourselves ).

Classic. Simple. Undisturbed.

Lots of old wood ( world ) charms .. Rustic ?
Ambience-nic enough ?

Some breakfast thoughts
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20 February 2008

the promised sunset

...missing it

Was supposed to have basked in this magnificent glorious setting sunview Cenang Beach Langkawi but guess its gonna wait for a little while longer !

beautiful Cenang Beach at dusk ( pix courtesy not bSG )
Moving away from the unrecognisable once upon a time Dec 2004 (Aceh tsunami attack ) slow moving Cenang Street now pulsating "Pattaya look -alike by-night
aka cowboy alley "
...yes ...lies a... beach Oasis !

one of the best deep fried golden calamaries in a long while with the RM4 Carlsberg ,
and the multi-million dollar seaview ( thats for you J )

as you play with the sand with your wriggly toes

a great place to wine and dine
...I 'll be back...
Oasis Pub & Restaurant
838 Jalan Pantai Cenang
Langkawi Island
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19 February 2008

authentic local Food

the traditional Sungei Dua Prawn Mee

Sungei Dua ( 2 rivers ) is a small town most people hardly notice when they pass by Butterworth on the way up North to Langkawi or Thailand . But did you know that hidden inside is a gluttonous reputation for super pricey noodles Malay style.?
Every eating shop seems to have it !

And by the way even in Food Paradise Penang there is an area near Bayan Lepas where the entire small kampung boasts of this huge "imported" orange dish called Mee Udang Sg Dua ,
a fantastic tribute from the Master himself and that's how "humongous" it is !

the "copycat" Penang version

this is Sg Dua , a typical small Malaysian river where some people
fish for fun others swim and bathe , and where it all began

A long time ago surely a smart Glutton ( like him ) would have thought of and invariably set out to open a wooden stall by the river bank ( with a view of bathing ladies ?) to feed more gluttons from the abundant "big head" bounty caught from the river ? ...then before you know it everybody else has jumped on2 the prawnwagon ?

those days they will sell a-plenty fresh water Xtra Big Head prawns (udang galah) in a small container , but now they have conveniently doubled up with these tiny sea prawns costing at least RM50 and above per kg.

As a rule of middle finger , such prawns will cost about RM 4 each .

So for an average small eater interested in only 2 prawns and the usual soupy noodles be prepared to dish out RM 12 a plate to satisfy your curiosity ( or cravings )

But W T H ! ...its always crowded with people hovering over some fresh coconuts....
xpensive or not ! they come on bikes , cars, vans and also mercedes

... just for this original real genuine old-fashioned Sg Dua Mee Udang.

Quite slurpy and tasty nonetheless and well worth your untiring efforts and as good as a glorified mee rebus should be especially soaked with fresh boiled prawns right ?
Be careful though there are many shops selling this thing with the inevitable disppointments all over the place but this one here beside the concrete bridge ( 15 years ago shaky dangerous wooden platform ) is most popular with a huge space for the cars ( & buses )...
You should try the novelty too , if you can find the place
( alas...many have gotten lost and ended up in Jln Macalister, Penang 30 km away for the Penang prawn mee )

selera sri tambang mee udang
1 , pengkalan tambang , permatang pasir , bukit mertajam

tel 012 - 575 9662

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16 February 2008

isle of wonders

Just when you thought Genting Highlands' skyride cable car was incredible , wait till you try Langkawi Island's staggering shot upwards . And before you know it be even more dazzled by this architectural hanging strip of metal curving between two jagged limestone cliffs right beside the superdomes housing the cable car transit stations !

the awesome walk between da valley...& feel the wondrous breeze ! another shocker , a yellow kunyit nasi lemak right on top , winds gushing at speeds of at least 30kph striking your fluffy rice and banana leaf so beware

laksa kedah is everywhere on the Island , below hills , beside lanes and inside aircond shops , usually RM2 so you can have 2 or 3

the underwater ( neckless ) fatty from the Teluk Cenang ( glimpses of Pattaya ) Underwater World
@RM28 a ticket entry ( foreigners RM38 )

delightful Sofea Cafe ( facing sea ) in Kuah ( gravy ) Town 1 km from main passenger jetty

its Langkawi Special , unusually pleasant fried noodles with generous calamari ( cuttlefish ) fritters in tasteful setting , excellent value for money
this you gotta try
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13 February 2008

eating well

before the big fight

of course you will need strategy

be very very very careful what you cross and put into this tiny hole

always watch your behind , front , below and sideways too

the big fishes are everywhere and must eat smaller ones so be extra cautious

Don't forget to eat more rice for energy , you need power too to return multicross fires
Good luck to the warriors ! May you have a good round 12th & may the force be with you
this Mother of all Shows ( not bluffing one ) begins Feb 13 2008

grand little Napoleonic Finale 8th March 2008 exclusively at a place near you
( dun MISS it ! or your downlines if any will regret 4ever we tell you )

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12 February 2008

the long connection

The Japanese are master adapters and infact changed their thousands of years new year celebrations from the Lunar ( as for Chinese ) to the Catholic version ( Western ) sometime during the Meiji period about a hundred odd years ago.

They now make everything from watches to automobiles etc etc etc which can be one or many classes ahead of their American/European masters !

Chinese noodles too have been transformed into this Ramen (ラーメン or 拉麺 , noodles soup with some meats ) which have also been cleverly refined in some versions for eg that is known as udon .

The right place right mood right red yellow colors for the aspicious Chinese New Year festivities , day 5 and running.

So many choices , in fact like hundreds of them !

This pseudo Japanese guy with the Pakistani Nepalise captain and waiters.

In a shopping mall in da city.

try one and see , only got 1 stomach

chicken ( again !) udon soup RM 11.50 . taste simply fair

Oh btw they invented instant noodles so they must be good right ?

No, our very own Nyonyas beat them by a mile ( of course ! )
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05 February 2008

pixs do lie

so do tastes

Malaysian Cuisine is quite interesting at the eating tables.. We have seen a family recoiling in horror ( at least the mom ) upon seeing that the soup that came with the delectable nasi ayam smelt un-ayam. Why Maam that is one of our soupy delicacies if you purrrlease ! But...

Then during every pre-holiday rush 7-course Corporate Muhhibah Dinners cum dance parties involving staff , the organiser will have her hands full with the big Q ... ' ah got serve ??? or not " , aiyo we got many types of people you know.

Even in modern clean Cafes with the big safe "H" sign with Arabic words , seems like also got problems , like for eg that Chinese family where the Dad wants that fatty 'meat' the place din have while Mom wants steak that Pa couldn't take. Never mind .

Malaysians are clever too when it comes to looks !

the beef cuts , Western style ( such a pretty picture isn't it ?)

classy , real solid steak ( for grilled beef , as for rare , medium or well heated in littlebit oil )
these are super steaks ...actually... no this we din eat

looks like it ! ( from the Supermart Cafe ) RM 18

tastes like it ! ( Golden Arches prosperity foldover ) RM 9.50

but I din say it isn't me ! ( coz I eat lambs only ) RM 26 , check here

this post is dedicated to the Malaysian Judiciary , which looks like not real of late ...

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