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30 April 2007

Sea Breeze & Beach Ambience

Sandy Recreation... or to each, his own

Most people will tell you they just love the sea and the beaches for
aren't they just so beautiful , serene & cool ( or is it hot ! ) ?
Then soooh many things to do. Swimming, building castles, rockclimbing , snorkeling,
jet ski or just lazing & doing nothing.
Somemore also the unlimited s p a c e. Feel the F R E Edom .
The magical sunsets, the soothing waves.
Simply relaxing, especially with buddies or that special someone.

But we will tell beachcombers, we just enjoy watching many who
does nothing except eat.
Don't we just love them ! They certainly know how to make the most of nature !

So next time if you are at da beaches look around and be sportingly enjoying people
enjoying themselves doing their thing !

Like these...a h e m... here !
Meantime do have fun .

welcome to err...believe it or not ! ...another 1st !!... btw its near Lumut

sea lions ? yessssirrr you bet

let's eat first , with a sampling of these local beach specialities

must have rice again ah ? ok can start with bright perfection in a cone , NL bungkus da King

mee goreng kampong, da ultimate tricky beach boy

bee hoon goreng , boringly simple, straightforward but just can't do without !

this one really new ,
lempeng pisang ( sweety soft banana with coconut grilled over banana leaf )

rojak buah Melayu ( fresh fruit salad ) with that sweety hot
stinky delicious sauce , fly attraction par extraordinariaire and
weekending bane of the cursing & swearing beach waste sweepers.
dessert cendol ( coconut flavoured with sweet greeny strands )

that universally forever local iced drink syrup

followed by de evergreen international tropical beach thirst quencher
overheard. No its too sandy "we are not going in" . You all carry on lah !
Indeed, thats why we are here ...sayang !
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22 April 2007

Where V would like to go !

This ancient mystical place for sure.V shall first visit her for the usual customary warming up get set before the ready...,
near one of da bazaars overlooking the one & only Nile outside West Cairo , with all da smoke & endless chatters. U know how they are. (btw some people spend thousands just to see her shake a bit longer , and more u know.)
then maybe buy one or two 3,000 yr old ( issit ah ?) must-have souvenirs, ...err...
... people back home must know right ?

tomorrow we set off ! Yippee ! V r in the open at last !

Its cool ( V mean hot ) baby ! But smelly and very FUN !

across the impossible land. Wah such unimaginable beauty !! (really got such place meh ?)

to reach the jaw dropping 1st Wonder of the World, D Great Pyramids of Cheops.
Even today our best engineers & builders cannot duplicate ( small one ) this great engineering feat...believe it or not ! ( & so it remains one of life's unsolved mysteries...
...something like whether girls are from Venus or... issit Pluto ? )...
...our fabled very much wished future destination.
This one's from elegantly pretty lianne 's tag ! she's really giving us ideas... Yahoo lady with the incredible cool stylish spreads.
Visit her soon ! & V r not joking

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18 April 2007

5 most eatable things, KL/PJ

BSG's most 1-2-eat places

V have been tagged by delightful London's English Rose Wennn to tell all ( our quickie version )
of our favorite makan places in town

1. This hallmark of quick plain eating is found all over Metropolitan KL's bright n cheerful busy corner lots, shopping malls & is easily available most times of the day. Cool, clean & tidy with nice friendly familiar meals , it is really wonderful for young ( & probably underaged ) people watching and a fast snack of bubbling cold coke over some golden crispy chips, & sometimes even as a relief centre while awaiting the arrival of da newfound fresh but tardy business associates /online dates... Our fav burger. Good olde Mcs ! Nobody's complaining (except strangely those what-t-fs from da Health Ministry who claim this thing to be undernutritious and a health hazard ).

So we shall keep it under wraps for now.

2. Then this unassuming corner lot behind the ex Lim Kok Wing Creative School of Technology in Mayang Jaya, PJ

... with one of the freshest & best roti canai & telur tengah masak this side of town.

3. KL's Original Gluttons Corner comprising Chinatown , Jln Tongshin and Jln Alor areas. Authentic mostly centuries old unchanged backStreet Chinese cuisine.

Just one perfectly grilled chickens wings for starters. Then also can jalan disana disini.

4. Klang Valley's premier bustling enclave of USJ / Subang Jaya.
USJ 2's resident Tai Chow ( Big Fry ) Maestro whipping up
aroma strangling, lips quivering, & chopsticks clattering
...Hokkian Mee ( Big Noodles ) like this !!

5. Spanking New Shopping Malls in town .
V actually love Malls like this because there are so many people so many things to see.
Also the food. Mostly in the Courts or the far corners. Wonderful choices more choices !
but still v will look only for this fragrantly stinky one. Incomparable Assam Laksa ,
another unforgettable , new , fresh feel.
Thanks sweet wendiee !
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11 April 2007

Lumut , Manjung (Perak, Malaysia)

Quaint Riverview quickies

Perak was one of the richest States in then Malaya with its almighty tycoons & 'peraky' ( silvery) tin mines around the Kinta Valley. Just so you know the next time you are in rural Perak and are near Menglembu, Pusing, Papan, Pasir Putih, Tanjung Tualang, or Batu Gajah watch out for the numerous pot holes ( abandoned mines ) all over left and right which were once hives of massive activities now serene ponds and even beautiful lakes !

Capital city Ipoh achieved several notable accolades including the cleanest town in the country, the most beautiful girls, the fattest chickens, the best food and ...
...the best massage parlours. Notwithstanding the best missionary schools too.
How very nice.

But where to go for a secret quick romp around some statuesque swaying curvy coconut trees ?
...behind some limestone hills ? No no da city is too near and too indiscreet... the caves ?
Nope, too dark and sinister. Then the smell.

So where else... but... the beaches of course ! Think small kampong think Lumut !

Only 2 hours away ( then) and yonder to Pangkor ( another hour by ferry) if need another quiet night for the unfinished.
Those were the simple unhurried days...

Today they have planted many trees beside the lush sea breezed forests. What da....?

Still don't understand...

Anyway, da sight of this giant piece of majestic modern anchor reminds you that the sea is near.

Welcome to Lumut Waterfront ! West Wing near the yatch club. Finally some really fresh air and da smell of unhurried nature.

No no we are not in Suzhou China just only a thirsty step away from our destination !
But really nice authentic archy entrance though, didn't know you can still get it here, right ?

Quick stop and a nice simple sweetener of iced kachang ( multicoloured Malay dessert ) beside da jetty.

& lets not forget these quick grabs ? ...and the ta pau ( takeaways) for the city folks u know.
Afterall these signaturely infamous satay/seafood BBQ chewies + salted marine items are available all over Lumut Waterfront and town centre & irritatingly but prominently decorate ( or mar ?) the Waterfront landscape here. Nicely packed and displayed in a few hundred almost identical shops here ( count to believe ! ). Never question why ok !

Absolutely crunchy pungent satay fish ( dried bbq/salted fish fillet ), wonderful with the ice kachang or fresh coconut water at many foodstalls nearby. Dats truly bcoz theres no Danish brew neither Singha what doya xpect !

Another most stinky delight, da hauntingly addictive but uncheap BBQ/spiced cuttlefish.

All these are available inside this circular Waterfront Promenate just beside the Jetty

Also look for this buxom delight, bold, fragrant & original.

Great kampong Laksa Melayu, full fishy taste and very hot ! Looks simple but really a classic and not to be missed if you are here.

Fried chickens if you really must have have them !

...and de ikan bakar ( BBQ fish Malay style) with delicious sambal.
Ferry has arrived...see you on de other sunny bright & blue sandy side...
...time to go

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07 April 2007

Beauties and the RICE

Chinese opulence , Japanese artistry

The single most important Asian staple meal is rice , derived from the smallist grasslike padi plant and is the equivalent of bread in the West, whether in its basic edible whitish grainy boiled or steamed forms together with simple side dishes of meats and vegetables or the atrociously Xtravagent scrumptious spreads in wedding feasts or drunken banquets celebrating yet another worthy conquest in the Emperors' courts.

Interestingly today you can still enjoy such kingsly flavors with all its intoxicating colors and selection in KL if only you are a bit more adventurous, although it will not cost you an arm and a leg. We are talking about the common economy rice as sold everywhere in Chinese restaurants across towns and villages.

But for the younger modern set no worries these Japanese 'healthy' little delights in cozy surroundings even unstoppable rotating table tops will never cease to awe you with their impeccable tastes and sheer creativities and endless colors with an amazing array of unbelievable gems sitting on yes !
...more RICE this time vinegared sticky ones ( do check whether its is better if you should just preserve them and take some of them home and display them in your treasured the corner )
Chinese 'Chap Fun' in Sunway, PJ mass cooked to 'almost' convenienced perfection
Japanese 'sushi' , jellyfish ++, tiny slippery appetiser RM3 something a chopstick bite...

Lemon chicks, steamed eggs etc , Emperor's spread at pauper prices aka Economy Rice @KL

another roundish sushi creation , carefully balanced between 2 nimble sticks

Chinese 2+1 mixed rice Sunway PJ

popular not so raw prawn sheet on rice , 'Sushi King' all over Shopping Malls

Blood and fats , celebrated Chinese banquet rice and then some, ... economic wonder for the masses below RM4 a normal plate !
raw unwasabed tuna (fish) fillet on a mouthful of rice , Sushi style ...feel da f l e s h
Classy fried & sauced fish fillet with porky balls, a sometimes Chinese concubine sweet & sour favorite

de Classic Sushi... raw salmon super smooth cuts in vinegar purest rice ...
...magnificent b e a u t y inside out ! oh me G O S H
Perfect rice meals , big & small here & there
its all here !
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