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25 February 2007

Malay Cuisine, Sunway PJ

Enchanting Highway seductress

If you want a change from your usual fare of hawker/mamak/fast foods or your favourite restaurant is closed for the long holidays then hop on over and be dazzled by these amazing beauties.

This intermediate 2shoplots Malay Restaurant just off the LDP Highway beside Domino's Pizza in Sunway Mentari, PJ whose namesake means 'net' probably has seduced & netted consenting & lustful customers by da hundreds ( if not thousands ) each day. Beware de tongue-hanging-out greedy crowd during breakfast, lunch and dinner (except Sundays).

Superwide range of fresh, flavorful & delectable temptations including ikan bakar, soups (giant killer beef brew ), kuihs (snacks & desserts), noodles and multi-color rice(s) a full arsenal of potent sweet, sour, fermented, fresh and hot chillis/sauces... pride of da original captivating 'Masakan Melayu' (Malay Cuisine).

Fried noodles.

Add any type of curries/chillis/condiments/side dishes to your heart's content.

Fried beehoon (rice vermicelli). Firm & springy with egg slices.

Nasi campur ( mixed rice ), with signature fried fish, classic spicy cuttlefish, and very-Malay spicy beef in plain white rice.

Nasi dagang ( Peninsular East Coast specialty ), one-of-a-kind brownish flavoured glutinous rice with salted eggs and spicy fish.

Nasi kerabu, a unique bluish sexy herbal rice delight, another Classic East Coast favourite.
All found here in this classy place in Sunway, PJ.
You are advised to come early to avoid huge impatient gluttons.
Also prepare to be stung by high prices.
...but be rewarded with Xceptional fresh taste.

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    22 February 2007

    de Island Getaway, Malaysia

    Beyond these backBushes , under the blue & sunny skieswarm waters & golden sandy beaches...
    ...lie another mouth shattering adventure of de gastronomical kind,
    ...among other quite nice things...
    Like another bakar haven such as these, and more.....just swim, walk, find , touch n go...

    & of course da one v will travel very far to reach n conquer...Malay Laksa by da beach

    Incomparable 5 star nasi ayam, u know those beach chicks are among da best anywhere...

    Long Cool Dane , consistently satisfying..but...most like her only deeply chilled ( imagine...)

    local greeny lass (cendul ) with glutinous rice, an amazing find...
    colorful ABC bombshell ( local dessert ), truly captivaing & sweet...

    & da one-of-a-kind sassy sexy unwrapped irresistable beach nasi lemak Princess herself, no kidding...
    from Nipah & Coray Bays Pangkor Island, Malaysia.... with love ....
    Truly a Backpackers (ask Lonely Planets) and Gluttons (ask team BSG) paradise
    hope U have had as great and as xciting a makan (& other wonderful things) holiday as V have !
    C H E E R S !
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    18 February 2007

    Happy Chinese New Year, 18 Feb 2007

    Enter da very cute & Fat One !!

    so time for some fresh prayers
    ..and de usuals
    ....after all d gluttony....time to do nothing...

    Gong Xe Fa Chai & happy holidays !

    from team BSG

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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    15 February 2007

    Chan Sow Lin Fish Head, KL

    Steaming half-heads

    As you approach KL from the Southern Gateway you will be swarmed with haphazard road works and eye-boggling road signs guaranteed to almost cause you accidents, especially if you are on the salivating lookout for freshwater fish haven Chan Sow Lin/Sg Besi.

    Iconic Seremban-KL Highway. A multitude of blue road signs pointing to everywhere.

    Jln Chan Sow Lin is to the far right. Watch out for U turn.

    Turn left here.

    Enter this side road for 200m. Its classically hot and dusty ...and looking like a big scrapyard. Do not look for big tree.

    Look instead for the half-hidden dilapidated wooden shack with one creepy toilet in front.

    This one ? Peep inside...and... u got it !...

    Welcome to backStreetGlutton's riverine hideout !

    One loud fat guy will quickly come and show you to your table. Ignore all those stares from the many many other gluttons left and right. Ordering is easy, no hassles, no stress. Just say ok, ok and ok . All dishes are very special ( according to the trustworthy fat guy ).

    Start with this boiled green vege in oyster sauce. Really green, fresh and crunchy. This is to enpower your yang (positive influences) to handle the oncoming powerful yin ( negative elements) in accordance with traditional Chinese Culinary Philosophy no 8b.

    The fish insides . Springy and overly tough. No special effects. Forgettable.

    The clear-steamed (ching cheng) fresh water CSL half-fish head (RM20) on da shoulders in a sprinkling of rice wine, green chilli padi and secret seasonings. Xquisitely tender yet firm.
    Version 2. Steamed in dark bean sauce ( 'cheong cheng' ). Very spicy & all-embracing taste. For the hot connoisseurs from Johore, Malacca and Penang.
    Complete your perfect fishy adventure with lots of your favourite carbo, like this.
    Now your yin/yang is nicely balanced.
    Da original Chan Sow Lin

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    14 February 2007

    Love Wishes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !For da ladies

    For de guys
    Take it easy...u still have tomorrow
    Best wishes from team BSG, now in SS2, PJ
    NB: above Xpensive flowers stolen from a rich man's bungalow in Pantai Hills, KL last night by member 6, specially 4 this occassion.
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    10 February 2007

    Classical Nasi Lemak in da Village Park, PJ

    some really hot Hitam Manis(es) come to PJ

    Damansara Utama ( DU), is the not-so-big office/cum shopping/once-upon-a-time de entertainment & eating zone ( cannot-miss one ) of PJ.

    Now things look a bit lost and the prematurely aged Grande Madame has been totally overshadowed by ultra-hip-hop new princesses Utama 1 (old & new wings), Ikano Power Centre, Ikea, Tesco, de Curve 2 or 3 km away in neighbouring Damansara Mutiara & Damansara Perdana. The place is now more remembered for its forgetable coming and going fusion cafes of all kinds, all boring like anything.

    Many times name-a-changing Uptown food court, is currently a major landmark ever since de Fajar Supermarket abandoned this once busy area. Here, in spite of its horrendous blind layout you can find many affordable local favorites, including your regular 70sen nasi lemaks and RM7 chicken chops and not forgeting also a sprinkling of those Chinese street starlets here and there.

    So we were really surprised when we were tipped off about this quiet & sober looking shop( behind MBB & all da other banks ) in DU not too long ago after we Xposed some notable hot Kampong Babes. And look what we uncovered.......during a recent raid... !

    Gorgeous head turning sambal sotong ( cuttlefish slices in spicy chilli paste ). Naughtily dark, springy and firm, of the type you would lustily sink your uncontrolled swollen lips onto.... all 5 or 6 pieces and then some. We think they stole them from Kampong Baru's Antarabangsa harem.
    Then this one ! For a sec we thought this cinta berahi rendang daging came out from da kitchen in Jln Raja Abdullah, KL of the RA kind.

    Sommore this lustrous golden thing...... Cik Gu Kelana,

    just what are you doing here ?

    You should be in class...shouldn't you ? can ?

    Babes looking good..(& tasting) even better.

    All for RM6 and below, including some stolen chiums,

    Go get them.
    apa khabar Sayang ?

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    09 February 2007

    Chinese Burgers, American Paus ( a candid comparison)

    when a few fair Maidens meet some Cowboys


    ...from the mystical Orient,
    team Dim Sum, ancient, classical, meticulous & infinitely many

    char siew pau (small) and tai pau ( Xtra big ) , the incorrigible Mamasans
    inside da small one ... fatty single-stroke roast pork

    whats in da the big 7 cylinder one. overcrowded chunky chickens and boiled eggs

    'lor mai kai', slightly overweight grumpy ex fav concubine now chief chambermaid... glutinuous rice with old chicken bits and one black mushroom

    clandestine runaway fish ball trapped in sweet dark sauce and redhot chilli sauce.

    petite come-take-me-quick 'siew mai' in oneway see-throughs

    one more sensuous backup green

    ' har kau', bittersweet cholesterolled seductress from da oceans, bane of de lusty old Chinamen
    ...& fresh from de other side of the Pacific ... charging into the narrow Straits of Malacca
    ... introducing...from da Wild Wild West
    . McCowboys , easygoing, no frills, techsavvy
    debonair global onebun wonder fillet in white creamy tartar sauce.

    best pal gung ho hot doggy .... soaked in borrowed French mustard

    & bouncing cheerleading potato chippies so to overwhelm the bountiful neverending rice threat of da tricky oriental temptresses.

    enter da real thing ...
    da Yankees's high tech bubbly neutraliser against the inscrutable Chinese tea.
    A most leisurely gastronomical adventure when East meets West.
    some more dainty oriental beauties
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  • * Hey Yukoshimasan...we have not forgotten your dear Sushi Geishas of the Far East ok.
    ...Later, not now dear

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    5 Things U Din Know about team BSG, Malaysia

    We were lovingly tagged by
  • Rasa Malaysia, Taste of Malaysia some happy half-moons ago during a gluttonuous backSteet session with Fujien ladies-in-waiting amidst a late morning orgyfest with some American Redheads, & the disoriented & heavily pleasured team spilled over da following halftruths

    1. team BSG comprises 7 guys & gals of varying appetites, form mildly mild quite well behaved to hyper greedy uncontrollable gluttons. While not engaged in their favourite past-times they are usually docile.

    2. their favourite food is not even food, but they will eat/drink anything that can be eaten/or ?, usually quickly and in high volumes.

    3. 4 of the gentlemen members are obsessed with Chinese Fair Maidens( aka Piao Meis ), especially those from Xian, Guangzhou, Harbin & Fuzhou,where it is said they have left some traceable traces. These 4 have travelled to Beijing, Harbin, Guangzhou, Helsinki , Moscow and Bangkok together and 2 more have almost reached Irvine, California, but overshot to Houston and New York in their quest for the unsual and unnormal. 2 are actually Piao Meis.

    4. Their roaming grounds are usually between Bangsar KL, Damansara Perdana PJ, Subang Jaya-USJ, Sections 1 to 32 Shah Alam, Ipoh, Pangkor and Penang.

    5. In persons they may not be the same as in Print... so kindly be informed

    team BSG is now happy to rollover the tagging confession honours to these next 5 Superstars
    " 5 things most people don't know about you..."

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    06 February 2007

    Assam Laksa in Cafes, KL/PJ

    HyperHot OverLustrous Penang Babes

    team BSG has many love affairs ( mostly broken ones, wadu u xpet ? ) with these kind of incredibly hot babes. And why not ? They are overly tempting, lustily seductive,multi-flavorful, fierily spicy, visually complex, forever unforgiving and too damn sexy. So must try again & again.

    Even in spanking big Malls or remote faraway lands, as long as they are there and waiting.

    Name sounds familiar. Probably something like from the Casino in da Highlands. Lets see.

    Its from Sunway Pyramid,PJ !

    Wow, impressive...Wavy, fresh and full of springy color. Also mystifyingly dark and inviting. But wait, assamy overstrong and salty lips. No, we really have to go...

    This one famous, always overbooked in the biggest MegaMall in KL, Mid Valley. When she first came from Penang those days, the KL guys just died in her little willing arms.

    But now you can see the tiring looks of the once prima donna. Why the sour face ? Sorry guys lets move on !

    This one is simply awesome. Fast and quick. Very fast infact. Almost clinical.
    Puchong Jaya, KL (corner shoplot near the Giant Hypermarket ).

    WOW ! Smells just gorgeous. With incredibly fresh & stunning looks......and da color !Reminds us of the wonderful lady in Ayer Itam, Penang. Overflowing overpowering overwhelming pungent fishy flakes floating everywhere.The resemblance is absolutely striking minus the bottle of salt and the sugar cane juice.
    Then got dat ladyish absolutely feminine F E E L . I gotta stay here longer a bit guys....
    U all go first .....
    However Da Chef still insists the SS2, PJ Monday Evening Mobile Queen is still better.... ( aiya he is entitled to his opinion lah ).

    see BSG's
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