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29 June 2007

solid F & B tips

10 sure ways to ruin ( koyak ) your first Makan date

By Kathryn Lord ( not from bsg 1 )
Yahoo! Personals Jun 28, 2007

1. Don't look like your picture.
Post an old picture from when you were thinner or had more hair ( haha ).

2. Don't make any special effort to present yourself well
Dress for a first meeting the way you would for a Saturday night at home (watching Ho Chiak ! ), rationalizing that you want to appear "real" and be liked for the way that you are.

3. Be late ( omg !)
Nothing says you couldn't care less than to be late. While arriving early might give you the advantage of being able to see your date before he/she sees you, being late implies you are too important to be polite.

4. Forget your wallet.
Male or female, the "I forgot my wallet" schtick is the fastest route to being labeled cheap.
If you are a guy and this is a coffee date, springing for both cups is a bargain-rate way to look good. And ladies, men notice if you offer to pay, even if they insist on opening their wallet for your latte.
5. Use your state-of-the-art Samsung/Nokia/Sony handphone
Go ahead, plunk your ultra hip blinking pride down on the table between the two of you, leave it on and answer every call, taking as long as you want while ignoring your date.

6. Brag ! Brag brag brag & brag
My grandma used to say "Don't brag," and when you are on a date, she was -- and is -- so right.
However, if you can't resist, talk about the price you paid for your wow ! new BM , flash your Rolex , and prop your implants ( goodness ) on the table. Tell how important you are at work and how many men or women are dropping at your feet.
See how your date reacts... if they are still at the table ( oh ! )

7. Complain !
Grouse. About our tired PM. Say how no one listens to you and you are looking for someone who will. Go on and on about your gastrics or, better yet, why you hate Nasi Kandar Perth .

8. Be r u d e.
To your date, and to everyone around you. Talk down to the slow Burmese Thai no Engrand-talk waiter and don't leave a tip. Complain loudly to the management about the poor service.

9. Try to get sexy.
Tell your date that she is turning you on and you are imagining her naked. Move in fast & furious, hugging, touching or trying to kiss, despite what your date is signaling.
Talk & purrrrr sexy and do it like Amber Chia. No no ! plse ! not that annoying B Pitt guy10. Tell dirty jokes
You know that you are funny, especially after you have a couple of drinks. If it is a coffee date, then stop off for a couple of tiger carlsberg before you get there. Say, how about Malaysia Today's Ramly sausages & Mongolian cherries encore ? You know that men (or women) like a good sexy joke, so fire away.

team bsg today fasting ( so a bit out ) & drinking only sorry (camera also spoilt )
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28 June 2007

s@X & da City

treasures of IPOH

famous salted ( paper wrapped herbal roasted ) chicken ( Restoran Tat Seng tel 05-547 6680 ) of Bercham , Northern outskirts ( near Jaya Jusco and Tesco ) of Ipoh City. Try to eat all at once per person ! RM 15 a packet

Amber Chia ( the Lips )...I want I wan ! ..............boiled beansprouts ( nga choi )

Crouching tigress Datuk Michelle ( the Touch ) aka Ferarri worth $$$$$

da Big Sister as silky smooth as flat rice noodles
massage Queen & ...Lou Wong , 49, Jln Yau Tat Shin

dim sum Honky Kongky Style
Foh Sun (Osbourne Street)
lip smacking knees shivering red temptress chee cheong fun ( old town )

white but black old town (genuine of course ) coffee

...then also got grainy ( just like Bayan Lepas Penang and Nibong Tebal PW style ) wet rice.
really exceptionally tasty ( watch out msg ) . ...with 'Sepang' ( chicken look & feel alike ) fillet
can see grain ?

Actually all of the above Ipoh chui pai ( specialities ) are as it says here...
...Xtraordinary Same Taste .
Enquire within for somemore fishy & quite lustful stories.
72 ,Psrn Bercham Selatan , Tmn Desa Kencana 2 , Bercham , Ipoh
HP 012-519 7018 , 012-502 1132

Most men ( actually team bsg ) just love Ipoh !
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26 June 2007

fresh in Tanjung Tualang , Perak

close encounter of da leggy Kind

It is always nice and easy when you cruise along the old roads dotted with numerous clear water lakes around Ipoh , Batu Gajah and other smaller kampongs where once stood many tin dredging machines and hundreds of hard toiling bare back workers. Quite interesting today because you don't see many forests here as the surroundings are usually barren & you can actually have a wide panaromic view.

Then this rickety sight will jolt you from your half slumber ! 2 feelery things that look like some insects greeting you as you enter the soon approaching curvy left turn announcing your arrival to famous small PRAWN town ( pekan ). This pekan is really small and probably consists of a few rows of shops centered in a small area less then 1/4 mile square.
But gosh many restaurants with air-conds too !

Then we bump into this nice looking shady restaurant for our date .

Very nice and interesting leggy creature the size of a lady's palm as seen outside one of the many glass tanks placed around the restaurant.

If you love thorny slim legs this is it ! Be careful they sting real sharp ok !

de Gorgeous looking bouncy & succulent one ! ...after meeting its heavenly fate at the hands of the Master Executioner cum Chef at da back. Great savoury sauces and nice color of which we were most impressed . Though we can't say the same for the apparently voluptuous but tough meat which tasted expectedly bland ( as udang galah is actually noted for ).
Then at an uninspiring ( oh no ! after soooooooo many kms) price of RM70 a kg .
Lucky we were only just passing through !
other tales
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24 June 2007

Malaysian Superheroes

the Fantastic 4

1 Mr Fantastic himself

Sometimes called mein , ramein , mee , noodles , even sphagetti . Hardworking , extra flexible and can bend into many shapes & sizes ( round , square , stretched , wrinkled , long and short , black or white ) . Usually you cannot recognise him coz he's always soaked wet here & there lying at da bottom of the pit . Best and happiest when relaxing at the backStreets with his kakis ( buddies ) .

2 Flame on !

Hot , flamboyant & definitely charming . Wildly dangerous & uncontrollable when in full flight & tends to leave a sizzling melting trail of screaming ooohs and aaaaaahhhs...the tomyam !effect... ( esp from da ladies ) . Very picky though and temperamental. Loves to roam in da kampungs . Nothing pleases him more than to see his big name announced in big singboards, afterall don't he just love the attention.

Don't mess around with this one. He is rough , mean and he is h e a v y . Blows you apart with just one single scoop . Extra generous unlimited helpings. da reluctant hero . He can't even hold a ring with his fingers but can certainly sapu ( sweep ) an entire busload of rice wrapped in banana leaves. He aint 3 the thing for nothing.

Lovely calm before the storm. da teaser & voluptuous one . Princess of Malaysian fruit . Found in front & back gardens of many households. Can sometimes become invisible .
Watch your back yards ok . Hi 4 mrs fantastic

the real comical one , only found in U S of A

Watch out ! the arch rival is surfing in fast ! on da King .

have fun in the movies !
If you want to get close & personal with the Fantastic Four click here !

mr fantastic
the torch
the thing
mrs fantastic

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20 June 2007

your coffee sir , fighting horses !...or romantic east coast ?

Wow ! mean

this ?....................................................... ... this ? .................................................. or this ? ...

No ! ... t h i s one

Yes ! ...Actually it was easy...
...just follow dat ......a r r o w.... ( which one ? )

and we are not talking about any clinics ( C ) , hospitals ( + ) or passionate Kelantan !

Welcome to west coast Silver State ! Good to have you back again in Perak ! so only to catch a glimse of some 'fighting horses' . Proudly announced on rock solid road side in all 3 languages
...Malaysia Bolih !

Try this Johnny Jane Fat one and see. Fully aircon Chinese corner shoplot restaurant , one of many hidden away from the main KL-Ipoh Trunk Road just 2 km before entering Gopeng ( remember thy name ) town (if you are coming from direction of KL ) and a 2 km left turn.
A kind of old modern Chinese Village , perched precariously on da sagging shoulders of ageing & abused team Tiger-Carlsberg.

fish curry , braised pork ribs , siew pak choy
and plain rice for 4 overglutted Gluttons , without the coffee but a teapot of Chinese tea.

amazing RM 33... now thats really value for money.
Next time you come from Kampar and have still not stopped complaining about the bread curry chickens or your friends from Ipoh are calling you non-stop for the 18th time asking where are you people ah ? faster lah ...just say
wait wait da horses are still kicking ! gosh V r really late ! ( just arrived few hours ago @9am Saturday 23June )

Sorry bruder & thanks Ipoh mali talak sombong for being so patiently waiting ...

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17 June 2007

38 minutes in

Chinaman Alley
Always enter from the side ( a bsg trademark...) , the other soft entry into
KL's Chinatown (an unabashed bsg binging favorite) along Jln Sultan.
Grab one Madras (but Chinese ) Lane Chinese Noodles ( aka CCF flat noodles ) just as you enter. Hang by & gobble up at slim counter attached to stall ( beware jealously guarded territorial proprietory rights of surrounding unfriendly neighbours) so you can look right up at the petite Indon helper, as she refills (for da 2nd time ) your green cut pickled ( Chinese invention ) chillies (see pixs).
Verdict : passed with flying (Chinese dagger) colors ! RM1.3 well done !
Hop on to next stall ( friendly) neighbour for the other bsg fave ( ...only if very good, no ifs no buts... ) complicated ( supposedly Penang Island's most valuable ) noodle dish.
This RM 3 something one on a scale of 5 , we will give 2.5 for taste , 1.5 for looks and ...
...10 ! for most scary ( Thai style horror movie) really real piece of canned sardin fish effects.
Feel da spine & throat tingling horror !

Quick exit from slaughterhorrorhouse to normal hungry ( hey patient !) crowd.

The famous KL Chinatown 3 in a row ! On your left de former best wanton mee and to your right the oldy & still wonderful but getting xpensive reddish CCF and in da centre the steaming hot porridge.

Like this internally generated RM4 super crunchy but sorry guys & gals got no taste those
brown full of promise things. Lucky we have the very flavorful wet rice.
You should try to order this raw fish combo or the black eggs one if you are here ! Don't forget.
On da way out we saw this big crowd waiting for the roast duck . Must be good !

Then also the famous newspaper superstar old lady's plasticine multicored sweety wonders, just beside the duck fella.

a quick exit from here but before...

...our parting Grand Finale power shot of .....da ultimate one...
... still eminently heart-throbbing & enduring
Chinese international overeating trademark
For a more leisurely stroll here catch ms delicious from USA doing her thing !

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