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28 September 2007

lust , caution

broken eggs mania, PJ

Hainanese bun set , hot crispy butter kaya bun , coffee and 2 eggs RM5.50

Sukiko Cafe , Damansara Utama , PJ ( opposite Uptown Hawkers Square )
.. 4 de demurrrre Hainanese experience

Double dose of hearty porcine /cholesterol /caffeine irresistence ,
pork ball flat noodles, coffee and 2 eggs RM6.00

Restaurant Mayang Jaya , PJ
( best hideout for the illicit liasons ... upstairs chamber )

high rise banana leaf thosai , nasi lemak , teh tarik
& 2 eggs ( dripping one ) RM 5.50

Kanna Curry House , Section 17 , PJ ( near 'Rothmans 'roundabout,
but look right (upwards on slope ) as you go towards junction heading to SS 2 )
(best rat-alfresco banana leaf Xperience , with sleek grandma multi-curry gravies !

Caution : lust at own risks
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26 September 2007

salt & sauces

Drink softly love

The messy area beside the infamous PUDU Jail ( Jln Pudu , now abandoned ), is a typical old -KL commercial area , and well known as a traditiional Chinese Gourmet zone especially for the nostalgic ( Chin Han-Beatles-Elvis-Bee Gees-Lobo-Modern Talking) old-timers . Like this unpronounceable streetname Changkat Thamby Dollah with these authentic old shops lining it . Of couse those days there were also the "butterfly" karaokes and the like where the after 12 crowds rival those free-for-all Raya opening houses buffet.

We present below some enigmatic team backStreetPollidge members

... the other teochew porridge shop, where usually only less young Chinese patrons know how to come and appreciate. For porridge + some was in ancient days an ingenious way to recycle left over rice and other food for the next meal. So various ways were concocted to sauce and salt them while more strategically to flavor them , like these...for the next few seasons

porky large innards as fat and gentle as can be. Ring-like and definitely full of cholesterol
( good or bad )

enhanced darkened eggs ( chicken/duck?) with pickled ginger , a quintessentially Chinese invention , not replicated elsewhere even if they tried for the next 100 years ( hence its name, century eggs ) . Like jelly but not quite.

salted fish , a must have in this type of indulgence , the more salt the better for the gentle white ultimate namesake ( universal solvent ) is patiently awaiting below

salted eggs , the rich centre orange thing is also a most sought after item in moon (fairy tale) cakes and sometimes compared to expensive crab roe ( or as an imitation , not fake )

salted vegetables ( what ?) like some broken jewels . A signature porridge companion , definitely cannot miss...

the Star herself , the whitest rice boiled until almost powdery called (best salt & sauce buddy )porridge . Must come out steaming hot or your virgin culinary salt & sauce Xperience in this gastronomical delight ( actually improvised left overs , originally...) will be ruined and you would have preferred economy rice instead ! Remember , to control the runaway salt and sauce (S&S) use this rough guide of 5 parts porridge to 1 part S&S .
You can if you wish just drink the broth , for there has been no known reports of indigestion arising from this miracle food.
So it is no surprise prices are generally double, triple or even quadruple the comparable items/quantity as found in your neighborhood economy rice shops .
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25 September 2007

seafood noodles , SS 4 , PJ

Alternative noodles , and seafood

SS 4 , PJ is a small housing area beside/behind the Kelana Jaya LRT Station with some nice bungalows and some shops.
So when Lynn ( the Mall Cafe specialist who specialises in eating small ) had a sudden craving for seafood and noodles she knew exactly where to go , near her office ! And true to her usual self I had to tag along to complete her pleasures ( no I am not complaining for that is also my specialty da sometimes tag along).

She wanted this gigantic bowl of soup with oysters and fish slices .
Probably one does tire of the usual daging ( meat) taste so this is a pretty fishy good choice.
Clear and tasty enough .
Of course the gluttony one in me would insist on this darker stronger version ,
the 'kono' dry one with 1 teaspoon flavored oil (I caught him puttin it in !) no less.

Actually she didn't say it but I guess these was what she came here for , all 30 of them (omg) ! Rounded oysters the sizes of your various finger tips . Very slurpy and may not be to everyone's taste buds , what with that distinctive aphrodiasical soft feel and alarmingly deep raw taste. Well you know who took more of these power transformer things .
Pricey though , our 1st bowl costs RM14 while the dried version RM11.
We needed lots of this taste enhancers / anti-raw deceptors ( fresh chilis in soya sauce ) + pepper for the complete vigorous experience !

Yes the name sounds familiar ! Just remember there are 2 names by the way,
one on each side....may have something to do with night and day.

Corner lot , SS 4 , PJ
Jalan SS4/5
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24 September 2007

Discovery SS 2 , PJ

A 45 minute break fast

this iconic bustling alpha numeric planned residential cum business zone ( forming part of PJ City, a satellite township 20 km west of Kuala Lumpur ) not generally noted for outstanding cuisine ( or what else) does have some redeeming gastronomical hotshots which we present to you , no holds barred ( ...for once !)

the famous nasi lemak corner stall in front of the SS2 Police Station / beside BHP petrol station run by a few baseball capped slippered Malay youngsters is crowded most mornings with the early office crowd and the moms doing takeaways , but thanks to the Muslim Fasting Month is now almost empty ( 7.45 am )

Your order is hastily whisked away into a hollow brown paper pyramid preloaded with a plastic spoon and a fork and flooded with loose sambal and the stained scissors chom chom to give you a messy dish like this , as you dine in breezy comfort with a dozen or so cats scrambling below you. Rice has no coconuty milk aroma while spicy sambal has 2 or 3 zeros missing from the classic oomph. Sotong (cuttlefish ) bits bouncy while daging (beef ) appears lost . Presentation 1 out of 5 , taste 2.8 , ambience 2 , price RM3.5 slighty offensive ,
overall can be missed without any ill-effects.

aha ! the aristocratic stares from the well trained helpers of the most famous of all famous Indian Muslim ( Mamak ) restaurants in PJ , this one from the Royalty/Police endorsed SS 2 PJ Kayu behind equally famous Mee Yoke Lim ( of Chow Yang fame ).

90 sens oily roti canai with RM1.50 teh tarik . Verdict :ambience 3 , roti taste 2 , teh tarik taste 1.5 , fish curry gravy 2 becoz too salty , price sinful ( also got tax one ), overall roti canai & teh tarik 2 out of 5 . Please miss if you can.
one man busy busy Chee Cheong Fun ( flat rice vermicelli ) stall beside mee yoke lim ,
Mee Yoke Lim SS 2 PJ .

each piece 60 sen . Multi boiled/fried tofu/fish paste/vegetable noodle delight. Topped with distinctive brown sweety gravy sprinkled with sesame seeds. Add chili sauce to taste.
Verdict : 5 stars , do not miss... at all costs !

non-stop ( unstoppable ) classy Chinaman doing his thing. the eccentric long limb guy .

the Mee Yoke Lim SS 2 PJ Penang Prawn Mee ( spicy noodles in prawny soup ).
A PJ Classic/ Hall of Fame Winner . Miss it at your own peril .

BKT ( bak kut teh corner ) , few shops down from Kayu , SS 2 , PJ . Exceptionally crowded !

you will definitely need anciently goodness Chinese tea in mini cups .

smiling cashier ( we know why )

BKT teochew styled version , milder than the Klang ( 30 km north of PJ ) masterpiece.
Boiled pork meat in sreaming dark medicinal (as proudly claimed ) herbal soup . Sprinkled with Chinese coriander leaves . Fresh . A little sweety . Feel da power !
Price from RM 7.50 per person basic .
Verdict : 4 out of 5 .
Highly recommended . Check also for ginseng chickens + broken fish heads .
( thats another story )
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22 September 2007

Singapore Laksa

the Southern challenge

Laksa is a spicy noodle dish ( with exceedingly aromatic/smelly soup ) and fondly acknowledged as a Thai-Malay-Nyonya Xtravaganza. Infact the numero uno Assam Laksa is Penang's pride and looks as sexy as can be , matched sensuously by its attacking multi-flavors mode which is as controversial as a sex bomb ( Beyonce ) can be.

...and so the promised station here we come

clinical, efficient ( reflecting its ultra clean Singapore heritage )

... but...we knew it !
the unaccomodating slippery firm noodles were in a class of its own
and couldn't sync with the flavorful thick soup...
for that the Penang version outclasses it by close to 750 km
try it yourself and let us know...
Kopitiam Killiney
44 , Jln SS 21 / 39
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel 03 - 77255130
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21 September 2007

Amazing Chemistry !

Drunken Tips

Da best value beer in town @ happy hours , quite absolutely RM4 per regular mug .

In da heart of town... or d lady's yours... !

Absolute Chemistry,
No 3 & 5, Jln Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru , Bangsar KL
Tel 03-2282 7242

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20 September 2007

notes from the Perhentian Islands , Trengganu

in pursuit of nothingness

cool images from the beaches of Perhentian /Redang Islands

the Gluttons strike again, on land ( Kuala Besut , Trengganu )

...Food (?) from the resort ...
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18 September 2007

gourmet fantasy

of a Prince Charming kind

The Chinese really crave for the exoticas and the elixirs right ? ...ever since Qing Shi Huang Ti ( China's first Emperor circa 250 BC ) dispatched 500 virile men/women to faraway islands in search of the elusive one ? History didn't record that they failed, neither did it tell you whatever happened to these brave men & women . Some say thank god for them otherwise there will be no sushi . Nearer home & in the present , we also crave for some solid stuff , especially after a heady round of golden juice & noisy high tension nearby + the slender demure ones that slipped away...

First this promised tonic must come out boiling hot in an aluminium double candle-fired cauldron
( must see & hear hissing steam) , skinless and gorgeously streamlined athletic drumsticks stratigically positioned to be in front. Ask to open that standby Xtra chicken (real one) juice ( regular pack ) yourself and splash the dark contents in quickly. Then relish the pure dreams of levitating utopia as the flaming gingerised chicken goodness ++ slurps into your tired souls you feel it ? it coming...dear ?

...that surge of well-being , that flowing power ?

...da clear steamed water chicken ( frog ) with Brands chicken essence .
A house speciality in this small Ipoh Garden restaurant.

To avoid the sudden rise in Yang 陽 make sure you take double the equivalent of this
greeny Ying 陰 thing ok
( must be some kind of magic beans from the ancient empire , very very crunchy and fresh )

They also have a few more other aphrodisiacs up their sleeves we were told
Just make sure you let us know when the Prince wakes up ok !
Restoran Makanan Laut Choy Kee
111 , Jln Lau Pak Khuan
Ipoh Garden
Ipoh , Perak
tel : 05 - 5499127
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17 September 2007

romantic Cameron Highlands , Malaysia

its still cool...

fascinatingly fresh ... as always

splendid colors !

coolest cuisine , anywhere

truly Malaysia...catch it live ( at a place near you ) !
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13 September 2007

looks does matter

a fishy attraction

what a funny extra-soft looking fish , then also like finless ...
... no looks eggy !
& wow what tempting red gravy with those green dots everywhere

actually it is a Malay noodles pop-up (windows) innovation called mee gulung

( springy long yellow noodles fully sealed in tender omelette )
a spicy-sweety mee java look-alike
...really glaring looks @ RM3,50

be stunned by them in Langkawi / Lumut at a warung near you

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