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23 November 2007

tanjung puteri's amazing mak-chik

Love , food & music
Once upon a time many years ago a small young girl fell in love. She adored beautiful actresses and admired handsome singers and vowed to forever be with them , in sickness or in health .

And so into the present ... a star studded gallery was born in Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

In fact there are unforgettable portraits of stars and starlets hanging around this entire after 5 oldies Johorean restaurant famed for its evergreen Malay cuisine such as this diy noodles dish . Maybe you could also consider to bring your dear mum or grandma , for since when and how long have they not been tapping their tired feet to the delightful ancient sounds of ronggeng asli !?

big pot , freshies & greenies
lo & behold ...

The Johore Laksa

Long white noodles in delightful spicy gravy. Tastes guaranteed.

Only RM5 per serve ( so make it big ! )


otherwise try their excellent diy alacarte nasi lemak and nasi campur , Johore Style.

If that still fails , never mind ...go admire her admireds , all 60 of them.

She is sentimentally here reminising each night just

beside the biggest traffic light junction in Sri Hartamas, KL

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21 November 2007

positive highWayGluttons

Malaysia (50 years ago we read ) used to boast of the best road networks in Asia ( and many more great(est) other 1st , such as the best English speaking population outside England ...errrr truth be told... ) and also the most united/harmonious multi-racial country in da world...

Things change , but luckily our cutting edge ( meaning the landsliding slopes ) Plus Highway from Johore Baru ( near tiny but not miniscule Singapore , pun intended ) to Bukit Kayu Hitam near Men's Paradise ( only a border pass away ) has the country's best free toilets & YES !
...unbelievably good food ! ...and it is not so much about having no choices ok ( altho it is so true )
Hey , there are simply tons of food all over , with hungry customers coming by all kinds of heavy loads.. enough to feed hundreds of thousands a day !

Rawang R & R ( rest & recreation ) going up to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur

they come in walkswagons , bicycles , Harley Davidsons , buses , lorries and cars

( tractors / caterpillars also got )

but other than the usual nasi lemak bungkus , laksa and mineral water/coke we never miss this one... super duper fried to perfecto ikan keli ( river catfish )
winner , bsg's ultimate award for the best fried fish
( category fresh water - below 8 in )
on any 5-star tolled Highway in the world.
Do not take our word for it , try them yourself...afterall its only
RM2 a head ( with body & tail and sambal is free )
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20 November 2007

Dangerously fried noodles

Fried noodles are fast , filling , tasty & cost little , making them very popular as a regular individual meal or snack at any time. It is a gourmet version of the poor man's instant mee and some endearing classics are found under bridges and beside drains.

This standard type with yellow noodles is an Indian speciality garnished with lots of tofu bits , , fish cake slices , scrambled eggs plus some vegetables in strong oily (chili) sauce . The best ones should come to you friedly-hot served in plates lined with banana leaf. Add raw green chilis for the complete flavor. This "mee goreng" should cost about RM3 - 4 a plate. Most Indian Muslim restaurants in KL serve very good versions. Try Kayu for example.

This Chinaman flat noodle version is considered de fried mee and strikes fear in many an aspiring gym wannabe. The sweaty good Char Keow Teow man usually has no time to talk nor sit and easily wins bsg's vote as the most grumpy hawker in a food court. His one of a kind semi raw bloody cockles seem to put many connoisseurs into a daze, mumbling muddled superlatives.
Strangely some misinformed experts are also lobbying for this item to be forever banned , feebly citing unproven risks associated with overcholesterol to liver malfunction .
Who cares , head to Steven Fried in Bangsar Lucky Gardens, KL ( Nam Chun Restaurant ) to prove them all wrong omg.

This thick big noodles called Hokkian Mee is bsg's most sinful noodle dish of all time , even more deadly than the Char Keow Teow above. For one thing it slurps perfectly high with Carlsberg/Tiger. Means quite dangerous for bad drivers.
Then it is basically ( yes !) a night thing, transforming docile gentlemen in the day to Gluttons when the sun sets. Then that smell. Whole neighborhood also kena. No wonder they say it should also be banned in this sensitive country ( cannot mention names one ).
This one in USJ 2 ( opposite USJ Summit , the other end one ! ) is a killer , you have been warned.
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17 November 2007

the pot of Gold

at the end of the rainbow

Seapark PJ ( near SS2 ) wet market where Pelangi ( "rainbow" ) Club stands

one midget van , one tall & handsome dark Hokkian "lang" , 1 fair woman ( his "bor" )
2 friendly Indon ladies
you will be served within 3 minutes or your $$ back
opens noon 12 to 5 pm everyday , Mondays off
parking tho is a serious problem from 12 to 3 pm
2 dishes only, "hare mee" ( side-ass-kick prawn noodles ) ,
& Penang Nyonya's bestest noodles export

electrifying Sea Park Assam Laksa , da super sultry irresistible backlane mademoiselle

only RM4.00 now & rising...
bsg's sexiest noodle dish award , 3rd quarter 2007

comes with an all-permeating meaty fragrance & once-in-a-lifetime that aroma from
da friendly butchers next door

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14 November 2007

misfired torpedo in Hot Soup

a Doraisamy Bobbit heritage production

directed by Cambell Mamak
original screenplay by team bsg
adapted from "Confessions of a streetBomber"

scene 0 ...the gallery

fire !

cutted white balls & some long wavy stringers

supporting actor Billy da goat stew for hangers on morning after

...& starring... Bobbit de Crunch , the one & only ...
...not cowboy 4 nuthin' e e e hah !

imitaion CGI credits to Jln Doraisamy( aka Cambell Street ) , Kuala Lumpur
. visual effects ! BSG Academy Awards 2007
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13 November 2007

Nasi Lemak Melayu Asli , KL

member , BSG Hall of Fame

your personal belongings & bodily security guaranteed by the Dang Wangi Police Station ,
only a plate's throw away
classic backStreet ambience , beware speeding cars

all red and plastics . Self service , from RM 1.50

some die for nuts , others broken heads ( with eyes too ). ...then those
perfect individualistic rices

more tentacle wrapped around lusts that new dress babe !
No matter what they say ...its all in this dark strong & pungent paste

Nasi Lemak R A , Jln Raja Abdullah ( over the river Dang Wangi LRT Station )
No 2 in Kuala Lumpur , according to team bsg
warning : if service is not up to par , its entirely your own fault
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12 November 2007

the pavilion and the Loaf , Kuala Lumpur

A class act in KL's premier Shopping District

the poor man's bread , out of touch , lost & desolate... ( or is it ) ?

KL's latest swanking Retail Wonder , where once stood KL's most premier Girls' School ( BBGS ), a controversial heritage site lovingly displaced by the still scandalous Berjaya Group ( owner of the D minus design of Berjaya Times Square down the road ).

Superb accessibility , right among the other hotshots ( as for Starhill ) along New York's 7th Avenue pretender "Bintang Walk " a failing multi-million dollar alfresco dining / leisure zone in KL's no 1 shopping area ...

& ...introducing for the first time in Malaysia , a unique street styled extra high ceiling retailing outlet experience ...amazingly generous space with a main sunken podium with fresh sunshine !

...state of the art escalators etc etc

Lip smacking Japanese centuries old hot cakes baking pedigree , with quality authentic imported and local ingredients , as the brochures say.
Lower level for the takeaway or alfresco styled quick tea facing traffic and upper level for the ala carte fine dining shakers & movers.

All items looks emminently suave and freshly original down to paper packets and utencils , while this can of the real coke is just RM5.80 !
The rest is... as they say pure elegance & style ( with a price ).
Welcome to 5 star ambience , KL ! team bsg's no 1 Shopping Mall contender in KL
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A great Fascination with heads

starting from the Top
For weeks now we have been talking heads, small , big or broken . From Sitiawan , Perak to Setapak, Kuala lumpur and now Jln 222 , Petaling Jaya. As they say all good things ( or bad ) start from the head . And so is this kind.
The famously lost & greatly missed one which started it all in Merdeka ( Independence ) Stadium , KL ( ? ) way back in the 80s and then disappeared ? Remember the iconic Ahamed Stadium Fish Head Curry ? At least the name says it here in Jln 222, PJ ( beside Krishna Curry house ).

a not so packed lunch time Saturday 10 Nov 2007.

The fallen big RM25 head. Cold , harsh and didn't bring back any old lusty scents nor dripping memories . Best forgotten. Even the incoherent Indon cashier says it all.

Maybe those madhatters in batons and teargas cannisters in Masjid Jamek LRT station ( 2.30 pm 10 Nov 2007 ) better tell their gonna-be-rotten heads too a tale (errr head ) or 2.

Coz thats the way they will all go this.
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11 November 2007

The morning after


Independence Square , Kuala Lumpur. The calm after the watery & teary storm yesterday.

Its only the beginning...
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10 November 2007

The March for a fair & clean General Election

Mass Gathering & Petition to Agong , organised by BERSIH
3 pm , 10 Nov 2007 , Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur

The 100,000 strong People's Assembly was to assemble at Dataran Merdeka ( Independence Square ) then march to the Palace to send a message to the King, to complain and seek electoral reforms which the present Government under PM Abdullah Badawai was alleged to have abused.

The sequential pictures below ( from team bsg ) show thousands of uniformed tough guys ( and some plastic looking shoulder padded gals ) setting up blokades and generally intimidating the crowds.

The tropical rains poured, occassionally littered with ( Russian ? ) biting tear gas , water cannons and smoke guns.

All roads leading to the Assembly Venue were cordoned off , leaving thousands of motorists astray, in a concerted attempt to prevent the march although we understand the Peoples' Petition was safely delivered to the King by another Group earlier.

The mostly peaceful crowd scattered around the Dataran soon dissipated around 5 pm.

Look who is smiling... for now !

This has been a live team bsg contribution...

... for a better Malaysia...
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Dataran Merdeka (background) , the 100,000 Assembly that did not happen on 10 Nov 2007.
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Normally super busy Jln Tar deserted.
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Dataran Merdeka (venue for the 100,000 peoples Assembly) blocked by FRU.
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Team Rela gets into the act.
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3rd entrance (Jln Tar) into Dataran Merdeka sealed while team FRU prepares to 'clean up' street of more 'troublemakers'
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The FRU takes over Jln Tun Perak , in front of Menara OCBC. All quiet. None allowed into Dataran Merdeka from here.
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Time out !

Regroup with beef balls, noodles, veges in minced meat at famous old-timer Soong Kee nearby , away from tear gas & smoke bombs.
A RM 4 well deserved diversion !
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The crowd disperses from this end, chased away by police.
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Entrance 2 blocked.
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Entrance to Dataran Merdeka from Jln Tun Perak blocked by riot police. Smoke guns fired to disperse crowd.
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