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30 March 2007

Chinese Fried Noodles, PJ/KL

Fats vs Oils
not are fireds are created equal...

1. Penang Char Kuey Teow
Fast n furious 2- minute nicely burnt flat rice vermicelli with crunchy beansprouts & green thing, succulent prawns, maybe sliced Chinese sausages, almost raw cockles, &/or scrambled chicken eggs in top-secret greasy garlicky mix over a usually noisy, dark & sinisterly piping hot Chinaman wok.
A masterful creation ... complete with multiple whiffs of unforgettable aroma served in a plate accompanied by only chomping clattering chopsticks.

...said to have originated in Penang as a one-man purveyor of unabashed obesity
for the unbothered masses...

You got da idea ? Fabulous color & gluttony splendor ! Asia Cafe 's ( Subang Jaya, PJ ) stall no 5. Atypical but just one of many Xcellent serves you can find throughout the Klang Valley.

This one's a clear winner. Steven's Corner, Nam Chun in Lucky Gardens Bangsar KL.
Picture perfect. Tastes exactly as it looks, incredibly fresh, absolutely lip-smacking and a-begging for just one more...and plse one last....

but do check out and try also this Oldie's Classic

  • CKT PJ Old Town

  • 2. Hokkian Fried Mee ( or Fukien Chow )

    Perfectly charred overbig longish & slippery noodles in crackling lard. From da xtra bright fluorescent lit mostly unequally floored friendly neighborhood corner shoplot/open-air shack in uptown/downtown fringes.

    Proudly from Team Big Fry... da dark, sultry and still enviously controversial Big Noodles.

    Garnished with bouncy cabbages/ shiny green veges, 'those' pork meat slices, prawns/squids...&... YES ! last but not least...
    ...da one and only chopped pork skins deeply fried, for that distinctive addictive taste others only talk about...
    ... Ahhh that heavily permeating cannot-tahan most illicit steaming porky fragrance

    from the Damansara Hokkian Mee restaurant in DU, PJ.

    Sometimes a perfect picture ( or overblown reputation) often does not tell the right words, so be careful... darn those Burmese one too many...

    This one...? ...truly authentic ( with 2 grand oldy xpert Super Friers) and generously quantiful, with bountiful ingredients. My they have included those rare tasteful white squids ! Super high 5 ! by

  • wok-hei ugwug ! , Heng Kee Sea park PJ.
  • Then the mysterious after-dark much-craved KL one...still unnervingly irresistible

  • lyrical lemongrass's dark & tasty tribute , Lian Bee Hokkian Mee, Jln Cheng Lok KL

  • Finally your sinful binge eating odyssey with your buddies will not be complete without paying homage to at least one of these two PJ Grandmasters, like de still youngish top-notch one of them here...

  • Jln 222 PJ

  • ...while de other fast shrinking plate losing touch gang is almost down da crooked drain nearby...

    CKT & Hokkian Fried , two of the most simply sophisticated & gluttoneously killer Malaysian Chinese Culinary Greats ever to grace our shores, are deliciously deceptive but deservingly satisfying, each having extraordinary dangerous looks, colors & incomparable aromas...and a little scary to the novice up-&-coming underweight Gourmet.

    ...prepare to be hooked 4ever... waistlines dun matter dear

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    28 March 2007

    Casual Bites, Malaysia

    Easygoing snacks

    Malay Rice & IndianTea.
    This quickie delight yet mouthwatering combo is especially potent in da Malaysian Gastronomic Landscape whether in madeover 5 star hotshots in big Cities , along clogged drains, under abandoned bridges, Chinese kopitiams (coffeeshops) and yes !... many many backStreets.

    You just can't avoid them. It can come from a one man leaking shack under that crooked tree, an army of like- coloured cohorts in a vacant plot, and even an entire usually warring legion of
    pure/ impure zones politically segregated in overbright structures called food courts .
    This is the ultimate 3 ( or more) in one !

    Unfold the brown paper/banana leaf small packet (180gm?, 70 sen to RM1.50 ) for the magnifcent sambaled (curry) spread of fragrant rice called nasi lemak bungkus. Feel da taste ( and burn) of Malaysia between your anticipating consenting lips. Crunch da tiny fried nuts & anchovies with the tiny cucumbers. Always ask for versions 2 & 3. Vista maybe?

    Crack one or two of this international fully boiled protein filler ( 50 to 60 sen each ) for the full effect. Don't you dare discard the golden yolk for all its cholesterol goodness.
    Catch this most casual of classic open air Casual Malaysian Dining in these other great foodcourts/warring assemblies such as
    1. Jln Doraisamy (off Heritage Row, near Wilayah Complex, KL), after 5 pm everyday
    2. Uptown food court ( Damansara Utama, PJ,) especially mornings and
    3. Jln 222, PJ in front of Amway Malaysia HQ) , day and night all times
    4. also check beside drains and under bridges too
    Indian Bread & Tea.
    This is the much overtalked overshowed oily and multi-curry dish. And why not !
    India inspired but indigenously Malaysian, no less. Massive pride of the Indian community.
    The roti canai man is a master showman with his magic flowing hands. Catch him in action and you will be fascinated for sure, then also the teh tarik man !
    Why ! He is supposed to xhibit his bubbly act in space soon !
    Another salivating trio !

    de Classix roti canai, an everyday staple of de Malaysian breakfast crowd. with a dazzling array of hip-hot curry sauses. Inique aroma. But terribly inconsistent and moody !
    Make very very sure it is freshly baked before landing on your plate !
    ...and do choose your master ( dun seem to have ladies o far ? )...carefully...
    Soft and gentle this. Try 2 at one go...feel da p o w e r

    Teh Tarik ( pulled tea ), national drink of Malaysia. Bubbly and full bodied.
    Compulsory drink otherwise...
    Recommended places for real roti canai ( from 80 sen to RM 1.20 each )
    1. Sri Melur Section 18 USJ, Subang Jaya, Bukit Tinggi Klang.Kota Kemuning Shah Alam
    classic great taste with great curries too
    2. Mohsin, Taman Tun KL( Burhanuddin arwea ), Mayang Jaya PJ
    fresh & decent, clean place
    3. Raju's, off Jln Gasing PJ ( da famous one )
    good, but a little sweety, enjoy de banana leaf xperience with yr roti !
    4. Kayu, everywhere
    as for Mohsin but more pricey...

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    23 March 2007

    a few Roasted Beans & some Nuts, da Countrysides

    the Kachang Putih man

    He is every a young impressionable schoolkid's friendly harbinger of some 10 minutes of glad crunchy toothy tidings, before the next boring bell rings. By the gates or beside the fencing,
    in his trusty bicycle or noisy motorbike. Also sometimes across the dusty road, with his full arsenal of fragrant beans and nuts, and the inevitable cookies and then some.

    You might say his is of the insignificant one or the one that nobody notices, nor cares.
    For afterall he is da 'white nuts' man...and a Malaysian Legend.
    Unfunnily though he is invariably an Indian man doing a small petty one-man business.

    But we love him nevertheless...& the kids too
    Parks near any busy place, inside or out. Strangely no officialdom chases him away, usually
    Or this guy, by the roadside with a heavy load of must try and dry goodies

    Da nuts fit for da Rajah
    Do not count...just feel them first
    then bring them near for the appetising aroma.. taste to follow and then...
    da final unforgettable delightful C R U N C H

    Try with this perfect combination ..the other Indian popular drink derived from da amazing coconut tree...nearby, naturally
    if you can... ( but do not bring the kids along ) ENJOY !
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    19 March 2007

    A rough Guide to some Common Fruits, Malaysia

    Ravishing Sweet Sour Tropical Beauties

    They come in all kinds of shapes (although most are rounded), sizes (usually smaller than your head), colors (the full rainbow range, and more...) and with distinctive fragrances, textures....& of course flavors.

    They do not need any extensive promotions nor advertising gimmicks. They actually grow everywhere around you , even in many home gardens ! Otherwise they are found near eateries and shops including most backStreets. Some have found their way overseas to universal gluttony fame.

    These are some of de contestants for Ms Delectable Tropics 07 Malaysian Edition, part 3.
    It is not an easy task trying to pick da one...

    Guava or 'jambu batu.'
    Slightly sweet, crunchy and grainy with hundreds of indigestible hard seeds embedded onto the juicy insides.
    Claimed to have more Vitamin C than equivalent imported orange.
    Usually eaten with salt or powdered preserved plum.
    Some prefer to eat the insides together with the seeds !
    Bidor in Perak especially famous for its seedless version

    The 'Star' herself. Some big some small mostly mild mannered and demure.
    Sweet, juicy and slightly fragrant when ripe ( as for Guava). A few flattish slippery seeds.

    Claimed to gently reduce blood pressure ( esp when u r angry )

    The amazingly sweet and sourish mango. Many species/textures/sizes and wide ranging flavours.
    A runaway favourite for many when eaten unripe with salt, chili padi and sugar !
    Slightly aromatic when ripe with one variety ('quinine' ) bringing da house down with its Xtraordinary pungent/sweet smell... Famed as a preferred gift

    de classic papaya. Notoriously soft with black seeds so bitter birds must spit them out at one go ! Xtraordinary fine taste with just a dash of lemon juice. Loaded with vitamins A to Y. Associated more with matured ladies.

    Needs no introduction. This is a miracle fruit claimed to prevent constipation forever !
    A wonder food for most including the hyperactive monkeys, & much sought after in Indian & Indian Muslim restaurants. Regularly featured in Men's magazines for some not-so-strange reasons.
    Da Royal one. But seems to have lost a lot of her old princessly temptations to her cousins from across de Northeren Border. Features prominently in some Nyonya dishes (like perut ikan/assam pedas/assam laksa/Pg rojak )

    A rather inconsistent dame and tend to have a most sour demeanour of late. Some ladies avoid this 'sharp' thing as they believe it could disrupt their monthly cycle...

    This 'jambu' is one of many varieties with a rather mild taste and cracks easily under pressure. A very hardy tree with millions of fruits but a big problem with pests.
    Found abundantly in Bidor too, by da roadsides.
    mildly crunchy it is quite juicy tho only a little sweet. Now it has become seedless too !
    Great even for infants !

    The slim tall bent tree of this delightful plant represents a picture perfect Tropical Holiday by da Beach in almost all international Travel Brochures.
    Without this marvel Malay/Indian/Nyonya food will never be da same again. And we are not talking only about nasi lemak !
    With Xtra hard Xterior and surprise of surprises a full 300ml cup of sweetish water in de interior shell ! Even the fresh young flowers can be tapped to produce a mildly high wine called toddy.

    This one (pomelo) is famous in Ipoh and bears a striking internal visual resemblence to the orange family. It is quite big by orange standards and can be as big as a grown -up human head !
    The thick spongy skin is sometimes used to cover two certain female body parts for fun.
    Not particularly sweet nor aromatic it survives more as a Festive/Chinese New Year Gift.

    Da watermelon, so called because it contains lots of sweetish water. So commonly served as a chilled drink. A few versions and colors are possible even rectangular ones !
    Some Chinese avoid this as they believe its is overly 'cold'.
    Others think the overuse of pesticides on this rounded teaser could pose a health hazard. Occassionally there is a bumper harvest ( or ?) where the prices can plummet to less than a Ringgit a kg.

    Honeydew, a misnomer since isn't it a member of the melon family ?
    Popular too in many food stalls as its slight greenish crunchy texture is firmer than the watermelon.

    The rockmelon even tho it doesn't look like a rock. Infact the interior (pix) looks more like a deep tender mysterious hole (deja vu ?) surrounded by sharp valleys !
    No wonder people frequently mistake this for the honeydew being remarkably similar in looks, texture and even taste. However these 2 really have a record of inconsistent tastes and many are frequently disappointed.
    So who do you think should be da
    Ms Delectable Tropics 07 (part 3 )?

    See also
  • Mr/Ms Delectable Tropics 07 ( part 2 )

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    15 March 2007

    Tag from Fine Dining's Happy Beauty, PJ

    team BSG has been tagged (meme) by

  • meiyeN
  • whose abundantly breathtaking gastronomical/fine pixs of sexy happiness always leave us gasping... 4 only one more...

    V can't refuse her of here's our take

    5 wishes V have for this year
    1 Our respective weight reduces by 3 kg each ( a tall order indeed !)
    2 Finally to do a triple loop roller-coaster ride downunder ( or maybe Sunway Lagoon ?)
    3 Eat/drink elephant ( da real one, from anywhere also can) stew
    4 Go with some really greedy (sexy also) gluttons to Laos ( maybe even Taman Negara )
    5 Brew our own BSG 5.5 proof beer ( called tentatively da brew bsg )

    Answers to these
    1 who was the first blogger u have met ?
  • delectable WMW of 'get what u give' ( shud see our eyes...that moment in Galaxie...)
    2 who was the blogger u most wanted to meet

  • luscious Nyonya Princess aka Rasa Malaysia of X Pg/ presently USA
    3 who is da blogger u can meet, most wanted to meet but couldn't meet ?
  • meiyeN, da fine dining beauty dreams are made such as this...
    4 which particular group of bloggers u most wanted to meet ?
    ...already met special boisterous Group of floggers in Makansutra in Feb07 Xcept some
    5 which particular group of bloggers do u want to meet now ?
    ...da new BSG (where?)

    Why do V blog ?
    1 eat, share & tell ( why not ?)
    2 then see comments to compare with other gluttons ( who knows )
    3 meet new people & have fun ( don't you ?)
    4 learn from/try to be like other aspiring/legendary done it bloggers !
    5 to look at some financial opportunities ( aha those $signs...)

  • Now V sit back & ponder who shall be on da next list

    TQ ! have a nice H O T weekend !

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    13 March 2007

    Trans-border Chinese Cooking, PJ

    ...Looking real, sounding right & tasting fine...

    Since the Chinese first came to Malaysia as labor immigrants in the tin mines and town areas a couple of hundred years ago they have successfully assimilated into the local social & economic landscape while proudly maintaining their traditional culture including their distinctive anything-goes eating habits and cooking styles.

    Unchoosy and ever pragmatic in keeping their tummies full they have quietly learnt to partake in the earth's sometimes erratic produce & ensure a constant supply of edible flora & fauna. The xpert farmers took to the Highlands (e.g greenies in Cameron Highlands) while livestocks (e.g pigs in then Bkt Pelanduk ) were reared throughout the country.
    The tropical climate and rich soil created a land of plenty that was known as Malaysia.

    Today much of the country's varied multi-racial so-called indigenious cuisines have been influenced to a large extent by these group of pioneers in their daily meals. For example vegetables ( beansprouts/cabbages ), bean produces ( tofu, + a thousand variants), soy (+ other) sauces, & noodles ( of course !) which are standard in Chinese cooking are commonly found in the usual Indian (Muslim) and Malay dishes !

    Unfortunately the Xtra deep love affair of the typical Chinaman with all things porky/& some other peculiarly Chinese food specialities (e. g wild life ) is a continuing source of abhorrence and tension/conflict with the predominantly Malay (Muslim) community who being staunch followers of Islamic teachings cynically consider many of these daily Ah Beng staples and delicacies as really sinful indulgences.

    Therein lies Malaysia's greatest barrier to a full & amicable racial integration and peaceful co-existence...a sort of love-hate relationship...again...

    ....though thank de kind gastronomical Gods we still have da occassional fresh & outstanding re-pioneers & dreamers such as this...

    Just beside the Giant Hypermarket Kelana Jaya, PJ. A simple double fan wooden cafe just adjacent to the big carpark. Uniquely manned by male Burmese cooks in the practical hot open kitchen with female Malay (looking) waitresses and a Malay (looking) lady Captain.
    But a Chinese restaurant to all intents and purposes.
    Pretty straightforward wooden chairs and sort-of-open-air casual dining area reminiscent of a typical kampong Malay restaurant. With controlled instructions and orders in Malay you can't really tell da difference ! All menus carry the 'halal' sign ( meaning officially fit for Muslim consumption) so the transition seems to be complete...

    Many dishes are typical Chinese noodles and rice dishes, such as this Hokkian fry, but with chunky chicken meats

    Singapore fried beehoon. Looks right tastes ok, with Da gorgeous orange prawns my my !

    Wholesome Malay fried rice...those omnipresent greeny cool cucumbers...

    Almost like da real thing...this Cantonese fried kuey teow !

    Popular lunch and dinner crowd of Giant workers, customers and passers by, mostly Malays. Price ? Something like your typical hawker food court ! Phew...
    ...and many more ala carte rices and noodles, Malay & Chinese hawker styles.
    . chopsticks, definitely pork free and 'halal' ( as claimed )
    ...enjoying Chinese food..without da g u i l t... finally...

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    08 March 2007

    Hidden Jewel of Damansara Kim, PJ

    unForgettable which Oasis ? da City

    The cute little housing area sandwiched between the Tmn Tun Wet Market to the North,
    Sections 17 & Damansara Intan to the East, and Damansara Utama to the West known as Damansara Kim is to all intents and purposes a sort of obscure appendage & neverland to vibrant PJ City.

    Luckily though it has de Damansara Kim Specialist Medical Centre for company otherwise surely it would have been another forgotten black hole...
    ...the likes of which even infamous pubs 'Perfume' ala Hainan Jane or
    ... 'Kats Place' da 'Boobs' cannot salvage.So it is with much anticipation when a friend took us to this rather out-of-da-warung type of place one hot and lost afternoon, right after da CNY festive holidays ...with the nostalgic overhang of MSG overeats/Danish flavoured bubbly drinks and continuing hazy bitter-sweet memories notwithstanding.
    SS20/10, along same row as the tasteless fish head noodles featured by us earlier.
    Heavy duty beef bone soup for starters. Typically DIY Malay style please help yourself to da many fragrant herbs, fried onions bits & forever more chillis. Mildly hot and sour to realign your wayward appetites in-limbo for the past many nights & days.

    Then infuse yourself with something greeny raw ala salads again diy dipped in multiple sweet, sour, hot, aromatic, pungent chilli sauces. De ulam corner, 2 entrapp those runaway free radicals before da flavorful main attractions and lovable side kicks.

    colorful rices, its cool cool cucumber par Xcellence again...
    classic hunger inducing pangs...
    its hard not 2 notice...those irresistible eggs & golden fried fish
    Wonderful aromatically smelly Malay styled crunchy petai in sambal prawns,
    ...resist if u can...

    Affectionately fresh unpretentious Malay cuisine. With just a tinge of sweet, sour and hot lippy smacks & gently reloaded tummies. Feel the individual kampong condiments over plain white rice. Then da subtle aroma, spicy without being overpowering. Elegantly understated though slightly unsilent. Taste da lingering classic sambal Melayu.

    then V still have these side smoky shows. The pixs do tell a hundred tastes...& many a gorgeous burning sensation...

    outside... a slice of perfectly burnt killer stingray..

    de insides...unbelievably clear & solid heavy sensation smouldering between your greedy lips...

    smooth...& rough...on da outside.. popular 'cencaru' fish

    but really divine...on da insides...
    ...end...& climax with a cup of rose flavoured juice, or 'syrup'.

    Now u r ready 4 da rest....

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