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30 January 2008

the fowl meat

its just a bird

yes and naked !

fire it

the perfect 1 dish wonder
Nasi Ayam ( steamed / oiled /colored rice with fried / roasted /steamed chicken meat)
the 2nd most popular dish in Malaysia , according to da backStreetGluttons
...keeping it simple...
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29 January 2008

looks doesn't matter

coz its personal
the royal dish fit for the Maharajahs of ancient Northern India, the strikingly gorgeous tandoori chicken on a plate.

a friend from the States says this kind of chickens is the most tasteless meat he has ever eaten halfway, ever. The above sample is from a great Indian Restaurant in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

Can find this good-looker in any full fledged Indian Restaurant
Malaysia ( or the World ) , either spiked or hanged
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28 January 2008

Bidor's quick fix

Bidor is a mini town off the North-South Highway and a popular stop for transit travellers on R & D ( Recharge & Discharge ) before the last lap to Pangkor Island. Here you can pick up quite a variety of the famed chicken biscuits, fresh mountain produce , organic , genuine or otherwise ( petai , durians and some other fruits like the seedless guava & red jambu ).

There is a particularly interesting and extremely busy restaurant called Pun Chun getting all the limelight. This is the one with the the large family crowds outside (getting hassled ), inside(begging for the lost wanton mee or the aphrodisiacal brown duck ) and beyond (Q-ing to let-go).
If you can't stand the incessant ( or irritating) Durian Man outside ( he will entice you no end with the piercing aroma of the golden fruit ) , then you can always go deeper to the terrible inside ( alongside the noisy Mama screaming to the overhyperactive kids just before the mis-impatient Papa shouts to the deaf waiters one last time ).

Well, we got our share over a cuppa traditional bitter black coffee creamee to perfection by the King himself (no less) thank you very much.
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27 January 2008

Looking & Sounding Good

In da cool tropical Highlands

Don't you just love it when the internationally acknowledged 4 seasons' heavenly gastronomical epicentre from far far away sends a rep to share its eating-edge Cuisine ?

Here it is , the little early morning Banquet for 2 , they do look familiar right ?

Hong Kong Restaurant
Brinchang , Cameron Highlands
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26 January 2008

an oldy Modern coffee shop

noodles & rice , breakfast for 3

Its always refreshing when the latest hippiest eating joints pop up with their one-up-manship manouevers . Watch how many cool cafes have sprouted in the gleaming gigantic shopping malls of late, such as the tummy-breaking jaw-dropping lower ground KL Pavilion Food Republic .

Don't you dare accidentally drop one of those giant designer plates and bowls and shatter them into tiny pieces here for they will probably cost more than the tiny boutique ( but hawker) food you were then holding in your trembling hands !

So its always very nice if you meet a fresh little kopitiam far far away for a change. Especially if it tempts with mostly Malay kampung delights plus some Nyonya flavors.

Kopitiam ( coffee shop as in Chinese Hokkian ) refers fondly to a family run restaurant down the road where Grandma probably first met Grandpa. And the unforgettable sentimental dishes which kept them together all these tempestuous years After all they say food is love ...& yes !
vice versa.

as you step inside this place , the imposing black and white giant posters and the ancient Hang Li Po era of solid marble tables and stiff chairs will draw you straight into decades reversed.

the killer-dish ...good old hot black coffee ... and there you go again on a vibrant start to another round of juicy gossips , errrr you know " how can the good doctor do that . I mean what will the wife say..." , you know , that sort of things.

Mee Goreng with classic top-ups of fried egg and red chillies. Simple and nice the way she would have wanted it .

the Mother of all Malaysian rice. Traditional Nasi Lemak . All the right things are there !

Fragrant , fluffy and spicy.

Another bountiful and top rice & chicken dish , Nasi Ayam . presented in a modern fresh style in heavy cutleries , as with the rest above.

finally the Xciting noodle wonder and all time Malaysian hawker favorite , Assam Laksa. Competently close on the heels of the world famous Penang version.
A decent and comfortable place ( slightly pricier than normal hawker food courts here in Sitiawan) just beside the Main Sitiawan-Lumut Road , after the Petronas Petrol Station.
Surprisingly it is wi-fi enabled so you can catch your email on the go in this still as-yet Starbucks-less Manjung District , as you next rush towards your pulsating date at the Lumut Jetty for your Romantic Escapades !
Manjung Kopitiam ( halal )
66 Pusat Bandar Seri Manjung
32040 Seri Manjung, Perak
Tel 05-688 7541 visit website here

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23 January 2008

evergreens from da Kampungs

We think Masakan Melayu (Malay Cuisine) ranks No 1 in the country , in terms of tempat , 地 點
& location .

...we mean this rugged place, with the Lumut Naval Base ( TUDM) at the background among the swaying coconut leaves...

... a truly amazing place by the dusty roadside, crowded with hungry customers coming in by the carloads. all ready 2 Q .

the Main S p r e a d

probably Manjung District's finest and most popular Nasi Campur ( mixed rice with pre-cooked dishes ) shop

with at least 35 different trays of eye-popping goodies , reminiscent of some class act in the Capital

one side corner for the Ulam ( raw vegetables ) + sambal ( chilli sauce ) , 2nd covered deck for the ikan bakar ( grilled fish ) , 3rd section the fried meats , 4th centre-court the main course of curries etc and 5th side corner the fully-loaded drinks section .

All efficiently D I Y ( hence its signature namesake , see below ).

Uniquely Malay Cuisine , with superstars stingray ( ikan pari ), burnt or with assam curry ), fried mackeral look-alike ( with secret sambal hidden below the "armour"), catfish ( ikan keli ) fried until da bones taste like meat , fresh 4-angle beans , ladies fingers , long beans , lettuces , petai etc

very heavy & strong colors , the classic nasi banjired ( rice flooded with multi-curry sauces ) dangerous look

burntttt black stingray beside the
all-time Malay-styled
orangeee fried egg ( you can't miss them)

fried steel-plated fish with medium raw long beans & one super soft fish (?)

greens , greens , meats
and more biting hot sambal

Da ikan keli and assam curry pari with "Indian" vege (?)
each plate above is about RM 6 each ( 1 meat + 1 fish + 1 veges + 1 iced water )
Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman
No 3A , Jalan Telok Batik
( just beside TUDM)
32200 Lumut Perak

H/P: 019 - 574 7491

note : opening hours quite erratic & luscious dishes remarkably
Xplosive !!

p o w *% w o w%*+!
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19 January 2008

eating in Lumut

little hits from the Gold Coast

almost architectural marvel the Jeti nasi kandar ( Indian Muslim ) restaurant ,
adjacent to Lumut Jetty

the impressive jetty , sea and hill views , from inside the restaurant

the really quite flavorful multi-color briyani rice RM4.80 , with chicken kurma curry drumstick

neighboring ( infront of CIMB Bank ) Lumut town centre Rhythm ( err rocking ) & Blues
Malay Restaurant.

unmistakeable Masakan Melayu sambal and ulam (raw greens ) with mutton & curry gravy

This one another classic Malay ikan bakar ( burning fish ) + tomyam (Siamese Sour Hot Soup ) eatery , as big as one football field seafest by the Teluk Muroh Beach
( just outside the Lumut Naval Base )
the stingray whole and burnt brown in spicy chilli sauce + 2 more different sauces
( to make 3 ) , RM14
Restoran Ah Hing , another Fuzhou Cuisine Specialist ( and super wedding caterer )
from Kg Selamat , Sitiawan

the pop-up high oyster omelette to beat all other underblown yolks
by an eggfull

this is the Sitiawan town wet market's answer to Sri Paandi , Brickfields Kuala Lumpur.
...the ultimate & completely banana leaf rice aka nasi lemak , only RM 0.70 ( what ? )

behold , fully aromatic fluffy rice and stinking fish proudly
made by a Chinaman... only from the backStreets naturally
its really fun
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16 January 2008

Westernised Lumut

While on assignment in Lumut lately , we were recommended to one or two cafes, bistros and bars including yes ! a steakhouse . These are some of the interesting sights and sounds ( + colors ) that went our way in this surprisingly Europeanised tourist town. At least in 2 Cafes & Bars here we have noted over a few nights that the expatriate community comprising many Englishmen dominates the bar counter and , well shall we say the tables too .

the still growing Lumut Waterfront ...
...recently a covered state-of-the-art walkway from the Lumut Bus Station sprouted overnight ( literally) and has now reached the Lumut Jetty ! Much to the convenience of pedestrians and bane to impatient motorists ( you win some lose some).

A handsome basket of the good looking garlic breads , a bsg favorite after dark , found in Jook Joint Bistro in the town centre. Crispy and hot they came.

their popular sirloin steak ( wonder what the loin is there for ) , rare and mean. RM26.

Hopping over to Seri Manjung we hammered this rib-eye ( where eye ?) from the award winning Fullpann Steak House . Also RM26.
Since we are all happy friends we shall not engage in a cowboymeathouse kind of shootout this time ! ...but more will come soon...
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11 January 2008

sauce is everything...

but , you got to start somewhere ...


after !

the effect is shattering !

check this ! out too
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nasi ulam , Pasta Fredo (Tmn Tun ), KL

detoxifyer par greens
a 2o minutes gastonomical programme
from the raw

to the

nasi ulam by chef bsg
available soon a place near you
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09 January 2008

chicks in Malls

Deli is short for delicatessen , a kind of casual eating place where the food is pre-prepared/pre-cooked . Usually situated in busy streets or Malls such as this one here in Subang Parade, Subang Jaya.

Sometimes one gets stunned with this pretty one-legged boast . ...possibly the world's best...!

can read or not ?
... oh well , lets give it a shot then ! ( giving in to subtle sweet youngish pressu.. errr pleasure )

convenient pictorial menu , seems so many choices...

at about RM 11 each plate ,
the days where it ruled supreme in Bangsar Shopping Centre and 1 Utama is "possibly" long gone...what with the hip hop fresh sexy cafes sprouting all over now in 2 Utama , Sunway Pyramid, KLCC , Pavilion etc, etc.
You can still give it a try though , for the experience (past glory possibly) , or just to answer that question of "possibly the best ! " ( ya , why not ?)
Dave Deli
Subang Parade
Subang Jaya
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