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30 December 2006

Philandering Chinese Chickens, KL/PJ

hot Chicks, handsome Ducks... n... illicit BeausOriginal piau mei from Dalian, widely acclaimed in Bentong, Pahang, now a city treasure in PJ.

Kee Kee, SS4 PJ......... team BSG's Chick of the Year 2006 .

.....Awesome tastes inside out ( flesh and other body parts ), leggy ( skins) and wet wets( varying soups ), & well cushioned by terracota warriors ( bean sprouts ).......

Luscious Cantonese beautywith heavy Hainanese undertones.

Mature......steady......fully satisfying....

de Satellite, Jln Gasing PJ.

Mesmerizing enchantress also from Canton but then seduced to Ipoh, Malaysia by lusty rich tin tycoons where her unsurpassed ultra feminine misdemeanour almost destroyed an entire State. Subsequently banished in 1977 to Jln Gasing PJ, with an entourage of thousands ( some say millions) of equally fair terracota warrior sprouting beans.
Legendary Mamasan and a local forklore..... but aging...
Gingerly trying to restore past glory but the onslaught of formidable sexier chicks may prove that to be a near impossible task.
da New Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jln Gasing PJ.
Mysterious oyster smooth teaser from lesser Harbin. Unbelievably sensuous. Captivating.
Has an uncanny penchant for rich suitors........ so be very careful.....
Soo Kee SeaPark, PJ.

Dark skinned dazzling sensation from lower Hainan Island.
Now in SS2, PJ. Corner lot Foodcourt, de other one.

previously Fuzhou fair maiden now deeply tanned.
Hoe Fong SeaPark PJ's fried chicken version.

da all alone webbed brown, brash and rugged plaything, a hard earning occasional piau mei companion with Xpensive tastes. Da Chow Yan Fatt of Chinese duck mythology.
Sunrise, SeaPark PJ

Not so tough not so ugly duckling & competent evening escort
Taman Megah,Good Luck PJ

da piau meis' hyper-amorous & inevitable scandalous liaisons of the over-testosteroned & fatty 4 leggeds (what else?) kind, need we say more ?
Attracted to chicks like ants to sugar.
Roast(skinless) and BBQ(thick grainy skinned) options. Killer looks and deafening sound effects.
....A secret object of (gluttony) fantasy for the much misunderstood and severely depri(a)ved guardians of morality temple officials
unsavoury multi-vendors (beware fast hands) Petaling Street KL's backlanes,
....or mercenary but sweet Meng Kee ( Jln Tongshin,KL)
....or cool Hong Seng S17 PJ corner restaurant.

de on-off and on-again unflinching eunuchs of the imperial Consorts. Hailing from the Grand Courts of enigmatic Xian, Centre China. Adequately retrained in Ipoh Malaysia, climatically adjusted to Tropics without losing colour,bounce and feel and now commissioned throughout most of the City landscapes.

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23 December 2006

Banana Leaf Rice ( Indian rice ), KL/PJ

Lord of the C U R R I E S

Banana Leaf Rice is an Xciting gourmet adventure not for the faint eyed nor those with weak stomaches. Colourful, hot and spicy it is a Southern Indian rice specialty creating waves in the bigger towns in Malaysia. Served over a freshly laid green & glossy waterproof veiny banana leaf it is for vegetarians and meat lovers alike, and has even achieved some kind of cult following among many upscale Muslim food connoisseurs and is fully entrenced in BSG's Gastronomical Hall of Fame. To fully appreciate BLR you must be aware of a few important things. Actually 3 only.... freshness of ingredients, right curry gravies and right serving timing....

Try these onsite tests below ............& E N J O Y da H E A T ( + sweat )...

Brickfields( Little India) KL 'Indian Rice' stall within Chinese kopitiam beside most busy traffic lights junction. Quickie service by mouthful of Indon babes .....and so lip- smacking spicy Little India authenticity ( that you expected ) sadly missed . Room temperature curries and ready-fried chicken drumsticks & fish fillets further alienate our disturbed appetites.
Nirvana Maju,(happening Bangsar) Telawi ( KL ) area. With a name like that and smack in da middle of hip hop pub land, sure attracts cute Yuppies from near and far, and some Xpats too. A natural arena of people-watching nirvana ( in same league as Devi's de other corner ) packed with lovey dovey SYTs & nervous head-turning sugar Daddies at all hours. Borderline case ........ its not da food here lah dude..

Lotus, PJ. The famous one in Jln Gasing. Xpensive furnishings & decor ( .....those bells & Merry Xmas welcomes ! ), aircon comfort, Maharajah- like uniformed tuxedo waiters in whites. Golden ready -fried chicks and fillets in amazingly awesome colours ! Ostentatious but really besides the point.

Sri Paandi, Jln Chantek, Off Jln Gasing PJ.
Not a bad place but clearly outclassed by its infamous big big neighbour. Too close 4 comfort. Lucky can catch some overflowing traffic tho.

Kanna, S 17, PJ. Great trees under alfresco ambience. Nice winds. Wonderful crowds at most times. Good fast service. Authentic. Classic. Big menu. You are almost there.

Raju's, Jln Chantek, PJ ( Sri Paandi's next door nemesis ). Huge corner lot with classic big tree ambience. Unbelievable crowd. ( See those health freak dieting( OMG!) Gasing Hill walkjogkaton Gang there walloping away ?!). Extra dark & hot cholesterol free (? ) bitter sweet fish and chicken curries. On the spot fried succulent fish and meats to (almost) perfection. An Xperience not 2 b missed. Gluttony in motion......truly

Kavitas Curry House, S5, PJ . The One. If not for its incomparable cholesterol loaded always hot perfectly brewed curries , then 4 its patented Xtraxotic sweet, sour & hot chillis, mint and sambal petai ikan bilis sauces. Very Indian , from da dimunitive cashier to the Chief Cook.
All shops charge a basic rice and vege package ranging from RM 3 to RM 5 with unlimited top-ups. The mouth-watering array (esp Raju's) of fresh meats, fishes and other marine exoticas on display are charged separately, and may cost more than a few Bombs so..........beware...
Banana Leaf Rice, a Malaysian (Indian) institution. A gastronomical adventure, and lunchtime lesson in racial unity.
eating tips:
1 Aways insist on real banana leaves. Reject imitation almost lookalike fake plates.
2 It is desirable to use hands and fingers
3 Try to drink only ice kosong ( it will save u money for the cannot- tahan Giant Prawns )
4 Insist on hot frieds straight from the frying pans, timing is everything !
5 Always end with one fresh yellow banana
And remember there will be no dagings...... that is found in Kayu

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22 December 2006

Chee Cheong Fun ( flat rice noodles in sauce)

shapes & shades of
de soft & Saucy Temptress
...........spread out l o n g, raw and curviliciously naked. Beautiful & fair Altantuya ( ravishing Mongolian many cannot tahan) look alike just before de big blast.........

Petaling Street (Chinatown), KL 's light n easy version. Oldies Evergreen. Not a virgin Madonna. Still subtly captivating & bringing in da crowds. Dark, saucy & sultry a la Penang , as in Asia Cafe ( Subang Jaya ) and O & S, Paramount Gardens, PJ. With some 'hare ko' or shrimp paste carefully added. Pungently Gong Li. Sticky fingers licking good (?)
de clear & fresh looking Ampang.KL Yong Tau Foo style, also possible with soup. might become 'sar hor fun'... a Michelle Yeoh Ferrari Production

For the diehard curry buff, as in Park Way SS19, Subang Jaya and many more in town. Aishwarya Rai without de napkins. Navel fully Xposed.
Xciting Hong Kong style, freshly steamed to order in prawns or meats, and piquant sauce. SS2 PJ Glutton Square and many more hawker centres. Melts lovingly hot between your lips. Ask QQ.

Teluk Intan,Perak's vivacious and hard2find version, with pickled green chillies and embedded goodies all seductively rolled up. Park Way SS19, Subang Jaya and sometimes in pasar malams. Unfold to discover what lies under..... Eva Green
gorgeous Redhead from Ipoh's Old Town. Classically sweet, tender and alluring, our very own Camelia......
....miss this ( wet pleasure ) at your own peril.....
KL's solid 'Beyoncelicious' buxom shaking glory, as in SS2 Chow Yang, PJ and stall inside corner kopitiam beside State Cinema,PJ .
.....fullbodied, absolutely robust as only Destiny would have it...
So which one r u gonna take home 2 bed tonight ?

Merry Christmas from team BSG!

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10 December 2006

Duck Herbal Soup, Lucky Gardens Bangsar, KL

Citiboy Bangsar's clear answer to small town Bidor's dark & rugged star de famous Lucky Gardens, Bangsar ( Lorong Ara Kiri 2 ) Kafesino, where Porkaball Bond Royale noodles emerged winner in November, heavily bruised but still standing.......

& now...... presenting da sequel ......

Bond's tender Counterpart.... steaming hot, fragrantly clear herbalised soup, more than a match 4 Pun Chun Bidor's signature dark gingerly version

Uniquely ducky, tasty and wonderclearsoup par essence. Matching perfectly with Mee Suah ( soft and sticky noodles alternative). Only RM 5 .

Pre and postrecovery nutritional goodness in an easy to consume and delicious soup in bowl ( not dark bottle in screwable cap plse).

...thank goodness

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Pork Rib King, Klang Selangor

another hot backStreet

From PJ, after the Keris ( the famous one, not the Hishamuddin one ) and after paying your RM 1.00 toll ( tomorrow increase so faster come ), continue Northwards in direction of Pelabuhan Kelang.

Pass by the first junction ( to Bandar Baru Klang/Bukit Raja ), then go up the flyover of the second junction ( underneath is roundabout to Taman Berkeley.

Continue until you reach 3rd flyover, keep very left and turn left, pass traffic lights and keep left again ( v tricky here, not like normal backStreets ).


This road you are now on is called Jln Batu Tiga. Go straight and slow. Look left, can you see a stone age Indian Cinema ( Panggung Seri Intan I think ?). Turn left again and u r almost there !

Alternative another left turn just in case you miss the first left turn ( omg so many lefts !), this is da place ok.

backStreet Gourmet Alley . Park here. You have arrived. Look for most busy stall. Crowded, hot and dry. Also a little bit dusty.
Get ready to be served by hyperactive big beautiful eyes mature fair lady ( no, not piau mei sorry). Be served within 3 Minutes. Drink only home made soya bean milk, it will cool you down .

de classic Assam Kembong fish ( is probably not enough......... )
Don't miss this one. Fresh and big.

..................Da King. Chuncky golden rib meat ( with BIG cucumber, 4 Xtraspecial effects )


Also other fast track dishes like vinegar pork trotters and chicken curries.


.......then the rice, shiny,firm, fluffy, little bit oilyish ( no, not like the Bak Kut Teh one ) and also very good.


Cheaper and faster than your usual Klang Bak Kut Teh stalls .

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Home Made Kedah Goodies in PJ

Shadowy Surprises
Mamak Gang & Chinamen Alley, SS2/4, behind Cheung Kong Restaurant , Off Taman Megah PJ ( adjacent to Perodua Service Centre ), and also near the Kelana-Bahagia LRT track.
Check out the last stall run by a Kedahan Chinese family. Makes grand appearance around 7pm till late at night.

Chai Kuih ( da dainty one ) and its 3 other delectable cousins ( 4 types of vege dumplings ), whatchacallit ?

Signature fried noodles, simply garlicky & Jane ordinary

Mee Java, surprising inclusion and popular too

de Kedah Laksa.
With unmistakable aroma so refreshingly fragrant that the greedy Q stretches and almost touches the shadow of the overhead Kelana/Bahagia PJ LRT line.
Kedah rice vermicelli, firm & stable ( not slippery and elusive a la Penang Assam Laksa ), and if you prefer your gravy less sour and more sweet.................. this is it !
Also de Kedah chilli padi will bring tears of joy ( real ones ) to your eyes....
coz its that real and that hot !
Flavour de cool night long Q, and busk in da sound of de double flow overhead Xpress !
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08 December 2006

OneTon Mee, SS 13 Subang Jaya

Heavyweight Champion of oriental noodles

A Chinaman ( & Jacky Chan ) favourite. Distinctive golden noodles; curvy & petite,
firm and Xtra long, unlike the normal softer and larger version found in curry mee or prawn mee.

Popular in East Asia under various localised nicknames and sub-shapes, and even colour. Soupy or dry versions. With assortment of veges and meats from chickens, porks and fish balls to prawns + de WANTON of course !

Da BSG Golden Award Malaysian Kopitiam version occupying an obscure corner lot beside A&W Rest. SS13 Subang Jaya ( beside 3K club, actually stall is inside neighbouring one ...)

The brightly lit attractive stall, in a remarkably unMalaysian tidy, clean & pleasant setting ( yes, not all are the same...)
Supporting actor, de dry Hakka Mee, also very good with ground(ed) pork but flat noodle. Hard to find and less popular, maybe it is too fair & light ( the sauce I mean ).

De real Star WanTon Noodles with dainty slippery porky wantons, in all its dark slurpy glory, with roast pork good enough to give Meng Kee ( Jln Tongshin, KL ) and that Section 17, PJ one a good run for the money ( don't believe ? )
Have a nice weekend !

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07 December 2006

Mee Hoon Kuih ( flat wheat dough in soup )

Tear and Dump dancing King of
Taman Berkeley Klang

Its true, when the signboard has faded ( or no signboard ), then somethings good is brewing inside. Step inside to feed yourself. Dark and ancient place (hello this is Klang ok !).

Crowded most times. Hokkian speaking crowd mostly.

Strong Indon presence ( not sure bout flavour )

The young master with 5 pots and perfectly in tandem with 5 Indon lady helpers, 3 underaged ( u bet ) and petitely in waiting ( dats de attraction ).

Sometimes closely supervised by another lady ( Mother I think, just in case..... what with so many err ...side dishes ).

I agree, da dance floor doesn't even look anything like a kitchen !

Only one dish ( actually ), of the pan mee ( noodles ) type but in flat dough form, ('kuih' )

in very complex tasty soup combination with green vege ( choy sum), traces of dried salty carrots, floating overfried onions, boiled pork meat......

& topped up with those distinctive tiny fried crunchy anchovies, standby spiced to fiery climax with cut chilli padis in sauce, if u so need.....

& Add 1 or 2 eggs if still short of protein.

So how does it taste and why drive so far ?

.....because its different and because it is famous !
....but prepare to wait 30 mins or more
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03 December 2006

Almost Penang Rojak ( mixed fruit salad )

All Mixed -up in Atria, Damansara Jaya, .PJSlicer Xtraordinaire & his fresh produce.. See the laminated magazine cutting proudly displayed ? ( multivitamin fresh review by Brian Yap of Klue Magazine ). Everyday from morning till 6pm ( even boozers from Step In ( de pub ) loves it ). Many more say he's da best in PJ/KL ( much better than the guy outside GH, Jln Pahang )
de cuts and pieces of fresh bouncy sengkuang ( jicama), cucumber, half-riped papaya, unripe mango, almost ripe pineapple, beansprouts(unauthorised), kangkong(horror of horrors) and fried dough fritters (crackers )
enter the sticky rojak sauce/paste combination of ?? + shrimp paste + grounded peanuts+belacan+??+chillis+black colour

Add more chunky peanuts and voila !
get your skewers ready.........
The ladies ( & me too) just love this pungently deliciously health food !
enjoy !

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