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31 January 2007

Indian Rice, Bangsar, KL

Its still frying H o t !

Bangsar KL ( da happening place ), a middle-class suburb near the Mid Valley Megamall
is well known amongst city dwellers for its up-market condos,
modern fine dining (eg "La Bodega" of M'sian Tatler 118 fame , 5 Star Bangsar 1 ),
contemporary eating establishments/pubs ( the "Talk", "Absolute Chemistry")
and classy shopping centres ( Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village ).

In fact it is accepted by many to be one of the few & rare modern, brighter and
generally less pretentious entertainment zones and attracts many of KL's youngish
and more nocturnally-hyperractive residents...
...and de occassional Xpat & (local) partner.

Before the infamous Thai Tom Yam driven Crash of 1997/8 ( which financially crippled
many an Asian State ) Bangsar was leading the exuberant/some say decadent new age
make-it-and-rip-it lifestyle of the aspiring rich and prosperous city wannabes
with all R&R outlets packed to the brim.

Today tired Bangsar has slowed down considerably, probably reflecting the sign of the times.

Bangsar proper is divided into 3 zones
pub heavy Jln Telawi,
traditional Lucky Gardens &
laidback Bangsar Baru, each having its own charms.

Take a slow walk here one day and you will know what we mean !

This simple & hardy all weather cornerlot Indian crowd-puller in Lucky Gardens (near the Lorong Ara Kiri area ) is packed at lunch time with office workers and other hungry gluttons. While its pride is the pricey Fish Heads in curry, it is more of a people's stall kinda place here. So you will see lots of Indian plainest of plain rice with fried chickens, fried fish and fried squids and some plain vegetables, notably beansprouts, ladies fingers and brinjal ( & thats all there is ! )

Then compulsorarily ( just do it !) & heavily widespread-it-up-on-top with that orangey oily fish CURRY with floating greenies from the giant pot ( what else !).

Giving you this most simply appetizing Indian rice with fried chicken drumstick and beansprouts in signature...
...actually the only one fish (head) curry @RM3 only (yes !)

Or if you prefer... with fried fish and fried squids in same vegetables. @RM 7

Indian rice, simply nice and as curried as can be .

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    29 January 2007

    Chinese Rice Porridge ( Chinatown, KL)

    Light & Easy

    Petaling Street, KL's Chinatown. Surprisingly small & narrow.

    But no less busy, colorful & bright with a sharp noisy concentration of petty Chinese ( now Burmese/Indon) traders peddling everything and anything under the greeny ( leaking ) canopy that you never thought you ever really need,
    ....but still must see & try believe.

    A handicraft, souvenir, wet market, fruit, food, ( what else ?), imitation goods and copyright pain-in-da a** bargain-hunting bazaar and

    ...must-recommend-to-foreigners tourist hotspot.

    Another must-try !
    Famous Hon Kee porridge.

    Clear overboiled rice in water + seasonings +Xtras.
    Not Teowchew (salted this salted that mixed fish/meats/veges/eggs) style, ....that is different.

    Watch da crowd !
    Seniors mostly ? Becoz no need to bite ? Becoz gentle on tummy ?
    You might have a point !

    But not really because on normal mornings thousands (including kids) will jostle for limited cramped seats to try this one.

    Version 1...of century egg slices (uniquely strong & dark pungently alkaline preserved chicken/duck eggs, aka authentic but not proven Chinese aphrodisiac ).

    Tasty but piping hot ( danger ! ) so slow down...
    RM4 only.

    Versions 2 (crispy fried pork body parts ), 3 (raw fish slices) & 4 ( chicken meats ),
    ....all in mixture of fresh ginger slices and springy onion leaf bits + Chinese secret sauce,
    you may add Sarawak pepper + non-secret Chinese soya sauce according to personal preferences.

    Unspicy, pungently fragrant free and

    suitable for even the sick.

    Try it soon...

    View from a KL connoisseur

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    28 January 2007

    Ikan Bakar, Kg Baru KL ( BBQ Fish)

    Smoked at da Kampong in D City

    Kg Baru ( 'New Village'), a predominently Malay settlement anchored right in the centre of Malaysia's Capital City KL epitomises the perennial conflict between the old and the new, the modern and the conservative. Under laws passed decades ago, this area has been designated as Malay Reserve Land and may not be allowed for modern development, unless stringent criterias are met.

    Good then for authentic cultural, souvenir & food connoisseurs right since things are really heritagely slow moving, and nostalgic....or is it ?

    As you can see, the massively disproportionate pride of KL, the Petronas Twin Towers can be seen in the background where Kg Baru is. Here oldish looking traditional Malay dwellings, handicraft/souvenir shops and roadside food stalls are everywhere selling fruits,sweets, snacks & kuihs (finger food) and more.

    But of course Kg Baru is more renown for its traditional Malay cuisine of fried fish & fried chickens, all kinds of beef soups, road spilling multi-coloured curry nasi campor (mixed rice) dishes, kampong-class nasi lemaks, skewered satays...

    ... but being a bit health conscious (today only) so we are only interested in...

    ... those slim and trim fishes of the famously burnt kind, called

    ikan bakar, holy asap !

    Pak Lang.

    The aroma of burnt meats permeates you as you step into this veritable Gluttonhouse.

    An all-in-one Gallery of BBQ fishes, nasi campor curry dishes, fresh veges/herbs, multiple sauces etc.

    Select, match and enjoy, without the stress.

    No untoward glances( u know how it is ), no hassles.

    Refresh with iced kosong or red syrup.

    Mostly DIY.

    A Malay signature fish specialty, the ikan keli (remember this name) river catfish,
    slippery, soft & delicate with an unusual fatty but not fat feel.
    Slips into your tummy without your noticing.

    Inseparable smokey twosome ikan pari (stingray) and ikan selar (mackeral lookalike).

    Quick bite,quick taste. Do not forget the 2 wonder sweet and sourhot sauces.
    They are all the difference.
    Simple, neat.

    Delicious....... and rich ? You bet !
    Its good for your eyes too ( and we don't mean da ladies, 4 they are too busy eating...)
    And all 4 around RM 3 or 4 a fish ( TQ ! )

    ...Cheaper than that singlet Chinaman in the other backStreets/foodcourts where a comparable stingray done smokeless/grilled not bakared/smoked goes for RM8 minimum,
    and the selar RM6....

    Now you know.
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    24 January 2007

    Indian Fried Noodles , Klang

    Fried in the Middle

    , the quaint but underperforming (sometimes embarrassing, remember Zak the satayman ?) Port Town in Selangor does have its fair share of culinary surprises.
    It is not restricted to Pandamaran/Telok Gong Chinese Seafood nor the other charismatic gastronomical genius called Bak Kut Teh.

    Situated right next door to opulent (but lack lustre) Islamic City Shah Alam, the xtrasensory aroma of the redoubtable Chinese culinary powerhouse will invariably raise many cynical eyebrows from envying yonder. So as usual the culinary wonders of Klang will again be bypassed Visit Malaysia Year 2007 or not.

    So it is left to that saving grace mildmannered Indian fried noodle hanging on ...
    .... between the ubiquitous illegal satay stalls to the front, sides and centres......
    ....and da troublesome BKT hotshots east & west....
    to provide some diversionary timely tummy relief.

    OK then Little India here we come !

    This is the epicentre of Klang's Little India, where shops are owned and operated by mostly the second generation Indians whose forefathers first worked in the railways and ports nearby. The roads carry the names of 'Kelana' this and that. ( but Where's Samy and Maniam, I wonder ? ).

    Look out 4 this Restaurant Baratha in Jln Mahkota Kelana.

    Aaah ..... the stinging smell of fascinating spicy India, in Malaysia.

    Da fried mee takeaway for the rich and famous who it is claimed air fly the brown paper packets from this humble kitchen by the frozen dozens all the way to their aspiring MBA, PhD sons and daughters in London, Paris and Amsterdam courtesy now MAS ( soon Airasia ) . Throw mix into giant very blacky pan...looks simple, doesn't it ?
    Even more easy to fry, or is it ?
    only 3 minutes is all it takes ! (Maggi take note !)

    The Maharajah takeaway Golden Mee Goreng India, Little India style.
    Weighin at 1kg a packet @ RM3.50.
    Mildly hot , fullbodied, tummy(thoz?) clutching...
    Can try 4 experience.
    Afterall its not everyday that you are here.

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    Fish Head Noodles, Damansara Kim,PJ

    Lure of the Banners
    This was the Xtremely rare and Xciting tri-lingual invitation to treat, at a rather mundane looking backStreet outside a housing area away from mainstream PJ. Which inflated the expectations for the coming lunch, for when have you seen beautiful banners such as this at backLanes ?

    11.45 am. Quietly obscure and unhurried. Cool clean corner lot with well spread out tables and chairs. Attentive heipers and friendly English -speaking Chinaman -looking Boss.
    The nice looking big bowl of milky-looking soupy noodles with fish head cuts. RM6 a bowl.

    Sorry, looks are deceiving, for this otherwise charming set-up did not live up to our very seasoned battle-scared palates in neither fragrance, tastes nor feel.
    No wonder we never think highly of fish head noodles...
    ..probably becoz we are more often up and about and always go for the fiery kinds.......
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    23 January 2007

    Klang's Original Bak Kut Teh ( Herbal Pork Broth)

    da Real Thing

    After a long search, it has finally been found, da Maestro's Den.

    Infamous and controversial Bak Kut Teh (BKT), a one-of-a-kind health tonic & accidental gastronomical wonder of intense tantalising dark ultra-rich herbal pork soup is said to originate right here in this nondescript lonely cornerlot shop a half century ago. BKT's popularity is such that it has today been copied and commercialised throughout the Chinese culinary world in fusionly forms totally alien to da original recipe.

    da ancient corner shoplot between the 1st Klang Bridge, Klang Police HQ, Klang KTM Station and Little India. Not far from the rather famous 'under the bridge' BKT shop 150 metres away. Where it is said the one-&-only original Klang BKT was labouriously concocted (first as a rejuvenating medicinal brew for over-laboured bodies & souls), tested and finally approved for general application many years ago ( & inadvertently became Klang's universal & impecable wonder brew 4 da masses).

    This ancient tradition/art of a libido enhancing BKT meal complete with ceremonial but practical Chinese tea ( to neutralise the abundant fats ) is, against all odds, still being steadfastly & proudly maintained by one of the Founder's son ( another brother has moved da Supremo's secrets to fusionly BKT's row near the Klang toll Plaza).

    As you enter the shop, quietly find a place to seat and wait to be served.
    You will be asked what meats and tea you prefer.
    Mild onion flavoured rice will come first in plates, with forks & spoons.
    Then your hot bowl of thick dark herbal meats in a bowl (no claypots please)
    will follow.

    Sense the wonderful rich overwhelming aroma. Feel the vigorous absolutely meaty taste. Do not look for fried bean curds, veges or any of those pampered things.....for there is none...not even sauce and chillis. For isn't this the original that you are looking for?

    Hey Gluttons, congratulations !

    You have finally found da real thing......

    BKT will never be da same again !

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    21 January 2007

    Indigenous Malaysian Tropical Fruits

    Dangerous Roadside Flirts

    The next time you are on the trunk interstate federal roads in Malaysia, watch out for makeshift wooden stalls flanking both sides of the busy thoroughfares. There have been many close calls when normally law abiding cars suddenly swerve left ( & even right, & maybe U turns ! ) .....and emergency-park precariously beside these stalls, quite oblivious to other impatient traffic.

    Why, u can't really blame these gluttons for the aroma of da King is overwhelming and many just can't resist their pungently charms. Not only that for who can resist the other 4 no-less-famous & able supporting fragrant and colourful cast making their not-everyday but seasonal ( maybe 2/3 times a year ?) cliffhanging flirthy liasons all worthwhile.

    Welcome to Malaysia's Top 5 magical fruity sensations !
    Rounded and clustered in a bunch, these little beige-coloured spheres are easy to peel when ripe and their translucent colourless flesh is soft, tender and sweet.
    But can be sour too so beware.
    The greeny slippery seeds are quite bitter, so do not eat them !
    Comes in many variants under the Langsat family.

    This most sexy of Malaysian fruits need no introduction.
    Easy going, addictive, Xtra sweet and Xtra sensuous.
    True Gluttons ( like team BSG ) can eat them by the hundreds, until the stock runs out ( so sad ).
    Small kids should be extra careful, there have been some cases of fatal chokings of the seeds.....
    Also the colourful discarded skins normally paint the roads red, like a red carpet.
    Called rambutans, they come in many colours and sizes.

    These aromatic golden juicy nuggets occupy one notch higher than their cousin the jackfruit but is more tricky.
    Their seeds can be eaten when boiled and they can even be fried to make an irresistible roadside fruit cake alongside the humble fried banana, albeit a most unbeatable in-demand aromatic one. But because they are so unpredictable, indigestion may occur as the golden flesh can be cottony. Best to eat less than 10 nuggets at one go.
    Cempedak de dimpled rich juicy one...

    They don't call this dark red/white temptress da Queen for nothing.
    While the outer cover is hard and mean looking, the voluptuous interior is oozing with the most absolute tender white sweetness you can ever find in Fruitland.
    Claimed to be a miracle, it has vitamins from A to Z ( they say).
    her Royal Highness da Mangosteen

    Durian, da KING. Malaysia's most famous fruit.
    World's most banned (too aromatic) legal fruit.
    Best enjoyed squatting by the roadside in full view of oncoming speeding cars and lorries and in the tropical heat, wind , dusts and all.
    Outstanding kingsly aroma and immaculate hyperrich taste.
    Enough said, eat to believe.....
    Durian WARNINGs:
    *Looks are deceiving, it is best to call along a durian xpert( like BSG) to enjoy authentic durians.
    *It is not easy to pick a good durian.
    *Beware of conmen durian 'Xperts' ( many of them)
    *allow 3 hours after eating to meet potential clients/new friends or else.....

    where to find all of the above
    along roadsides and shops all over the country, seasonal ( 2/ 3 times a year).
    Check pasar malams ( night markets) 4 bargains/& free show
    by weight, ranging from RM1 to RM 10 a kg.
    Look out for bumper harvests where prices can topple to almost free.

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    18 January 2007

    Thai Tomyam ( in Malaysia )

    An original quest 4 authentic A u t h e n t i c i t y
    The gastronomic challenge from da Queen of 2min instant noodles. Does the above really capture the fire and spice of authentic Thai Tom Yam ? Ok let de test begin.....

    Amazing Thailand, the South East Asian tropical and sub-temperate exotic land of true smiles. Malaysia's immediate Northern neighbour. Distinctively oriental, intriguing and a fun place beyond compare.

    An unabashed Men's Paradise, with hordes of semi-wild Amex GI's ( from Tour of Duty in Vietnam, those days), camera trotting & whisky swinging Japs & tricky Taiwanese, drunken Germans & British Hooligans, pretty but arrogant Hollywood and Bollywood big shots, holier than thou kiasu Singaporeans and their almighty dollars......
    ............... also not forgetting many amorous holymen from Kelantan and Bukit Kayu Hitam .... descending on this international R&R of the quickie kind throughout the year.

    .....they are all there, for 3 or 4, fun, fun.... and culture ( so they say...) , and YES more and more FOOD. Its true ! Thai cuisine is bright,hot, spicy, no holds barred, of international standard, and is as diverse as they come.

    In Malaysia classy( & Xpensive) Thai restarants are mainly found in the bigger towns , and usually claim to have Thai cooks and helpers, which in itself is a scintillating draw what with the renown Thai hospitality & uncanny penchant 4 tantalising & multisenses Xtra services....

    De rigeur of Thai cuisine is of course the amazing Tomyam soup, an Xtra sensory superhot & sour orange concoction of lemon grass (serai), tamarind (assam jawa) and red eye chilli (chilli padi) gastronomic wonder reminiscent of Penang Assam Laksa in both looks and tastes ( but not quite). In bigger restaurants Tomyam is never standalone but usually ordered as an accompanying standard soup to the other dishes.

    It is not easy to generalise about Tomyam as they are as unpredictable and as different as each Thai lady. Even in Thailand the various districts have different versions and colours and all claim to be da best.

    In Malaysia Tomyam , apart from a must order item in all Thai restaurants is also extremely popular as a soup base in steamboat meals and as a noodle dish.

    Different versions are available and here is a snapshot of some
    Thai Tomyam 'kung' (prawns) noodles
    ...Malaysian style...

    This impressive ( yes?) mocked up DIY showpiece was dressed by BSG's kitchen from Yeo Hiap Seng's Cintan instant tomyam noodle @50cts/pkt( 80g).

    Tastes acceptable, at an all-in est cost of under RM2.

    From Top Taste, a cute little Penang inspired cafe in Sunway Mentari, PJ behind the Project petrol station. Dry form @RM5.

    Heavy assamy taste and on the salty side.

    This one is a killer, all @RM17 inclusice ++ from successful Malaysian multi franchise cafe Secret Recipe USJ Summit. A visual disappointment but tastes delicious.

    Almost( but not quite) like flavour in Hadyai (Southern Thailand) !

    Popular Chinaman set up in a shoplot,Yu Ai in Lorong Segambut Utara,Segambut (one of the busy industrial zones of Kuala Lumpur). Tastes really assamy (paste) strong.

    For @RM9 a bowl it is really unChinaman, by golly !

    Did U know that D local Malay backStreet stalls and many restaurants are so in love with Tomyam that it is a standard menu besides their ikan bakar and masakan laut taglines? And that many invariably incorporate proudly & prominently the Tomyam name into their always multi-illuminating rainbow signboards? The above prawn popping scene is a typical backStreet Malay styled Tomyam soup outside Kuala Lumpur with
    unmistakeable chicken bits, 3 or 4 shelled small prawns, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, onions and lemongrass stalks.
    Tastes typically mild and distinctly lemon grassy.

    @RM3.50 for a standard bowl. So no complaints ok .

    Ruen Thai, a stall in Asia Cafe SS15, Subang Jaya. Claims to be authentic Thai.
    @RM5 a bowl. Tastes fresh and nice.
    Authentic ? Its possible......

    Picture perfect 10 min DIY(enhanced version) courtesy of Maggi da Queen instant tomyam mee. An alltime outstation Student/College undergrad fav snack, it tastes similar to Cintan but well maybe d noodles r more bouncy. All for under @RM2, inclusive prawns & Co.
    Fire & spice err ....U mean da ladies ?
    W h e r e ??

    So, whats da VERDICT ?

    ...V R sorry your Majesty...the answer is N O ! ...& still N O !!

    authentic T h a i l a n d we come .......!!


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    13 January 2007

    Nyonya Kuih / Finger Foods ( Malaysian Desserts )

    Dainty sweet & clingy delights

    A unique appetising team of colourful Malaysian (cake) desserts, these soft, wet, petite & sweet things are derived from a tender loving blend of mostly rice, tapioca, potato, yam (+ etc) & some indigenous tropical produce lovingly infused with sugar, coconut flakes including milk, grounded peanuts & multicoloured beans+ some more (maybe shrimps/other meats) ....

    .....then sensuously shaped, rainbowed, layered and climaxed to a gluttony perfection with aromatic herbs and leaves ( esp pandan leaves )..... &.....

    ....... some top ( Nyonya ) secret spices.... to reveal these arty
    s e n s a t i o n s

    introducing da hole-in-one, with grounded peanuts sauce

    round tiny green foursome, with juicy wetty things inside
    ping pong sized sphere with clingy clingy whites

    fearsome sesame seed rough stickon ( can throw also to hurt)

    mount Venus ( love u inside out)

    da small red sun Goddess, its the hidden yellow core that really matters

    sticky 2timing teaser ( ...never ever let u go...)

    multi-senses temptress , peel off slow DIY preferably....

    glutinuously complex and ...clingy like anything .......

    tapioca magic.........Xtra dense Xtra heavy...... resistence is futile

    seductive see through negligee.......... uncover whats under

    Yam_licious redhotshot with fierychillis and what nots

    de other crouchings in waiting

    These selected samplings of sweet young (but cold and sticky) things are found especially in Pasar Pagis/Malams ( morning/night markets) and also in many backStreets across our abundant Land.
    One notable upmarket stall is found in SS 15, Subang Jaya, PJ ( mornings only) and these miniature bombshells are packed in attractive plastic containers. This randy Papasan would love to talk to you about the various sensations of each of his fair ladies here & m o r e...
    1. why these bombs are frangrantless at a distance but Xtraromatic when licked ......&
    2. also enquire about their different appeals and colours and why they are secretly
    Malaysia's most lusted desserts !
    Have a nice sticky fun this weekend !

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