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30 August 2007

Sarawak Laksa KL/PJ

An imitation , some lookalikes and ...

It is an anomaly of Malaysia , where we think our East Malaysian counterparts are closer to Brunei ( they are neighbours ) and Singapore ( perhaps the shoppings' great ) as they really are to where they 'should be' ... i.e. the Peninsular ( meaning this side ). Infact there is even some measure of disagreement as to the figure 50 and 44 between East & West ( or are we really that young ah ? ).

Other than those occassional oh-u-come-from-there-issit colleagues from there and those friendlier hostesses at the bistros over here in KL these grossly misunderstood
Sarawak noodles may well tell another familiar story.

this one from the all-in-one laksa Xpert Laksa Shack in Giant Kelana Jaya.
Definitely an out-of-tune imitation except price @ RM8.90++ .
Leaves one shaking head.
A lookalike in Taman Megah PJ ( Restoran Gembira ) . Kuching laksa it is called.
Yes , only in luscious prawny looks @RM4.50.

Just next door Taman Megah another one ! ( Restoran Megah Good Luck )
another copycat but definitely forgot to bring along his flavorer from Sibu . RM4.50

Still after all is said , we have to get back to Nam Chun , Lucky Gardens , Bangsar( KL) for this close as you can get Sarawak Laksa .
Never mind the price , it tastes and feels just great, finally !
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28 August 2007

Independence Day 2007

48 hours to 50 years of Independence !

...but race & religion still haunt Malaysia .

A six-minute rap video on YouTube that mocked Malaysia's national anthem and enraged its majority ethnic Malay community has reopened old racial wounds as Malaysia marks 50 years of independence from British rule this week, while the nation remains a split personality -- exposing worrisome racial and religious divides, and stoking fears of more tension ahead of an anticipated early general election.

Race and religion are touchy issues in multi-racial Malaysia, where Malay Muslims form about 60 percent of a population of roughly 26 million that include Hindus, Buddhists and Christians among the sizeable Indian and Chinese minorities.


Dubbed the "melting pot" of Asia for its potpourri of cultures ( and food ) Malaysia has long been held up as a model of peaceful co-existence among its races and religions.

The education system however remains fragmented. While Chinese parents prefer to send their children to Chinese schools, {and Indians to Indian schools} rather than the mainstream "national" schools to which Malays go , { the rich and the famous including patriotic politicians send their precious to private institutions and yes ! top foreign colleges like LSE , Nottingham U and Oxford ( not forgeting Monash too .) The polarisation continues into universities and even in the workplace, where the different races hardly mix with one another,
xcept when they lust after these delights below :

oily ooozzller char keow tuey from the Penang Chinese.....fiery Indian banana leaf rice

The wonder pyramid nasi lemak from da kampungs

A recent survey on race relations found that only 66% percent of those polled had ever had a meal like these with fellow Malaysians of other races , that also looking staidly across the tables from each other. Much of the blame lies with the political system.
The other 34 % won't even sit near each other...omg

Time for the Merdeka Super 50th Edtion Roti Canai Muhibbah next Mr backlane Mamak ?

Malaysian PM AAB widely expected to call a general election within months, tried to soothe the growing resentment among non-Malays when he promised last week that he would be fair to all races.

Not surprisingly, internet chatrooms are abuzz with racially charged debates following the YouTube posting. { so for a change on this special occassion have
malaysiakini today for your supper ok & feel da hardcore for once } !

Merdeka !

...this has been a breaking commentary from Yahoo Malaysia
... slightly censored and mildly modified by team bsg...
Happy Holidays ...
and please sit closer will ya ?

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27 August 2007

mobile blog

bring on my new blog !


kuala lumpur

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mobile blogging

do let me in !
Kuala Lumpur
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25 August 2007

Battleground Subang USJ

Bold , Dark & Heavy

Subang Jaya / USJ , a bustling township with the 'best' of everything now boasts of the cheapest
Supermarkets. A classic tale of giants pitted against each other . The arrival of Muslim supermarket chain Mydin Hypermarket in USJ 2 right beside reigning hot-shot Giant and nearby slumbering USJ Summit caused no disastrous stampedes but a golden harvest of sorts for the lucky residents who now reap the benefits of arguably the lowest grocery and other household product prices this part of town !

You should keep an eye on the warring parties' frequent wallet-popping press adverts to see if that 34 inches tv is going for RM200 and your fave chicken eggs are going 30 for only RM2.99 who knows !

This expensive looking nasi kandar restaurant ("best in Subang" ) sitting right in front within the mega mall has the full lustrous spread of nasi kandar, plus a popular briyani corner.

Taking a cue from the few petite ladies ahead of us who seem to be absorbed with their super big plates of this brown rice with big chunky chickens sprayed expertly with minute whiffs of multiple curry gravies then topped with some cucumber/carrot slices , we followed suit .

Heavy looks, strong colors. Multi-spiced brown fragrant rice with the signature
all-in-one saucy gripping taste .

Tender chicken meat , probably soaked for long with some secret incredients
(including the world's most expensive spices ?) . then it sure is cheap
@ only RM 7.50 !
Indian Muslim restaurants...the new force.... at the best locations
...( didn't you notice ?)

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20 August 2007

jaguh kampung

by the rivers of Lumut

Near Sitiawan town ( 8km away ) there lies a small kampong ( village ) called Kg Sitiawan where the first Chinese pioneers ( of Manjung District ) landed a century ago.

Today this same place with Chinese vegetable farmers , Malay fishing folks and some Indian families looks quite the same as it was ( we were told ) except there are many cars which converge aka clockwork precision at a certain spot in the mornings.

you mean to enjoy this watery view ? the great shining pool ( the scene of many Scouts first class swimming tests from nearby schools ) or is there something else ?

the eager cars parked along the roadsides. Something's up babe . see this stilted shaky wooden hut ? sure it can hold or not ?

But first , a small bite from the newspaper packed bundle for the appetiser.
Nasi lemak kampung with one tiny 1/4 fish 70 sen .

then a drink while you wait and see. da teh tarik

the patient multiracial crowd. Young and old . Must be something big here .All races.
Actually you could celebrate the coming 50th Merdeka Celebrations here.
Just need some flags.
The champions. Throwing and doughing. Oh now we understand.

this ! Wow looks good , very fresh ! ...the aroma ...the slurpy gravy .
Roti canai Malay style.

stunning color ! Got that bounce...that rare exuberance !

Amazing youthful texture ! Great taste !
Wonderful , only 7o sens . Rated EXCELLENT ( means near the top )

Now you know , kampung folks too can make a big difference !
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16 August 2007

a Chinese Dinner at the backStreet for 5

in the Malaysian countryside

It is nice when the locals bring you to their favorite places to eat. Somehow ( not surprisingly) they always end up bringing you & co to that 'best' restaurant invariably somewhere at a distant corner near the backlanes.
And the easy going meal will go something like this.

good old plain superhot Chinese tea , served in tiny cups. Topping up is a sacred duty reserved for the host so just relax ok.

aha ...the classic steamed plain white rice in a bowl , accompanied by the mother of all eating apparatus the definitive chopsticks. This bowl is to be held in your one hand while the other is for the chopsticks as you handle the rice and food , For first timers do see Jackie Chan in
"The Young Master" for the correct classical way to hold them .

here comes the soft gentle Chinese ( or is it Japanese ) sizzling hot-plate tofu ( bean curds ) with prawns , netted in a layer of pattaya-fried-rice style softly fried eggs. Simple but tasty no doubt

then deshelled mantis prawns fried in bouncy cornflour with raw onions and green veges .
Quite deliciously different and lip-smackingly good in a sweety soury kind of way.

The unmistakeable looks of the one , but leans only and... look ! NO bones !
Thinly sliced but hey , its as solid as should be ! We don't call it da meat for nothing !

finally the controversial stinker of a vegetable , the pods from the jungles , called petai and a Malaysian speciality . Excellently concocted in spicy sambal ( chilli paste ) with prawns and a special from the beaming chef . Surprisingly no trace of pungency and swept clean within a few strokes by the appreciating backStreet diners.
Thank you dear host for a classic & simple satisfying meal ,
all we understand for below RM50.

OK , we are now ready for session 2

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13 August 2007

Cool Herbs & spices

the Tandoori factor

Cameron Highlands , Pahang , the romantic Little England in da Jungle with its vestigial tudor dwellings facing steep garden slopes still evokes memories of pipe puffing Aristocrats and their big hat lady companions sipping tea , nibbling scones and squeezing cute reddish spotty fruits we know as strawberries.

Today , you would be forgiven if you think busy 2-street Tanah Rata is a Little India ! Yes , the hardworking sweet & hot spices of India has indeed arrived , and with gusto ! There are numerous Indian Restaurants here with curious customers which outnumber their Chinese, Malay & Cafe counterparts . The winds of change...

this is the charming elevated Indian Retaurant ( recommended by Lonely Planet ) just as you enter Tanah Rata from Ringlet, near Maybank. Customers can choose to sit outside ( to watch the birds & enjoy the cool air ) , be quietly cozy inside the main dining area or hideaway in a separate adjacent non-smoking zone. Pretty neat.

simple & nice decor, the no-smoking/romantic section

Attracted by the flaming red colors I had the signature tandoori set , a fave with the European and Japanese tourists who somehow seem to love this sentimental place , with naan bread

inclusive of this super fresh salad reminding one that greenies are all over this garden town !
So take more , and stay healthy !
de classic striking color & wavy looks of the yoghurt flavored tandoori chicken , a must-have for the adventurous tourist, direct from the charcoal fired clay oven . Add a dash of lime juice to this succulent & mildly flavored delicacy, tempered down ( according to the Manager ) for non-Malaysian tastebuds. But if you prefer it hotter get that version !
The complete set with a fruit drink ( RM 9 ) with generous dip-dip optional spicy gravies in the all-in-one plate . A really solid well balanced meal , tho I suspect for the true blue Malaysian Glutton , you will need extra sizzling turbos

...and... if the above set is still not enough then go for these extra delicious goodies-in-waiting + the full range of exotic scent-suous South Indian curries and vegetables .

the friendly & ever smiling Proprietor Mr R.Mani who also manages the
Travellers Pub & Bistro next door.
Check out this charming place on your next trip
He promises , if you are in a Group "you choose... we cook "
Restoran Bunga Suria
66A , Persiaran Camellia 3
Bandar Baru Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands
tel 05 - 491 4666
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our national prides

Malaysian Football ... the goal is Nasi Lemak !
by Devinder Singh 10 Aug 2007 courtesy NST

this one... world class international players class food summit

our very own ... world class Malaysian nasi lemak , ...G O A L...G o a l !!

THE Malaysian senior football team prefers to gorge on nasi lemak, roti canai and keropok lekor rather than take dietary supplements which had instead found its way into trash bins.

It was revealed that the Malaysian football team that reached unprecedented lows at the Asian Cup, ignored conventional wisdom and refused RM200 worth of dietary supplements each. What was more galling is that the supplements were discarded unopened into trash bins in their hotel rooms.

Dr Fajcsak, who oversees the nutritional requirements of the national Under-23 football team, said Malaysians’ penchant for deep-fried and high-fat food is detrimental to physical development, especially for elite-level athletes. In fact, one of the Olympic twins in the senior team (defender Aidil Zafuan Abdul Razak) was the only player in that team who could run up and down the field in accordance to what was required at the international level ."If you look at Japanese and Korean athletes, their fitness levels are very high because they maintain proper diets. You do not see them frequenting fast food outlets at 11pm for recovery meals," 'bout this one...thrashed ? ... or ...

these trash bins ?


another the team exclusive scoop ( cut short , trashed )


for more see we love nasi lemak don't you ?

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11 August 2007

guide to the Inside Job

Baked , roasted & ready

Peeking inside the nicely done paper box placed inside a nice plastic bag , is the irressitible bakery aroma that young Grandma loves best . Fresh from the oven. Golden & shiny .
Our daily bread.

larger , heavier and thicker than usual , in some strange kind of suggestive folds

with 3 quick careful cuts following the instructional manual , chunky treasures wrapped within are finally exposed, taunting your expectant eyes and impatient chop sticked hands to reach out.

First lucky strike finds the soft but firm potato piece. Easing into her 4 stunted spears as she prepares to hit hard .

the arch chicken rival is reined in , easier than originally thought. Ahhh what a feeling !

trapped and beyond escape , then juiced above the soft crisp golden mantoyee bun for the climatic swallow through. End of round beginning.

the battleground , along the leisurely main road , Kampar Town Perak. Where once Communists kill and Japanese raped. ..while the Brits ran ... to Singapore.
Really nice sleepy hollow beside beautiful hills , now proudly home to University TAR.

packed. baked & warm . RM24 only ( with half a chicken ( in chunks done medium ) soaked in creamy unIndian Chinaman curry ( so don't expect exotic fragrances ) . There is a special prize waiting for the guy who can finish all this mammoth roti alone in 20 minutes . Last winner (hotly disputed) was a gal . Though it is strongly recommended you share with 3 other able eaters .
to enter , follow this manual carefully . Spill at own peril !

a picture says about 100 words .
enjoy !
but do not forget our love ...from kampar with love
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