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31 July 2007

Best Highlands Resort in Malaysia ?

U bet...

Taking the old Tapah-Camerons ( as against the newer Simpang Pulai- Kg Raja-Tanah Rata ) road you will first meet Ringlet Lake just after Ringlet town where once upon a time long long ago stood a pleasant little family rest area cum playground beside some cheerful vegetable and fruit sellers , and before the final lap up to destination Tanah Rata. Da clear green colors of yesterday has today mistransformed itself into a kind of giant cold pot of a popular local brown-orange pulled tea . Then the broken repair debris and abandoned heavy machineries scattered about will probably leave you with some seriously mal-aligned anti-nostalgia mental scars. That, is certainly not a nice start .

As you turn and walk away ... don't look back.... Xcept a couple of feet away this giant of a billboard with 2 fake-looking Oldies sticking out like a sore thumb profoundly announcing that your beloved Malaysia is the
World's Best Tourism Destination . But hold it...look closer and see.
Xploiting Mount Kinabalu Park , Sabah in Cameron Highlands ! ? omg ! WT@*#% !! !

Pulling away from this Ripley's unbelievable mess... what a welcome sight , finally ,
English tea & scones !

breathtaking calm , panaromically cool , that high euphoria , + a naturally fabulous view of
a giant rolling magical tea plantation !

the Valley , a superb feeling of letting it all go and ...

soak in the look-alike Colonial splendour , classy with

grand Corporate Presence at the back

...pppsssst this one 'curi' ta pau ( illegal put-in-pocket takeaway only RM1 ) from the other roadside Malaysian stall just one or two staircases from this valley England look-alike tea house ...

...since these tasteless odd couple with the equally bland red & colorless creams from 'England ' cost a cool RM16 a set of
2 stones ( errr scones ) + 1 Cameronian English Tea

better hurry up , T Cafe / smell of Restoran Bunga Suria 's authentic curry spices are
up there waiting in Tanah Rata

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29 July 2007

Perut Ikan ( fermented fish stomach ) Exotika

The M a s t e r ' S P i e c e s

The perilous search & find mission up the dangerous ravines off Balik Pulau , Penang ended with the successful capture & entrapment of the most prized, elusive but essential aromatic herbs

Braving the arduous escort thru 4 hours 400 km terrorist infested journey from
Penang Island across the treacherous plains of Bukit Merah while
busy repelling waves of stinking attacks from
regiment Bukit Gantang Durians ,
and masterfully avoiding Gangland Ipoh's sensuously alluring white chickens ...
... the precious imperial cargo arrived safely in Petaling Jaya without any casualties
the full arsenal with the Star ( perut ikan ) top right hand corner
primed and ready for action

...the crowning final bunga kantan cut , capping all of 60 mins non-stop knifing combat

the release of da sorceress , that most potent magical 'secret' pasty weapon of fiery destruction

flaming cauldron & steaming hot transformation countdown ,
in full technicolor & cutting-edge digiSSurround
nearly completed finale , notwithstanding only another 20 more mins

...and presenting...
the flamboyant , colorful & ready-to-please
perut ikan
a drop dead gorgeous multi-brew classic
a heartpounding special from the Chef
team BSG... Riana Green

Special thanks to the production crew , the pub , Long Cool Danes


lovely guest artises teckiee & wmw for gracing da occassion
NB : this minty, fishy marvel is also available at a Nyonya Restaurant near you
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21 July 2007

Steamed Fish , Brickfields , KL

Fishy Chinese tales in Little India

A mention of India anywhere is bound to flickr hot images of strange aromas , overcrowded pavements , loud music ...and that biting fragrance signaling yet another Curry House ...
which Brickfields ( near KL Sentral, the heart of the KL's railway KTM , LRT and Monorail integrated transportation hub) is indeed famous for...
...Yes ! the ever exciting popular & wild banana leaf rice and Curry Fish Heads !

But wait a minute , aren't there anything else for milder gentler palates ?

In the 1980's before there was KL Sentral ( operational late 1990s ) there were a few much talked about wooden houses cum traditional Chinese family restaurants along the main road ( Jalan Tun Sambanthan ) just beside the present Shell Petrol Station. With the then super building boom in the early 1990s these were displaced to make way for ultra modern KL Sentral and some of these oldtimers were resettled into a row of 'medan selera ' ( food square ) directly opposite the humongous Brickfields Police station.

One such evergreen 1960s to 80s Oldies Unforgettable Hits is still thriving today & bringing back super memories with its evergreen piquant mashed gingers steamed fish ( bony river fish tails to be precise ) , which we are sure the sentimental young ones will also find irressitible ... this one's for you Cliff...peter pan Richards...

never forget to request this musky number , 'mui fan' ...composed within 2 days and nights when he was heartbrokenly down and tears-a-struggling the day his first love was cruely snatched away by the evil landlord's 3rd son.

RM4 an upside down request ( yes ! it comes like that ).

Legendary present & clear Chart Topper & simply de ultimate no-frills steamed fish tails of

all time.

Full robust gingery smacking titillation for the pure fish afficionado.

RM25 a tailend
catch the full performance here
medan selera Kheng Heong
297-8, Jln Tun Sambanthan
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur
tel 03 - 2274 1032
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20 July 2007

cheap & good PJ

Recently declared city PJ in newly ( & only ) 'developed state' Selangor has some really convenient and handy street food too. In very Chinaman Dominated SS2 & Seapark for example early birds can catch some quick ta paus ( takeaway food) backStreet on the way to work or otherwise pick up some fresh groceries for the mom. These vibrant morning roadside markets can and will surprise you with some excellent bites.
Evergreen morning roadside food stalls beside the wet market , Seapark PJ

catch this fried mouse tails ( rice vermicelli ) caught near da backlanes. Frill-less but
tail-tasty. around RM1.50 per hit. You can also trap the other look different but taste alike variants.

This is the cool morning hive of hungry activity( be prepared to be floored by the amazing range of eye-popping fresh meats here!) of Glutton Square SS2 ( the Street Gastronomical epicenter of PJ) , and thereabouts also where the
iconic Mondays Only
SS2 Pasar Malam ( night market ) rules supreme.

da touch & go nasi lemak bugkus Melayu ( do compare & contrast
with the Chinaman version few steps away )

da most nakedly sexy bestseller chee cheong fun ( flat rice vermicelli ) unplugged.
All tastes are guaranteed genuine and should there be another area where the comparable prices for the disputable items are lower than here you can and should request for a definitive refund of the difference.

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16 July 2007

Crabs in Butter/Cheese , PJ

Double dose of creamy goodness

Most city folks love seafood. At one time Klang ( Pandamaran & Tanjung Harapan ) was synonymous with seafood but many niche city seafood ( but land ) specialists have also sprouted close to residential areas in da City. Some notable friendly neighborhood seafood restaurants in PJ include Fatty Crabs and Pangkor Fish Heads (Taman Megah ) , Kelana Seafood Centre ( Kelana Jaya), La La Chong Subang Terminal 3 and King Crabs ( Kelana LRT Station ) .

There are also some upscale and fancy seafood restaurants with their giant crab and prawn light boxes and glass tanks containing live marine specimens for a diehard connoisseur's exquisite selection before the kill. Alaska crabs and some lobters for example may cost several hundred ringgit a kg. Seeing them imported , live, fresh and healthy definitely has its snob appeal.

Once obscure neighborhood Bukit Mayang Mas just off the New Kelang Valley Expressway( NKVE PJ-Klang Highway). is situated across the road from Tropicana Golf and Country Club . It is also near the spanking new posh Aman Suria gated residential suburb. Entrance to this area is tricky for the uninitiated. One way is from the Kelana Jaya-SS2 Main Road turning into Taman Chempaka ( Mayang ) , while the other is the entrance into Tropicana Golf Club.

This newfoundland/glutton square has some interesting mix of traditional and modern eateries .

An indescript double section air-cond and open styled Chinese restaurant famous for its really creamy butter/cheese local crabs in claypot, among other interesting dishes is creating waves in the local seafood scene and is recommended as a pretty good alternative to your fanatical crabby experience.

Deliciously different . Local very meaty crabs in claypot . Creamy , sticky and sweet.
From RM26 a kg but do not be distracted by the super-big team of Xtra friendly & talkative waiters and waitresses !
Restaurant Wong Poh
36 & 38 Jln BM 1/2
Bukit Mayang Mas. PJ
Tel 7803 3527
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12 July 2007

Malaysian Book of Records

Eating & Drinking for the right reasons

by Jeswan Kaur Jul 11 07

WHEN it comes to eating/drinking it's definitely a case of Malaysia Boleh! Malaysians now top the list as the most overweight in the Asian region. Hold it , before U start celebrating with another round of teh tarik and nasi lemak bungkus on !

An Authority ( not team bsg ) on Malaysian eating habits says many Malaysians enjoy patronising mamak ( Indian Muslim ) stalls and attribute this to the fact that eating habits of Malaysians corresponded with their attitude towards value for money. "Our people eat food that falls under the value for money category and they find that mamak stalls offer meals that are worth the money spent. But what the people fail to realise is that in terms of nutritional value, the food eaten might be over and above what the body needs. "So, the other issue that comes up is the need to educate people on eating healthy which is a challenge because in Malaysia, food is available at every nook and corner," she says. ( you bet )

lure of the satanic eatdrink whorehouses of utmost sin ( Jln 222 , PJ )

Know what (& who!) you put in your mouth ! Health Minister Dr Chua Soi Lek early this year cautioned that "affluent" diseases such as diabetes and hypertension were affecting more and more Malaysians and that obesity was the root cause of these diseases. Chua warned that if the trend continued, 12 percent of Malaysians would end up having diabetes by year 2020.

Speaking of diabetes, it was reported in the newspapers recently that about 1,000 canned drinks (obviously they have inadvertently left out TigerCarlsberg) are consumed every minute in Malaysia. If people continue to entertain their sweet tooth, then there is no way the country can prevent obesity from bursting into an epidemic.

de nasi lemak bungkus da roti telur

top 2 Mamak lucky devils

There really is no such thing as good or bad food but rather the need to eat correctly, keeping in mind the body's calorie requirements and activity level. "It is alright to have the occasional burger provided you do away with the mayonnaise. Likewise instead of making nasi lemak as a staple meal for breakfast, try healthier alternatives like thosai or chappati. And instead of adding sodium via sour plum powder or soy sauce to our fruits, eat them in their natural state."

Keeping the Malaysian eating habits in mind,our Dear Authority says no less than a revolution is needed to change their mindset and encourage them to eat healthy.

but first lets have rice and then...

CHEERS ! 4 only one more for the Road before we hit da gym ( hahaha , dun laugh )

NB this article is reproduced in part ( but heavily censored ) from malaysiakini

..this has been ...a community service from team bsg

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11 July 2007

Seafood in Bagan Datoh , Perak

Nearly came outside da Mouth

Welcome to riverine Bagan Datoh , Perak's 'coconut valley' and sometimes lobsters ( ya the marine one ) hideout. Some 40 km before Teluk Intan . Quiet , indistinct ,very kampongy & quite unlike many other bustling sexy river mouths ( we are talking about Kuala Selangor and the like ). Now home to some 'bed & breakfast' homesteads ala kampong style, and a local angling/fishing hideaway. Also a colorful fierce battleground of sorts between Rambo 4 UMNO & CicakoldMen PAS , come every GE ( general election ). Bet many have never heard of this place !

A quick call, a much needed stopover and yes ! another lusty new seafood experience ( by da sea ). Looks like somebody's house and yes very laid back. Hokkian speaking and homely , just perfect.

starter kit fried kuey teow ( fried flat rice vermicelli ) dunno what style. Laying the essential foundation for the coming high5.

stir fried underaged potato leaves 'new village' Chinaman style, resetting the ying/yang
( just in case ).

this one compulsory 'seafood' fish order ( never mind if it sounds like a cat ). Spicy cutted catfish in some black stock with omg so hot dried preserved chillis. Nicely placed to welcome the frosty and soon to-be-unleashed horny Tiger/Carlsbergs .

fave bouncy butter prawns ( our crunchy must-have companion many overinformed people say dun eat lah very high cholesterol one !) ...but ...hey how can ...we are team bsg ok !

ah the most precious orange roe. Where can find anymore like that in big cities right ?

4x bottoms up ! (each) for 5 gluttons... for an authentic high
RM 80 for food & RM120 for Tiger/Carlsberg ( 20 bottles small @RM 6 each )

Lucky ah more bottle sure all will c o m e... itelU

Ah Gong Seafood Restaurant
209A, Tingkat Bawah
Jalan Pasar
Bagan Datoh , Perak
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06 July 2007

batu feringgi, penang

Laksa Melayu by the beach

One time top 5 Beach in Malaysia with hundreds of frolicking Australian sunbathers from morning till dusk... the Pearl of the Orient

Last surviving remnants of an endangered & dying breed of roadside stalls , facing the magnificent breezy seafront , somewhere along the 5 km long Hotel Belt of Batu Feringgi

simple and no frills (means no eggs nor others) because we sell cheap at RM1.70 a plate ok

freedom to add these boosters for enhanced thrust if you so wish .

verdict : did not pass bsg standard ( should try next stall RM2.00 )

good luck !

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05 July 2007

d Penang Assam Laksa

by George (town) ! its still alive !

very beautiful rustic railway track up romantic Penang Hill . can still feel da classy cool a i r

birds eye view from the second station. is it 1500 feet ?

neighboring Chinese temple ( Kek Kok Si ) and hill

Ayer Itam assam laksa RM 3 , at foothill








gotcha !







ok now for the real one !






the numero uno beside the market

Ayer Itam's real Penang Assam Laksa


backStreet Xtraordinaire & unmatched ambience. de total Xperience. Feel to believe , but do add a little salt please
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