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31 December 2007


don't eat & drive

JUST drink & be merry !

bsg's beautiful sweetie

have a blast....

c u in 2008 !
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30 December 2007

turn your chicks the other way

the bruised and badly burnt but tender unfeathered birds good-enough-to-break-&-eat with your bare hands , rolling on...

stuffed here & there with lemongrass stalks plus some secret spices

tear , grip & eat

actually they are all pure & white , inside

additional hot chilli sauce provided

a few kilometres outside Sungei Buloh town , towards Ijok .
All harems lining roadsides . But this mamasan is decidedly better. Satisfy yourself here , for only RM12 a quickie.
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29 December 2007

here comes the meats

from the kampung to the Highways to Uptown

immortalised in hunky P Ramli / sex-bomb Saloma movies , the sidelane smoky grilled meats on pieces of small sharp sticks courtesy of the ever jovial satayman are going wide and UP. The classic open air smoky burnt charcoals with the delectable fumes have now given way to huge burners in concrete shops , lined with expensive looking table tops.

the crowd

the famous Kajang Satay ( 3 pieces in Hokkian )
chicken , beef , deer , rabbit + other meats
from RM 0.60 to a few RM a stick

the super proteins
sticky rice with raw onions and cool cucumbers

the main peanut sauce ( slightly spicy and quite sweet )
with side kick darker sauce ( hidden at the back )
tho we have always preferred the real thing , the way it was ...
...wind , smoke... smells and all.
restoran sate kajang hj samuri
damansara Uptown , PJ
(same row as HSBC Bank )
( one of 17 more others )
tel 03 - 7710 5318
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27 December 2007

Steam Power

Steam comes out with a loud hiss and painfully scalds one who is careless , as it has great power.

..and so it was harnessed to generate great energy ( Q i ) to power a big boat , to cross oceans and enrich lives , bringing a sense of great harmony & togetherness thus bridging the bland divide.

that was way back in the 1880 somethings. Today in PJ and elsewhere it resembles nothing like those ancient European vessels. Now it is stuffed with mostly some meats and marine things , some white vegetables ( why ? ) and those Chinese soya flakes . then again it doesn't cross oceans anymore.

must have at least 2 raw eggs and some noodles.

the Ying ( herbal soup ) and the Yang ( tomyam soup ) of the matter.

resulting in a delicious noodles in soup, or soup with salivating noodles ( or is it wet aphrodisiac ? ) ?

...only RM13.80 per satisfied customer , all DIY

Restoran Loong Foong
beside Catholic Church
Off LDP Highway ( Taman Mayang )
4 , Jalan SS 25/23 ,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel 03 - 7803 8722

...the traditional one... beware burnt lips
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23 December 2007

go mad on a leaf.without the headaches

In Southern India long ago , rice was served on a banana leaf laid out on the ground and eaten by ordinary folks with the bare hands , for practical reasons as utensils were hard to come by and the big flat waterproof tropical leaf perfect as a plate.

The banana leaf is today passionately associated with South Indian cuisine , and this olden style of eating together with the famed curries becoming popular in Kuala Lumpur/PJ as a haute cuisine , & complete with some ancient rituals too.

A few restaurants have gained an obscene following ( e.g. in Jln Gasing and Section 17 PJ ) for various reasons and some are so madly packed ( as to make it impossible to park your brand new 2008 edition Camry except 1 km away ? ) during lunch time ( especially ) that it has become a real hassle ( on your heart and spine ) to eat BLR.

Eating good as they say comes with a terrible headache, before or after ! But no worries anymore ...for we present below 2 alternative pleasant & easy going choices , and as good as any !

No more terrible crowds , no more mis-smelling of burnt meats on your eyebrows &/or immaculate neck-ties !

!. Krishna Curry House , Jln 222 PJ ( near Petronas petrol station )

really easy going place with superbly fragrant curries. from RM5 up

2. Sri Devi , Section 5A ( Kelana Jaya ) PJ

Just beside the FAM football court. The usual everything-got spread, including authentic come-from-behind India workers . Do use sign language sometimes to get exactly what you want !

Xcellent fresh fruit juices next door.

Beautiful prices guaranteed , to put some smiles back on your overloaded face.
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21 December 2007

a Chinawoman CKT , Jln SS 5A , PJ

A famous ( size does matter ) big woman & her little fried noodles ( inside an Indian Muslim Restaurant )
omgoodness !

the final inspection before the release , da trio of one XXL flanked by one QS ( quite small ) and 1 M.

in SS5A near SS 3 PJ ( also known as the FAM area )

the standard looking-wet

Char Kuey Teow with eggs &

over-chilli sauce , only RM 3.50

in a tiny portion with silky smooth de-shelled prawns + 2 or 3 cockles.

...the drier other one without eggs , the only way to appreciate CKT according to certain purists .

does indeed look more bouncy ...and with more noodle taste.

Still , while the plateful has full rich voluptuous flavor the lady's masterpiece deviates pointedly from our chequered impressions of the X factored complete version aka da real thing
...though it is highly popular with the predominantly Malay crowd here.

interestingly this Mamak eatery has many Chinese stalls selling hawker favorites too ,
a truly total Malaysian Xperience...( no ? )

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19 December 2007

sunrise in PJ , Malaysia

a harmonious blend of orange , yellow , red & black glows , culminating in the perfect set
(red ginger chilli sauce and black herbal sauce )

the golden compass

the ever loyal followers of the imperial force

the final frontier

...and the sun rises
bsg's better roast ...beating the imperial Peking Duck , Beijing by a few webbed feet.
Malaysia Bolih !
Restoran Sunrise
( near KFC traffic lights )
SeaPark , Petaling Jaya
.from 11.30 am daily
Mondays , imperial rest day
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17 December 2007

3 more not to be missed

...distinctively Penang !

the Balik Pulau Penang laksa , stall beside the old ( soon to be demolised ) wet market, town centre. Managed by a chubby Mr Tan who is coming soon to PJ. Noodles in Xtra pleasant orange fishy 5-flavors soup.
Chef BSG's all-time no 1.

the Sungei Dua prawn mee ( Malay style ) , Teluk Kumbar ( seafood paradise ) , Penang ( near the Bayan Lepas Airport )
3 fresh prawns in soup reminiscent of mee java/ mee rebus. RM 15 or so.
Sweetily delicious.

finally back to da Chinaman famous city centre ? popular oldies ( do you know why ? ) fried big oysters in scrambled eggs. This one here costs only RM 17 .
Multiple libido taken with frothing chilled Carlsberg !

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16 December 2007

we got the sea , da hills , the food

...n de fruits

beautiful Batu Ferringgi , and the 30 + year old laksa stall.

Now RM 2.00 a plate , from 30 sens those days ( we think )

the Balik Pulau hills , and the fruit orchard. Nice view. Great fresh fruits minus the famed durians ( sorry , off season in Dec ! )

don't miss them next time , its only 30 minutes after Batu Ferringgi along a most scenic slightly elevated drive .

Catch team bsg parasailing if you are lucky...
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