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27 May 2007

Masakan Melayu , Winner by a Mile

Malaysia's Top 6 Dishes ( by volume )

Traditional Malay food preparations/recipes have been influenced by early traders from Indonesia,Thailand, India, the Middle East, and China & are generally spiced with distinctive spices and herbs , with lots of lemon grass, pandan (screwpine) and kaffir lime leaves ( ...and liberally infused with 'lemak' or coconut milk flavors ).

Rice & noodles ('mee' ) make up the staple diet in a typical Malay meal and brought to a loving climax in a masterful & convenient concoction with these evergreen Malay classical all-embracing chicken , sexy fish and killer beef ( 'daging' or meat ) dishes !

You can get them in most Malay restaurants (& esp pasar malams or open air night markets), anywhere across the country, and at prices that will not make you cry or raise your Grandmothers fading eyebrows !

beehoon goreng ( fried rice vermicelli , dry with anchovies/red chilis/vegetables/scrambled chicken egg bits) , a most popular home prepared , takeaway and family parks-and-beaches picnic snack and cannot-escape side dish in many hotel breakfast buffet spreads.
nasi goreng / mee goreng (fried rice / fried noodles , dry in light/dark sauces) , about similar to counterpart beehoon goreng in availability , and definitely found in backStreet Malay 'warongs' (stalls) and pasar malams from Kuala Lumpur to Kampong Jauh Jauh Tapi Dekat (Far Far Away but Near Village) behind the Titiwangsa Range.

nasi ayam ( chicken rice , a yellowish ginger flavored rice meal with fried chickens in soya sauce) , a classy but headless 11-in-a-row unmistakeable hang-by-the-noose front shop attraction in many Malay makan ( food ) shops.
sup beehoon ( rice vermicelli in brownish chunky beef meat/bone beef soup ) + special dark chilli sauce droplet ( beware the sting ! ...more than a match for the other little-bit-rare controversial Chinese versions ) . A spin-off bull awe-&-wow crowd puller in many pasar malams with their humongous bath-tub buckets and big-as-your-arms-and-legs cross stacked 'killing field' bones.

laksa Melayu ( hot/spicy tamarind enhanced fishy oninony lemograssy soup + open-top lime with rice vermicelli + signature 1/2 of one hard boiled chicken egg , variously described as pungent and /or fragrant ),
a runaway BSG favourite !

...and finally nasi lemak ( fragrant rice in coconut milk with fried peanuts & sharp curvy usually quite stiff but stunted fishes cast over magical top-secret recipe ) the Malaysian creame-de-la-creame Gastronomical Wonder ! Wanna know all about it just click
**Just in case you thought team BSG has finally gone bananas the above Top 6 list was prepared after extensive ( no not yet intensive) backStreetEating ( not research ) across the length & breadth of our much maligned diversified country...

...because Malays make up 56.44 % of the total 28.1 million population and they don't eat in non-Muslim eateries...whereas the Gluttony 22.88 % Chinamen & 11.97 % Indians will 'sapu' (sweep) everything within nose smelling range that means also those 6 things lah ! ( ...understand ornot ? aiya never mind lah...).

NB don't worry too much about those sadistics ok !

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13 May 2007

da Bridge(s), Manjung Perak

Some things really change

Before 2001 few have heard of Damar Laut the kampong opposite Lumut or even
Damai Laut the Swiss Garden ( 5 stars ) Resort , Lumut & its signature development
the 18 holes carved-from-the-jungle wonder the Damai Laut Golf & Country Club.

Then this ( and two more ) bridges spanning the Dindings river came and today the crazy place (and the people behind them) which the simple rural folks here thought was mad has won not one but 3 accolades( never mind from who? ) including

*best resort golf course,
*2nd most scenic hole &
*3rd most scenic golf course... !

the simply Samy Veluud majestic Raja Permaisuri Bainun (yeah its a mouthful alright !) Bridge across the scenic but some say too shallow Dindings River
the winning golf course fronting the gorgeous blue sea

de out-of-place stunning entrance to Resort off Seri Manjung-Taiping road

yes the welcoming Green Monsters from Mars ( look alikes ) along road to Resort

Fantastic view of Lumut harbour / town from here !

Another great panaromic view from 'the view'

hut for 2 overlooking fabled Pangkor Island

over fresh coffee at the Garden Terrace @RM6

and Swiss Club Sandwich @RM20
No wonder you can hardly find locals here...

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10 May 2007

Rural Town Authenticity

Some things never change

Those days whenever we pass by this quaint little place we will slow down and lookout for stray dogs and people crossing the haphazard street. The once rubber rich now palm oil dotted kampong town is just one main street only 2km long flanked by many 50ish's ramshackle wooden shoplots although we could see remnants of charred blackened debris where once stood some cottage industries.

We were in the Glutton Zone Unforgettable of Fuzhou Specialities in Ayer Tawar, Perak the unassuming town of disproportionate alien talking rich men, eateries at every corner & unusual food.

Ayer Tawar is just 12 km before its more illustrious Big Brother Sitiawan another 15 mins further up towards your final seaside destination. Most outsiders to Ayer Tawar are on transit save for the occassional fast talking salesmen. It does however has its own special charms and some unusual restaurants including a classy award winning cake house and cafe. And the famously amazing Chinese cemeteries some 6 km away. But for us we were tempted by the unusual dishes served in the numerous coffeeshops and Big Fries here. And oh , also amazing prices.

The red signboard and Chinese banner announcing the oft misundersood buns some 3/4 way into the town. These signature oniony and porky items made famous in Sitiawan are also easily available here.
Ok all your questions answered , for there are no less 10 BSG known versions of Kong Pian such as these. Then there are at least 3 more shops selling them here & 8 more in Sitiawan ! So take your time to admire them and see how they are made from the thouand year ( looks like it ) charcoal-fired old clay oven.

The silkiest wantons you can find in this part of the small world. Called affectionately 'flat meat' pien neet soup it is different from the typical Cantonese ones in KL and goes with the vinegar garlic provided together with the Kg Koh chili sauce.

This is the no-frills fill-it-up dry noodles kam puang omnipresent in all noodle stalls here. Quick and rough it is supposed to do its job, and no more .

Next hop over to the famous local folklore & eating institution, always featured in some national food magazine somewhere. Ancient and at least a 3rd generation 60 years old establishmant. This still stubbornly & proudly unchanged wooden shop is a specialist in all dishes Fuzhou and is still considered by the locals to be the numero uno, and a fav wedding feast caterer. If you are short of time and not that adventurous you can try at one go the alltime Top 10 Fuzhou ( Hock Chew ) items right here !
Including their notorious ( yes ! marine friendly ) fake shark fins soup , which costs a fraction of da real thing !

But for us this time we are only interested in the Hock Chew Noodles Classic loo mein ( lor mee ) which is similar to the Ulu Yam, Selangor version minus the vinegar. This double style & taste variation is also found in Yong Peng, Johore ( which has a substantial Fuzhou population like Ayer Tawar)

Hock Chew Loo Mein, classic version

Loo Mein 'fried & cooked' version

Down the road is this great shop with the cheapest seafood steamboat we have ever encountered !

RM30 for 6 ! Piping hot and stylishly flavorful ( black small flying objects )...but no complaints !

The greatest Malaysian Fuzhou dish 'kor roow' or sweet sour hot fish maw
@RM 25 for double normal bowl size. Incredible value for money and the taste...
...still lingering as V write.
1.prices of food here are usually 70 to 80% of that charged for similar items in KL
2. the shops above are beside the Main Road ( only 2 km so drive slow and enjoy !)
3. the recipe ( & tastes ? ) for all of the above have not changed for half a century V were told
For more read
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07 May 2007

Red Wine String Noodles

Highly Strung over Chicken Soup

Occassionally one comes across some standout dish. Like this glaring eye popper from some strange corner somewhere. It is a kind of chicken soup but really red and can get you hot
& horny if you get carried away especially after a whirlwind beach fantasy the nights before.

On solid land after a roundabout ( end of Jln Yew ) in Jln Pudu, Kuala Lumpur inside a non-chalant shop called Hup Yick (Restaurant Fuzhou Original Fish ball ) you can order this thing (see boo-licious ) for about 5 bucks, that is if you think the famous meaty Fuzhou fish balls which you were really here for are still not enough & you need to see what's those red things the noisy table next to yours are having.

After the initial apprehension at the strange dark deep colour ( sure or not ? ) it actually tastes not too bad and you can feel plenty of delicious gingery biting high flavours .
In fact you will probably love it at first mouth.

When we were here in Manjung, Perak we tried this similar but simpler version in a backStreet restaurant ( where else ? ) without the blacky & greeny Xtra things like the one in KL.

To pique our pent-up curiosity we moved behind to the kitchen to see for ourselves what V could find. Da strings unplugged ! Pure, glistening and curvilicious, the 'mee suah' or known locally here as string noodles, is a bristle and soft wheaty specialty from Kg Cina, Sitiawan & many parts of Sarawak and Johore ( so now you know where to find them good ones ! )

It used to be a cottage industry before where one can see the long sagging white strands hanging by the poles outside many houses to dry with a head and a tail each. So really there is a beginning and an ending. In fact to some connoisseurs they avoid the mee suah heads if they can !

For our next few bowls we sort of DIY to enrich our higher Xperience by adding more and more..of this one-of-a-kind-thing ( or is it cheers more and too much ? )

to get this final Red Wine ( its high baby ! ) Chicken ( make sure Kampong one )
Noodles H i g hsation of Sitiawan !

. is bloody unique... its different ( then sommore got those Xploding post-natal tales 2...)
...go get em tigerrr (there is still hope Lyrical Lemongrass ) !

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06 May 2007

Sweet Indulgence

a touch of ClassAs you approach Ipoh City from the North South Highway from Kuala Lumpur this
grotesque sight of unabashed open 'economic slash & plunder' will greet you first.
Talk about first impressions !

Please Sir not in our very own front yard ! ...whatever happened to finesse ?

Lucky we still have it here. What a change, wide charming clean roads leading to our destination.

Aha here we are. Deceptively simple entrance. Tho you can feel it coming.

Huge quiet whitish palatial mansion. The White House. Colonial. Nostalgic.

and so it was that we came to this place for a real quickie before proceeding to meet
Mr Opposition in Pantai Remis in 2 hours time. Think this foam thing is called The Fluffy ?

Milocino, a soft textured miloish cake topped with that fragrant red cuts.

Then the mud cake also looking like that but with more grainy feel.

Fresh coffee perfect tea time unsweet companion.

Finally the Ultimate sticky sweet how-do-you-describe-it taste? a long slim bowl.
That was really some snack in the classiest cafe in Ipoh.
Nice service, bigger than air-bus homely ambience,
complete with top notch fine dining experience.
...what a rush ...but we shall be back !
The next time you are passing through remember...
Indulgence Restaurant
14, Jalan Raja Dihilir ( Jln Tambun )
Ipoh, Perak.
Tel 605-255 7051

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02 May 2007

Chickens... & Rice

Hopping onto the Eastern BandwagonIn the end also must have rice ? ...this ageing Colonel Kentucky fella.
But true to his outstanding patriotism and undying love for Uncle Sam has added some
Californian pink ( or is it golden ?) raisins to remind him of home sweet home.
The classic Golden Archy Marketing Guru ever sensitive to changing winds.
Even if it is wet will still do as long as it is rice ok.
Pies also can go bananas !

This one a bit slow even though good olde Italiano inventor of Spaghetti Pizzarianna
Marco Polo already knew it ever since look-alike Chinaman Kublai Khan
already told him so in da Hut 700 years ago.
...But never mind its never too late ! ( then u can call it new... piccola ! )

The ultra fast Malaysian learner & Western food & Fried Chicken Connoisseur with her
multi-directional & high quality Eurasian version of
Marrybrown fried chicken sambal papadam nasi lemak Rice.
Dare to dream... ! International Galloper with fine presence even in quite far away Dubai.

Our very own Kampong nasi ayam. Still looking good and tasting very voluptuous !

...and da O N E .....Unmistakable, lastingly original.
Incomparable, classic, unmatched, numero uno,one of a kind, etc etc etc blah blah blah
The inscrutable Hainanese Chicken Rice............................. in the beginning there was...
De only one steamed, sliced and most fair...
...until today

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