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31 December 2008

Goodbye 2008

thanks for the memories

still not enough
team BSG
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30 December 2008

Travelling Siamese Teasers

Do you , like many , often get really disappointed , yet again...
... with another round of authentic traditional original Thai dishes ...
...served by look-alikes in
...faked environments ?

Don't give up !
Sometimes somewhere someplace like here is the real thing ...
Ta ta !

the Gardens@Tesco , Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya
showing daily on the way to the Curve

They got lots of divine teasers , greens, yellows, whites and so on

RM5 each

they smile , bow and always say thank you
dun you just love the real Thai ?
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29 December 2008

girl & boy in da city centre

She's always there , with that impossible grin as you gawk at her on the way
and Up
among the hundreds of hurried feet dashing

lookee left

the awesome

She charming , so fresh , so lovely

1st Strike ... team Bread Shop

unleashing the famed beh-tahan yede-oldie kopi aroma

... trapping yet again the worshipping incoming shoppers/gluttons

Crisp & warm body. Dripping creamy wet as you enter.
one tender touch RM1.80 , ( errr...I mean bite )

He is so satisfied

Kuala Lumpur
pls alight from KLCC LRT Station
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28 December 2008

royal secrets

Its so interesting & so Malaysian . Like a Lost World. The best is nearly all the time so hard to find. Damn if you follow the sign , damn if you don't.

Anyway you must be near the Kg Attap / Sg Besi areas ( South Kuala Lumpur ) to get your bearings. Better if you say this one ah near the Istana Negara ( what ? ).

Lets say you finally did find the Bellamy Road ( against insurmountable odds) !
...the backyard / backStreet / backlane of the Agong (Malaysian King) 's Palace . Goodness !

Then B-kwik & try the first shop , like everybody else after surviving the harrowing lost highway experience.

afterall they diligently serve the opulent King , and some secret conoisseurs
so must be really good !

They are , but will not cost you a Kingsly arm & a leg since they
only have fins & tails & plenty of bones

btw the lady Boss ( we like her ) is so friendly so dun scared

ikan bakar ( fish on fire ) 1st shop
Jln Bellamy Kuala Lumpur
dun say where , ok
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27 December 2008

one man 1 woman

side by side ... thru thick & thin

the accidental flavorsome couple

He in white shirt is standing behind her , she the yellow one is in front ( your right )

He doesn't want to talk much & he expects you to do the same for he rather you just go and sit down and wait. He strongly believes the really authentic RM4 Penang Curry Mee ( you see above ) should do the talking . Din you know the troublesome Q was just told to disperse a minute ago , how nice . Fine , lets wait

She loves the attention and can even wish you RM4 Merry Christmas ! How wonderful ! Her balls are no pushovers for they are really attractive, solid and bouncy and slightly on the larger than normal sizes , take a closer look below if you dun believe . You may press image to enlarge them to get a badder feel yourself

Best tender feminine balls in PJ I tell you !
here so many people love them round and firm

Its okay here ( Chow Yang ) area, SS 2/10 , PJ
all the way opposite end from Restoran Kayu

whatever the contrasts , they are good

fish ball noodles
curry mee
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crisp & juicy bbq meat on springy noodles

The stall inside this coffee shop is the envy of the other fellow stalls.

He & wife has orders by the tens and hundreds per hour while they await the odd fallouts from the give-ups and the impatients.

The best noodles stall in Mayang Mas / Aman Suria , Petaling Jaya , that strange and unlikely other Gluttons Zone in-between Tropicana Club & Taman Mayang .

Look for no. 747, terribly run down, as usual
but with the bunting of great pride standing strong

The immense breakfast & lunch crowd comes for this kingsly plate of
slurps with the black charred toppings

proudly home made long slim noodles and
home caramelised soy sauced burnt & glistening fats

The amiable & harmonious pair and 2 Indon helpers work so furiously to serve all & sundry.

Do not worry , once your order is taken they never forget ...even if its another 30 minutes before you finally settle down quietly in your lucky corner to enjoy simple noodles the way it has always been , with no frills nor drama

This 2nd choice looks so gorgeous and so inviting , but we will recommend that if you must have it , leave out the black chunky meat & fats for the curry gravy is already so full of taste that one more flavorer will destroy the much-craved familiar senses.

Excellent bbq char siew should never be drowned in excellent curry , for that would be an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions even if it costs only RM4 a bowl
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25 December 2008

Charming old KL

You know its old because it actually looks old . And really untidy !

We have a strange feeling Bandaraya ( City Hall) of this great city has left it like this ( almost in ruins ) , just the way it was long ago when certain Chinamen were a force to be reckon with.

Which explains the intersecting 2 Chinese names here aka a dreadful mini Puduraya Bus Station look-alike with its many stationary fume chocked buses.

The red junk sign confirms that you are indeed at the right place !

You can always enter from the back if you prefer. It looks damn narrow but large enough

Ah ! Our favourite sidewalk in da backStreet !
so immaculately nostalgic we wanted to cry again

This impeccable bloody ! brew is what we came for , RM5.00 + 60 sen ( rice )
guaranteed to turn your stomach , all 10 dark cubes of them !
+ some soft tender tasteless tofu to cushion the blows ...just in case

So interesting so old KL !

the salted vege meat & red jelly soup + white rice
when the sun sets until tomorrow
opposite RHB Bank
Jln Tun H.S.Lee right angled to Jln Tun Tan Siew Sin ( off Jln Tun Perak )
in the middle of Kuala Lumpur

verdict : must try
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Old Town in old town

The trick is to sound very old , so that you can be trusted ( even tho you have just been here 2 weeks only ) .

Then you recruit some young unknowledgeable aliens to be waiters/resses in nice looking white starchy short sleeves with rustic brown caps so that they look clean & dependable and do not talk too much while at work.

Speaking in English to the overawed customers is strongly encouraged.

Next, you position yourself at an ancient place of a strategic front cornerlot , like this...
so that all can see how old you really are

such a handsome young interior !

impress all with this new age ō series healthier eggs ( RM1.25 each)
the modern young old men & women
in a new flawless hip & trendy young designer bowl

for which you have just stunned them slippered clad oldtimers sitting outside , with
...a preview of one of your astonishing new styles

welcome to

old town Petaling Jaya !
in-between Jln Kelang Lama , Jalan Templer , Jln Pencala
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23 December 2008

unbeatable Chinatown

Sg Buloh New Village , the furniture powerhouse of Selangor is towards Ijok/Kuala Selangor from Kepong, Damansara Perdana or Subang Airport . It is a harsh & messy cowboy town with rubbish littered narrow lanes , dangerous lorry drivers and their smoky machines , uncountable motor workshops , choppy pot holes , broken drains and YES !

... eating stalls/sheds/shacks in every corner...hanging ducks , swimming fishes , da many choices

Do not be put-off by the forever unfinished dusty road repairs near the entrance nor the terrible mis/broken signboards . Instead , be brave , just ask for ( kampung ) Sungei Buloh Lama, as you skilfully manouver your state-of-the-art vehicle into

...a whole new old world of non-stop fattening

the shop , in-between RHB Bank & Hong Leong Bank

starting with this super smooth & tender white Chinese chicken thigh and a plate of flavored rice
& 1 chilled red can of coca cola
a marvellous combination

after this you will be left wondering why all these years you have been wasting your time talking about Lou Wong in Ipoh, Bentong Kee Kee ,SS4 PJ & famous Ipoh Chicken Jln Gasing , PJ

now that you are impressed you can continue to part next of your adventure
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22 December 2008

best combination

here we go again ...

only a few more nights to X-mas

compliments of the nyonya chef ( RianaGreen, check his other recipes ) and
dave deli ( 1 utama ) , happy hours a jug RM36
roast pork complimentary ( only to bsg )
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19 December 2008

kopi-O RM1.30 , pork mee RM4.50

She waxes lyrical over this pinky can become brown , dark , even black fix-it while Big One craves for it without shame & tummy tholzs about it night n day. ( click red highlights to read exclusive true love confessions )

high on Putrajaya's Hit List

... a gulletful of whoring odours
2 killer poly-mono/unsaturated-glyceratedtrans brown bullets
the ultimate apocalypse ...

and final fantasy for doomed men & women

over in ( a short ) 55 potent minutes

along the main road to SS3, Petaling Jaya
exiting from Taman Megah
look left , corner lot

note :
pork mee ( chyee yoke fun , KL/PJ version ) is fresh pork cuts ( mainly innards & other lower grade body parts ) boiled in a single pot of salted soup poured over noodles in a separate bowl.

Quality is key here in this famous PJ institution with the Master Chef's tedious concentration on the signature 1 pot of boiling brew to 1 customer no matter how long it takes.

So expect no idle chatter with him ok, nor with the sombre wife. Lets wait
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18 December 2008

the price of convenience

Every neighborhood has its favorite specialist foodstall.

In Chinatown SS2, PJ there is one such place , just beside the Police Station.

On weekdays before 9 am you can easily recognise it by the patient Q of people, mostly in office attire with the occassional retiree armed with a thick newspaper under the elbow and " hope still got " kind of nervous gaze..

The classic illegal immigrant squatter wall-less spartan inside will reveal the trademark plastic tables and chairs and the hurried pace of clanking utensils.

Nobody seems to eat with the hands here though this is a famous Malay dish.

RM3.50 ( with 2 spoonfuls of C+ spicy cockles )

The forced wrapped much lusted in an unbreakable brown paper is decidedly messy . No plates are used here , thus the 3 clever Malay "waiters' here save doing the dishes ! And of course the capital investment.

Some people swear its the best nasi lemak they have ever tasted !

the dangerous attacking looks of the resident rodent killer !

RM4.50 ( + 3 strands of B- sambaled sotong 'cuttlefish' )

generally satisfactory from grainy fragrant rice to
the usual frill-less monotonous but efficient look-alike same color additives

but we think the price is precariously on the high side...

... for some convenient reason
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17 December 2008

the standUp bread

If you like , you can place it on the palm of your left hand. And request for a plastic cup to hold the heavier tea with your right hand .

then you will save 20 sen for the dowanted banana leaf and 10 sen for the glass cup replacement . 30 sen savings is not bad right ?

But its good , not oily and feels frail , light n flimsy ( like its gonna fall apart ) and can make sound as you bite into it. The shiny tri-pot with the tri curries are decent too.

But for RM 2.70 ?
one teh tarik one roti canai ?

sure onot you still want ah ?

( the) Kedai Makanan Raju
Jln Gasing
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16 December 2008

curry mee / curry laksa

most Malaysian of Malaysia's noodles

blend of
Chinese noodles Malay santan Indian curry

simple , tasty & delicious
hot & spicy
shocking colors

We like this lovely one
chunky chicken meat in heavy gravy

so currifying @ RM6.30

Food Junction , the food court
you've got everything babe...
Mid Valley Megamall , Kuala Lumpur

look ! ...she's watching you !

believing in oldy ladies , wherever they are

even in mega Malls

warning : not suitable for those on a diet
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same taste

The specky Old Master is no longer around.
A new young endless bickering team has taken over .

But the fresh minty ginger flowery fishy brew is still the one to beat !

everything is the same ( or issit ?)
same van , same location in front of KTZ and the same salivating crowd

Petaling Jaya SS2 (Mondays pasar malam ) 5 to 9 pm
the controversial NO 1 in the Klang Valley
now RM3.80 per 0.50 litre

W T f !
today's state-of-the-art octane 97 premium petrol is only RM1.80 a litre ma can , Dato Seri AAB ? Its all your fault
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15 December 2008

the pe(Darling) of KL backStreet

Long before there was food blogging , there was this street. In the heartland of old KL. A kind of sentimental T junction where the roads become a kind of bazaar after dark , where you can get everything under the sun , from original faked watches to legalised pirated Microsoft softwares to stolen virgin kisses and glorious backlane food , as the case may be.

It draws local and foreign tourists and lepakers including gluttons each day from 7 am till tomorrow. Also a backpackers haunt and a petaling for cheap thrills , and the authentic medicine man & woman . An exciting place for pleasure seekers cum adulterers in this pulse of the otherwise lacklustre city.

the dimunitive meat stuffings that give the popular black noodle dish its name. Usually 3 or 4 of them in separate bowl with soup

an endearing Chinese noodle favorite across the world
glistening with the world famous oil
and the unavoidable meat for all seasons

The yang of the series , green cilli pickles in sauce . A must have sidekick in this kind of pursuit , or your sensations will be off key , and you will be left wondering what's all da fuss.

the place , amongst admiring travellers

wanton mee with also can eat braised until tender n soft chicken feet
in da petaling of KL backStreet

Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur
the Chinatown

and birthplace of the backStreetGluttons...
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